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Chapter Five

“Get on your knees." Bran slurred.

With great desperation the woman dropped to her knees in between his spread legs. Her eager hands went to unfasten his belt.

Bran titled the bottle to his lips as he closed his eyes. He didn't even want the woman that was now struggling with his zipper. He didn't know what he was doing or saying. This wasn't his typical behavior. He never got this drunk before but as he kept picturing the frame photo of Jewels and another man, he kept drinking. She was his to have, his to own, his to turn into the nasty freak that would result in great pleasure for both of them. He pulled the empty bottle from his lips as he smiled at the thought of how he had her hands tied behind her back while he eased his himself between her soft lips.

"It's growing." The woman said excitedly.

"I want Jewels." He whispered.

"What?" She couldn't hear him but it didn't matter. He shoved the woman away before tucking himself away. He left the woman there stunned as he searched to find someone to take him to Jewels.

He stumbled to the security room, thankfully it was on the same floor, he beat on the door not knowing where his cardkey was. "Open up. It's me." The door was hastily snatched open and he staggered in almost losing his balance before two of his security men grabbed him. "I want Jewels." He said to a frowning Bare.

"Where is Dom? I can't deal with you right now." He turned back to his computer. "Sit his drunk ass in the chair, his not going anywhere."

"Psss." He rolled his eyes but he did feel relieved when they did sat him down. The walk to security room was a lot longer than it usually was. "I tell you what to do not the other way around." Bare ignored him. "I want to see Jewels. Now." He demanded or at least he thought he sounded demanding.

There was a long pause. "When you sober up, Bran." He didn't take his eyes off the monitor. "You know what time it is?" Bare was trying to find this fiancé of Jewels but he wasn't a tracker. That was Briggs's operation. He and Dom took care of the security company, now that was his thing but since Briggs was on an assignment already he wasn't that accessible at the moment. He sent Briggs a text and he would just wait until he called. He slid away from the computer and looked to Bran. He had finally stopped talking and when he looked at his friend he knew why. He was passed out in the chair and he couldn't help but laugh. "Let's put him in the car, boys."

When Jewelianna woke her eyes franticly searched the room for Lexington. She sighed when she saw that he wasn't there. She checked the time and it was barely six. She slowly rose from the bed chuckling at how her sister slept. Jas was sitting on the couch with her head back snoring lightly as she slept. She closed her eyes searching her brain for anything that happened before the accident. She opened her eyes to look at Jas again and the way she slept looked familiar. She'd seen her like this before. She closed her eyes again. Airport! It was when her flight had got delayed for Miami. Jewels had wanted to see her sister off and her flight ended up getting delayed for two hours. Instead of leaving, Jewels had told her to rest and she would make sure she didn't miss her flight. It was the least she could do since Jas had always looked out for her.

"Somebody's awake." Yawned Jas.

"How long were you gone?"

"I didn't leave, Jewels." She stretched. "I was here all night."

She shook her head. "How long have you been in Miami?"

Jas paused. "Two years." There was no need to lie it was obvious that her memory was coming back.

Jewels didn't want to know what she could have possibly gotten herself into in the past two years without Jas being there to look out for her. Every since they lost their mother to breast cancer, Jas had stepped up and been there since she could remember.

"How many times have you seen me since then?"

She watched Jas shake her head. "We talked almost every day."

A tear slipped from her eyes. "That's not the same." Her voice cracked. She bit her trembling lip as Jas approached her.

"I'm sorry, Jewels."

"Why?" She cried. This made her sad that their relationship had grown so distant.

"I can't go down memory lane with you." Jewels watched as her sister left out the room leaving her with tears streaming down her face.

"Wake your ass up!"

Bran opened crusty eyes to see Dom standing over him. "What time is it?"

"Six. We're bringing your wife home today or did you forget?" Dom smiled as he walked out his room.

How could he forget when she was all he wanted. Surprisingly, his head wasn't thumping in protest as he rolled from the bed to his feet. He looked at himself in disgust. He was still wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday. He headed to his bathroom and stripped out of his old clothes and threw them in the hamper. He smiled as he saw a 'her' hamper beside his. The second vanity that was always empty was now covered in face wash, masks, soaps, make-up, and all her other essentials they pulled from her house. Fresh roses sat in the center and he pulled one out and laid it on the bench that sat in front of her vanity. He pulled himself together as he started the shower and got ready to bring his wife home.

