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Chapter Fourteen

“Today’s the day.” Mark whispered to Jewelianna as he stopped in front of her cage.

It had been a few days since she saw him and she eager to know their next move.

Jewels had to admit that she missed him being there. It was like a sense of security. Allie and Niko didn’t bother them much but Camila said it was because they had everything the needed now. Though things weren’t terrible she had been ready to see Mark. Hoping that he would have good news about getting out of there.

She didn’t know how much longer she could be confined to the cage. She missed being able to get her own food and going to the bathroom on her own without a guard attached to her side. She missed sleeping in a bed...she missed sleeping in the bed with Lexington. She missed Lexington...

“Is everything okay?” She started to sit up in her cell but he signaled for her to stay seated.

“It’s taken care of Jewels. Just follow my lead.”

“Camila needs to be with us whenever it’s time for this to go down.” She said sternly.

“How in the hell do you want me to pull that off?” He grip the bars peering down at her.

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” He frowned but she kept pushing. “You owe me, Mark.”

“I have to go.” He said after he turned his head and saw Allie coming through the doors. He went and met her half way and they disappeared out the same doors she entered.

“Camila.” She whispered crawling to the side of her cage where she was closer to her. “We’re getting out of here.”

“How?” She asked rolling to her side to face Jewels.

“Mark. We have to follow his lead. I don’t know what to expect but I’ll do almost anything to get out of here.”

“And we can trust him?” Jewels’s nodded her head but she could see it in her eyes that Camila still had her doubts. “Who is Mark to you?”

“Things are a lot more complicated than you could possibly imagine but I promise to tell you the whole story after we make it out of here. Just trust me for now.”

After a few hesitant moments, Camila nodded her head. “Alright, Jewels. I’m with you.”

She forced a smile and she prayed everything would be alright. She hoped that Mark wasn’t lying to her again especially since she drugged Camila into the mix.

She sat back against the bars and waited for what was to happen next.

The party lights were on and seductive music swirled around them. They had one shot and it had to be the best one ever.

Mark stood beside Niko in one of the rooms on the second floor waiting for one guest in particular. They didn’t have to wait long.

Elliott Suni stepped into the room and he stopped in front of the men. “Gentlemen.” It still amazed Mark how Elliott could turn his Russian accent on and off.

“Mark here has a special treat for you.” Niko said as Mark went to open the bathroom door.

As on queue, Jewelianna and Camila stepped through the door dress in slutty lingerie that left very little to the imagination. Breasts sat high, ass squeezed tiny pieces of string that connected to a small triangle piece of satin that barely covered their bare pussies.

Mark only saw Jewelianna in this similar state a handful of times and he was having a hard time keeping his eyes in his head. Then add Camila to the set! He was almost panting with excitement.

He couldn’t believe tonight he was going to get to have Jewels after he thought he never would. On top of that, he would have the pleasure of having her friend as well. It was every man’s greatest fantasy.

Too bad he wouldn’t get to fully enjoy it like he wanted to. He had to be on alert. He was going to be performing when the cavalry was supposed to come through.

Elliott’s eyes raked over the women and by his face they could tell he approved. “Wow.” He circles the nervous women then moved back to his spot in front of Niko beside his bodyguards. “Is this two for the price of one?”

“We’ll talk more about price after their performance.” Niko smirked. “Follow me and I’ll show you to your section.”

“I’ll be seeing you sweet girls later.” Niko led Elliott out the room and Jewelianna was ready to pounce.


Mark grabbed her neck. Camila forced herself not to move as Jewels stood calmly with his hand around her neck. “You’ll do what you’re told.” He growled in her face.

“Do we have a problem?” Allie stood in the doorway with two guards all of them looking at the exchange.

He knew she was outside the door. It’s why he had his hand around her neck. He needed to shut her up before she could say more that would give them away.

“Do we, Jewelianna?”

“No.” Her eyes shot daggers at him.

“Take this.” Allie held a pill out to her and Mark stepped back releasing her.


“Of course you would be difficult but I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself.” Allie cleared her throat. “Jewelianna, take the got damn pill.”

“Take the pill, Jewels.” He encouraged.

Jewels held out her hand and once it hit her palm she threw the pill into her mouth. “Swallow.” She gulped. “Open.” Allie commanded. She did and she spit in her face and the pill bounced to the floor. “Go fuck yourself.”

Allie used her arm to wipe her face. “You’ll regret that later.” She turned to Mark. “Hold her.” She walked over to the guards as Mark grabbed her arms and locked them behind her back with his strong grip.

