Damn Daddy Vol.I

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Ever dreamed of sleeping with your neighbor? Ever wondered how big is your stepdad's dick? Could you really fuck that fine boss of yours for a promotion? Everyone has an erotic tale they wish they could fulfill. What is your deepest fantasy? Read along and discover yours. Enjoy this collection of heated sex tales and freaky homosexual encounters. Each story filled with hot erotic flavor that is sure to dazzle your thoughts and bring out your inner freak. Lose yourself in the many envisions of tongue kissing, dick riding, and powerful orgasms tales. Whether it's a frot session with a dear friend or a threesome with a father and son. Time to bust out your favorite toy or read along with your lover and climax to some steamy erotica that is sure to get you hard. Just remember...don't forget to wear a condom.

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I - The Interview

"Ok baby, I got to go I have one more interview and they are wanting. And yes I will stop by the store to grab the wine for the new years party. Ok, now I got to go love you bye." I said rushing her off the phone.

Finally, my wife was already running wild because I was gonna be a bit late arriving. This New Year's Eve party has been the only thing she has been talking about since thanksgiving. Taking a deep breath and exhaling it. I checked the time on the computer and saw it was fine for the last interview. In that same moment in walked the last position seeker.

The interview lasted about forty five minutes and I was shaking his hand and wishing him good luck. For that brief moment I couldn't help but notice how firm his grip was and the confidence in his speech as if he knew the jobs was his. It was a bit odd but I felt amazed at his demeanor and it was seemingly attractive. Not sure of why I was thinking is that way I shook my head and escorted the gentleman to the door showing him out of the meeting room. Heading back over to my office I had some last minute stuff to log and file before heading home to enjoy my family and bring in the new year.

My eyes were glued to the computer screen as I clicked on the last document to file from my email. It's on a recent case Swanson decided to take on. Opening it up just to go over briefly what the case was about, I was interrupted by a knock at my door. Taking a glance at the time it was going on eight that evening. Then the knocked happened again, wondering who would be knocking at my office door I walked over and opened up to see it was the guy who I had last interviewed.

"Yes...can I help you with something?" I asked puzzled to why he was standing at my door.

"Yes the man downstairs in the lobby told me I could come see if you can let me in to your room to get my phone. I'm sorry it's late but I didn't realize I didn't have it until I was sitting at the train station and right now I can't afford a new one." He said calmly.

My eyebrows raised a little as I instantly grew annoyed but yet in the same moment I was happy I saw him again.

"Well have a seat and I'll go take a look and see if I can located your device."

I said to him letting him into my office to sit down. As he sat I made my way to the meeting room and found his phone was in the seat next to the spot he sat. Returning back to my office I walked in on him behind my desk admiring my accolades.

"I think this belongs to you." I said startling him. He quickly turned around and laughed a bit. Walking over I handed him he belongs.

"Ok well mister...."

"Francis...Francis Romero."

"Yes...well mr. Romero you have your phone and again good luck on getting the position and____."

I was cut short by Francis pulling me into him and attacking me with his lips.

Giving me a wild and out of the blue kiss. He held on my face as he shot his tongue into my mouth. I was in shock but yet my tongue was welcoming to his. My hand gripping his bicep and the other on his face.

"Woah...woah wait what are you doing?" I asked pulling back withdrawing my lips from his.

"Are you out of your mind? Why would you kiss me? I don't ____."

"I saw the way you was looking at me. You was looking me up. And down the whole time you was doing my interview." Francis said as he bit on his bottom lip.

"Ok that doesn't mean you have ____."

"You was turned on by me."

"I'm not into men I have a beautiful wife and kids at home." I said.

"Ok, so why you were kissing me back."

"I wasn't I was____."

"Into it...your curious in what it is like with a man."

Francis said stepping towards me. I was stumbling over my words and he knew it. It's was like I was an open book and he was reading me page from page. I never been into men, yet during the interview I was attracted to him. Getting in my face, he rubbed his hand up my arm giving me goosebumps.

"Ok sir you really need to leave now." I said pushing him back.

"Do you really want me to? Or do you want to bring in the new year with a good nut." He said as he sucked on my ring finger removing my ring.

Taking my ring from his mouth he slipped it in my shirt pocket and gave me a peak on my lips.

"Let's keep this right here for safe keeping." He said and locked his lips with mine.

My efforts to fight him off were becoming less and less and I was giving in more to his effect on me. Hugging on to me we made out like lovers allowing our tongues to wrestle and body to create friction.

Grinding against each other, I could feel our bulges becoming aquatinted with one another. I was getting harder by the second the more he brushed his print against mine. Undoing my shirt he spun us around and pushed me against my desk. Locking my office door Francis walked over and undid my belt and pants allowing them fall to the floor.

"Francis we can't do this. I have a family your are an attractive male but____."

"Ssshhhh....lets not waste anymore time. Just enjoy it." He said as he dropped to his knees and I felt the warmth of his mouth on my growing erection.

