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Stacey Sonier
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The Sun, The Earth, and The Moon

*I would like to say this now that I would LOVE to read fanfiction about the series if you make it--any at all! That would be so cool! Make sure to tag me if you do make some or send me a link or a PM if you don’t want anyone else to read it!*

*Also, this will be my own ‘fanfiction’ of what it would be like if Dominic x Genevieve x Preston had ever happened--because some of you want it.*

*Genevieve’s POV*

*Also, they do degrade her a fair amount so beware.*

They agreed to share me.

One night is what they both agreed to and I was more than okay with that.

All I needed was one night to get everything out of my system and be with Dominic for the rest of my life...

But I wouldn’t lie and say that I didn’t want Preston too.

I mean... He’s Preston for Christ’s sake!

The two eldest Blackstone brothers were practically twins and yeah...

I wanted them at the same time.

I was glad that now there would be no regrets. I knew I had made the right decision but still, my mind couldn’t stop wandering.

And so here we were.


I exited the bathroom refreshed, cleansed, and emptied.

A towel wrapped around me, I walked down the hall to the playroom and stopped at the door.

My insides were clenching at the thought of the two men on the other side, at the thought of what they both wanted to do to me.

I was trembling and excited and I noticed my hand was shaking as I pressed in the code before opening the door.

“Princess,” one said.

“Kitten,” said the other.

And a chill ran down my spine as they stood side by side, both wearing a navy suit, both holding a small glass of bourbon.

Both with a smirk on their lips.

And I was...


“Lose the towel,” Dominic commanded and there was a moment of hesitance but then I let the towel pool on the floor below me.

The humiliation of being naked in front of them, the sense of degradation I felt at the fact that they were both dressed and even wearing shoes...

Well, I was dripping.

“Kneel, head down, thighs apart with your hands resting on them,” Preston commanded and I knew better than to go against it or I’d get punished twice as bad.

So, I dropped and did as told.

“Beautiful,” Dominic commented in awe and I was blushing as I heard footsteps coming my way but it was almost impossible to tell who was who without seeing.

“Safeword,” Preston asked, “Please remind us what it is.”

“Muffins,” I whispered and beamed when I heard him hum in approval.

“Shall we get started, brother,” Dominic asked and a second later I heard the sound of two glasses being set down on wood.

“I think we shall,” Preston agreed and I could hear the smirk in his voice.

Fuck, I was ready for this night.

“You’ve been getting her ready for this, haven’t you,” I heard Preston ask from across the room but I felt a finger under my chin, tilting it up.

My eyes met Dominic’s and he gave me a smile that lit my insides on fire.

“You ready, Princess,” he asked in a whisper and when I nodded, he answered Preston with a simple, “Yes.”

“Good,” Preston spoke.

“Up, Genevieve.”

Dominic’s voice was heavy and full of authority and it still shocked me how easy it was for him to switch between talking low and sweet to me one moment, and then almost without emotion the next.

I stood, my eyes to the hardwood, and waited for another command to come from one of their lips.

“We are going to do something different today, Genevieve. Are you excited for this,” Dominic asked but he never told me to answer and I learned my lesson one too many times that speaking out of turn was prohibited...

It did wield some of the best results though...

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered and tried to hide the grin but I was caught like I knew I would be.

Fingers in my hair took my breath away but it was them tightening into a fist and pulling that had my thighs quivering.

“You’re itching to be punished, aren’t you? You can’t wait for me and my brother to have our way with you, you little slut,” Dominics low voice spoken through clenched teeth sent tremors down my spine and I couldn’t help my lips parting or my breath catching in my throat.

“Well, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re filling all those holes tonight. Aren’t you happy to hear that,” he asked and held my jaw between his fingers.

I tried nodding but he scoffed.

“Fucking slut,” he growled and I moaned with his next words.

“Preston’s going to take your ass and I’m going to take your slutty little pussy--at the same time. And then we’ll switch. But first, you’re going to treat our guest with some respect. Don’t fucking disappoint me.”

I was pushed to my knees again and I had a pretty good guess at what ‘respect’ I was to show Preston when I heard the tale-tell sounds of a belt being unbuckled.

Dominic moved away and I was acutely aware that he was taking his shoes off but noticed Preston coming to stand in front of me.

“Hands behind your back,” he commanded and I did as told.

He rubbed the head of his cock over my closed lips and I heard him inhale sharply before I heard the whispered, “Open.”

My lips parted and I stuck my tongue out to lick the tip and my mouth was salivating at the thought of him using my mouth to get off.

“Suck his dick like you fucking mean it, Genevieve. Show him the best night of his life,” Dominic’s voice came from the other side of the room and I heard dresser drawers being opened and then closed as my tongue slid down the sides of Preston’s cock before he shoved it into my mouth.

