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Chapter Nine

Jewelianna woke up with a smile. She knew Lexington was still in bed with her and she remembered every single thing they did that morning and she wanted a repeat. How would she go about it though? She turned to him and just admired his exposed body. From his lips to his defined chest and ripped packs that sat above the most pleasurable piece of him.

She realized she didn't know how to do this but she wasn't going to give up. She lay in his arms and hooked a leg over his. She moved her head closer to his chest and brushed her lips against him there. She quickly looked up to see that he was still sleeping. She rubbed her body against his, placing more kisses along his chest and stomach but still nothing. Damn, he was a hard sleeper. With a sigh she turned away trying to hold back her frustration.

"My baby not giving up now, is she?" Lexington rolled over to kiss the back of her neck as his hands ran over her hips.

"Why would you play sleep?" She pouted.

"I needed to see how far you would go." He nipped at her shoulder. “I’ll teach you seduction later.” He tried to push her down on her stomach but she resisted. She wasn't ready to forgive him yet.

"Oh you're mad?" She could hear the smile in his voice so she didn't say anything. "Hmmm. Let me see how I can fix that." He worked one arm under her as he plastered himself against her backside. He cupped both breast in his hands rolling her nipples between two fingers. He grinded his hard dick against her ass and she had to force herself to stay still. That was easier said than done. "Just give in, baby. I trying to make it all better. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth and she almost screamed.


"Say my name, baby." He raised her legs and rubbed his erection between her legs to get him nice and wet then he pulled back to slowly slip inside of her.

"Oh my god, Lex." She felt him stretch every inch of her tiny hole and she was loving every second of it when suddenly she watched the door ease open.

"Bran." Briggs stood in the door and Jewels froze.

"Get. Out." Bran couldn't hold back from moving for long. She was frozen in shock but her tight channel was clenching, massaging him like a thousand little fingers.

"Dom told me to come find you." He was talking to Bran but Jewelianna had his full attention. He couldn't see much but any fool would know what they were doing beneath the covers.

"Okay." Lexington gave her one slow stroke and her eyes lowered. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. "You can go now."

"But this is such a great view." Bran had his hands full of her breasts and the sheet hung over their hips but you could see the outline of her leg over his and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that he was buried deep inside of her. At this point she didn't care if Justin watched she just didn't want to lose the feeling building inside of her.

"Lexington." She said his name in a needy whisper. Her hand went behind her to grip his leg to somehow show him how much she needed him to move.

"Leave." Bran was losing this battle. He didn't give a fuck if Briggs watched but he didn't know how it would affect Jewels. This was a bad time for her to be triggered by memories. But the way she was griping him she was on the brink of breaking.

"I think she needs you to move." Briggs stepped fully into the room closing the door behind him and Bran lost it. He snatched the covers from around them then thrusted into Jewels while she laid on her side.

"Oh yes, baby." Jewels wanted to close her eyes but she couldn't look away from Justin watching from the door. His eyes had moved from hers to between her legs where Lex was sliding in and out of her in deliciously dangerous strokes.

"Fuck." It was taking everything in Briggs to not go to the bed and join them. He knew it was risky just standing there but he couldn't leave. He had missed out on the opportunity and now that he got a chance to see Jewels all wet and wild again, he couldn't pass it up. "You look perfect, sweets."

She opened her mouth to speak but she bit down on her bottom lip instead.

"You want me to stop, Jewels. You want me to pull out so I can kick him out?" He pulled out then dived back inside of her. "Just say the word."

Briggs smirked knowing that she wasn't going to say it.

"No." She closed her eyes and Briggs shook his head for Bran to still inside of her.

"Open your eyes. You don't get to shut me out." Her eyes popped open, locking back with his. "I want to see all of you when you cum."

"I can't keep my eyes open." Bran chose that time to reach around and massage her clit and Briggs had to grip himself to relieve some of the swelling. He would have blue balls if he didn't get out of there but he couldn't move. He needed to see this.

"Give it to me, Jewelianna." Bran growled as he increased his strokes. He moved in her faster, harder. Their skin slapped together as he jackhammered into her from behind.

