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Chapter Four

The sun was shining in on Jewelianna. Even with a bandage wrapped around her head she was still beautiful. He couldn't wait to be to be able to wake up next to her.

He paused at the thought. What made her so special that he would do all of this for her. This wasn't like him and instead of Dom and Bare giving him shit about it they were encouraging it. Her spirit is so damn pure and her light shines so bright that even they couldn't fight off her charm. Thanks to one night his whole life was about to change.

Bran reached for his phone and sent Dom and Bare a text in their groupchat asking where they were. He was shocked to see that Dom had replied saying that they were in the waiting room.

There was a soft knock on the door and it was a doctor doing rounds so he thought it was a good time to sneak out. He appeared in the waiting room where he found Jewels's sister upper half tucked into Bare's body and her hips and legs where cradle in Dom's arms as he held them in his lap. He cleared his throat and Dom's eyes immediately caught his and when he started to move he put a hand up and motioned to his phone. He sent a text saying Jewelianna was getting released in a few days and he wanted to take her back to the house. He nodded at Dom before he turned to leave. While walking back to the room he sent another message and smiled as he put his phone away.

The last text kind of stunned Dom. Thanks for taking care of business while I was distracted. P.S. Take Jaslynn to our home. I know you two can make it happen.

Bastard. He looked at where her head rested on Bare's chest and he leaned to caress her cheek to wake her. "Jaslynn."

"Call me Jas." She yawned as she snuggled closer into Bare and that's when her eyes shot open looking directly at him then at the chest she snuggled against. She screeched as she almost fell as she tried to put distant between them but strong arms caught her.

"Easy, little bird." Bare chuckled as he caught her and placed her on her feet in front of them.

She pushed thick strands of hair from her face and took a deep breath to calm herself. "I need to see, Jewels." She disappeared down the hall without a backwards glance.

"Can we keep her?" Bare laughed as he stood stretching his limbs.

"Bran said to bring her home." Dom said texting on his phone. He had to make sure everything was still running smoothly with the businesses while Briggs was out of town and Bran was preoccupied with his wife. He smiled at the thought.

"What the hell are you smiling about?"

"Just go get the woman while I handle some business."

"It'll be my pleasure, Boss."

He's a bastard too.

Jaslynn knocked on the door before stepping inside. Her sister was sitting up in bed and she even noticed the bags under her eyes had disappeared showing that she had rested well. Then her eyes moved to the man at her side. Bran was huge compared to her sister but she could see why she was attracted to him. He was definitely easy on the eyes. Almost like the men he called brothers. The ones she had slept with and she had to admit it was some of the best sleep she had in a long time even though she would never tell them that.

"Jas." Jewels smiled and she had to admit that she felt guilty. She had moved away from her sister claiming she had to run her business in Miami because it was 'the place to be' but it was about escaping this place where so much hurt was. Jewels had cried and begged her to stay or even go with her but she didn't want her to. She hadn't had the balls to asked if she remembered that and it just didn't sit right with her.

"What's wrong?" Her eyes went to Jewels’s concerned face and then Bran's frown caught her attention. God that man look like he could read her like a book.

"Nothing." She shook her head. "How are you feeling?" She smiled.

"Better. Doctor said I get to go home in a few days."

"My home, Jewelianna. I want to make sure you recover like you're suppose to and that you don't strain yourself." He kissed her head. "You're sister will be there too. She'll keep you company." Bran smiled at her.

"Will I?" She arched her brow.

"Dom and Bare will help you get settled." He winked.

"I don't know about that."

"Oh, please, Jas." Jewels whined. "We could spend time together before you leave." Her heart thumped. "Jas is moving to Miami to start a boutique shop." Jewels tells Bran.

Damn it, Jewels. "You're a brat." She rolled her eyes. "But I'll do it."

"But you love me though." She smiled and Jas knew that she would do anything to keep a smile on her face. "I'm going to the bathroom." Bran moved to help her and she held her hand out to stop him. "I can do it. Keep my sister company. Maybe you can persuade her to stay."

Once Jewels closed the door she turned to Bran. "I moved away two years ago. That'll explain why she doesn't remember Allie." She remembered shortly after moving that Jewels had called saying she made a friend at her new job at the restaurant she had been working at.

"Shit." Bran wanted to ask question but he couldn't without giving himself away.

"Lexington." Jewels kicked the door open while washing her hands. "Who is Dom and Bare? You trust them to take care of Jas?"

"You know them sweetheart but most importantly is that I trust them with my life. The are my right and left hand, it would be hard to function without either of them."