I closed my lips around him, hallowed my cheeks, and sucked as he slid in and out.

“Eyes on me,” he grunted and when my eyes met his face, I saw his lips parted as he gazed down at me. His chest was bare and I loved that both of these men were as hairy as they were.

I loved that they were men--True, unadulterated men.

“You look best on your knees, Kitten,” he whispered and I hummed around him in agreeance.

The amazing thing was that Dominic and Preston were all but the same size. There wasn’t any difference so I knew I was in for one of the best nights of my life as well.

“Almost done,” Dominic called and I heard what sounded like chains as Preston pushed his way into my throat.

“Yeah,” Preston’s voice seemed to shudder and his eyes closed before he grunted, ”Fuck."

And it was the sexiest thing watching him lose himself above me.

I knew I would probably get in trouble but I brought my hands around and caught some of the spit dripping from Preston’s cock before bringing them up to twist and jerk the base of his shaft as I sucked all that I could without taking him down my throat.

When his eyes opened and met mine, his face hardened and his jaw clenched and I noticed him get rougher before Dominic’s voice called from the center of the room.

“Bring her here.”

So, Preston pulled out of my mouth and squatted down before taking hold of my jaw, tilting my head, and bringing his lips to my ear.

“When I give you a command, you know to listen to that command, don’t you? You may answer.”

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered.

“Thought so. So, why, then, did you use your hands when I told you not to?”

“I thought it wou--”

It happened so fast but he leaned back and slapped my cheek twice before he pulled me to stand by my neck and brought me forward.

“You don’t answer unless told to do so. I will use my belt on you if you can not remember this, Genevieve,” he growled and all I wanted was to jump him and have him fuck me senseless.

“Do you understand,” he whispered menacingly, “Answer.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered and he let go of my neck only to push me toward Dominic.

I met the wall that was Dominic’s naked chest hard before he righted me and chuckled darkly.

“Pay attention to what you’re doing, slut."

This night was, honestly, turning out better than I would’ve ever thought.

My eyes roamed to what he had been messing with.

Chains hanging from the ceiling and ending in handcuffs.

I was moved by large hands on my hips until I was directly under the handcuffs before my arms were raised.

And then my hands were cuffed well above my head and I was almost on the tips of my toes when all was said and done.

But it was then that they both closed in on me.

The natural submissive in me lowered her head as they were both in front of me in my personal space.

“You’re utterly at our mercy now, Genevieve. Are you scared now?”

But ‘scared’ was not the word I would’ve used.

“Eyes up,” was commanded and I wasn’t sure who to focus on so I moved between them both.

But it was Preston who grabbed my neck again and brought me impossibly closer, causing the cuffs to tighten.

“I can’t wait to fucking ruin you. Are you wet, slut?”

“Of course she is,” Dominic scoffed but moved away and then Preston did as well.

“Eyes down,” Preston spoke before walking to the bed and I couldn’t tell what they were doing as my eyes met the hardwood.

But then a moment later I heard something wiz in the air beside my ear and I flinched.

“Scared now?”

Still not the word I would’ve used.

And then I felt the first hit against my chest.

A flogger...

It gave a slight sting when it hit my skin but it brought my nerve endings to life and had me gasping at all the places the hits were landing.

My breasts, my stomach, my mound, my thighs... And I could tell I was being taught a lesson when I counted ten whips to the backs of my thighs.

“Spread your fucking legs,” was whispered into my ear from behind and I was embarrassed for them to see how wet I was from all this.

And that embarrassment and humiliation had my clitoris throbbing more than it had already been.

I felt a finger slide through my drenched slit before plunging inside, making me gasp and then moan.

“This is what you’ve been waiting for, haven’t you,” I heard the dark chuckle in my ear and I really couldn’t tell who it was when they were whispering like this.

“This pussy clenching around my one finger, almost like it doesn’t want me to leave,” he said condescendingly and then added a second and I could’ve cried at how thick his fingers were.

“What a slut,” he growled through his teeth but all I could do was work myself down onto those fingers.

And then I felt a hand come down against my ass cheek, hard, and then another dark chuckle.

“She likes that,” he said.

“Oh, I know.”

Another slap to my ass, the same cheek, and I was ready to burst.

“Could you come from this,” he asked quietly and I loved how condescending he sounded--so superior, so patronizing.

“Of course you could. You could come from us simply tugging on your sensitive little nipples, couldn’t you,” the other one asked in my other ear and I worked my self down on those fingers inside of me faster until they were gone.

"Please," I cried out and clenched my thighs together to relieve some pressure before my eyes opened and I saw them both smirking in front of me.

