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Chapter 8

That boy needed to go.

After Drake destroyed his mate, Khaos had been a different child. Goddess knew he wasn’t happy about that choice mating we had forced him upon him. He had actively avoided Louisa whenever she was around, going out of his way to remain out of her company – sometimes deliberately doing things that would get him punished. Yet something inside of him had snapped at seeing that poor girl brutalised.

Who am I kidding? Anyone would have snapped at seeing something like that. Anyone with a right mind that is.

I hadn’t snapped.

I had barely felt anything to be honest. It was just one more girl that Drake had taken something from. That particular list was growing bigger by the day.

I had turned to Khaos, ready to laugh at his pain but all I saw was such rage, a burning hatred for everyone around him. Instead of laughing, I felt like crying. For the first time, I felt real regret and if I’m honest, a flicker of fear about the monster we were creating.

A slap here, a nasty word there - it had all seemed so inconsequential. It wasn’t as though I suddenly wanted to cuddle the mutt; I had no regrets about shoving him away whenever he had reached out for me as a toddler. I had never wanted to play with him or really do much with him at all. He had never again come to me for comfort since the day I had grabbed him and sliced his arm open.

I remember it with such clarity. Drake had beaten him for something or other; I had barely been paying attention to the matter, wanting only to escape and take comforts in the new consort I had found. Khaos came running to me, asking for “his mama” to help him, to show him some mercy. His tears had stained my dress, and I reacted before I could think. The horror in his eyes still lingered in my mind now and then, his face merging into what I imagined my son would have looked like -had the Goddess granted him his chance. Then the rage would come again. Khaos, the worthless, pathetic child had been given a chance, but my darling son hadn’t? Where was the justice in that?!

Khaos disgusted me with every breath he took, and every day I regretted my impulsive decision to rear him as my own. Yet now I was beginning to see the effects we had on him. All the times Drake had made him beg for food, the beatings he had endured, the whips, bites, burns. Physically, I could see that we had caused damage. He was beyond disgusting to look at, but emotionally? That had stayed hidden for years, finally coming to the surface ready to destroy us all. It was because of this that I wanted him gone. I had convinced Drake to rear him by saying that Khaos would rule by his side, but I knew that if ever Khaos’ wolf was given the chance to be free, he would destroy us all in his revenge.

So, I did the only logical thing I could think of. Whilst everyone else was busy covering up for Drake and his murder of some stupid girl - not that she was any actual loss to the world - I was busy formulating a plan.

I would pretend to be the loving mother, finally giving Khaos the affection he craved. Even now, even after all we had done to him, he was desperate to feel as though he belonged. He was searching for his place in the world and I knew that if I dangled even the merest bit of affection, he would jump at the chance to have me in his life. Once I had gained his trust, I would help him get out of here and hope that he would remember my act of kindness when he came for his revenge. We couldn’t keep him locked up forever. He was fast approaching his majority. The time was coming when he would be expected to take over this pack. Drake would have to think of something that would explain to the pack why Khaos would not be the next heir - although I doubt they would be surprised with whatever tale Drake chose to tell. Nobody here had any respect for the mutt. But that came with its own set of problems; somebody would challenge him for the Alpha position.

Drake was so stupid. He knew this was the reason we had needed Khaos in the first place. Treat him however he wanted behind closed doors, but he should have been ensuring that the pack at least knew he was the next leader. This was one of the main reasons why I chose to never be around Khaos. No one in this pack would be able to say that they had witnessed me treating him unkindly, nobody would be able to confirm that I had caused any of the injuries plaguing his body. I had kept my cards close to my chest and my hatred for him under control.

I was positive that my plan would work. I could use this against Khaos if he became reluctant to trust me. He could pick a random member of this pack and they would be able to say the same thing – they had never witnessed anything on my behalf.

The plan was fool proof. So, all I had to worry about was who would be the next Alpha if it were not going to be Khaos.