Allie came back to them she held a syringe and Jewelianna started to put up a real fight but Mark spoke up.

“Woah, Allie.” He released her to grab Allie’s arm. “That’s not what Suni agreed to. He wants the pill results.”

“Who’s going to stop me? You?” Mark held up his hands in surrender. “I thought so, now grab her.” Allie demanded. Jewel’s fought against his hold but she was no match for him. He held her arms behind her back allowing access for Allie to poke her in the arm.

“You’ll be the one to regret this!” Jewels spat.

“Whatever you say, Jewelianna.” Allie now stood in front of Camila and held out a pill to her in one hand then the syringe in the other. “Which one are you going to choose?” With shaky hands Camila picked up the pill and placed it on her tongue. She swallowed it down with ease then should Allie her empty mouth. “Smart girl.” She walked out the door and her goons followed leaving the three of them alone.

“I don’t know why-” Mark jerked her further away from the door and Camila followed.

“Shh. There’s a guard at the door.” He whispered.

“I don’t know why I thought I could trust you!” Jewels snatched out of Mark’s hands, fully aware that she only did so because he allowed.

“I traded the pills she’s giving out tonight with placebos but you’re the one who had to go apeshit!” Mark paced.

Camila was relieved at first but then she looked at Jewels sympathetically. She had gotten an injections so not only did she get the drug but it would get into her system a lot faster than the pill.

Her eyes grew wide. “Why didn’t you say anything!?”

“That shit must have gone to your head quick because if I remember, I told you to take the pill.” He snarled.

“I thought you were acting. We all know you’re fantastic at that!” Jewelianna covered her face with her hands then rubbed them down her face with a sigh. “Tell me what’s going to happen when this junk kicks in my system.” She forced herself not to panic and she probably looked calm on the outside but on the inside she was freaking out. She never did drugs so she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“There’s a female enhancement in it so you’re probably going to feel horny as fuck in a few minutes then the ecstasy-like drug will kick in making you forget your inhibition. You’ll going to want to do things that the normal Jewelianna probably wouldn’t. Then the last thing is aminesia. The things that happen tonight might be hazy at best if you don’t forget everything from here until the drug runs its course.

Just fucking great. Just when she got her memory back, she was going to lose it again. It would probably something she would want to forget but still, she wasn’t excited about it. “Great.” She threw up her hands. “What’s the plan? Let us in. Is there something Camila and I need to know.”

“Camila, you are going to have to act high and that might be harder than actually having the drug. I know you’ve had the drug so you have a sense of what’s going to happen but if you get lost look at Jewels’s behavior.” He started to pace again.

“Why do I feel like there is something you’re not telling me.”

“If you haven’t guess by the way you’re dress and the performance remark, we’re going to have sex. All three of us in front of a room full of rich people. They all want to know how good the product is.”

Both women stayed quiet and he continued.

“Allie has a line up. The crazy bitch has it planned out from top to bottom. We were first on the list.”

He shook his head. “Listen, this is just as fucked up from me as it is you two. But this is our only shot and if anything goes wrong before my team gets here, we’re screwed.”

“This is bullshit.” Jewels rolled her eyes.

“Well it could be worse.”

“What’s worse than this?”

“You could be fucking someone else who doesn’t give a damn about you.”

“I am. I’m about to fuck a stranger.”

They both stared at each other. The air was filled with so many emotions but fear was at the top tier.

“Can we just get this over with?” Camila huffed breaking the awkward silence.

“Allie is going to come get us when she’s ready.” He moved to the attached bath. “I’ll be right back.”

Mark locked himself in the bathroom and stared in the mirror. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He had been so sure of himself at first but now he didn’t know what change. Maybe it was the fact that Jewels called him a stranger. He knew she wouldn’t be jumping for joy but to call him a stranger cut a little deep.

He turned on the water to wet his face. As he dried the water with a towel all he could think about was how to make this right with Jewels. He hoped he made it through tonight to make up for all the lies he told. To show her that the whole year they spent together wasn’t a waste of time, that it all wasn’t a lie.

He shut the water off then unlock the door to step back into the room and he was greeted by three women instead of two.

“You ready?” Allie asked. Her eyes were full of confidence and anticipation. He looked to the two women and Camila looked unsure and Jewelianna was squirming and he knew it was now or never.

“Yes.” He took steps to them and pulled both women into his arms without resistance.

“Let’s go.” Allie slightly chuckled but it would be them who had the last laugh.

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