They were both in only their boxers now and I couldn’t wait to get them naked.

“You think you deserve to come,” Dominic asked, one of his brows raised.

My eyes went between the two of them and I wanted something distinctive that told me which one had their fingers inside of me but I couldn’t tell.

“Please,” I whimpered to both of them, hoping they would take pity.

“She looks bare,” Preston commented before turning to Dominic, “Don’t you think, brother?”

Dominic then turned to Preston before looking back at my body, “Yes, I think so. What were you thinking?”

“Clamps,” came from Preston’s mouth and my nipples began tingling.

“Yes,” Dominic turned his devilish grin to me and I knew my nipples would be sore tomorrow.

Preston walked to the bed before coming back to me.

Then he placed the clamps on both nipples and gave the cord that connected them a tug.

I could tell he loved the gasp I gave him every time by how hard he pulled the next time.

And then he reached behind me and slapped my ass while he pulled on the chain.

“Please, Daddy,” I whimpered quietly.

His eyes met mine and I thought he would give in but then he slapped my ass again and, with his lips at my ear, whispered.

“That sweet submissive voice and those sweet submissive eyes won’t help you tonight, Kitten. We will leave you gaping.”

He then moved behind me and I saw Dominic with a small bottle in his hand walking over to us.

Preston stretched his hand out in front of me and Dominic popped the cap before squeezing a generous amount of the liquid on to Preston’s fingers.

And then his hand disappeared before I felt him nudge one of my feet to the side, making me spread my legs.

I gasped as I then felt him spread my cheeks and begin prodding at my asshole.

My eyes met Dominics and he moved closer to move some of the hair out of my face before he brushed his thumbs against the apples of my cheeks.

“Answer honestly, are you okay? Are you having a good time?”

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you for this. I’m having an amazing time,” I bit my lip and really wanted to kiss him but then I felt one of Preston’s fingers enter my behind and I was so glad that Dominic had been making me use a plug and that I used an enema before this.

Dominic brought his fingers down my body slowly and the act had goosebumps rising in their wake.

He tugged on the clamps a few times before removing them altogether and then taking my nipples between his fingers.

“I know you like my fingers more than the clamps,” he spoke low and just to me as Preston inserted another finger and the slight burn brought my focus from Dominic and to Preston behind me.

“Your ass is hungry for my fingers just as your pussy was,” I heard whispered into one of my ears and I shuddered as Preston’s words registered in my brain.

But then I felt fingers against my clitoris, circling the bud slowly, and when I opened my eyes, Dominic was smirking.

“Slutty pussy, slutty ass. Figures,” he said in a low voice and I just wanted both of them inside of me already.

Preston inserted a third finger and I hissed at the intrusion. I felt him circle the rim until he was able to fit.

“She’s ready,” he commented and pulled out before I saw Dominic shed his boxers.

I heard a condom being torn open behind me and then I heard the sound of the lube being squirted before Dominic picked me up, his cock rubbing against my wet slit.

I then felt Preston move closer, one of his hands moving to hold on of my thighs, his cock at my asshole.

“Beg us, Kitten.”

I turned slightly so that I could look at Preston and then turned to look back at Dominic.

“Please fuck me, please. I want both of you inside of me so bad,” I whimpered as was rewarded by feeling Preston push against the ring of muscle.

My lips parted as I looked into Dominic’s eyes, but then I felt him push into me as well and the pain of taking Preston’s massive cock in my ass was all but outweighed by the pleasure of taking Dominic’s equally as massive cock in my pussy.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” I whispered as they both slowly bottomed out.

“Full,” Dominic asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, so full,” I said and my head felt hazy.

And then Preston pulled out and slowly pushed back in.

Dominic then pulled out and pushed back in.

They were holding my thighs up as they fucked me but then I felt fingers swirling against my clitoris and when I looked down, I noticed they were Prestons.

But then Dominic leaned down and took one of my nipples in his mouth and began sucking and I was a sucker for that shit.

They both began to pick up speed and I would’ve been close without Preston’s fingers but with them?

My first orgasm hit me like a freight train. My voice high, my nails scratching down Dominic’s massive arms, I came around his cock and both he and Preston hissed as I clenched.

“Switch,” Dominic said after I came back down from my high.

I was placed on my feet and was steady for a moment before they traded places--Dominic behind me, Preston in front.

I then watched as Preston pulled the condom from his cock before throwing it in the general direction of the trashcan.

Dominic began opening a condom behind me and the bottle of lube was opened and squirted before I was picked up and entered again.

And it was easier this time but it still took my breath away having them both inside of me.

