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Chapter Thirteen

Mark felt eerie as he entered his apartment. He kept the lights off as he dropped his bag on the floor. He focused his eyes in the dark and tried to remember where everything was before he left.

"I'm disappointed, Mark. You should have known better than to lie to me." He moved to grab his gun but it was too late.

"Ugh." Briggs hit him in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. Mark cupped his head and he felt the dampness of blood. Fuck! It’s Bran and one of his goons.

The lights flipped on and he saw Bran propped against the wall of his the kitchen

"What are you talking about?" He asked Bran as he looked at him.

"I'm running out of time and patience, Mark. Where. Is. Jewelianna?" Briggs held the gun to his head, right between the eyes.

"So you're just going to shot me because you think I'm lying?"

"Five. Four."

Damn, he was caught. "I can save her without you. You want to be the one to swoop in and save her so you can get her back."

Bran shoved Briggs out the way and gripped Mark by his collar and slammed his back against the wall.

"Where is she and I’m not going to ask again?"

"I can't tell you." When Bran raised his fist, Mark spoke up in time to save his face. "You don't want to do this. It won't look good if I go back beaten and bruised!”

"Then start talking! Damn it!" Getting Jewels's back was necessary because Bran was almost like a feral animal.

"She's okay and that's the most important part, now can you let me go and I'll explain everything from the beginning." Bran shoved him away and paced the length of the room.

"I'm an undercover officer."

"Ah shit." Briggs spat but Bran didn't stop pacing.

"Allie and Niko have been on our radar for awhile now and when I met Jewels I found a way to get close to them."

"So you don't give a damn about Jewelianna." Bran threw out.

"I love Jewelianna."

"Do you love your life?" Bran moved for Mark but Briggs intervened.

"Keep going, Mark."

"Listen, I wasn't supposed to fall in love with her but after almost a year of being with her it was inevitable."

"Tell us about Allie and Niko." Briggs was almost begging at this point for Mark to stop pissing Bran off. For everyone’s sake.

"They're making this drug called, deb and pumping it into women they kidnap."


"It's short for some Latin word I can’t remember but it means to weaken. Imagine ecstasy mixed with the date rape drug."

"How did you get in with them so good and so soon?" Briggs asked. He was asking the questions Bran was too upset to ask.

"They came to me. I have things they need.”


Justin Briggs was catching on real fast and he was real calm in this situation but Mark didn't know how he was going to act about his next confession.

"Why Jewels?" Briggs asked before he could spill his next secret.

"I’m not entirely sure but I think it was because she's a virgin. Was a virgin." He corrected bitterly. "They’re selling some women along with the drug and you have to imagine the price they would get for a virgin."

"I'm going to kill them with my bare hands." Bran roared.

"So what's your plan to get her back?"

"The big event is happening this weekend. They have millionaires from all over coming in to watch a test of the drug and get some girls. It’s the only shot to catch everyone involved."

"And before all that happens, I want Jewelianna back." Bran said.

"It's not going to happen." Mark shook his head.

"You’re thinking about your case, I’m thinking about Jewelianna. You want to watch them pump her full of drugs and perform sexual acts on random men so you can solve a case! You really do love her." Bran ranted.

"It's not about me. My team is watching, they would intervene before you could even get close to the building and one little hiccup would set off alarms with Allie and Niko and they might do something stupid."

"He's right, Bran. We have to be smart about this."

"There's something you need to know." Mark said to Briggs.

"What?" Briggs’s brows furrowed.

"They grabbed Camila."

"Danger? When?” Mark was silent. “They grabbed her from our club?" Bran asked. Briggs knew the answer already. He remembered ignoring her call that night for work. He did call her back the next morning but she never answered or called back and now he knew why.

"They’ve been grabbing women from your club for a few months now."

"Son of a bitch! And you didn't say anything? Just let women get taken?"

"It's a part of the job." He mumbled.

"With that mentality, you want us to leave the safety of our women lives in your hands?" Bran shook his head. "You're going to found a way to work us into whatever little plan y’all have or I'm going to bust this case wide open." Bare snatched the door open and stormed out.

"Here." Mark handed Briggs a card.

"What's this?"

"The plan. Tell him actually this- Mark is collecting his favor with a B." Briggs nodded then followed in Bran's footsteps then he stop at the door.

