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Chapter Fifteen

Jewelianna fought for control but it was useless. Just having Mark’s hand on her lower bare back sent sexual triggers to her brain. Her brain shot a message below that zapped her right between the legs.

She leaned into him while squeezing Camila’s waist as they stood waiting to go out to the main floor. He looked down at her with his eyebrows coming together but soon they separated as he figured what was going on.

“It looks like it’s time to start the show.” Niko grinned watching them with lustful eyes. “Only if it was me, Jewels.” He caressed her cheek and she leaned into his touch but it didn’t last as Mark pulled her back. He pushed both women behind him as he frowned at Niko.

“You got your women for tonight. Stop messing with mine.”

Niko laughed. “Oh, I forgot you’ve been kind off balance since Bran stole your girl.”

“Both of you stop.” Allie said before it could get too heated. “Head to the floor with them, Mark. Suni is ready.” She nodded to the top floor where Elliott was standing behind the glass looking down at them. It was show time.

“What do you think about the ladies?” Niko asked Elliott once he made it upstairs. Though he asked the question, Niko could care less. He was ready to collect the money and head to his own girls he was going to get to test out tonight.

A huge smile came to Elliott’s face.

“They’re appealing.” He moved from the window to his bodyguards. “So is the price.” He grabbed the suitcase from one of the sturdy men and tossed it a Niko’s feet. “That’s two-fifty of the five hundred thousand for both girls and five hundred pills.”

“Whoa, that’s not what we discussed.”

“You offered me a virgin girl and you couldn’t even deliver on that and I know I still agreed to go through with this but you didn’t think that another woman would make up for the neglect on your part? Plus, I don’t really need the women but now that I have seen them I think they would add to my collection beautifully.” He smirked. “Once the performance starts my other guards will need to be brought up with the other half of the money. Will this be a problem?”

“I need to talk to Allie.” Sure he did.

“Go. I want to enjoy the show in peace.” He waved him off and turned back to the window. “Leave the money until you come back and tell me what your boss says.” He said when Niko started to pick up the bag.

The man stormed off stomping from the room like an upset two year old. Elliott wasn’t moved by his display of displeasure but captivated by the beauty being displayed at his view.

He watched below as the three people moved to the center of the room. He wasn’t lying when he said that the women were appealing. Both women were exotically beautiful in their own unique way. In a different situation he wish he could be taking them home with him for a night of passion but both women belonged to someone else. Those particular someone else’s were impatiently waiting on the sidelines dying to burst through the doors to get to them.

“Your time is coming ladies. Hold tight.”

His eyes shifted to the people around them. Women being kept in cages, pumped full of drugs. He was disgusted how Niko and Allie had orchestrated something so sick and twisted. He was even more disturbed how the men were so openly and desperately coming together to fund such an operation.


He turned to see one of the guards he passed earlier standing in the doorway.

“Allie and Niko want to see you downstairs.”


As the three of them entered the stage Camila realized that it was raised so only the top floor rooms got a view. She looked around and only the man, Elliot was seen standing at the glass. Though thankful, it didn’t make her any less nervous. Any second agents would burst through the doors hopefully ending the madness spiraling around her. She prayed no one got hurt in the process.

“Remember what I said.” Mark whispered running his lips up her neck before nipping her lobe.

How could she forget? This had to be the performance of her life. She almost wished she was given the drug just so her mind wouldn’t be going a thousand miles per hour. So she wouldn’t have the memory of the things she was about to do, forced to do to survive.

“I need your kiss.”

Jewelianna was first to kiss Mark, the crowd forgotten, just background noise to her excited body. She was aggressive, demanding then she pulled away only to push Camila’s head to do the same. She had no time to think as he claimed her lips, sliding his tongue across her lips encouraging her to open up. She did and his tongue slipped inside her mouth. Pretend his Briggs. It was the only thing that was going to get her through.

“He’s a good kisser, right?” She asked when they finally broke apart.

Thinking about Briggs made her think about Bran. Jewels meant something to him. She had to do her best to run defense between her and Mark.

“Mmmm. He is.” Camila moaned as she placed kisses up and down his neck. “Don’t take Jewels.” She whispered in his ear.

He looked down at her with brows furrowed. Did she have to say it? She didn’t know their past but Jewels was drugged. Everything was affects of the injection in her body so if it came down to it then she would be the one to have sex with Mark first. Hopefully help would be coming through the door before he could have sex with her and definitely before Jewels. She just hoped she could keep the other woman sated enough for things to go her way.

Jewelianna pulled Camila’s head back by her hair. A surprised yelp was pulled from her lips. Jewels kissed up her neck then she paused hovering close to her lips. “I don’t think I’ve kissed a girl before.”

Camila pressed her lips against hers locking their lips. She couldn’t say the same but she saw that Jewels was a good kisser. Mark entered the kiss holding their heads so all three of them shared a kiss. Jewels pulled back for her and Mark to kiss once more then Camila pulled back for him to kiss Jewels as she slid down her body and cupped her breast. She placed soft kisses on her chest until she made it to the beaded nipple beneath the thin top.

This was so wrong but it was the difference between life and death so she pushed her thoughts aside like she did the cup of Jewel’s bra and latched on to the brown nipple.

“Mmm.” She moaned in his mouth.

Mark was in hell. Oh, his dick was in hell. Burning desire crept up his spine. The feeling of Jewels’s tongue in his mouth, her hands working at the fly of his jeans all the while Camila was laving her breasts. It all caused a slow burn that felt like it was eating him from the inside out.

But even with all of that his mind kept going back to what Camila said about taking the woman in his arms. It was wrong of him to think about it being his only shot to make love to her but this wasn’t how it should happen. If he cared about her like he said he did then he would do almost anything to make sure he didn’t take her.

Jewels slowly pulled away from their kiss only to nip at his lips as she pulled his shirt from his body. “I need you to fuck me.”


“You rang, Your Highness?” Elliot asked as he met Allie at the entrance of the downstairs area where everything was happening.

“Bring in the money.” Allie said before turning away from him to look at the live feed of the center stage.

One of his men made a call then they waited in silence for few minutes before two masked men started to approached them.

Niko stopped them at the door. “What the fuck is this. Lose the mask.” He could now fully see his two men standing behind the metal detector as two of Allie’s guards stood behind them.

“They don’t answer to you and they are just delivering the money.”

“You go get it from there. They’re not coming in here if they can’t show their face.”

This was it…

Elliott took his time moving across the room to his bodyguards who weren’t really his bodyguards.

He grabbed the bag and the two masked men turned to leave with the guards following them. He moved back to them and once in front of Niko he held his hand out to his guard for the other bag and he dropped both at his feet for Niko to get.

“So I take it that my offer was sufficant?” Niko snorted as he kneeled down to get the bags.

Elliott kneed Niko in the face and he fell back on his ass. He jumped on him when he reached for his gun. He could hear guns going off around him but he knew the plan was in motion. He punched the man over and over in the face until he became dazed then falling uncousious.

He looked around him and the two masked had taken care of the two guards and where headed in his direction. He looked at his two guards and one had got hit but the other was running off. But why?

He made a quick observation and saw that Allie was missing.

“Shit! Get him out of here. I’m going after Allie.”

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