“How do you feel? Like a dirty fucking slut? My brother doesn’t have a condom on. What happens if he comes in your slutty little pussy, huh,” Dominic growled in my ear and I moaned and clenched around both of them as they pounded into me.

“Dominic,” I whined. He knew what his words did to me.

“You like that, don’t you,” he chuckled darkly before continuing, “The thought of my brother spilling his seed inside of you turns you on and that’s humiliating for you, isn’t it? Knowing how much of an actual slut you are? You’re a dirty fucking whore, a nasty little slut, and you love it.”

I whimpered as I bounced on their cocks and refused to answer.

His words were true though.

I didn’t want Prestons’ baby but the thought of having him come inside of me got me close... Oh, so close.

It was his fingers rough against my clitoris that threw me over the edge though.

My nails raked down Preston’s muscular arms as I clenched around both of them, loving the sound of their collective hiss before they pulled out.

I was set on my feet and strong hands held me firm around my waist as I wobbled but then my handcuffs were unlocked and I watched as Preston walked to the bed.

When Dominic and I got to the bed, Preston was already on his knees waiting in the middle of the bed.

I anticipated what was about to happen and was already getting myself into position.

Getting on the bed and laying on my back, I let my head hang over the edge and heard Preston opening another condom before watching Dominic come closer, his hard and thick cock making contact against my lips.

“I’m going to fuck your pretty throat while Preston fucks your ass. Are you ready,” Dominic asked and I opened my mouth and spread and lifted my thighs in agreement.

I felt Dominic push into my mouth first.

Preston squirting lube and then pushing into my ass had me moaning around Dominic’s cock.

Preston then gripped my thighs and hooked my knees over his shoulders before he leaned down and took one of my nipples in his mouth as he fucked me.

I let out a long moan as Dominic pushed into my throat and I made sure to use my tongue as he fucked my mouth.

“You nasty fucking girl,” Dominic growled and gave me a few quick slaps to my cheeks before Preston leaned back and sped up.

He began pounding into me and the feeling was amazing, so amazing that a little more of it and I might’ve been able to come again.

But then he stopped and shuddered.

Dominic pulled out the same time Preston did and when I lifted my head, I watched Preston leave the bed and gather his clothes from the floor.

My eyes then met Dominics as he climbed on the bed and took Prestons position before sliding me closer to him so that my head wasn’t hanging off the edge anymore.

“Thank him, Princess.”

I turned as best as I could to look over to Preston before smiling.

“Thank you, Preston. I had a really great time,” I whispered.

He came over to me and kissed my cheek before leaving the room.

I turned back to Dominic and laid back down.

“You’re going to come in my pussy, aren’t you, Daddy,” I asked in a small voice and he leaned down and kissed me gently before leaning back up and lining his cock with my entrance.

“Of course, I am.”

He then pushed in and didn’t even give me a chance to gasp before he began his rough thrusting.

This was him staking his claim and I couldn’t help but love it.

It was rough and it was fast and nasty and he lost himself when he got like this.

And he wasn’t as careful about hurting me but this was some of the best sex we got to have.

I loved when he let loose and did what he wanted.

I loved how he pounded into me without a care, I loved how even when I came, he never stopped.

He was a machine, an animal, a fucking beast and listening to him grunt and growl when he got close, well it was sexier than almost anything.

“Come inside me,” I begged, “Please, Daddy.”

“Yes, yes. Mine," he stilled and was quiet for a long moment while he throbbed as he pumped his creamy load into me.

As he caught his breath, he pulled out and rolled over onto his back beside me before pulling me to his chest.

“Still good,” he asked, still sounding a bit breathless.

“Still good,” I answered and smiled before rolling onto my stomach and kissing his shoulder.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

His eyes met mine and they were soft as he gazed at me.

“You’re welcome, Princess.”

“I love you,” I whispered and kissed his shoulder again.

One of his brows rose and he smirked before he spoke.

“I love you."

“A long shower,” I asked before sitting up.

And when he got off the bed, he helped me down and placed an arm around my waist.

“A very long one. You smell like sex and my brother and I don’t like the combination.”

I giggled as we walked to the bathroom in his bedroom.

“Well then I hate to tell you about what just happened,” I said playfully.

But I felt a hard smack to my ass and I hissed.

“You are due for another punishment. Did you want that now,” he asked in a low voice as he turned on the light in the bathroom.

“No, Sir,” I replied and dropped my eyes.

“Didn’t think so. Be careful what you say or I’ll bend you over the counter here and fuck you until you can’t feel your legs,” he growled and raised my chin so that my eyes met his.

“Mine,” he said softly.

“Only and always,” I smiled and brought him down for a kiss before we parted and I started the shower.

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