The Boots at the Center of the Universe

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Chapter 8 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Tallywhacker

Temple Mews, the Earth human from outer space, woke after a long, deep sleep in the large bed in the loft of Baba Yaga’s Tavern at the Crossroads. Feargus the wolf man was long gone. The table in front of the fireplace and the empty soup bowls had been replaced with a large half-barrel tub filled with steaming water.

She congratulated herself as she dragged her body from the sumptuous bed. It showed a stalwart nature. Temple was certain that the pillows were ensorcelled shams stuffed with magic goose feathers, and the sensual snuggle she’d shared with the duvet was far more comforting than the cuddles she shared with Gerald back on Earth.


Temple grimaced. She’d nearly forgotten about her boyfriend back home.

The scent of valerian and lavender snaked out of the cask and wrapped itself around her naked body. Temple allowed the insistent mist to lead her on, and she’d already lost her train of thought by the time she slid into the warm bathwater.

She sat silently, allowing the liquid to lap against her nipples. The sensation called to mind the thing in the spring near Bruce’s cabin in the woods, the fluid seducer who had invaded her body and nearly dragged her to her death. She’d almost forgotten. So much had happened. The thought evaporated as quickly as it formed, whisked away by the microscopic molecules that made up the steam rising from the bathwater.

Temple cupped her wet breasts. They were soft and slick with whatever potion Barbra the buxom barmaid had poured into the water. She let a hand drift over her wet belly and between her legs, and a tremulous tremor ran through her. She shuddered and moaned. Her head dropped against the aged wood planks of the half-barrel as she fondled her love bud with a teasing finger. Her hips stirred in aching circles, and her pussy pulsed.

She could feel her temperature rising, possibly to dangerous levels, but she couldn’t stop herself. She was overcome with lust again. Her body ached. Her cunt quivered. She wished she hadn’t been so completely abandoned by her companions.

As if on command, a familiar voice whispered near her ear, “Would you care for company, Temple?”

It was the mysterious woman from the orgy. Had she been there all along? Had the woman watched her fuck Feargus? Temple knew an invisible woman couldn’t be ruled out given the environs. She wasn’t embarrassed either. In fact, she found the idea of the woman spying on her as she mounted the wolf man’s trident titillating.

The water rippled and rolled as the invisible woman slid into the tub. Temple felt long legs wrap around her waist. Water slicked breasts pressed against hers, and an invisible tongue slid into her mouth. Temple’s lips tingled, and her nipples stiffened as they rubbed against their invisible sisters.

“You’re almost there,” the woman whispered in her ear. “Let go.”

“Almost where?” Temple moaned as the forked tongue caressed her earlobe. “Let go of what?”

“Everywhere,” she replied. “Everything.”

Temple didn’t know what the woman meant, but she knew she wasn’t ready to let go of everything yet. She coiled her arms around the invisible woman and pulled her into a slow kiss, luxuriating in the feel of the forked tongue exploring her mouth. She bit the woman’s bottom lip and kissed her cheek, her jawline, the thin, warm, tender skin of her neck.

“Let me see you,” Temple whispered.

The woman materialized, and her flaming hair fell over her shoulders and sizzled in the water. Temple caught it in her hand and wrapped the luminous locks around her fingers. She was holding fire, but it didn’t burn nearly as hot as her hunger for the woman.

And then a strange thing happened—strange even by her rapidly changing expectations of strange.

The tantalizing tingle of desire that had been concentrated in the tip of Temple’s clit elongated upward and outward, and the woman in her lap cried out in surprise. Apropos of nothing, Temple found herself in possession of a man’s meaty member. The prick protruded with a certain puckish pride from her pelvis, and Temple had inadvertently skewered the woman on it.

The woman’s dripping insides shivered, and the sensation passed through the thin skin of Temple’s new appendage, sending a wave of thrilling heat from her center to every extremity of her tensed body. She groaned and grabbed the woman by the waist, pulling her down farther onto the shaft to delve deeper into her depths. The woman’s tense love tunnel constricted and coated the cock in molten moisture. Temple couldn’t tell where she ended and the woman began.

The beast between Temple’s legs was ravenous, and it urged its new owner to ravage the woman’s quivering quim. Temple complied. She lifted the woman up so that her pulsing passage grazed every inch of the lengthening lightning rod. She rammed the woman down on the shaft, pumping and gyrating her hips to better beat out the quickening tempo of her desire.

The swelling, pounding prick struck the woman’s nexus of pleasure and released her orgasmic energy in an electric jolt. Rapture passed through Temple’s tallywhacker. The maddened beast convulsed, throwing Temple’s soul from its seat at the center of her body, and thick, salty semen surged through the vein of the cock, filling the woman up. Temple shook and shivered as the hot liquid coursed though her, leaving her empty and exhausted.

She luxuriated in the languorous sensation that settled over her when the sedated beast finally shrunk and slid out of its slippery sleeve. The woman leaned against her, similarly spent. Temple caressed her body, sweeping down her spine to explore the sleek breach between her cheeks. She teased the woman’s rosy ring with the tip of her finger, and then another strange thing happened. Temple felt the cock stirring once more, but this time, she was on the receiving end of its playful poke.

She felt the shaft stiffen and prod the skin of her stomach. She pushed the woman back to assess the situation. Sure enough, there was the mighty half-mast, but it had migrated to the woman’s midsection now.