Whoever took over as leader of this pack would have no use for me. I would either be outcast as a rogue, relegated to an Omega or used as a sex toy whenever the Alpha got bored with his current Luna. Which is why befriending Khaos had another benefit for me. If I could release his wolf, help him hone his skills, he would take me with him wherever he went. As mother of the Alpha, I would keep the respect and position I had come to know and love, and in that case, I would happily leave all of this behind.

I smirked to myself as everything fell together. Drake had no idea of what was about to come, and even though it would kill me to have to pretend to be nice to something I despised, it would be worth it in the long run.


Khaos was in The Cage. For years he had cried at the mere mention of this torture chamber, but today had been different. He had willingly walked to the box, ripping the lid off the top of it, and climbed inside with no encouragement.

Even as the guard came over to put the lid back, he hadn’t begged and pleaded as he usually did; he had simply glared at him with a scalding hatred and then closed his eyes, accepting his fate.

I knew that I had to push ahead with my plans - things were moving faster than I had expected. How much longer would Khaos keep tolerating this for? Desperate people were sneaky. He would soon be plotting a way out of here, and I could not let that happen without him thinking I was the one responsible for his life improving.

As I approached The Cage, I could feel the anger and hatred radiating off him. I glanced around to make sure no-one had followed me and entered the small, dingy room that contained his prison. As I strained my ears, listening for the sound of footprints, I was almost positive that I heard a very wolf-like growl coming from inside The Cage. I swallowed hard, ignoring the lump of fear that had appeared in my throat.

It shouldn’t have been possible. His wolf should be well suppressed under the silver collar that he wore, but still, the sound unnerved me enough that I hurried forward.

If I was correct and that was Khaos’ wolf I had heard, then I had to move quick or we were all in immediate danger.

“Khaos? Can you hear me? It’s your... it’s me.” I couldn’t bring myself to say the word “mother”. I hoped he would think it was because I was riddled with guilt, unworthy of such a title, but really it was because even after all these years the thought of being an actual mother to this abomination sickened me to my very core. “Khaos,” I repeated, this time in a sharper tone.

“I’m here, mother, of course I can hear you.”

“Don’t you dare take that tone with me, mutt. Not after everything I’ve done for you, everything I’ve risked!” He let out a single, sharp, barking laugh in response. I ripped open the lid of The Cage and scowled down at him. He was covered in blood, every slight movement causing the razors underneath him to rip into his skin. As more and more blood pooled around him, the flooring became slippery, causing him to move more. It really was a horrific punishment for him. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and helped haul him out.

He stood before me, tall and proud, despite the open flesh wounds covering his legs and backside. For the first time in his life, he met my eyes and refused to break contact. He smirked at me and I felt my heart skip a beat - something in him really had snapped.

Wolf?” I jumped as my wolf spoke inside my mind. She was sensing it too.

“I’ve come to help, Khaos. I promise.”

“That will be a first. Are you offering genuine help, mother, or just something that will please you?”

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I can easily have you returned--”

“Do it,” he interrupted, “I’m used to it.”

“Whatever, Khaos. I’m extremely busy so do you want me to remove your silver collar and heal you, or not?” His head snapped back with shock, and pathetic happiness burst over his face. He looked at me in both amazement and gratitude. How easy it was to gain his favour!

“Do you mean it?” He all but whispered.

“Why would I have said it otherwise?” I opened my hand to reveal the key I had clenched in my fist, pulling it out of reach as he grabbed at it. “I need to do something first. I can’t have your father suspecting anything, not yet. Your wolf is strong. He always was. To unleash him now would be catastrophic. I need to give you a bit of Wolfsbane - it won’t kill you or your wolf, but it will weaken him. I must do this the first few times you shift whilst you complete the bonding, or he will destroy you both. Do you understand me?” He nodded quickly, holding out his arm to accept the small needle. I grabbed his wrist and injected him in the crook of his elbow. Once I was satisfied that it had taken effect, I unlocked his collar and stepped away from him.

Almost instantly he fell to his knees, clutching at his head as various wounds knitted themselves closed, his eye healing and opening for the first time in years. The slash across his neck from the collar biting into his skin completely disappeared. I sank down next to him and stroked his head, swallowing down the bile that rose up my stomach at being this close to him.

