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Chapter Sixteen

The sound of gunshots snapped them apart.

“Hurry, we have to move!” Mark yelled over the screams and heavy firing of guns. He threw Camila both his top shirt and undershirt for each of them to put on as he zipped his pants.

Jewelianna tried to force her brain to focus on what was going on around her but she couldn’t function properly. Her body was on fire, between her legs was wet and throbbing with need to be taken even in the middle of a war between good and evil.

“Listen, Jewels.” Camila helped her into the shirt and all she could think about was kissing her again. “We’re going to get out of here then you’ll feel better.”

“I need…” She wasn’t sure what she needed.

“I know, I know.” She soothed her.

“Come on.” Mark waved them over to the end of the stage where he fished a gun from behind the panel. As they moved closer he yanked them to him as he moved down the stage. “Stay close.”

People were running and hiding while guards fired guns against the army of agents that filed into the building. Mark pulled them through the crowd towards the back stairwell. They ran through the door but Jewels was yanked back by an arm around her neck.

The pull caused Camila to fall and Mark to turn around. His heart stop as he saw Allie with the bag of money on her shoulder while she held a gun at Jewels’s head.

“Let her go.” Mark aimed his gun at Allie. “There’s no way your getting out of here with her.”

“Get off the floor and you two move back or I’ll blow her head off.”

“Mark! I don’t want to die.” Jewels cried.

“You’re not going to die, Jewelianna Stevens.” He gritted. “I won’t let you. We won’t let you.”

Allie was amuses. “Sure about that?” She pointed the gun in their direction. “I said move!” Camila eased to her feet and Mark pushed her behind him as he eased back but kept his eyes trained on the psychopath.

“Why, Allie? Let me go!” Jewels struggled in her arms and she put the gun back on her.

“It’s just something about you, my sweet Jewels.” She licked her face and Jewels began to cry.

“I promise you won’t make it out alive.”

“Who’s going to stop me? You?”

“Or my team?” He smirked.

He expected anger, a frown, something other than the nodding of her head. It look like she was putting pieces together. He had played her.

“So this is what’s going to happen.” Allie said as she moved towards the stairs. “You and your little crew are going to let me walk out of here or this precious little jewel is going to die.”

“We can’t let you leave, Allie.” Mark kept his gun trained on her.

She started taking steps backwards with Jewels still in her arms. “It was always something about you that I couldn’t quite put my finger on...”

“Mark.” Jewels growled as they started moving up the stairs. “Do something.”


The door slammed open and a masked man stood before them. The man pulled the mask over his head and Jewelianna’s eyes met his. “Lexington.” She cried weakly.

“Aww. Bran you missed the show. Mark was just deep inside your fiancé.”

“No…” Jewels cried as she was pulled further and further away from her help.

“I’m going to kill you, Allie.” Bran stated harshly as more agents moved in behind him.

“No. what you all are going to do is move over there to his brother-husband and the girl. Go!” She nodded to Mark. “I want a clear path out of here, Mark. You hear me? As soon as I step out of the door I want a clear path.”

“You won’t get away with this, Allie.” Mark shook his head.

“You need to be handling what I just told you.”

“Do it.” He said to one of the agents who then talked into the microphone at his ear.

“This has been fun.” She adjusted the bag on her shoulder. “You want to say goodbye to your two men?” She asked Jewels with amusement laced in her words.

Jewels only cried and Bran felt helpless as he watched them disappear up the stairs. “What now? You’re just going to let her get away?”

Cool air hit Jewelianna face as she pushed the door open to the outside. She thought maybe someone would be there to rescue her but there was no such luck. The back alley was quiet and there wasn’t a soul in sight.

“I thought we were friends, Allie?”

“I don’t need friends. I need money.”

“Why me? What did I ever do to you?”

“I grew up with girls like you, Jewelianna.” She scoffed. “Do you know how many guys turned me down, how many men didn’t choose me because I wasn’t the goody two shoes type? That I wasn’t a princess born to be prim and proper.”

“I had a man who I thought I would marry but you know what Jewels?” She flipped her around to look at her. “He broke up with me and got married the next day. I asked him why and you know what his response was?” She pressed the gun into her chest and Jewels held her breath. “He said I wasn’t the type to marry a rich man. I could only be a whore or side piece to one.”

“He was a shitty man. All of them were but that doesn’t have anything to do with me or those other women you had locked away in there.”

“Shut your fucking mouth.” Allie pulled Jewels to her by the shirt aiming the gun under her chin. “You don’t get to tell me how to handle my pain.” Jewels stared into her eyes and all she saw was pain but it was hard to sympathize with someone holding a gun to them.

Allie spun her around. “Keep going.” She pushed her forward causing her to stumble.

Jewelianna heard the swift shot of the sniper’s gun release a bullet before she felt the breeze of it move over her. She turned around to see a surprised look on Allie’s face as she felled backwards to the ground. In the next instant federal agents poured in from all different directions but only one had her attention.

“Jewels.” Mark gave her the once over before pulling her into his arms. “I think this is the toughest case I’ve ever had. I was so scared when she walked you away from us.”

This was the man she had grown to love and learned to hate but after what they just been through she couldn’t find it in her heart to hate him any longer. “I’m okay, Mark and I’m glad you are too.” She held him tighter as his arms tighten around her waist.

Her eyes were closed as they embraced but she felt that piercing stare. She slowly opened her eyes to see Lexington staring at her as Briggs and Camila stood beside him. She was frozen with different emotions from wanting to fear.

Mark must have felt a change in her because he slowly pulled away to look at her then he followed her stare. “You know he’s here for you.”

“I don’t even know him.” She said more to herself than to Mark.

“He’s a good man. He loves you. Maybe more than I do…” He released her completely before placing a kiss on her forehead then walking away to Elliott and his crew who were waiting by the second back exit.

The three of them slowly moved towards Jewels but to her they started to blur more as they came closer.

“Jewelianna!” Hearing Lexington scream her name was the last thing she remembered before darkness claimed her.

Mark turned around in time to see Bran catch Jewels’s falling frame and lower her to the ground.

“I need some help over here!” He ran to where they were followed by EMTs who immediately started to work on her. “The fucking drugs! Somebody find me the formula sheets!” They were going to need them. “The adrenaline must have kept her up this far.”

“They said she wasn’t going to get the drug!” Bran yelled at his side.

“Well shit happened!” He screamed at Bran. “Move out the way.” He said to the EMT and started compressions himself. “Damn you, Jewels you can’t give out now.”

“If she dies, I’m going to kill you!”

“If she dies, I’m already dead.” He said as he continued to pump into her chest.

Come on, Jewels. Come on, Jewels.

“Stop compressions.” His mind raced as the other man checked her. “She’s stable for now. Let’s move! Quickly people.” They got her on the gurany and raced towards the ambulance.

“We’ll meet you there.” Briggs said to Bran as he and Camila moved towards some officers to get a lift.

“Aren’t you coming?” Bran asked when he noticed Mark was falling behind.

He wanted to but he couldn’t. “She’ll be fine. I know she will. You’ll be the one she wants to see when she wakes up.”

There, he did it! He gave away the only woman he ever cared about. He was raw. He wanted to submerge himself in work. “Go get out of here, she needs you.” Mark turned his back on the man who eventually ran off as he went to look for his director.

“You alright?”

“I’m fine. What’s our next move?”

“This is your next move.” He handed Mark a flash drive loaded with evidence but must importantly, the formula for the drug coursing through Jewels’s body. “Go.”

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