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Chapter Two

Bran sent Briggs a text saying that he was going home. He had enough for one night. He was gathering his things to take home when there was a knock at his office's door. "What?"

The door eased open and his mind went blank as he watched Jewelianna ease into his office securing the door before she turned to him. They stood there for a moment just taking in one another. Lord, she was short compared to him but she was filled out in all the right places. Her skin was the color of copper and her eyes where almost as dark as his. He watched her chest raise and fall as the dressed curved her breast perfectly. They weren't too big or too small. His mouth watered at the thought of pulling down the straps of her dress to suck at her beading nipples as he held on to her full hips. He snapped out of his trance when she called his name.


Fuck, she called him by his first name but it wasn’t just that, it was the way she said it that had his heart thumping wildly in his chest.

"What are you still doing here?" He'd been a man and let her walk away once but he wasn't doing it again.

She swallowed taking a step towards him. "I want it."

Bran didn't say anything he just stared at her, resisting the urge to push her up against the wall. "What do you want?"

"The heat." She looked into his eyes. "I want it to be unforgettable."

Bran dropped his bag on the floor and reached in his drawer pulling out one single item before walking over to her. If unforgettable was what she wanted then unforgettable was what she was going to get.

"Hot, nasty sex." He approached her slowly. "That's what you’re asking for?"

Her breaths were coming in pants as he stood in front of her. She had to do it before she lost her new found confidence. "Yes." Jewelianna said. Then she took a leap of faith.

He knew what was coming before it even happened. He didn't know how but as soon as she lunged, he was there to catch her in his arms, his lips locking with hers.

He sighed. He could kiss her all day. Her lips were so soft and she was opening up to him, welcoming his tongue to slip into her mouth. She moaned as she felt his tongue glide against hers and he knew now was a perfect time. He caressed down her arms then gripped her wrists tying them with the silk scarf he pulled from the drawer.

"What are you doing?" She was dazed from their kiss but was more than aware of her wrist being bound.

"Turning up the heat." He smirked leading her to the couch. "Sit."

She followed his command as she sat but he didn’t step back from her so she was eye level with the erection that was straining to get out of his slacks. Before she could catch herself, she leaned in rubbing her jaw across the bulge. Hearing his intake of breath she continued letting her lips move over him, moaning, straining to get to him anyway she could. He groaned cupping her chin in his hand. "Is my little one being daring because her hands are tied?" He wondered if her hands were free would she reach up to unzip him from his pants and ease his dick into her mouth- "Fuck me!" He looked down and she was licking him through his slacks. He grabbed her hair holding her back from him as he used his other hand to undo his belt and unzip his pants.

Jewelianna didn't know where this little temptress came from but she was loving it. She stared up at Lexington as he removed himself from his pants. "Is this what you want?" He leaned her head down and she started to rub the head of his huge cock across her lips leaving a trail of wetness behind and her eager tongue came out to lick the essence away. He tasted amazing and she wanted more. She went to do just that when he tighten his grip on her hair.

"Hold your tongue out." She did and he started slapping his hard member against her tongue. She tried to engulf him but he held her back. He started to laugh when she tried to get him in her mouth again.

She was so slick between her legs and they hadn't even did anything. It had to be the anticipation because she was eager to have him in her mouth. She wanted to please him, drive him crazy and she knew he would do the same for her.

“Please.” She whined.

It was the magic word. He let the head of his dick slip between her lips and she heard him growl. She looked up and he was watching her lips as they wrapped around his dick. "Your mouth is perfect." He kept her head still as he started making slow strokes in and out her mouth.

"Where in the hell do you think you're going on a Saturday..?"

Jewelianna went to pull back but the hand in her hair kept her still. Her eyes went to the door and there was this chocolate king standing there his eyes glued to her. She was nervous under his stare and she was wondering why Lexington hadn't made a big deal about the intruder. She pulled back again and this time he let her and she stood behind his huge body as he stuffed himself back in his pants.

The man started to laugh. "Don't hide now, baby, I was enjoying the view." She couldn't believe she had been caught sucking off a man she just met. That seemed to sober her up quickly. She would have covered her face but then she remembered her hands were tied. She took a deep breath and slipped in front of Lexington with her back to him. "If you could untie me, I’ll be on my way." She made sure to avoid the eyes of the man at the door as she waited to be released.

Lexington had watched Briggs's eyes follow Jewelianna as she slid behind him and he couldn’t help but smirk as he watched his friend and business partner frown. They were known to share a woman or two but this was slightly different. Hell, he would bet everything he had that she never had more than one lover at a time. The thought made him curious so when she stepped to him asking to be let go he looked over her head and watched as Briggs closed the door and started to approach her. "What's her name?"

"Jewelianna." He loved the way her name tasted in his mouth. Damn her! When he told her to sit down on the couch, he was going to go to his knees to eat that sweet pussy while her hands were tied and she wouldn't have any choice but the ride out anything he threw her way.