The first thing he noticed when he walked into Jewelianna's room was that she was alone. The second thing was that she was still sleeping and he knew exactly how he wanted to wake her up. He walked over to the bed and pushed her hair from her face. She stirred a little but didn't wake up. He saw the dried tears on her face and cursed. He would make it up to her for not being here. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. They were warm to the touch and just as soft as he remembered.

"Wake up, baby." He kissed her again. This time harder so he could feel her lips moving against his. "I've missed you." He confessed as her eyes slowly started to open.

"Lex-" He didn't let her finish. The minute he saw those dark eyes attach to his, he was a goner. He stole her lips and once the surprise wore off he finally felt her lips hesitantly move against his at first then when she caught his rhythm the kiss grew warmer. He groaned as he grabbed her face, angling it for him to have better access to eat at her mouth. When her hands snaked into his hair he almost crawled into bed with her but the thought of where they were caught his attention when he heard the noise outside the door.

"Good morning." He smiled as he pulled back from her sweet lips.

"Good morning." She blushed. "Do we kiss like that all the time?"

"Better get used to it." He winked before he showed her the bag he carried. "Clothes and some other stuff you might need until we get home." He helped her out of bed.

"Where's your sister?"

"Coffee probably." She shrugged. As soon as the bathroom door closed Jaslynn walked in.

"Good morning."

"Morning, Bran. Where's Jewels?"

"She's changing." He nodded to the bathroom. "Where have you been?" She looked a little taken back like she wasn't use to answering to anyone but she would answer to him and if she decided to get involved with Dom or Bare she would answer to them too.

"Do you cheat on my sister?" Now it was his turn to be surprised.

"No. Are you out of your mind?" He remembered almost making that mistake last night but he didn't and that was all that mattered but he wasn't telling Jaslynn none of that.

"Then where the hell were you? Don't ever question me when your behavoir has been less than adequate." She put her hands on her hips.

"I own three businesses. One just so happens to be a nightclub so sometimes, not often, I have to be there late in the night." She looked unsatisfied with his response but that was all he had for her right now. "Jewelianna holds a special place in my heart."

"You love her?"

"To the moon and back." Whew. That escalated quickly. He couldn't remember the last time he told anyone that he loved them, not even his own mother.

"Hello." Dr. Daisy quickly knocked before stepping into the room. "Where's my patient?"


"Somebody's eager.” She smiled. “Well, I wanted to see if anyone had some questions for me? You can always call here if there's something you think of later."

"Is it normal for a person's memory to come back in pieces."

"It's very possible. Some people remember everything at once, sometimes it’s like a puzzle. Something triggers them and it's another piece to add to the puzzle." She adjusted her stethoscope. "Is she gaining some of her memory?"

Bran gave his full attention to Jas. She hadn't said anything to him about that.

"I was just curious."

He wasn't buying it. Something was up and they would all have a talk once they made it home.

"Stay encourage, love. She's still the person you know and love and she'll be back to herself before you know it. Take her around familiar things. Tell her about her life in these last two years. But be patient. Don't overwhelm her and if you start feeling frustrated just walk away."

"Don't worry, Jas is good at that." Jewels stepped out the bathroom.

Bran frowned. She most have remembered something that triggered the two sisters. The tension in the room was so thick.

"Do you have any questions for me, Ms. Stevens?"

Brant watched as she walked closer to the bed. She had on black leggings and a oversized t-shirt that said 'queen' across the chest. Black tennis shoes laced her feet and it look like she tried to style her hair but it was useless with the bandage.

Once she reached the bed she set on the edge and shook her head. "No. I'm just ready to get out of here."

"Well, here's my card and don't hesitate to call me if you have any question and if anything start hurting then come back."

"Thank you, Dr. Daisy." He took her card and shook her hand.

"Thanks, Doctor." Jewelianna said then she turned to Bran. "Can we go now?"

"A nurse will be here in a few to discharge you. Everyone have a great day."

Once the doctor left he started questioning Jewelianna. "You remembered something?"

"Just when Jas left for Miami."

"That's good."


