My Alpha Lover *SAMPLE*

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Melissa has her eyes set on Luke and after one steamy night together, this strong, gorgeous man is laying by her side and almost purring at her touch. Luke has found his mate in sweet, human Melissa and is determined to claim her for his own. If his brute strength and power won't win her over, the undeniable sexual chemistry between them surely will. Melissa has a choice to make - either one includes death and destruction for them both. All signs point to them not being together but for her, Luke will forsake everything. Even if it means he kills himself in the process.

Erotica / Romance
J. M. Johnson
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Chapter 1

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A/N. Trigger warning.

Chapter 1

The golden eyes appeared once more, keeping contact with my own, freezing me in place. My blood began to burn with excitement at our unofficial routine - There was a reason I was here every night and the reason was him.

Let me see you, Melissa, the voice vibrated through my mind. Call me crazy but I knew it was him. That somehow he had broken all the rules and logic of reality and was able to enter my thoughts as though we were one. I gave him a seductive smile, slipping the dressing gown over my shoulders, slowly revealing my naked body to him. A growl echoed around me, sending shivers down my spine. The golden eyes sparkled in the distance, growing larger with every step forward he took towards me, becoming clearer, showing me the desire that was held for me, only me!

I held my breath, waiting to finally see his face! This was the moment...

"Hello! Earth to Melissa…" I blinked a few times, coming back to reality to find Abigail staring at me, worry clearly marked on her face. "Girl.. are you okay? I've been calling you for 5 minutes!" Disappointment had my shoulders sagging as I took in my surroundings - just when it was getting interesting my daydream was snatched away from me!

"Sorry Abi. I didn't sleep great last night" wasn't that the understatement of the century! "What did you say?" Abi continued to stare at me. I knew she was taking in how tired I looked, the bags under my eyes, the vacant look on my face. The dreams were becoming more frequent, more lifelike, more real. Every time I dreamt of him I always awoke craving something but not knowing what. I would walk over to my bedroom window and stare at the dense forest ahead, waiting to see the two flecks of gold staring back at me. He hadn't been there in a while and as ridiculous as it was, I was worrying. I had to stop obsessing so much over this. I didn't know what was behind the eyes, as Abi liked to remind me it could be a serial killer for all I knew, but in my heart, I knew it wasn't. Something called to me beckoned me like nothing ever had before. A future I never dreamt could exist was mine for the taking, if only I had the courage to reach out and take it.

"You're still coming to the party tonight right? Jadine's friend is dying to meet you!" I sighed inwardly. I loved Abigail, we had been friends for as long as I can remember. Our mum's met at baby yoga and they were inseparable, causing me and Abi to be just as close. Of course, this gave Abi what she called 'free reign' over my love life. I could see how happy she was with Jadine, their faces lit up when they saw each other. They never had a huge "coming out" announcement, they were just Abi and Jadine, and we've all loved and accepted them ever since. One look at them and you knew that they were made for each other. I wanted that as well, someone who lived entirely for me, but not at the expense of another blind date. I had been on more of these than I cared to remember, none of which had been overly pleasant for me. The guys were fine, the problem was me.


"Don't "Abi" me! You're not spending another night cooped up waiting for Golden Eyes to appear. You've never even seen his face Mel, you could be obsessing over a fucking rabbit for all you know"

"Oh? You've met many golden-eyed rabbits have you?" I shot back with a chuckle. "Besides it was a serial killer last time"

Abi flicked her straight black hair over her shoulder and looked me dead in the eye

"You're coming and that's that. Oh and yes, I've got a lovely golden rabbit at home, call it a birthday present from Jadine" she gave me a small wink

"That was more information than I needed but fine you win, I'll come!"

"Attagirl. Besides, I've heard a little rumour that Derek may have a touch of the Golden balls himself"

I snorted - my most attractive habit. "Enough, no more gold!"

"Take your own advice, Melly. I've gotta go, my mum's waiting in the car. She says to give her a call later and…" whatever she said was cut off as she went running out the door. I shook my head slightly and gave a small chuckle. Take my own advice? If only it was that easy. I'm sure Derek would be a great guy, everyone Abi had in mind for me was sweet and kind, but something always held me back. It was official, I was insane. I had put my entire life on pause, waiting for something and not even knowing what it was.