She was looking back between him and Briggs and when she saw Briggs coming closer she backed up against Lexington. "Do something about him." She whispered.

"Where did you find this sweet little thing, Bran?" He pushed hair from her face, caressing her jaw as he persuaded her to look at him.

Wanting to take a second look, she met his eyes and they were an amber color but desire was burning behind the color. She couldn't believe two hot men wanted her but she was too shaken from the fact to act on it. "Untie me, please." He whipped her around so fast that she had fell back against him but he caught her and then released the silk from her wrist. She rubbed at them before she tried to move out the door. "You don't have to leave because of me. It looked like you were having a good time."

"Allie is probably ready to head out."

"I thought you wanted unforgettable, Jewelianna." Lexington walked to her grabbing her hands in his. "What's more unforgettable than this?" He kissed her hand then peppering kisses up her arm.

"You want to share me?"

"Do you want to be shared?"

They stared at each other for what felt like forever before Briggs spoke. "Jewelianna." She slowly turned to him. "How about we play a game?" She looked back at Lexington and he shrugged. "What kind of game?" She asked as she turned back to him.

"I'll tie this scarf around your eyes and you'll have to guess who's doing what to you?" He approached her again and this time she stayed perfectly still. "We'll do an act for fifteen seconds then you'll guess."

"What if I get it wrong?" She fought the urge to look at Lexington after she spoke. How would he feel if she guessed incorrectly?

"We are not jealous men. We both know our strength and weaknesses. No feelings will be hurt, little one." He turned her to face Lexington. "However, just to keep the game interesting the person who name you call who isn't doing the act gets thirty seconds of you doing an act of their choice."

"What if I get it right?" She stared over her shoulder at Briggs.

"You get an additional fifteen seconds of the act already being preformed."

"What if I don't like the act?" He turned her back around. "You will, now stay still." He tied the scarf around her eyes and Lexington could feel her nervousness so he leaned in her ear whispering to her. "Relax." She nodded her head and then he looked at Briggs with a brow arched. He let him come in and take over but they knew who she belonged to.

They both stood in front of her, both ready to devour her. "Ready, sweetheart?" Briggs asked.

"Yes." She nodded. "Wait! What's your name?"


"First name." She shook her head.

Briggs looked at Bran but he only smirked. "Justin."

"Mm. Simple enough." She nodded her approval. "I'm ready, Justin."

Briggs wanted to snatch her up right then and there but he clenched his jaw and held his hand out for Bran to go first. He had his phone in hand and started the timer once he started to kiss up and down her neck. Briggs watched as she threw her head back exposing more of her neck, her mouth in a perfect O. The timer went off and just like that Bran was back beside him.

"Lexington." She called out.

Bran smirked walking to give her the extra time she earned. This time he nibbled in one spot that had her moaning. By the time the timer went off he was harder than a brick and he'd only been watching. Bran looked at him and arched a brow as he extended his hand for him to go again. He gave him a questioning looked but he went to her again but the time he attacked her breast. He yanked the cups of her dress down and wrapped his lips around a puckered brown nipple. "Oh fuck." She cried out. Damn he wanted to be on her other nipple, driving her wild. What the hell was he thinking when he came up with this idea. The timer went off and Bran stepped away leaving her breast bare. A shiver ran through her body from the cool air connecting with her moist breast. “Jewels?” Her chest was heaving and she was biting her lip. "Who was that, Jewelianna?" Briggs asked.

"You." She whispered.

"No. It was me, love." Bran said.

“You tricked me!”

“How so, love?" He smirked.

“I hate to interrupt but I want my time. You have thirty seconds to get that dress off. Make it good."

She was hesitant at first but they were already seeing her breast so she did a slow grind as she shimmied out her dress as it pooled at her feet. “I must look silly standing here blindfolded with my dress around my ankles. She was squirming under their stares and she fought the need to cover herself.

Leave it to Briggs to come up with a game that would torture them more than her. Well, he had enough. "Game over, Jewelianna.” Lexington called out to her.

Before she could question him Lexington was behind her tugging the scarf over her head and once her eyes adjusted Justin was standing to her right. He turned her face and claimed her lips. Lexington was behind her biting at her shoulder while his hands travel between her legs. "You're soaked." She moaned as he played in her wetness but she couldn't handle any more. She had been teased enough. If she didn't come soon she would probably die from wanting. "Please make me come." She finally said once the kiss was broken and Justin was traveling to her aching breast.

"Will this make you come?" Bran eased a finger inside her soaking wet channel causing her to sob in relief but it didn’t send her where she needed to be. Briggs was waiting on the right moment as he massaged both breast in his hands. His fingertips were flickering over her aching nipples.

"No, that won't do.” He eased his finger out and rimmed two at her entrance. She was arching to get him to impale her but he held back. "What's the magic word?"

