The Boots at the Center of the Universe

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Chapter 7 Feargus Fucks Himself

“On your knees, Fido,” Annie said with a wicked laugh.

Not for the first time that day, Feargus felt afraid, but he submitted to Rough Annie’s demand. He crouched on the flagstones with his furry fanny in the air and his fingers vainly grappling to get a grip on the ultrasupple moss.

Gentle Ginger watched from the front door. Like her sister, she had been rejuvenated. Feargus assumed there was a causal connection between the sisters’ renewed youth, Bruce’s bifurcation, and all the other strange phenomena. He took cold comfort in the knowledge that fucking himself wasn’t even the weirdest thing about the day.

His reverie was interrupted by the soft prodding of the beast at his back door. His hairy halo tightened reflexively, sending a shiver through Feargus’ body that stiffened his nipples and lifted the hair on the back of his neck. Annie coated his nether cleft with moonshine and massaged the tender inner meat of his rump. Feargus’ two intact cocks thickened and throbbed in anticipation.

The witch probed his back country with the swollen head, and the perimeter of Feargus’ dark passage exploded with sparks of orgasmic energy. The beast slid past his defenses and expanded his boundaries. He howled as his rosy ring tightened like a vice, and the beast responded with a jolt that stirred wildfires throughout Feargus’ body. A tantalizing torment clutched his bag of tricks as moonshine backed up in his still. He’d forgotten his fears. He only wanted this belligerent witch to fuck him.

Annie sank the shaft as far as it would go, slamming into the source of Feargus’ sorcery with the force of a battering ram. A tidal wave of heat and electricity thundered through his body as Annie cried out wildly and thrust the cudgel deeper still. His gut twisted, his cocks surged, and moonshine erupted from one of the stills. It spilled out on the ground, and Feargus whimpered with relief, but Annie wasn’t through with him.

She pulled the shaft out again so that Feargus could only feel the pinpoint pulse of the quivering tip teasing his tight, dark ring. He writhed and wriggled in anticipation. He wanted Rough Annie to ravage him like a hundred year storm, fuck him the way he had fucked Temple earlier that day.

But he had made Temple wait, hadn’t he? And now Annie was turning the tides on him. Feargus had thrilled to hear Temple’s desperate panting, her pleas for more, and now he was panting and pleading for Annie to fuck him with his own large cock. It throbbed inside him, and he tensed with excitement as Temple had, aching to be buggered as Temple had ached earlier.

For once, Rough Annie chose not to live up to her name. She tenderly stroked his spine with her warm hand, sending shivers across his skin and relaxing his muscles. Just as he felt the tensions fade beneath her fingertips, the wicked witch changed tactics. She clutched his cock, stroking and squeezing the shaft, stirring up another batch of moonshine. His mojo bag filled and ached, and his shaft stiffened and shuddered.

At last, he felt Annie give into the urge to overpower him. Her fingernails dug into his hips, and she began to pump the throbbing rod deep into his rosy ring. He moaned as the surging shaft skewered him. Rough Annie was frenzied now, pummeling his rump with the slick spear, and Feargus howled savagely with each mad rap against his inner walls.

He felt her beast convulse the way that it had convulsed inside of Temple when he finally came, and that memory combined with the sensation of Annie’s hot moonshine pouring into his dark cavern was too much. His cock convulsed, and his body crackled and sizzled as cum coursed through his shaft and spilled out onto the flagstone.

Annie’s beast was depleted, and he felt it soften and slip from its hiding place, dripping more moonshine to mingle with Feargus’ mess. Exhaustion overcame him, and he collapsed into a deep, immediate slumber.

He woke in the same spot only a few moments later, feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, but the guilty look on Rough Annie’s face deflated him. Though he didn’t feel different, he knew that he was. Where once there had been a three-headed beast, now there was only one—specifically, the one Annie had just used to fuck him. He’d know it anywhere.

Rough Annie was stroking her new, new cock, which was roosting in the nest of her dark nether curls and appeared quite at home there. He hadn’t gotten his wayward beast back. They’d only swapped.

“Annie,” he said, trying not to lose his cool. “I’m down to one cock. That’s two fewer than I arrived with and one fewer than Double Barrel Daryl.”

“But you did get that one back, didn’t you? Just like I said. I was right about that after all. Only, I must not have calculated something into the equation.”

He inhaled deeply and counted to ten before replying.

“Yes, Annie. You were right insofar as I did get this, specific cock back, but you took my other cock, and apparently, one has gone completely AWOL.”

“It’s a mystery, mongrel, to be certain,” she said, still fondling her new pet absent-mindedly. “I’ll need to spend some time in my lab—thinking. For now, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave this one here with me to study.”

“My cock?” he said. “Leave my cock here with you? To study?”

Feargus doubted she’d be studying anything based on her recent behavior. More likely she’d go fuck everything in the forest with his roving poker. What’s more, he was beginning to think the horny hag was right about her own transformation. Rough Annie’s long-awaited orgasm may have come at a cost to the crone’s renowned cleverness. She seemed much more interested in coddling her new cock than figuring out how to return it to its rightful owner.

“Don’t worry, Furry. I’ll take care of it. You can take it to the bank. Trust me. I’ll have your three-headed beast back where it should be by Famous Lucia’s Festive Fur Ball, mark my word,” she said, massaging the sensitive shaft and sighing.

Feargus huffed, but it would have to do.

His eyes fell on the delivery bag Annie had kicked aside earlier, and he realized he was even further behind on his deliveries than he had been when he still had three dicks. He’d probably shed a few minutes from his travel time with his newly streamlined physique. At least there was that.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ve got to make these deliveries anyway. Maybe I’ll manage to get them all where they’re meant to be on time with fewer dicks around to distract me.”

Before he could dress and throw the sack over his shoulder, however, the Greater Bruceling buzzed him. “Hey, buddy! Looks like you’re all healed, huh?”

“Not exactly. No,” Feargus said with a snarl.

“Well, you look great, pal. Those pants fit better than they did earlier, that’s for sure. Not nearly so lumpy down there if you know what I mean.”

Feargus growled and swatted at the Bruceling as he waved farewell to Annie, who was indifferent to the entire scene. Her attention was completely absorbed in getting a feel for her new fucker.

“Looks like you’re on an adventure, huh, Furry? A nice long walk in the woods. Y’know, I was on just such a walk myself when _this_ happened,” he said, sweeping his hands over his hefty man-baby body with obvious pride.

Feargus sighed, resigning himself to a day that had committed to getting weirder by the minute.

“Say, Man-Baby Bruce—”

“Just call me Bruce.”

“Okay, Bruce. Don’t you have some other baby-men to tell this story to?”

“Other Bruces, you mean.”

“Sure. Don’t you have some other Bruces to tell this story to?”

“Well, duh. They already know the story,” Bruce said with a guffaw. “Anyway, they’re mostly a bunch of assholes. I’d rather hang out with my old pal Furry Feargus.”

“Just Feargus, okay?”

“Yup. Just me an my old buddy Furry Feargus. I guess I’m the part of Bruce that likes you, Furry.”

“Lucky me.”

Feargus gave up. Maybe it would be good to have a distraction to take his mind off his missing member. He pinched the cherubim’s cheek and ruffled his hair affectionately.

“Watch it, fur ball,” the baby-man said. “I’m definitely the part of Bruce that isn’t into dudes, amigo.”

“I wasn’t—” Feargus protested.

But the Bruceling had already moved on. “Now, are you ready for that orgy story?”

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