"Is Danger okay?" Mark nodded his head and Briggs sighed deeply. "We'll be in contact." And with that the door slammed hard enough for the picture of him and Jewels to fall to the floor.

"Bran is going to kill you." Dom laughed.

"He won't even notice." Bare smiled.

They already had a beach entry pool so Bare had sand added at the entrance of the pool all the way up to the patio door. When Jas stepped outside she would feel like she was back in Miami.

"I’ve never seen you like this." Dom was astonished. He watched him straighten out three chairs as some services workers came out with two small wood tables with fruit, cheese, and wine.

"Shut up."

Dom laughed. "Do you need my help with anything?"

"No. Just go put on your swim trunks."

Jas was woken up to kisses around her face and she smiled. "I'm up." She whispered pushing the face back. She opened her eyes to see Dom leaning over her.

"Bare has a surprise for you."

"Is it Jewels?" She shot up.

"We'll talk about that later, Jaslynn but as far as Bare's surprise, you're going to need a swimsuit." He held up a two-piece white swimsuit with gold hardware that attached to the fabric. "Get dressed."

She grabbed the swimsuit and took off to the bathroom. She forgot she was naked under the covers but she felt it now naked in the bathroom. She slipped into the swimsuit giving herself a quick check in the mirror before she found some mouthwash under the sink. She finger-combed her hair into a bun and secured it as best as she could without a ponytail holder.

Once she was finished she walked back into the room and she saw rose petals leading out of the room, down the hall to the patio door. She slowly pulled the door open and she spotted lounge chairs and tables covered in food sitting on sand by the pool. Waves were brushing up to the entrance of the pool and she looked around in shock. She turned around and Dom and Bare were standing behind her. "What did you do?"

"Dom made a very good point about us not getting to know you so I thought of a way we could do that and also bring you a little happiness as well. You live in Miami and they’re known for a lot of things but beaches are one of them so I brought the beach to you since you can't leave yet."

She would have expected this from Dom but from Bare? He loved to fight and argue with her so she hadn't taken him for the romantic type. "I love it." She grabbed both their hands and led them into the water.

"It's beautiful out here."

"I think we have the best view, little bird." Bare said as he watched her body lower into the water. The view of her naked lying before them was burned into his brain but now was almost just as erotic as the tiny white bottoms of her swimsuit showed off more ass than it covered.

She dropped their hands and submerged herself to where only her head was above water. "Stop being perverted."

Dom swam to her and gave her a quick kiss before he fought the wave to make laps in the pool. "Hey pervert, even though the sun is going down do you think I need sunscreen?"

He didn't know but he wasn't going to pass on an opportunity to rub her down. "That's the only thing I forgot." He chuckled. "Come on and I'll help you." He held out his hand and she treaded the water until she could stand and caught his hand. He moved them to the wall where there was a cabinet filled with essentials for the pool. He grabbed the sunscreen and poured some into his hand.

"Give me some and I'll do the front. It won't take as long." He frowned because he wanted to do it all but he gave her some anyway. He watched as she patted some over parts of her body then she went back in to rub it in. He moved behind her and started with her neck. Her hair was already in a bun so he rubbed there then moved down. He applied the cream to her back and legs then he worked back up to caress her butt. "I think that's good." She laughed.

"Sorry to interrupt..." They both turned around and saw Briggs standing behind them.

"Run to me like they do in the movies, Jas." Dom called out to her and she took off for him.

"What's the word?" Bare asked when she was out of earshot.

Bran watched from his window in his office down at Bare approaching the couple who were enjoying themselves and it made him miss Jewelianna that much more.

"We'll get her back."

He looked over his shoulder to see Briggs in the doorway. "She won't come back to me." He moved to his desk.

"You were wrong." Briggs smirked as he walked into the room. "I know you don't like hearing those words but maybe this could have all been avoided if you would have been honest from the start." Briggs stopped him as he tried to interrupt. "Not this whole Allie thing but the emotions that you’re feeling. I know what you told me about the hospital situation but you could have been honest even after the hospital but I'm not judging you. You just have to admit when you are wrong so you can make it right.

Bran would do anything to have Jewelianna back in his arms and he would work the rest of his life to get her back. The first thing he had to do though was get her back alive and well.

Thank you guys for being so patient with the updates of this story. I am proud to say that we are near the end and I hope to have this story completed no later then the end of August! 💕

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