"Please, Lex-.” She threw her head back as she felt stuff with two fingers pushing inside her. She felt his thumb working her clit and she was flying towards her orgasm. “Fuck, Justin." Her hands were in his hair as he sucked on both nipples vigorously as Lexington fucked her with his fingers and that was more than enough to send her into a screaming climax.

"Have you seen Briggs?" Danger asked Allie.

"I didn't know Briggs was here tonight." She answered. Her and Niko were downstairs seated in front of a window watching a lesbian couple go at it but all she could think about was her friend. She had teased her about coming here for months now. She didn't think she would ever come but now she was her and was actually enjoying herself. She just hoped she wasn’t enjoying herself too much with Bran.

"Well he said he was going to talk to Bran and he would be back but I haven't seen him and that was about twenty minutes ago."


"You want more, little one?" Lexington pulled her back into him as he sat on the edge of his desk nibbling her neck as Briggs made his way down her body, licking everywhere he could.

"Open this door, Branson!" Allie voice called out as she heavily knocked at the door.

"Damn, Allie cat." Lexington huffed. "Get off your knees, she's being collected." He walked over to grab her dress.

"Briggs don't you dare touch her! Open this damn door now." She continued to beat on the door. Jewelianna reached out for her dress and slipped it on quicker than she took it off and she was headed to the door but Lexington caught her. "Don't leave like this." He nodded for Briggs to open the door and he nodded with a smile. When he snatched the door open he pushed his way out licking his fingers. "Too late." He chuckled before he looked back winking at Jewelianna before heading downstairs.

"You're an asshole." She moved into the office. "Ready to go now, Jewels?"

She knew it really wasn't a question but she nodded her head and he let her hand go. She looked around the room for her purse. "You left it downstairs at the bar. Let’s go." Allie commanded.

"You'll be seeing me real soon, Jewelianna."

She looked back at him but didn't say anything. However the mean little Cat rolled her eyes and slammed the door behind her. He started to laugh but he couldn't because she'd just taken his woman from him.

"What was that all about?" Dom stepped into his office with a smirk.

"You fucking bastard, I'm going to limit your key access."

"You should've shared her with me instead." He said nonchalantly.

"Now you get to be on driving duty. Go make sure she gets home safely.”

"Fine with me and I'll bring Bare because she likes us. She’ll probably invite us in for-" Dom jumped out the door, closing it only seconds from hearing glass break behind it. He laughed as he went downstairs to get Bare so they could follow their sweetness home.

What Jewelianna thought would be a quiet ride home turned into the totally opposite. Niko was trailing behind her since Allie all but demanded she ride with her so they could talk but it had been more of her yelling then anything. "...I know you think I'm being a mother hen but I just don't want you to have any regrets."

When they pulled to a red light she looked over at her friend. "It was just a little fun. I promise I'm not getting in over my head and I probably want see anyone from tonight again."

The light turned green and she started accelerating when a car came out of nowhere and slammed right into them pressing them between the car and a light pole.

"Allie!" Niko jumped out the car screaming. He would never forget the image of the car slamming into his friend and wife. "Jewels." He called out to her as he made it to his wife's side of the car. When he saw the blood on the window he reached in his pocket for his phone to call 911 as tears started to burn his eyes. He told them what happened and they instructed him not to move them unless it was absolutely necessary but he knew he couldn't get either of them out. The car that hit them was jammed into the driver door and the light pole was against Allie's door. Neither of them were moving and he felt so helpless standing there doing nothing.

Tires screeching caught his attention and Bare and Dom jump out the SUV. "Fuck, Fuck!" They could see Jewelianna's head against the window. "What the hell happened?"

"Dumb fuck ran the light!" Niko was trying to pry the back passenger door open but it was jammed. He climbed on the trunk of the car and started to kick in the window.

"Did you call 911? Bare asked as he circled to the front of the car.

"Yes." Niko continued to work at the glass.

Dom looked inside the other car and saw that it was a man he checked his pulse and he was still breathing. He stole the man's wallet and walked away to help Niko.

"They said not to move them but fuck that. I can't stand back and watch them..." He voice trailed off as the glass scattered and Niko slipped inside the car. He could feel cuts and blood but he didn't care as he maneuvered to the front of the car. Dom could hear the sirens getting closer so he didn't go in behind him. He reassured him that they would be here soon and he dialed the one person he knew would right this wrong.

Niko prayed that they were okay. He needed them to be okay. He checked Jewel's pulse first and he sighed in relief when he felt a strong steady thump against his fingers.

Bare was watching through the glass and watched Niko sigh and he closed his eyes whispering a quick prayer.

With trembling fingers Niko reached for his wife pulse point and stopped. He started to cry as he leaned down to place his head to her chest. He cried tears as he listened to the steady beat of her heart against his ear. He held his woman until the ambulance arrived to remove them.

Lexington burst into the emergency room and Dom and Bare were there to meet him. "Here's her purse.” He handed off the purse. “They’re only letting family members see her right now." Dom gave him a look and he nodded with understanding eyes before making his way to the desk. "I'm here for my wife."

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