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Chapter Eleven

Mark eyes grew wide as Jewelianna called his name.

“I thought you lost your memory?” He whispered.

She cupped her hands over her face to stop the spinning of her head. It was too much to deal with. There was too much going through her mind.

“Jewels.” Just the sound of his voice sent her down memory lane.

She remembered meeting Mark at the restaurant right before she had quit. While they got to know each other she found out that he owned a gun range and supply store. He looked like the typical bad guy- tall, dark, and handsome and the big tuff man had a soft spot for a computer geek like her.

They went from casually talking to being friends and she loved how he was truly her friend and made her feel comfortable around him before he tried to make her his girlfriend. He had even invested in her business helping her get to where she was now. She couldn’t be more thankful and happy.

Once they became a couple they moved in together and she was head over heels for him. She also adored the fact that he respected her virginity. He was always respectful and she grew to love him but then something change.

He started being away more and more claiming to have to go to gun shows and other things related to his business. She tried to be understanding but when he started not coming home at night she had distanced herself away from him. Then one day she just couldn’t take it anymore. She decided they needed to take a break. She had packed up some of his things while he was away at another “gun show.” Once she had enough pack she took it to the apartment he insisted on keeping and when a woman answered the door as she tried to use the spare key she then knew why he wanted to keep it.

“Did she recognize you? Jewelllsssss.” Allie sang snapping her out of her thoughts.

“No. She just keeps saying she wants to get out of here.” Mark lied. “I told you not to dope her up more.” He sighed.

“Don’t worry about it. Come and let’s talk before the party begins.”

Jewels waited until she was sure that they were gone to lift her hands from her face. She wiped away the silent tears she had shed while Mark was standing over her. Just his presence after slow long left her off balance.

“You know him?”

She looked to the Camila who wasn’t just Camila anymore. She closed her eyes as she sighed in relief. For some reason she didn’t feel quite as alone anymore. She started to chuckle.

“What?” She frowned.

“You’re Danger from the club.” She shook her head at the coincidence. “I was sitting at the bar and you approached me and said your name was Danger.”

“You’re the girl Bran ran after.”

“You remember.” She smiled.

“I told you its fuzzy sometimes but I don’t think I could ever forget Bran chasing a woman. That has never happened. It’s always the other way around.” She bit back laughter.

Jewels only smiled a little but the truth was she was sad that her life with Lexington well Bran was a lie. She had enjoyed her night there and secretly hoped to see him again but she never would have moved that fast with him. She had just broken up with Mark because of his cheating tendencies and she wasn’t ready to go back down that road.

What was she going to do when she got out of there? Or if she gets out? She shook her head. She had to think for right now. What was Mark doing there? How did he get mixed up with Allie? What was the goal?

“Have you seen Mark before?”

“Yes. You never answered my question about knowing him?”

“I really want to trust you Camila…” The truth was she did remember her from the club but she didn’t know anything else beyond that.

“What if I tell you a secret? Like how Allie caught me?”

Jewels arched a brow. That had her interest.

“I was at The Swing Set that night waiting to surprise Briggs.”

Shit. Don’t tell me they’re dating!

“It’s funny. We’re not together but we have this little game that we play but that night he didn’t show up. Allie found me sulking and offered to take me home since I had risk going there assuming Briggs would take me home.”

“But she didn’t take you home?”

“No. She had the bartender get a cup with hot water and she made me a hot tea she had in her bag. She said it would calm me. I didn’t think anything of it because I have known Allie and Niko for a long time from the club. Anyway, I drank it while she went to look for Niko and about the time we made it to the car I was out.”

Out of nowhere teasing erotic music started playing and flashing lights started to move around the room.

“How does this work?”

“Sorry. It looks like you’re about to find out.” Camila nodded to Niko and Mark approaching their way.

“Long time no see, Jewels.” Niko smirked.

She wanted to say fuck him but she decided that wasn’t the best decision when he started to open her cage. He held the door open and she stayed where she was, far away from them.

“Come on.” He nodded for her to come out and when she didn’t move he chuckled. “Don’t make me come in and get you.”

She looked to Camila and in the slightest gesture she motioned for her to go. She got the feeling she really didn’t want him to come in and get her.

She looked to Niko as she stood then she looked at Mark. His face was hard and she couldn’t believe this was the man she had fell in love with.

Niko grabbed her when she was close enough and she struggled in his grip. “You got five minutes but just know she’s getting the drug whether or not she gets her memory back.” He shoved her to Mark and he grasped her right above her elbow.

She started to struggle more then he jerked her to him and grabbed her face. “Don’t.” He said in a hard tone. It was one she never heard from him before and it made her cease all moment. His eyes were piercing and she pushed at his chest for space. He let her as he dragged her away from the cages, away from the noise.

Jewels followed him out the door where she saw two guards at the door and a handful more moving around the kitchen. One quick look around and she knew they weren’t cooking food. He pulled her through swinging doors and led her up a staircase where there was a set of guards on each floor. After about three flights they reached the roof top and not to her surprise there were two more guards there patrolling.

Mark gave them a head nod and they returned the gesture as they continued moving around the roof. She thought he would pull her to the lounge area so they could sit but instead he released her and walked to the end of the roof and rested his lower half against the glass boarder and steel railing.

“Come closer.”

Hesitantly she moved until she was standing in front of him and she could feel him relax just the slightest bit.

“It was never suppose to be like this.” He huffed as he rubbed his hand through his dark hair.

“Like what?”

“I wasn’t suppose to fall in love with you.”

That wasn’t what she wanted to her right now. “Mark, you couldn’t possibly understand the hell I’ve been through. If you love me like you say you do then get me the fuck out of here.” She gripped his shirt.

He tugged her hands from his shirt. He was looking over her shoulder and she felt someone pass her.

When the guard moved around them he spoke. “I can’t Jewels. Not yet.” He shook his head. “This is bigger than you, bigger than me.”

“So you’re not working with them?” She whispered yelled. “And how do I know I can even trust you?” He had lied to her before.

He checked around them once more before he whispered to her. “I’m undercover, Jewelianna.”

She couldn’t breathe. “Since when?” There was no way she could get played twice, back to back.

When he didn’t answer she felt like her chest was about to exploded. “Since when!?” She growled.

“Hey.” The guard got their attention. “Niko says it time to head back down.”

She was sure more than five minutes had passed by but she needed answers.

“Let’s go.” He tried to grab her but she snatched away.

“Answer me, Mark!”

“Does it matter, Jewels? I’m sure once you’re free you’ll be running back to Bran.” He lifted her left hand and pulled out her ring finger away from the rest. She shut her eyes as the ring mocked her. The ring was before she was stupid enough to believe that people actually loved her and not using her for there own selfish gain.

“I’m sorry, okay? I shouldn’t have said that but listen, you have to follow my lead if you want to get out of here alive. So can we agree to put the past behind us at least until this whole thing is done?”

What choice did she have? She nodded her head and he pulled her along dragging her back to the dungeon with a mind full of thoughts and a heart full of memories that were all lies.

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