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Chapter Twelve

“So you’re trying to tell me that two average ass people like Niko and Allie have dropped off the face of the fucking planet!?” Bran roared.

It was his norm now. Another day without Jewelianna was like stacking another brick of anger onto his back.

Ever since Jewels has been gone everyone has been on high alert. Security was doubled with guards at the entrance, around the perimeter of the house and guards at any entrance point. No one knew what Allie was up to but they wanted to be prepared for anything.

“They’re definitely more than average.” Briggs said as he typed away on his computer.

“We got a problem.” Dom announced as he and Bare entered the office.

“Just fucking great! What’s the problem now?”

“Mark hasn’t been home or to his business in days.”

“I don’t like this, Bran.” Briggs warned.

“You son of a bitch!” Bare only had seconds to duck the glass that went crashing into the wall where his head was a second ago. As he started to rise, blows to the head and back rain down on him.

“Jas.” He grabbed at her waist and since she was already angled over him all he had to do was stand and she was over his shoulder as he carried her out. “I’ll be right back.”

“You hid my stuff! Where are my car keys? I don’t want to stay under this roof a second longer.”

“You need to calm down.” He dropped her on her feet once they made it to his room.

She hit him. She hit him again and again and he let her until she was a crying, exhausted mess. “I hate you.” She swung until she couldn’t swing anymore. She gripped his shirt and hung her head.

He lifted her chin and lowered his head to brush a kiss over her forehead, cheeks, and lips.

He wanted to say something but he was scared he would say the wrong thing. When it came to Jaslynn it seemed like he couldn’t do anything right.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He whispered.

“Because I don’t hate you.” She rose to up to wrap her arms around his neck and touched her lips to his.

To have her in his arms so openly and willingly was a totally different turn on. He loved to fight with her but this was different. He picked her up under her butt and laid her down on the bed. He spread out on top of her running his hands down her chest to cup her breasts.

“Mm.” She moaned rubbing her heated body against his.

“I’m dying to have you, Jas.” He moved her hands to cup her ass and bring her closer to his erection.

“Take me.” She moaned gripping the back of his head.

“Just a little.” He smiled against her skin. Now was not the time when emotions were so high but he could sate both of their needs until it was their time. Bare worked his hands up to push her shirt up and yank her bra down. He latched onto one nipple and pinched the other.

“That feels good.”

He kept drawing on her nipple as his hand eased into her pants in search of her warm heat. He groaned as her wetness coated his fingers. He danced them around her clit and her back arched from the bed.

“You need a hand?” Dom stood at the door.

Jas looked up but Bare didn’t stop making slow circles around her tiny bud but he did pull back from her nipple. “Why not? We’re just playing a little.”

Dom walked over as Bare pulled his hands from her pants to pull them off completely. Dom took it upon himself to help her out of her shirt and bra so that she was naked before them.

“Do something.” She squirmed under their stare.

Dom briefly kissed her before he moved down her body. He watched between her legs as he slowly spread them open. “I can’t think of one good reason why I shouldn’t dive in head first.” Her back bowed as his tongue licked from her entrance to her clit. The feeling of his warm tongue moving over her needy flesh had her climbing up the bed but Bare was there to stop her.

“Where are you going, little bird?” He lay down next to her and pulled her into his chest. “He’s just getting started.”

They both peered down at Dom as his tongue flicked over her clit and his hand moved to her center. He took two thick fingers and lubed them in her wetness before they pressed into her, stretching her tiny hole. “Fuck.” He cursed as he slowly pushed in then dragged out of her clenching tunnel.

“Oh my God!” She sobbed. She arched and Bare pushed her back to the bed.

“My fiery babe is not so fiery with two fingers fucking that little pussy.” Bare smirked. “Wait until one of us or both of us is inside of you.” He tugged at her lobe and she cried out. “Both of us will have you screaming in submission.” He claimed her lips. She was caught up in the kiss but she could feel Dom kiss up her leg towards her foot as she felt Bare’s hand eased down her stomach to clit.

Dom was fucking her pussy with his fingers, going in and out, in and out and when he took her big toe into his warm mouth she cried out into Bare’s mouth.

He was lapping up her mouth while he rubbed tight circles around her clit with one hand and the other was pinching at her nipple and when Dom flexed his fingers and hit her spot she bucked wildly. Hands, tongues, moans, groans, and growls were whirling around in her head until everything went white and it was the high she never thought she would reach.

“Dom!” She screamed his name as he went back down between her shaking legs. She gripped his head to stop him from lapping up her essence. She was seconds from passing out.

“I’m just cleaning you up.” He whispered before giving her one final lick then crawled up her body. Bare kissed her before crawling out the bed to head to the bathroom.

“I feel bad. I should do something for you two. I can-” Dom put his finger to her lip.

“One word. Anticipation. Plus, we just wanted to do that for you.” He stroked her hair and he knew she was headed to sleep. “I know you’re missing Jewels and you’re hurting so it’s not really the time for us to come together. However when it is our time, there’s no turning back. You’re ours.”

“Ours.” Bare walked over to the bed with a small towel. He cleaned her and she was too exhausted to do anything but lie there in Dom’s arms as he handled the task.

When Bare returned from discarding the towel, Jaslynn was asleep.

“So I guess we’re keeping her?” He smirked at Dom.

“It’s just something about her. I wish we could have gotten to know her more before all of this shit went down. Damn Allie! We need to put an end to this and soon.”

“We will, brother. We will.”

“Hey.” Briggs called out from behind the door. Dom covered up Jas before Bare opened the door. “We got movement. Who’s tagging along?”

“I think we both are going to hang our here with Jas if it’s not an all hands of deck situation?”

“Bran and I can handle this with our eyes closed.” Briggs gave them a slight nod before leaving them.

Bare turned to Dom. “I’ll come back for the two of you when I’m finished.”

“With what?”

“You’ll see.”

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