He held out his arms for her and when she was close he rested his hands on her hips and whispered in her ear. "I think they have a crush on her too."

"Both of them?" Her eyes grew wide.

"Shhhh. That's our secret." He nuzzled her neck. It had been too long since he held her. Jewels froze at the sensation that was flowing through her. If she didn't know him then her body sure did.

"You two finish?" Jas snickered as the sound of the door opening caught their attention.

"Hey, sweets." Bare says to Jewels as he moved in the room to stand beside Jas.

"Who me? I'm sweets?" She looks to Bran. "Is he one of the two?"


"Mmm. I hope you've been telling them good things about me." He looked at Jas. "Are you ready?" He placed his hand on her lower back she was proud that she didn't quiver.

"I guess so."

"Dom will bring you back later once you get settled. I have an appointment I can't miss at noon and I would like someone to be her with her while I'm gone."

"I'll be seeing you at twelve then, baby sis."

"Ready?" Dom poked his head inside the room and Jewels looked at Bran again.

"He's the other?" He nodded. "They are not what I expected."

"What does that mean, sweetness." Dom said as he eased fully into the room and Bran brought her closer to him a smile stamped on his face as her arm wrapped around his waist.

"Why do I keep getting referenced as sweet."

"Don't you dare." Bran warned as Bare started to open his mouth. "It'll come back to you." Bare said instead of what he was going to say. He winked then he ushered Jas out the door. "See you, Jewels."

Bran had showered and changed clothes and was downstairs eating a quick bite when Dom entered the kitchen.

"We put Jewels's sister on the river side of your wing." The entire upstairs belonged to Bran and half of the floor plan was dedicated to his suite a small landing separated the other half that was split with two smaller suites which one overlooked the gardens and the other overlooked the river. Downstairs in the north and east wing belong to Dom and Bare and whatever freaky activities they got into. Briggs was rarely home so he secured the south wing when he was there. The service workers occupied the west wing and lower level that was close to the entrance. Better service was received that way. The living and dining room were in the front along with an office and conference room. Off the living room was an open atrium and swimming pool. One day they would just relax and enjoy all the hard work they had put in for many years. Hopefully each of them would have a woman by their side loving them, making them whole.

"I'm going to walk out of here without you."

Bran eyes moved to Dom. "What?"

"I asked if you were ready to go?" He laughed. "Bare has the truck running."

"Let's go then."

They were headed to see Allie and Niko. As much as he wished he could leave them out of his relationship with Jewelianna, he couldn't. Like Allie had pointed out, he didn't know a damn thing about her. He had somewhat corrected that when he had Dom pull her background check from the club. He knew the basic now he just needed to know things about her that weren’t written down.

So here they were headed to Allie’s house. He wanted to get as much information from her before Jewelianna came home with him. Allie was going to be stubborn and he knew it for a fact. She had made something up in her mind about him and she wasn't letting it go. He was regretting that day she barged into his office while on the phone with his mother as she went on about him finding a wife and having kids so he could get the trust his grandmother left him. She never mentioned it but as she tried to accuse him the other day let him know that she hadn't forgotten.

"Let’s make this quick." Bare grumbled. What the hell was eating him? It was four in the afternoon so he couldn't possibly have shit to do.

"We should stop by Jewels’s house first. It's closer." Dom said.

They were going to get her stuff and bring it home. He thought the less she traveled out the more they could control the situation. Call him stupid but his options were few. Plus, it would look weird if there wasn’t a single item there that belonged to her.

As they pulled up to the small brick house he pulled they key from his pocket. He'd slipped it from her key chain while she slept that morning after her sister left.

He exited the truck and walked up the driveway, taking a deep breath before unlocking the door. He stepped into the living room and notice how homey it was. If fit her perfectly. Crisp, cool blues and angel whites decorated the house. Her scent lingered in the air as he breathed her in.

"This is so her." Dom said as he and Bare joined him inside the house holding two boxes each.

"Bare and I will grabbed her clothes. " He turned to Dom. "Get all her bathroom essentials and whatever else you think would make her feel at home.

"How the hell would I know that?" He grumbled as he lead them down the single hallway. The first room was a bathroom and Dom ducked in collecting soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and anything else of importance.

Bran and Bare continued down the hallway where they came to a bedroom but there was only a single bed there so the moved on to the next door. Bare pushed it open and they hit the jackpot as they saw clothes thrown over the bed. Obviously from the night she was getting ready to come to the club. He thought about how she looked in the dress she had chosen and his mind quickly went to when it was around her ankles revealing her bare chest and silky panties.