“Just when I think I’ve seen it all,” she wondered aloud.

“Indeed,” the woman said, marveling at her new, purple protuberance. “This cock looks familiar though, don’t you think?”

Temple studied it carefully. “It does. It looks like one of Feargus’. Is that possible?” she asked.

“Welcome to Euterpe, Temple. Anything is possible here,” the woman said, stroking the shaft and eyeing Temple lasciviously.

“I feel awkward asking this—” Temple began.

“Go on.”

“It’s just we’re well past formalities.”

“Truer words were never spoken.”

“Well, you know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

The woman smiled mischievously. “Of course you do. Your old pal Bruce told you all about me.”

Temple gasped. “Eamarru? But how? Bruce said you self-immolated! Oh!” she said, anxious for a moment. “You’re not a wicked witch, are you? I got the impression—”

“Oh, honey,” Eamarru said with a chuckle. “I’ve done a lot more in my life than self-immolate, and ‘wicked witch’ is such an ugly phrase. Aren’t we all a little wicked? Would it be any fun if we weren’t?”

Temple considered the witch’s words and then considered the throbbing cock. Her desire for the traveling tallywhacker outweighed any concerns she might have about Eamarru’s intentions, and Eamarru seemed perfectly happy to take advantage of her advantage.

“Temple, dear, I can tell you all about it later, but for now, I’ve got Furry’s raging fucker, and I’d like to fuck you with it. What say you?”

Temple was only too happy to oblige. She switched positions with the self-immolating, cock-wielding witch and sank down on the wayward prong of Furry’s pitchfork. Eamarru howled with pleasure as Temple took the pulsating prick to its hilt. The rod throbbed inside of her, and the witch cried out with pleasure.

Temple used the tub’s wooden sidewalls to leverage herself and bounced up and down on the slippery shaft, relishing the stabbing rapture of the prong pummeling her cunt. Her breasts bobbed with each attack, and Eamarru pulled her close to sink her teeth into one of the buoyant orbs. The tender nibbling at her tits pushed Temple over the edge.

She arched and stiffened, and her love juices poured out over Eamarru’s pounding prominence. Her inner walls quaked and convulsed around the cock until it shot cum deep into Temple’s cunt.

Before they could track its passage, the prick had reattached itself to Temple’s mons pubis. The two women, bone-weary from boning, marveled at the miracle.

“I suppose we’ll have to get to the bottom of this,” Temple said, but she was far too exhausted to hunt down the werewolf and return his missing prick now.

Dog-tired, she climbed out of the tub and stood in front of the fireplace, allowing its heat to dry her wet skin. Eamarru joined her.

“Later,” Eamarru said, echoing her thoughts. “I could do with a nap right now. It’s been a long day, and tomorrow I plan to prepare for my grand entrance at Famous Lucia’s Festive Fur Ball. I need a full night of beauty sleep.”

“Oooh,” Temple said. The last beads of water were evaporating from her skin, and she was beginning to feel sleepy. “What’s that? What’s a Festive Fur Ball?”

“Oh, Temple,” Eamarru said with an excited trill in her voice. She pulled Temple into bed and under the covers and snuggled against her. “It’s only the most exciting event on Euterpe! Famous Lucia unveils all of her enchanting new designs, and of course, there’s the Trial by Desire.”

“Trial by Desire?”

“There’s so much you don’t know, witchling,” Eamarru said.

She wrapped Temple in a warm embrace and nuzzled against her neck.

“The Trial by Desire—” Eamarru began, and then yawned and dozed off.

Temple was too curious now to let it pass, so she nudged the witch awake.

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m awake, dear,” Eamarru lied. “Where was I? Oh yes. The Trial by Desire—yes, it occurs only once a year during the Fur Ball, Temple dear. Every witch who’s any witch has been tested, but no one has ever passed.”

“You’ve done it? The Trial by Fire?”

“Me? Mother Mayhem! No! Of course not. I’ve been a nobody for such a long time—ever since the self-immolation. Them’s the breaks when you have no body, kid. Anyway, haven’t we established already that I have no desire to control my desire? Not even for the boots at the center of the universe.”

“The boots at the center of the universe?” Temple cooed. While she had no interest in clothes now that she’d gotten used to her birthday suit, she was always interested in a new pair of boots.

“Tell me about them, Eamarru,” she said, snuggling into the plush duvet and the ensorcelled shams of Baba Yaga’s bed.

“You’d like a story, little witchling?”

Temple nodded her head, contentedly.

“Alright then, I’ll tell you about the boots at the center of the universe, but then we must get some sleep, so we’ll be rested for the ball.”

“But you said it was exclusive. I don’t have an invitation, and I hardly know a soul on Euterpe.”

Eamarru winked and waggled a finger in the air. An envelope, half-hidden beneath the bedside table, floated up and settled on the palm of the witch’s hand.

“Your invitation, madam,” she said with a sly smile. Sure enough, to Temple’s surprise, her name was written on the envelope in elaborate script.

“But how?” she asked.

Eamarru kissed the tip of Temple’s nose. “Would you like a story or would you like me to explain the inexplicable? Would you like a presentation on impossibilities or would you like a new mystery to add to your growing collection?”

“A story,” Temple said.

“That’s what I thought,” Eamarru said, brushing her fingers through Temple’s hair. “One story before bedtime, Temple Mews, you delicious witchling.”

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