"Let me see you cum, baby. Bran wants to feel it. You should see his face, Jewels. Give in to us." She came screaming and Bran roared as he slammed into her one last time as he found his own climax. Briggs slammed his back against the door as he closed his eyes. He had to if he didn't want to come in his pants like a horny teenager.

"Now can you get the fuck out?"

"I should fuck you up for this morning." Bran said later when he and Biggs waited for Dom and Bare to pull around with the SUV.

"She enjoyed it. I could see her getting wet with excitement every time I spoke and you were the one to benefit from it."

"I would have regardless if you were there or not." Bran paused. "I know you feel cheated but shit is just too shaky to have you join us now."

"Aw thanks for thinking of me." Briggs said with sarcasm. "Now, let’s go see who is your competition. The sooner we resolve this the soon I can join." He laughed as Bran tried to reach for him.

Dom rolled the truck to a stop and hopped out to let Briggs get behind the wheel. "It’s time to pay our friend a visit!”

Dom knocked on the door. He kept his eyes straight, not looking at Bran and Bare standing to the side of the door. "Yeah, who is it?"

Just the sound of the man's voice had Bran's jaw ticking.

"I'm looking for Mark Gains." Dom made sure his voice had more authority to it.

"Well you found him-" The door was only an inch open before Bran kicked it in and Mark went flying.

"Why must you do that?" Dom asked as Bare laughed. He was the only sensible one. The poor man was in for a long night if he didn't answer wisely.

"Who the hell are you guys?" The man scrambled to his feet. Bran was half surprised to see that the man stood about as tall as he was and he was slightly built but nothing compared to him and his brothers.

"When's the last time you seen Jewelianna?"

"Jewels? Is she okay?" His concern for her only pissed him off more. He gave Bare a look and the first punch brought a smile to his face.

"Now let me explain the rules. I ask a question and you answer the question. That's it." Bran arched his brow waiting for him to respond. “Understand?”

"Yeah, dude." He spit out blood as he cleaned his mouth.

"When's the last time you saw Jewelianna?"

"Um. Three weeks, maybe a month ago."

"How long were the two of you together?"

"What does that have to do with-" This time Bran grabbed him by the shirt slamming the man against the wall.

"Did you not understand the rules to this?" He grabbed his throat and began to squeeze.

"A. Y-y-year."

"You're doing good, Marky boy." Bran released him letting him drop to the floor to catch his breath.

"Why did you and Jewelianna break up?"

The man looked away and Bare dragged a chair across the floor and forced him in it. When Mark went to stand up again the knife was pulled out and he sat his ass right back down. "Just tell me if Jewels is okay. That crazy bitch has it out for her."

"Who?" Now he had their attention.

"Allie. She's the reason we broke up!"

"What?". He pulled out his gun. "Start. from the. Beginning." Bran’s voice was murderous.

Jewelianna rolled over in bed for the second time today but this time Lexington wasn't beside her. She stretched out like a cat and rolled out of bed. She made a quick dash to the bathroom. She started her morning routine then hopped in the shower. She hated to wash Lexington's scent away but she needed to clean herself for their multiple rounds. She needed to get on birth control asap. It seemed her future husband didn't like to pull out.

Jewels washed her body, paying extra attention between her legs. She was a little sore but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle.

Once she was finished she wrapped a towel around her body then went into her room when she stopped in shock. Allie was sitting on the bed, the covers still messed up from her rumble with Lexington and she tried to hide her blush.

"Hey. When did you get here?"

"Not too long ago. I see someone had fun last night." Allie motioned to the bed.

"A little." Jewels voice was barely above a whisper.

"Mmmm. I was hoping we could go out. Just the two of us. We haven’t had much time together since after the accident.

"Sure, why not?" She felt bad. She hadn’t been avoiding Allie on purpose but she just felt more comfortable with her husband and her sister. Overall, she just felt more comfortable there in the house.

"Well hurry and get dressed." Allie typed at her phone.

Jewels chose dark skinny jeans and a black and white striped shirt that she tucked into her pants. She buckled a black belt around her pants as she moved to search her shoes. She paired it with black sandals and a black crossbody bag. She pulled her hair into a top knot bun and dressed her ears up with little white diamond studs.

"I hope I didn't take too long." She said once she stepped out the bathroom from checking herself out in the mirror.