Before he could ask more questions the nurse came in and they were finally able to leave. Jewelianna had to be rolled out in a wheelchair to the front where Dom and Bare waited for them. Once everyone was in the car and they started to pull off Dom noticed how everyone was extremely quiet, everyone in their own thoughts.

Once they pulled through the gold gate Jewelianna's heart stop. Who in the hell was she getting married to? Jas had told her the house was big but she couldn't image it would be the size of ten mansions. A line of people stood at the entrance and once the car stopped some of them moved to the car while the others stayed in place.

"Mr. Branson." An older man nodded his head as he opened the door for them. Bran stepped out and held his hand out for her. She took it as she slid out.

"Welcome home, Mrs. Branson." Her eyes grew large as she looked at Bran who only winked at her and pulled her close to his side as he helped Jas out the car. "Ms. Stevens. It's a pleasure to see you again." The man then closed the door behind them and walked back to his position. As they walked to the entrance the people who had walked to the car had her bags in hand as the others who stood in place greeted them warming as another one held the door open for them.

"I thought we would have breakfast and talk if you want?" Bran said to her.

"Sure." She was mesmerized by the huge chandelier and massive staircase that would lead to God knows where, and she had stayed there sometime and couldn’t remember?

They walked down the long hallway as they passed several doors before they reached the dining area and boy was it fit for a king. A spread of fruits and vegetables was the first thing she saw but as they walked down the long table she saw varieties of meats, pancakes, and waffles. A pile of eggs, grits, and oatmeal sat in the center with heat underneath the pans causing them to bubble in delight. Her stomach growled as Bran motioned for her to sit as he held a chair out for her.

"Oh my God." Jas said as she saw the table.

"My thoughts exactly, Jas." Jewels sat there in awe. "Do we always eat like this?"

Bran laughed. "No but today is a special occasion." He smiled.

"Look who's here?" Dom called out from the hallway.

Allie and Niko stepped over the threshold.

Jewels looked at the woman from the hospital but she still couldn't place her in her memory bank. She smiled politely but didn't move from her seat. "Allie and Niko are your friends, love. They can help you put the pieces together too." He squeezed her hand.

Allie and Niko sat at the table and soon after Bare and Dom stomped in like brutes.

"So Jewels do you have any questions for me?" Allie asked.

"Um. How did we meet?"

"Easy. Work. You started working at this restaurant called Tillary’s Town."

Jewelianna frowned. She remembered that place it was her last resort but it was necessary if she wanted to have enough money to do things she enjoyed, like eating. She forked some food on her plate as she listened to how they got along so well from the start.

"So I’ve been working at a restaurant for two years?"

"Of course not, within a year's time you were gone. You and Mrs. Tillary almost got into a fight one night and you quit."

"Sounds like Jewels." Jas laughed.

"Let me found out sweets is not so sweet." She laughed at Bare or was that Dom?

“So how do I survive?” She looked at Lexington. “Please don’t tell me I live off of you.” She frowned

“You don’t, sweetheart.” He laughed.

"You’re a graphic designer." Jas answered handing her her phone to see her webpage.

"Wow. I did it?" She asked in disbelief. "I make money?"

"You do very well.” Allie smiled.

Jewels scrolled through the phone and she was in awe of what she saw. The page itself was fantastic but the reviews were what touched her heart. Everyone spoke highly of her and said they would recommend her to everyone.

"I did it." She whispered. "I did it." She had made her dream come true and she couldn't even remember it. She started to tremble and tears welled in her eyes.

"Okay, let's go rest. I think that's enough for now." Bran pulled her from her chair.

"I did it." She cried. He scooped her into his arms and he carried her all the way to his bedroom.

"I never thought I could do it but I did it, Lexington." He placed her on her feet and moved to push back the covers of the bed.

"You can do anything you put your mind too. There's greatness in you." He pulled her to the bed. "Come on you need to rest."

"I'm not sleepy. I have work to do."

He snatched her to him and took her lips in a kiss. She kissed him back greedily. Her hands pulled his head closer to her as she leaned her body into his. She couldn't believe that he was hers.

"Bed." He pulled back slightly.

"I'm not sleepy." She whispered across his lips.

"Just take it easy today and tomorrow I will have everything you need here to work on your business but today, promise you'll rest.

