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After literally destroying the place David and I called it a draw. There was no way in hell would we be able to decipher a clear winner. We just finished cleaning up with the help of Mrs. Vance and her visiting son, Graham. “Bye Mrs. Vance thanks for all your help, you too Graham.” I told them.

“You’re welcome.” She said.

“No problem.” Graham replied as he jogged downstairs. I closed the door and turned around. I jumped when I saw Dave standing directly behind me, pointing his phone at me.

“Dave move back, how the hell do you expect me to see!” Yelled a high pitched voice that could only belong to Tanya, Dave’s younger sister. I haven’t heard from her since the wedding—fuck she’s going to curse me out...I can feel it. “Ah! Who the hell is that?” She exclaimed, when Dave took a few steps back.

“Don’t you recognize that lanky body, with a massive head and glasses?”

“Damian!” She screamed.

“That’s right.” Dave said, grinning.

“Ew, what happened to you!”


“This is what happens when you marry young.” Dave cuts me off. I shot him daggers at him. He laughed. “I’m joking, little man got his heart ripped out of his chest and fried on a skillet.”

“Yikes, how many times is that woman going to cheat on you? Then women wonder why there isn’t any good men left—because women like that whore snatches them up and fuck them up....then again men do it too—I mean look who my brother is—“

“Hey! I can hear you!” Dave protested.

“You think I care?” She hissed. “Anyway, him over.” She hang up immediately after. Dave shook his head, grumbling under his breath.


We got to Tanya’s salon in Midtown a half hour later. As soon as I walked through the door, she jumped on me. “Finally.” She said, hugging my neck. I smiled hugging her back.

“Ou, is that your boyfriend?” A woman at the sinks teased. Tanya pulled away glaring at her before turning to smile at me. Those seductive brown eyes made my knee weak, they get me every time. She ran her delicate fingers though my hair, her eyes roaming my face. Her small mouth pressed into a line.

“Who’s been cutting your hair?” She asked, softly.

“Lynette.” I replied, bitterly.

“No wonder. Ok, put me down.” She said. I helped her down, then she grabbed my hand and pulled me to a chair.

“You have your work cut out for you, sis.” Dave said, taking a seat and kicking his feet up on a black ottoman.

“Yup. You know I love a challenge.” She said. Dave chuckled, mumbling something under his breath. Immediately after I sat down, three women stood in front of me. “Damian this is Lucy, Malory and Danielle. Lucy will be giving you a mani pedi, Malory will be giving you a facial and Danielle will be ripping most of the hair on your body. Latoya is out getting your some new clothes and finally, I’ll will be dealing with this messy you call hair.” She said, turning me away from the mirror.

I glanced over at Dave, who was flirty with a blonde that was cleaning up from her client’s hair cut. Suddenly, a bottle was thrown and hit him upside the head. “Ow!”

“You know the rules!” Tanya hissed. “Leave my girls alone or get the hell out!”

“Fine!” He said, sitting down. I laughed. He glared at me, which only made me laugh harder.


I’m in the break room, unable to recognize the man staring back at me in the mirror. The man had my pure hazel eyes, long straight nose, strong jawline, and weirdly plump lips. My wavy, dark hair is styled long at top and short at the bottom and gelled. You know that fuck boy energy? As Tanya puts it. My hair has a lot of volume and almost looked effortless. Almost. My beard actually looked nice, Tanya brought over a barber from across the street. Danielle waxed my back, chest and....privates. They still stings a little. Latoya brought back a car full of clothes that I have no clue where I’d wear them. But I did like what she dressed me in.

A white button down, dark slack and dark Italian leather loafer. This is me now. The man who'll never feel the warmth of his wife again. Tears burning my eyes. I wiped away a tear that escape and sniffed. I'm not that soft man that would put his wife first anymore. I am Damian Meyer..... soon to be a divorced man, who’s going to live his life to the fullest. Fuck this soft shit

“What do you think?” Tanya asked. I turned at looked her. She sat on the leather couch with a hopeful look on her face.

“Yeah, it’s a lot to get use to but I do....thank you.” I said. She smiled, getting up. She walked in front of me then pulled me to her by my collar. She pressed her lips as mine, I stood there in shock. She pulled away and cupped my face.

“I wanted to do that since elementary school.” She said, softly. I just stared, trying to process this. My eyes roamed her pretty face. Unsure wish to say, searching deep with in myself trying to find any chance that I had romantic feelings for her. “Don’t read too much into—I’m not looking to be your rebound or anything. I just wanted to know....what kissing you is like.”

I stared at her. Good because if there was a chance that I do have feelings for you, want to to jump in without a wavering thought. “Then try again.” I told her. Slowly, she leaned in a kissed me, I pulled her closer and she pulled away immediately.

“Please don’t let another woman treat you the way Lynette did.”

“I won’t.” I replied. With that said she took a step back then left.

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