My Alpha Lover

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Luke's POV

I sucked in my breath as I saw the light pool into the room. There she was. As fucking beautiful as ever, the towel doing little to disguise her tanned body. Fuck she was sexy and she didn't even have to try. As. Alpha, I was surrounded by many beautiful women but something about then woman in front of me appealed to me on a primal level. She was special, important. I just didn't know how or why when she wasn't a werewolf. It was basically unheard of.

I needed to stay away from her, I had tried to stay away from her. I knew I would be leaving soon for Alpha Mating Season. I was 30 and without a mate. Alphas the world over had been inviting me to visit, to inspect their "lands" to look over their "warriors", when we all knew it was with the hopes that their daughter would be my mate, I would be inspecting the females, looking over the she-wolves. An alliance with my pack was a huge deal to the smaller packs, it would offer my protection and deter others from attacking.

My pack is the Bridgewater Pack, feared and respected across Europe. Ever since my parents were ruthlessly murdered I had trained relentlessly. Every day I was either training or fighting. I had heard the snickers about me, I was too young, too small, too weak to ever lead a strong pack. I took their lashings and their disrespect and proved them all wrong. Every single fucking wolf who had doubted me were challenged and put in their place. The Alpha who had ordered my parents death was captured, tortured and killed. His hide was hung on my wall, his skull speared onto the welcome gates at the front of the pack, a reminder to anyone who wanted to doubt me and my abilities. To remind them who the fuck I was - Alpha Luke, the strongest, toughest Alpha in all of Europe. I destroyed anything in my path and took what I wanted. Lands, females, power. It was mine with the click of a finger. I relished in the fear that swept through the crowds when my name was whispered. It was a title I had worked hard to achieve and one I had no intention of giving up. I knew the job came with responsibilities, one of them being to find my mate and produce the next heir, to keep my pack strong.

So why was I stood there, staring up into the second story bedroom, watching this slip of a human? Why couldn't I get her out of my head? She wasn't my mate - no human had been mated to a werewolf in over a century, we all assumed the Moon Goddess had given up on her quest to have humans and werewolves live harmoniously. Ever since the night she single-handedly slaughtered packs and ordered us to withdraw from human life. Yet I couldn't pull away from the blonde in front of me. Something about her called to my wolf. I could feel him pushing to the surface, turning my eyes golden, lengthening my canines, demanding to be let out. Her body looked soft and inviting beneath that towel. I was used to athletic she-wolves, with strong, hard bodies. They were very sexy in their own way, their toned legs wrapped around my waist was an amazing feeling, but they never called to me as her curves did. I craved those curves. I lay awake at night, fist clenched around my cock, pumping up and down as I imagined those curves in my hands, the roundness of those hips pressed into mine, her plump tits rubbing against my chest, my cock pushed between them.

My skin tingles with that familiar feeling I got whenever I was close to her, every nerve ending in tune with her and exactly what she was doing.

This was torture, I wanted her with a force that shook me. It was beyond dangerous and I needed to leave. I was about to turn away, to run in the opposite direction before my wolf raced up there and took her, consequences be damned, when she snapped her head around and looked straight at me. Shit.

Melissa POV

My breath caught in my throat as my eyes connected with his. The dying sunlight was illuminating his face for once and I finally saw him. Jesus! He looked as though he had been crafted from the Gods.

He stood shirtless, golden muscles gleaming, arms crossed over his chest. His jeans were unbuttoned and hung low on his hips, giving me full access to his upper body and boy did I look! He was covered in tattoos, small flowers making their way down the inside of his biceps. He was cleanly shaven apart from a small trail of hair that began at his belly button, thickening as it disappeared under the waistband of his jeans. I swallowed hard. As he stood there, barefoot with his legs crossed, leaning against the tree I just knew, beyond any doubt, that he could see me as clear as I could see him. Despite me having the advantage of being on the upper floor I could see his eyes rake down my body and I swore I heard a growl emerge from him, a smirk appearing on his gorgeous face. My god that sound was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. I held the towel to my chest tightly and moved closer to the window, watching him watch me. My breath caught in my throat when he uncrossed his legs and pushed himself off of the tree and I noticed the very big bulge at the front of his jeans. I squeezed my thighs together, desperate to relieve some of the tension. I knew if I pushed a hand up my towel I would feel how wet my pussy was. What was happening to me? Why did this man affect me so much?

I knew I had crossed a moment of no return. It had been a bit easier to pretend I could forget him when he was a faceless pair of eyes, but now he was here in all his glory and I was lost forever. There would no forgetting the lust written on his face, the burning desire in his eyes, the way he couldn't tear his gaze from me, as though I held him as captivated as he held me.

Before I knew what I was doing, my hands moved seemingly of their own violation and pulled the folds of the towel apart, letting it drop to the floor beneath me. My pussy clenched as I heard that growl again. I had no idea what to think, all I knew was I loved this small display of power I had over him. To think that this insanely handsome man was held entranced by my body had my self-esteem soaring, relishing in his helplessness when it came to my naked body.

Not stopping to think in case I lost all confidence I ran my hands up my body, arching my back as I grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples. He took a step towards my house and I giggled as I heard him curse. I turned around and bent far down to retrieve my towel. I wiggled my hips slightly, letting him have the complete show, making sure he saw everything, my rounded ass up in the air, the folds of my pussy glistening with my wetness. Then just as soon as it started, it was over. I straightened up, wrapped the towel around my body and with a confidence I had never felt before, I sashayed back into the bathroom, my hips swinging from side to side, closing the door firmly behind me.

I heard a roar coming from the woods and tried to look out of the frosted glass of the bathroom window, thinking I caught a flash of dark fur as it flew past but I didn't see my mysterious stranger.

I sank down on to the side of the bath and pressed a hand to my chest. What the fuck did you just do Melissa?! I was 18, I had lost my virginity a few years ago, I wasn't new to the whole seduction game but never before had I used my body in such a way. Never before had I made such an exhibition out of being sexy, and showing off every curve I owned! Much less with a guy who's the name I didn't even know! My heart beat wildly and my breath came thick and fast.

What must he think of me now? The next time he returned, surely he was going to want more? As much as I would love to have his naked body laying over mine, I wanted more. I wanted all of him! I needed to connect with him emotionally, physically, sexually and that frightened me even more. Did soulmates exist? Because I couldn't imagine feeling this way about anyone else. It made a mockery of everything else I had felt before and yet, this was only the beginning - I hoped.

I was going to go to the party and then I'd be waiting. Tonight I was going to find out what it was about him that screamed out to me. With my resolve set, I sank down onto the bath, letting the bubbles ease the tension in my body as I began to fantasize about the evening ahead

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