"Ok." She whined as she started to strip out of her clothes. Bran breath came in pants as she pulled the shirt over her head and slipped the pants down her legs. She crawled in his bed completely naked and he was completely turned on. "I hate sleeping with clothes on." She blushed. "Maybe you know that already."

This time when he kissed her it was slow. He wanted to savor the kiss because it was going to be a long day. He slid his tongue between her lips and the feel of her tongue against his had him sliding down in bed with her. "I can help you sleep a little?" His hand slipped under the cover and ran across her bare stomach causing her to shiver.

"Okay." She closed her eyes as she felt his hand stroke her waist as he moved his lips back to hers. Was he a gentle lover? One who like to satisfy more than being satisfied? Did he touch and kiss every part of her body before racing to be inside of her?

"Ah!" She moaned as he kissed and suck in the crook of her neck. She was arching against the hand that was traveling up her thigh. She searched her mind for a time that they had done this before to give her a hint of how this would turn out but she drew up blanks. All she could do was ride the ride and see how it turned out.

"You're thinking too much?" He chuckled.

"Sorry. It's our first time."

That made him pause.

"It's not our first time?" She turned to her side to face him holding the covers to her chest.

He hadn't plan to take this all the way. He only wanted to give her a quick but toe curling orgasm with his tongue but the thought of her being a virgin had him pausing. He didn't want her to worry about that right now she'd had enough excitement for today he would just be careful for now. "Just relax, babe. Don't you trust me?"

"To the moon and back." He slammed his lips against hers as he tugged the cover away from her body. He pulled back to admire her frame and what a lovely body she had.

He kissed at her neck, that spot that sent her in a state of frenzy, that spot that had her dripping between her legs. He could smell her from where he was and he knew he had to touch her, taste her. His fingers moved over her breast caressing the stiff buds.

"L-Lex." Oh she liked her little nipples to be played with.

"You like that?"


He wanted to hear her scream before he left this room. He moved his teasing kisses down her chest to latch on to one firm nipple.

"Shit." She clenched his head to her breast as she rocked against him. He loved how responsive she was and how wet she got. He could remember how tight and wet she was around his fingers as he pump them into her body while Briggs sucked on those hot little nipples as she screamed and came all over his hand. Fuck, he was going to come in his pants.

"Please." He smiled against her breast. The magic word and she asked so nicely.

He let her nipple go with a pop and slid his tongue down her stomach dipping into her navel a few times before moving in between her legs. She was covered in her sugary dew and he couldn't stop himself even if he tried. He dived right in pushing his tongue between her folds sliding right into her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" She screamed. His right hand came around to rub at her slick clit as she went wild against his tongue. "Lexington. I can't." Her fingernails bit into his back and he was loving every second of it. He let his tongue take the place of his fingers as he drew on it softly and that caused her sob.

"You taste so good, baby." He sucked on her clit then laved it with his tongue. "When you better you can ride my face to you drown me in cream."

"Lexxx!” She was pushing against his face reaching for that orgasm that he was holding back from her reach. He slipped one finger inside of her and the grip she had on him was hell. The second finger peaked her climax as she mewled and thrust under him. He pulled the two fingers out and he pushed them in firmly once again and he felt it this time, the small resistance that caused him to growl. She was his.

He worked her clit with his tongue and pushed his fingers in and out of her as she came calling out his name over and over again. Once her body calmed he kissed on her little nub a final time before he moved away from her, wiping his face clean. He pulled the covers over her glistening body as he watched her fight to keep her eyes open. He leaned down and kissed her lips before he commanded she sleep. A frown touched her brow as she drifted off.

Briggs turned his phone on as he packed up his equipment to head home. Another job well done but he couldn't wait to get back home. Being a tracker had its perks like traveling but he was in need of a vacation. Going somewhere he could actually enjoy his surroundings and not be on the watch for someone or something.

He turned his business phone off and the notifications repeatedly sounded off on his personal phone and he smiled. Two texts stood out to him the most was one from Danger. Tag! You're it. You know where to find me if you want me. Him and Danger been dancing around each other for a long time but she wasn't like the other girls at the club. He shook his head not wanting to think too deep into that situation now. He looked at the text from Bare and his eyebrow rose in curiosity. What was his friends up to? He grabbed a pen and wrote down the name Mark Gains.

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