"No, you're fine. I just thought we would go have some coffee and talk."

"That sounds nice."

Jewelianna and Allie sat on the back patio of the coffee shop called, ‘Cup of Joe’ and enjoyed the serene atmosphere as they sipped their drinks. Jewels wasn't much of a coffee drinking so she ordered one of the fancy teas while Allie had picked from their long list of flavored coffee.

"You like it?" Allie asked nodding at her tea.

"It's very flavorful and soothing." She admired their surroundings. "So is the space out here. I just feel so calm." They were out there alone and it made things even better.

"That's why I chose this place." Allie gave her a weak smile. "There's something I have to tell you, Jewels."

"What is it?"

"Bran has been lying to you. He doesn't really love you."

"What?" Jewels frowned.

"I said-"

"No, I heard what you said." She pushed away from the table to stand. "Don't you think you are out of bounds? How would you even know that? Is that why you dragged me all the way out here!?” Jewels was pissed and they said this woman was her friend?

"I know you’re upset but can I explain?” Jewels folded her arms. She would hear her out. “Before our accident, my husband and I invited you out to the club called, ‘The Swing Set’ and that's where you met Bran."

Jewelianna heart rate was exploding through the roof. She couldn't be telling the truth. The way he talked to her, the way he held her, the way he made love to her last night. Was it all a lie? "How..?" Her voice broke. "How could I-" She didn't know what she wanted to say. Tears fell from her eyes and Allie pulled her in for a hug.

"I know this is a lot to take in and I'm sure it hurts more because of last night but you had to know." Jewels jerked back from Allie.

"You went along with it...I remember coming home from the hospital. You were even over there earlier congratulating me on marrying him! You lied to me, all of you did!"

"Bran would have hurt us if we didn't. You don't know him like we do. It was his entire plan to get you to marry him so he could inherit his wealth that his grandmother left. He probably fucked you without a condom last night so he could get you pregnant. He needs a wife and a baby to get the money."

Jewels was weak. She let out broken sobs. This couldn't be true, even though all the signs were there. He had had sex with her without a condom and came in her many times, filling her with his seed. His mother had said something about being glad that he had finally found a wife and she wanted grandchildren. She reached for her phone.

"What are you doing?" Allie asked. She held her hand up and she dialed Lexington's number. He answered immediately.

"Jewelianna! I need-"

"Is it true?" She cried.

"Is what true? Listen, baby, I need you to stay in the house."

"No, you listen!" She screamed into the phone. "Did I meet you at the ‘Swing Set’ the night before my accident?"

"Fuck. Are you with Allie? Listen, baby I know it may seem fucked up right now but I need you to understand how dangerous she is."

"It’s funny because she said the same thing about you." She eyed Allie who was watching her intensely. "Tell me you haven't being lying to me, Lexington. Tell me you haven't been using the loss of my memory to play games with me."

"It was never like that Jewelianna. I fucked up but I need you to trust me for old time sake and tell me where you are so I can come get you."

"I'm..." She looked around her. "I'm far away from you and that’s how I want to keep it."

"Jewelianna wait!" He screamed. "You said you wouldn't leave." He said in a softer tone. Almost remorseful.

"I guess that makes us both liars." She hung up and turned her phone off.

"Let’s get out of here."

She didn't care where they went as long as it wasn't around Lexington. How could she have been so stupid? Even though she had lost her memory she still could feel like something was off but she thought she was just being paranoid because of her memory loss.

She had been slightly unsure about their relationship all the way up until last night. He touched her, kissed her, and made love to her like he loved her. It was all a lie. No wonder she couldn't remember anything being at his house, she had never been there and everyone had went along with it like it was normal. She was disgusted. She was sick...

"I'm not feeling well." She told Allie as the rode down the busy streets.

"Just close your eyes and get some rest. I'll wake you when we get to my house."

"I don't want to go there. I'm sure that'll be the first place he'll come to."

"There's a hotel on the outskirts of the city. We can make it a girl’s night, invite Jas and everything."

"Yes. That'll be fine." She closed her eyes. "I'll call her when we make it there." She suddenly felt sluggish. She was too tired to do anything. Maybe that's what broken hearts felt like.

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