"You alright?" Bare asked.

"Yes. Why are you asking?"

"You were growling." He laughed.

"Whatever. Grab some clothes out the closet and I'll check the dresser." He didn't want Bare handling her underwear. He would pick those out. He smirked but it soon dropped as he moved closer to the dresser. On top was a photo of Jewelianna but she wasn't alone. There was a man with his arms wrapped around her neck placing a kiss on the side of her mouth. He snatched the frame up. That was his woman!

"I think we have a problem." Dom said at the door holding a man's body wash.

"A big problem." Bare said pulling out a XL tan button up shirt.

The trip to Allie's house was quick but mostly importantly quiet. The thought of her belonging to someone else didn't sit right with him. It left a bitter taste in his mouth. He tried to control his roaring anger brewing inside of him but he was pissed.

Once they made it to Allie's house Bran almost knocked Niko over pushing his way inside the house. "Who the fuck is this?" He bellowed waving the picture between Allie and Niko.


Their response or lack of one angered him more. He threw the frame across the room. Allie screamed as scattered glass danced across the floor.

"We forgot all about Mark."

"Who is Mark?" Bran roared. When they didn't answer quick enough Bran looked at Bare. "Who is Mark?" His voice was dangerously low.

Bare hated to do it but Bran wanted answers and apart of his job was to get them. Bare grabbed Niko by the neck almost lifting him a inch off the floor. He struggled in his grip but couldn't do anything to get more oxygen into his lungs.

"Her fiancé, Mark Gains" Allie screamed. Bare dropped Niko as they watched him grasp for air. Allie started to run for her husband but Bran grabbed her arm forcing her to him.

"Why in the hell didn't you say anything before now?"

"I-I had forgot all about him." She cried. "They broke up."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know. She kicked him out a week or two ago." She tried to pull away but his grip was firm. "Let me go, Bran. Why are you so upset?" He ignored her question as he released her, letting her crumble to the floor. Niko was there scooping her up holding her to his chest.

"Let's go." He marched out the door first. If he was last, he'll probably break the door off the hinges.

"Are we going to the hospital?"

"No." He didn't want to see her right now. He wasn't in the right mind frame. He needed a drink. His fucking hands were shaking. "Go to the club."

So many things were running through his mind. Like why had she broken up with him? Was she looking for a quick fuck, that night at the club to get over her ex? What if the man had came looking for her? He knew what would happen if he came looking for her. He would kill him. She was his and Mark Gains could forget all about her.

Jaslynn phone lit up with a text message and she opened it to see it was from Dom. He said to tell Jewel that Bran wasn't coming back tonight but that they would pick both of them up tomorrow morning.

She frowned. She had been watching her sister discretely look at the door every now and then waiting on Bran's return. How was she going to tell her that he wasn't coming back tonight. She wondered if this was something that happened often. She looked over at Jewels. It wasn't like she could ask her even if she wanted to. She jutted down a quick reply asking why.

Her phone lit up again and the text message said one word. Business. She wanted to scream for two reasons. One, it was close to nine at night and she was wondering what was so important this late at night. Two, Dom and Bare had been acting strange giving her short replies whenever she'd asked a question. When they took her to the house that morning they lead her to her room and disappeared having one of the service women to show her around. She did learn that three of the four men she knew lived in the house. When she found out that she was staying in Bran's wing she felt slightly disappointed. She didn't know why she thought she would be close to the hotties that had comforted her the first night she arrived. Maybe they were just being nice and she had read too much into it. She would handle herself accordingly the next time she saw them.

She didn't bother replying as she dropped her phone done into her purse.

"What's wrong?" Jewels asked.

"Um, Dom said that Bran can't make it back tonight."

"Oh." She could see sadness wash over her but she tried to cover it with a smile. "It's ok. I knew he had to go back to work some time."

"It's okay to miss him."

"Is it, Jas? I don't even remember him." She ranted. “I don’t remember how we met. I don’t remember if we had sex. I don’t know anything about him except a few things we discussed yesterday.”

She grabbed her sister’s face. "What do you feel?"

"He feels familiar to me. Like, when he's close I want to pull him closer."

"So it's okay to miss him, Jewels." She smiled. "I'm sure he's missing you too."

"You look so stressed, Bran. Is there anything I can do to make you feel more relaxed?"

The small hand caressed across his wide back, over his firm shoulders, down his chest.

It was close to three in the morning and the club was clearing out. He was sitting on one of the lounge couches with an almost empty bottle in his hand when the faceless woman approached him. Her wandering hands warmed his heated body even more. "Get on your knees."

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