“Shhh-shhh,” I murmured in what I hoped was a comforting tone. “It’s okay, I’m here. Your body is finally healing. When you’re ready, let your wolf take control, he’ll know what to do. Let the shift come naturally and your bones will fix themselves,” I continued to offer small bits of encouragement and advice as he went through his first-ever change. The prediction I had made all those years ago had been correct. He was a powerful wolf. Even at the tender age of fourteen, he was huge, if not a bit underweight. He whined out in pain and I had to stop myself from shouting at him. Usually, I would kick him for being so weak, and it really was hard to break the habit of a lifetime. Instead, I moved away, standing up to put some space between us as he rose onto his paws with unsteady, shaky legs. I watched him stretch out, his belly low to the floor, his legs still shaking with the unfamiliar weight he had to support.

“I can only give you a few more minutes, Khaos, understand? You must shift back and re-enter The Cage before anyone becomes suspicious. I will not reattach your collar and you can spend the rest of your confinement mentally bonding with your wolf. Your father never looks at you close enough to notice anyway. I’ll give you a shot of Wolfsbane every morning, slowly lowering the dosage as your relationship with your wolf intensifies. I will come and get you whenever it’s possible for us to both sneak away, and we will start training you. It’s time for us to trust each other now, Khaos. Can you do that for me?” I raised my eyebrow at him, waiting for his response. I grinned wildly when he nodded in confirmation. “Then change back now and we’ll pick this up another day - try not to panic,” I said hastily as he stiffened, “let your wolf guide you, he has your best interest at heart. You are a part of him as much as he is a part of you. Always listen to the voice inside your head, your wolf will come to you when you most need him.”

Once he was human again, he ran over to me and sank to the floor hugging my knees as he sobbed, “thank you, mother. Thank you. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.” Before I could stop myself, I kicked him away, curling my lip at him in revulsion.

“Mother Did I do something wrong?” He frowned in confusion and I rearranged my features to look at him in concern.

“Sorry. I think I hear your father. A couple of days with your wolf and you will pick up on things like that too. Hurry now, remember your promise to me and get back in The Cage.” He quickly got in, not even flinching as the blades instantly cut his skin again- although the wounds quickly healed with the aid of his newfound wolf. I lowered the lid down, giving him one last glance before I shut him in.

“Don’t let me down, Khaos. If you think your life has been hard so far, you have no idea what awaits you should you ever betray me and the kindness I’ve shown you today.”

“I won’t mother, I promise. Thank you again.” He looked at me with teary eyes. “This really has been the best gift ever,” he whispered. I slammed the lid closed and walked away, mentally praising myself for securing his trust and affection so easily.


“Is it me, or is the mutt getting stronger?” Drake asked one evening as we were eating. Khaos hadn’t been permitted to eat today, although that no longer bothered him the way it used to. Partly because I would sneak food to him, but mostly because of him now having his wolf - any opportunity I gave him to bond with his wolf he jumped at. He was so pathetically grateful for something that I took for granted. It warmed even my icy heart. This was all working out so perfectly for me!

It had been a few weeks since I had first released Khaos from The Cage, and he grew stronger every single time I permitted him to change. His wolf now stood taller than even our finest warriors, moving with a strong, agile gait that was both fluid and deadly, completely at one with whom he was and who he was meant to be. Drake had been particularly busy of late, having to enter crisis meetings with Louisa’s father for retribution over her death, and Khaos and I took full advantage of his absence.

Though my hatred of him grew stronger every day, his abilities extremely impressed the wolf in me. I had taken him to run and hunt in the woods, and he had passed every test with flying colours. He could hide his scent immaculately, he could kill with one quick, clean bite, and the speed of him was one of the fastest I had seen. It completely transformed his human body as well. Where before he had been skin and bones, he now had muscles and tight, toned skin.