I grabbed my school bag and began shoving in my belongings. It was time to shake out of this. I was going to the party, I would flirt with Derek and I would stop looking for the eyes in the woods. In fact, some new window blinds were the first thing I would buy.

I scuffed my feet along the pavement as I walked home, lazily swinging my bag from hand to hand. I was a hopeless romantic, seeing the beauty everywhere, noticing things that many others would overlook. Something had me reflecting upon my life recently - I didn't know if it was because I was at a crossroad, now finished with school and ready to take the next step in my life or something else, but I was beginning to realise a lot of things that I had taken for granted. The children that always played in the park, their screams of joy and excitement. The elderly couple that always sat on their porch and had a drink together as they told each other about their day. The young couples squeezing in some time together before they returned to their busy jobs or hectic families.

I was caught up in my thoughts, paying no attention to my surroundings. I heard a car picked up speed behind me, beeping the horn over and over to gain my attention. Just as I turned round to acknowledge it, it drove straight through a puddle and covered me in muddy water! A laugh crackled through the air As I stood still, frantically wiping at my eyes and choking on God knows what. My anger simmered when I heard a familiar voice,

"Oh no! Looks like you're gonna need a bath in time for the party. Gotta look your best for Derek! Hurry home! See you at 7 Melly!"

"Abi you're a fucking prick!" I shouted back at her, hearing her dirty sounding laugh in response, giving middle finger out of the car window. She lived for things like this! Taking perverse enjoyment from other people's discomfort. I gritted my teeth and crossed my arms over my chest to disguise my see-through top.

I ran down my garden path, kicking open the front door, immediately hearing the voices of my parents coming from the kitchen. Any ordinary day I would go straight to them, bantering with my dad about the state of fashion these days, hugging my mum as she joined my side, reminding my dad of his handlebar moustache days. Whenever my mother was home she would have a cup of tea waiting for me and we would catch up on everything that had happened since we had last seen each other. Being a nurse in the Accident and Emergency department often meant we crossed paths, leaving as the other was arriving but we made time for each other whenever we could. Today though, I wanted to be alone and so I called out:

"Hiya mum, hiya dad, fab day, gotta bathe, see you soon!" And ran upstairs before I heard my dad's lighthearted complaints of mud being traipsed in the house or the state of the carpet with my wet shoes.

Stood in my bedroom I threw my bag and phone on the bed and began undressing, looking in the full-length mirror. I would never be skinny but I was fairly proud of my body and had a lot of confidence in it. I'd never had the height of Abi, standing at a measly 5ft4 but I had high, firm breasts, a slightly rounded stomach, rounded hips and shapely legs. I tried to work out but the chocolates and cake called to me, which was why I was a firm size 16-18 and 36EE tits. I shrugged and wandered into the en-suite to run a bath. I'd love to be tall and slim like my dad, but this was the body I was given and I was making the best of it. I had dabbled with a bit of modelling a few years ago, gaining confidence that had always escaped me. As is the same for many teenagers, high school wasn't easy- there had always been one nasty girl to remind me that my thighs were huge, my stomach too rounded, my ass jiggled when I walked. It would have been easy to remain in my baggy clothes to hide away from the relentless bullying but neither my mum nor Abi had allowed it. They had signed me up for the Miss Voluptuous contest, cheering louder than anyone else there as I strutted down the catwalk. Through the girls there I had learned how to accentuate my waist, to dress to flatter my figure. They showed me how to style my hair to frame my face, highlighting my cheekbones and eyes. They taught me to apply make-up and hold myself with pride and confidence. They assured me I didn't need the make-up to be pretty, complimented every feature I owned when I was bare-faced and natural, but they did teach me how to make my features stand out and be more prominent. Fast forward back to now and I was happier than I had ever been and many times people would comment on my confidence as the happiness radiated from me.

Realising I'd left my phone in the bedroom, I quickly grabbed the towel to wrap around my body and ran back to the bedroom. As soon as I entered the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my head swung round to the window, eyes wide, knowing exactly what I'd see. Two small flecks of gold, at the edge of the forest, watching me, waiting for me, wanting me. He was back. My earlier thought of forgetting all about him was lost to me, all I could focus on was the gaze that held mine so intently. I was in deeper trouble than I thought

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