Never in my life would I find myself in a situation where I was letting a man suck on my penis. The feeling was alarming and amazing all at the same time. I held on to his head as I watch him swallow most of my eight inches of pleasure. Every now and then he would look up at me and suck a little faster. That would cause me to buckle and lean more on to my desk.

"Oh fuck..." I spoke out in a moan.

Francis was nothing but pleasurable and it made me want to explore other things with him. As I held on to his head I thrusted into his mouth. Feeling the tip of my dick hitting the back of his throat drove me to molest his throat. Shoving my dick in more I began to choke him as I fucked his mouth. I could feel the drool from him gagging and choking running and dripping from my nuts.

"Dammit, your mouth feels so good." I said while I continue to fuck his sloppy wet mouth.

Francis mouth was so good that I was starting to compare him to my wife. She was never as this good. Most of the times she wouldn't even want to give me head. She felt like it was degrading and hoeing. Yet, Francis made me feel like it was the best feeling in the world.

"Fuck! Come here." I said snatching him up on his feet.

Like an animal in heat I was tearing away his clothing. Stripping us both down to nothing but our dress socks I turned him around and bent him over my grand desk. Patting my dick on his exposed rear I poked at his hole with my tip. Spitting into my hand I rubbed it on my dick and proceed to enter in Francis. He was squeezing on my penis. He seem tight yet not as tight. I could only imagine that he wasn't new to having sex with men.

"Take your time..." he reaching back rubbing my chest.

After a little tease play with him, I finally got my tip in. There rest following with ease, I slowly grind in him as my penis got use to the new territory. I leaned down kissing his shoulder. Moaning out into his ear as I felt him squeezing more on my inches.

"Oh my god...your so big." Francis moaned.

"Take it...take me baby."

I moaned more as my grinds slowly began to work on his hole. In and out I rotated my hips causing Francis to react in pleasure. Grabbing on to his waist I started my journey to destroy his insides. Throwing my dick up in him, I was working him out.

The desk was moving and our feet were sliding from wearing our socks. I was drilling into his guts I droves my dick deep in him.

"Ah! Yes give it to me." Francis moaned to me reaching back grabbing on to my thigh.

Jab after jab I gave, looking down I saw that my dick was being rewarded with his creamy goodness. Grasping his shoulders I drove myself deeper as if I was trying to get him pregnant. I couldn't believe how incredible he felt on my dick. The satisfying feeling was giving me and rush and I was loving every bit of it.

"You feel so good...come ride my dick ." I said pulling out.

I sat down in my chair and pulled him on top of me and without wasting any time Francis slid me back I him and started bouncing on my large friend.

"Oh yes baby...bounce on my dick ."

"Mm yes, fuck me harder." Francis said.

Turned on more I gripped his hips and bounced him faster. Up and down he went, moving like he was on a pogo stick Francis moans slowly turned into shrieks of ecstasy. The more he moaned the more I jolted in him like a bolt of lightning.

Throwing my head back my eyes would roll from the satisfaction of how good his hole felt on my penis. Francis leaned over and held on his knees as he threw his ass back on my dick.

"Ah! Oh god I'm about to cum!" I shouted out grasping his ass and squeezing on it.

"Yes...I'm about to cum too!" Francis moaned out as his strokes on his own penis.

Jacking himself faster while he danced on my dick I was growing closer to climax inside him.

"Oh FUCK AHH!" I hollered out.

Grabbing and holding him in place I shot my load in him. Weeping out, Francis announced he was releasing as well and began to shoot his load out on to the floor. We both groaned and painted as we climax at the same time. Wrapping my arms around him I held on to him trying to catch my breath.

"That was amazing...I would have never thought I would have sex with another man." I said leaning back in my chair.

After gathering himself, Francis stood up to his feet with uttering a word to me and started to get dress.

"You ok...was it good? Did you like it?"

I asked becoming confused on why he suddenly grew quiet.

"No it was good...very good." He said as he fixed his clothes.

Then he walked over to my desk and picked up his phone that was sitting in an awkward position.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine....so I will see you for my first day at work right?" Francis said to me with an smile.

"Well that's not my call____."

"I think you know who is fit for the position. You have good judgment and I know you will make the right decision." Francis spoke cutting me off holding up his phone to me.

"So yea see you on my first day and yea...Happy New Year." He said as he walked out the door with a smile.

I sat there for a moment, still confused on what Francis was getting at. A minute later I had checked my watch and notice I was late getting home. Rushing to get my clothes on I got dressed and left out the office. Making to the parking garage to my car I was super late until it finally hit me what Francis was talking about.

"FUCK!!!" I shouted out.

Finally realizing what had just conspired, Francis had recorded us having sex. It was all a setup to make sure he got the job. And like a moth to a flame, I felled for his trick. Dammit, I felt really stupid. I was now being blackmailed for a job. What a way to bring in the New Year.

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