The Lion, the Witch, and the Woodsman, No. 2

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Chapter 7 If You've Seen One Orgy, Pt. 2

Temple felt as if she was levitating just above the blankets. She felt weightless. Her body quivered and pulsed with relentless ripples of electrical aftershocks in the wake of her first Euterpian orgy. A cool trickle of her own pleasure mingled with the wolf man’s creamy cum. It tickled the skin of her inner thigh as it trickled a dribbling trail wherever gravity was taking it. Her pussy still ached with desire. Her breasts were swollen and inflamed. She wanted to be devoured by the two strangers in bed with her.

The cobweb clad witch took Temple’s head in her lap. She bent forward to tease Temple’s lips with her tongue. Reaching up, Temple ran her hands through the woman’s red hair. Temple drew her down for a deep, slow kiss normally reserved for long-separated lovers. It felt familiar to Temple, as if it had happened hundreds of times before. She recognized the smooth curve of the woman’s palate, the pointed ridge of her pearly teeth, the soft, supple velvet of her tongue.

Temple was consumed with desire. She abandoned the woman’s welcoming mouth to greedily taste the skin of her milk white breasts. The woman reciprocated, fondling Temple’s pert nipples with her flickering forked tongue. She took one in her mouth, rolling the tender rose hip between her teeth. Temple gasped and reached between her legs to give relief to her throbbing love thistle.

Her frenzy was doubled when she felt the chain mail of the soldier’s gloves bite into the flesh of her hips. He lifted her to get a better view of her unprotected province, and Temple trembled in the shadow cast by his silvery codpiece. She waited breathlessly for his attack even as her breasts were under siege by the witch. Her pussy was wet and aching.

At last, he stormed her dewy delta, burying his thick, metallic erection into her depths. Temple gasped and bucked. The enchanted staff had tapped the source of her sorcery in one strategic stroke. She wrapped her legs around the soldier to hold him in place so she could grind against the stiff cudgel. Instinctively, she swiveled her hips, stirring the cauldron of orgasmic energy brewing in her belly. She pulled greedily at the woman’s thighs, drawing her down to taste her secret elixir. Their three bodies formed a pornographic pyramid that had begun to generate a lavender mist of rippling orgasmic energy.

Temple ran the tip of her tongue along the woman’s labia, thrilling at the little convulsions she created there. She teased her pink pearl with a light fluttering massage before pressing it gently between her lips. The woman whimpered and called Temple’s name, inflaming her fever. She gripped the woman’s thighs and pulled her down, devouring the glistening juices that had begun to drip from her ripe peach.

The soldier was no longer satisfied to submit to Temple’s writhing and wriggling. He began to thrust his rod into her wet cunt, rhythmically striking the source of her sorcery, battering at the door of her inner sanctum. He thrust once more, and Temple’s orgasm shook her entire body, sending her soul flying through the chimney of Baba Yaga’s upstairs loft. The woman arched and cried out. Her elixir bathed Temple’s chin as the three were swept up in a cosmic orgasm that caused the entire crossroads to relocate to another point in space-time, although Temple couldn’t possibly know that at the time.

The maelstrom of volatile orgasmic energy lifted them from the bed in defiance of the laws of gravity. And then the shimmering energy peaked, subsided, and dropped them back onto the downy, disheveled blankets where they landed in a heap. The mysterious woman lay with her hair cascading over Temple’s breasts, and Temple could feel the soldier’s chain mail pressed into her thigh. She fell asleep that way, completely spent.

When she woke, the woman and the soldier were gone, but the wolfish man was curled in a ball at the foot of the bed. Feeling Temple stir, he nipped at her toes playfully. She was surprised to feel herself become aroused again, but the man’s brown eyes were tender and yearning, and his swelling monsters were already prowling closer as he sniffed his way up her body.

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