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Chapter Eight

Jaslynn shuffled in the bed for an hour straight while she heard snoring around her. She was pretty sober now and the reality that she was sleeping between two men was more than apparent as she lay between two heated bodies.

"Go to sleep." Bare growled.

"How can I?"

"Close your eyes." She rolled her eyes in the dark and moved more into Dom who was sleeping peacefully.

"That doesn't work."

"What the fuck, Jas. You want me to tell you a bedtime story?"

"Sure.” She sat up. “Tell me the one about two big dummies who kidnapped a girl into their bed then left her unsatisfied."

"How about I tell you the one about a loud mouth girl who got gagged by one of the big dummies because she wouldn't close her eyes or her big mouth?"

"Both of your shut your mouths and go to sleep." Dom shifted throwing his arm over her waist.

Bare pushed out of the bed. "Where are you going?" She called behind him.

"Go. To. Sleep." He walked out the door letting a little light in the room. She could see his face before he closed the door and by his expression she knew he wasn't coming back.

"Mrs. Branson?"

"Hey, Carl. Thanks for watching over us last night." Jewels laughed.

He nodded his head. "Mrs. Lane is here to see you."

"Um. Okay." She followed him to the door and she was surprised to see Allie. "Hi." She smiled. She wasn’t familiar with Allie’s last name. “Thanks, Carl.” He walked off.

"You didn't text me back last night so I decided to come and see you."

"Sure. Come in." She let her into the living room out of the foyer. "Sorry. Things got real crazy last night.”

"It's alright. Can I see the ring?" Allie took her hand. "It's beautiful. Just like you." She smiled.

"Thank you. Lexington is amazing." Jewels beamed.

"I think so too." Bran appeared pressing a quick kiss to her lips. "Carl told me Allie was here. I was wondering if I could steal her away for a second?"

"Mm. Sure. I'll be in the kitchen." Bran waited for Jewelianna to disappeared before he motioned for Allie to follow him into his office and he secured the door behind them.

"Do you know anyone who would want to harm Jewelianna?"

"What do you mean?" Allie frowned.

"A hitman who goes by the name JB was the man who caused the accident."

"I don't know. Did the man not give a name of who he was working for?" He shook his head no. "Do you think it could be Mark?"

Bran shook his head again. "JB said that it was a woman."

"Jewels broke up with Mark because he cheated on her with another woman. Maybe its her because Mark is pretty much still in love with Jewels."

Bran resisted the need to ram his fist into something. He took a couple of deep breaths and he moved to the door to open it. "This stays between us, Allie."

"I got it, Bran." He let her out and he followed behind her and when she moved to the front door he stopped her. "Did you not want to see Jewelianna?"

"I just wanted to see the ring and congratulate her before I went to my appointment to check on the arm. Tell her I had to run and I'll text her later."

"Okay." After he let Allie out the door he moved into kitchen wrapping his arms around Jewelianna's waist as she swayed to the soft music that sounded through the kitchen.

"I could just eat you up." He whispered in her ear.

She turned in his arms and put hers around his neck. "I want you to make love to me." His eyes grew wide. "I'm sober now."

He was not expecting her to say that. "I thought you were fixing breakfast so we can eat?"

She sighed pulling out of his grasp. "It's okay if you don't want me." He heard her mumbled, 'I wouldn't want me either,' and that pushed him over the edge.

He was speechless. He was terrified that she would never forgive him for what he was about to do but he couldn't wait another second.

He pushed her into the counter grinding his erection against her ass. "I want you more than my next breath." He scooped her up bridal style and almost ran into Carl as he carried her out the kitchen. "Sorry, Carl. I'm a man on a mission." He could hear the old man’s chuckles as he moved up the stairs to their room. He tossed her on the bed and he tugged off all his clothes within seconds. He stood there naked in front of her and she watched him, drinking in his appearance.

She bent her finger for him to come to her and he wasted no time moving to the bed. He helped her sit up and tugged the shirt over her head. Her hands then moved to his stomach as she admired his abs and when she leaned forward to replace her hands with her soft lips and he moaned deep in his throat. She was so close to his cock. He fought the need to thrust his hips up in lack of patience. "It's been too long since I felt your mouth on me." He paused. Damn it, he needed to be careful about what he said.

"Let me make up for it." She grabbed him at the base then took him into her mouth and he threw his head back.

"Son of a bitch." He grabbed her head slowly stroking in and out her mouth. He couldn't let her control this. She would drive him mad and he was too far gone to let her explore right now. "Nice and slow, Jewels.” He pulled her hair into a ponytail with his hands as he moved. “I just want to feel your wet mouth for a second then I'll make love to you." He growled as she moaned around his dick. "Then I'll fuck you and you'll be screaming for the whole house to hear you."

She slurped him up and he almost came from the sound and the feeling was pure bliss. "Baby, come here." He wanted to try something with her but she wouldn't let up. She was having fun driving him mad with her mouth then an idea popped in his head. "I just want to reposition us and you can suck until your heart is content." Okay that seemed to work as she let his dick go with a pop.

He cupped her face. "Who taught you that?"

"Maybe you?” She smirked. “I also used to read a lot."

"Mm." He pushed her back on the bed then turned her around to where her head was hanging off the side of the bed. "Open." He saw her eyes twinkle with desire and he bet if he put his hands between her legs she would be slick with wetness but that would come soon.

She opened her mouth and he guided himself into the warmth of her mouth and she wrapped her lips around him instantly. She took him slow at first getting use to the position and when her arms came to cover herself he slapped them away. "No! Don't cover yourself. My dick in your mouth is only half the pleasure. Seeing you displayed like this is driving me insane, it’s the other half. He tweaked her nipples before caressing her stomach. She moaned around him and he paused to take in the sensation. He didn't know if he would ever get use to her mouth or her pussy around him. Fuck. He was screwed.

"Open your legs, baby." He slipped his hand down cup her mound and just as he thought, she was flooded with her sweet juices. The dew clung to the lips of her pussy and hid around her clit. With her hot mouth below driving him wild he couldn't help but lock his mouth to her.

"Oh, ahhhh." She moaned pulling back from him. "That's not fair." She was rolling her hips as he licked on her pulsing clit.

"How is it not fair, Jewels?" He gave her one long lick then waited for her answer.

"I can't concentrate. You're trying to distract me." She stroking him softly as her head rested against his thigh. He smirked as he pulled back to tease her with his fingers. She eased him back into her mouth working him faster, using her tongue to swirl around the head then took as much of him in her mouth as she could squeezing the head with her throat. She immediately pulled back and he heard her pant for a second before she tried to take him deep again. He had to distract her if he wanted to last a few more minutes.

When he went back at her, drawing her clit into his mouth he felt Jewels tense up but her body was trembling beneath his. He smiled against her core as his middle finger teased her entrance and when she arched up he slipped the digit inside of her and he felt her mouth open around his cock. He gave her one slow easy stroke so she didn't forget about him and he worked as she tighten her mouth on him and start to suck. "Mmm, love. That feels good." He worked his finger inside of her faster rubbing at her clit as he eased his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. She gripped his thighs tighter and when he went back to loving her with his tongue she dug her nails into his flesh. She was so close that she was trembling and he had her right where he wanted. Lexington pulled back from her and this time she let him go. They were both ready. Beyond ready.

"You changed your mind?" He teased as she worked her way up the bed and he crawled in behind her.

"No." She breathed out as he settled between her legs and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You okay?"

"Yes." She smiled pulling him into a kiss. He groaned. He couldn't let her go. Everything about her was addictive from her sweet kisses down to the smile that spread across her face. She was perfect and she was his.

He continued to kiss her as he hooked one of her legs around his waist as he guided himself to her wet channel. He couldn’t help but think of how amazing she felt as he pushed the head inside.

"Ooh, Lex." She broke their kiss throwing her head back as he sank more of himself inside of her. "You feel amazing." He pulled back then pushed in a few more inches.

"No it's you, Jewelianna. It's always been you-so hot, so good." He reached down circling her clit to ease the pain he knew was coming.

"Yes, that feels good. I love this. I love you." He pulled back and slammed home locking his mouth to hers to catch her screams. He threw his head back when he finally could get his bearings again. This little fairy was taking all of him and she didn't even know it.

He was fully seated inside of her and he came down letting her feel his full weight and she clutched him tighter rolling her hips against his. It felt so damn good having her work herself on his cock. "I love you too, Jewels. To the moon and back..." He worked in and out of her as he kissed her tears away. She moaned and mewled over and over again as her climax built higher and higher. She couldn't have imagined her first time would be like this. She bore down on him and she knew she was coming.

"Baby…" She was shaking, gripping his strong back. "I'm cumming."

"I feel you, baby." He leaned back from her a little but it only pushed him deeper inside of her and she was pushed into her orgasm, crying out his name.

"Fuck!" She was gripping and vibrating around him as he slammed into her again and again until his cum shot out, coating her insides.

He came down to her but rolled so that she was lying on top of him. Jewelianna enjoyed the feeling of him still being inside of her as she tightened her muscles on him, milking every last drop.

"You better stop." He laughed as he threw his arm over his eyes. But his little jewel was slowly working herself up and down his now hardening cock. "Someone wants more." He pulled his arm away dropping them to her hips.

She bit her lip nervously as she rocked gently against him, learning what felt good and what felt better. He pushed his hips up to hit her spot and she locked eyes with him. "Do it again." She whispered.

He held on to her hips and pushed up into her slippery pussy as he brought her hips down to meet each of his strokes. With their cum combined she was wetter than before and the sound of wet skin smacking made his dick harder.

After a few minutes she gain more confidence and was riding on her own. Rolling her hips, grinding her clit into his pelvis, bouncing up and down and before she could catch herself she was cumming again. "I'm cumming on your dick. Oh! I'm cumming." He grabbed her tits as they danced around as she bounced harder on top of him.

"That's your dick. Cum! Cum! Let me have it!"

"Oh my-! What the fuck." She tried to slow down to lessen the impact but it wasn't happening. She was trying to fight it and he didn't like that.

"Don't do it, Jewels. Don't fight it. I want it all." He used one hand to grip her waist to keep her slamming down on him and his other went to her clit, making circles around the throbbing nub.

"Oh, Oh, Oh. That's it." Wet heat engulfed him and warm fluid bathe his pelvis and thighs and it was no way he couldn't cum as she came all over him.

"Baby, baby, baby. Fuck, Jewels. You're amazing." She fell to his chest and he held her there as they came down for their erotic high.

"You're everything I ever wanted." Jewels whispered minutes later. She grew circles on his chest as they laid damn near unconscious from the amazing sex.

"I love you, Jewelianna. You can't leave me."

"Never." She kissed him on the lips before settling back on his chest.

He knew that was the first lie she ever told him because when everything hit the fan he knew she would leave. After what just happened, it made him realize that she would take a huge piece of him with her when she did.

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