I’ll admit I had gone further than I wanted to, that the drastic change in his appearance would have been easily noticed by anybody, let alone his father. Yet I didn’t care. A few more weeks and Khaos would be strong enough to protect us both. All I had to do was stay focused on the plan for a little while longer and everything would be okay. I ignored the niggling of doubt that sometimes crept inside me; I had heard the way his wolf growled if ever I dared get too close to him. He sensed my motivations; he knew every nasty, despicable thing I had done to Khaos over the years, and he wasn’t quite as ready to forgive me as Khaos was. Not that it mattered. When I was finished with his training, Khaos would have complete control over his wolf. I was sure of it.

“Ryssa?” I dragged my attention back to my mate, resisting the urge to snarl at him.

“Sorry, darling, I was miles away. Did you say something?”

“Nothing important,” he dismissed with a wave of his hand. “Oh, I think you’ll be pleased to know that I have sorted the whole Louisa disaster.”

“Oh?” I was barely listening; I was too caught up in my own thoughts of how next to train Khaos. Had I been paying attention, I would have noticed the warriors enter the room and surround me, blocking off every exit.

“Indeed. As you know, her father has been demanding his vengeance for a long time. Of course, I couldn’t admit it was I who had killed his dear daughter and so we’ve been at each other’s throats for far too long, standing on the brink of war. Even after that stunt Louisa pulled, framing poor Khaos, her father was still suspicious about what took place the day she died. I’ve stood my ground, remained adamant that it was Khaos that killed her, but he is still whinging. He has demanded that both Khaos and I pay for what took place here that day. That was until some information came to light regarding you, my dear mate.”

That caught my attention. My head shot up to look towards him. On the outside he appeared relaxed, resting his chin on his fist as he drummed his fingers on the table. It didn’t fool me. I had been by his side too long not to recognise the signs.

“Me?” I asked innocently, “I fail to see how I can help with this; I had no say in what happened to that girl.” I gave a fake laugh, hoping to brush off the conversation.

“Perhaps not, but you’ve already done so much to help, and for that, I must thank you.” He nodded towards the warriors and immediately I was seized, a silver collar placed around my throat.

“Drake?” I gasped, feeling the burn as it restricted my wolf.

“Did you think me stupid? That I hadn’t noticed what was going on? Surely you are not that moronic to think I would leave this pack without leaving strict instructions that both you and Khaos were monitored? That your every move would be noted down and reported to me the instant I returned? My mate and my heir, I couldn’t take any chances.”

I snapped my head towards the door as I heard the sounds of struggle, seeing Khaos being dragged in on a leash, his arms and legs bound, another collar around his neck and a gag in his mouth.

“Ahh… just in time. You see, dear Ryssa. I have known for some time now that you’ve been training our son. That for whatever reason, you’ve hoped to gain his favour by granting him his wolf. It satisfied me to let you play your games, to see where you would take this, but time is not on our side right now. I gave you the chance to come clean, one last opportunity to prove you were on my side, loyal to your mate. You failed the test, Ryssa.”

What a fucking fool I had been. I should have stayed on my guard. Drake would never have willingly discussed Khaos, if he had any concerns, he would have taken them to his Beta. I was not his confidant. In the end, I had been wrong. It wasn’t Khaos that gave the game away, it was me.

Tears pooled in my eyes as Drake continued, “I cannot afford to go to war with Louisa’s father, and so we’ve reached a decision. You, my lovely, beautiful mate, are to spend a night with him. He will do to you what I did to his daughter, although he won’t kill you. You’ll be returned... somewhat whole.” I tried to fight against the restraints, screaming out my anger as a warrior clamped a hand over my mouth. I felt a sharp sting in my arm and recognised the Wolfsbane from the instant dizziness that took over my body.

I had to fight this.

I had to push past the haze that was taking over me, to keep some control over this situation. Louisa’s father would destroy me. It didn’t matter whether he intended to kill me afterwards, I wouldn’t be able to live with the humiliation.

“Khaos,” I whispered, intending to tell Drake that Khaos wouldn’t allow this, that I had made him strong enough to prevent this and protect me.

“Ahh, yes, Khaos. As I said, Louisa’s father is still under the impression that it was our son that raped and killed his daughter. He understands that Khaos cannot be put to death, let’s thank the rules of the werewolf council for that, as well as your inability to provide me with an heir and a spare. However, there are other ways he can be hurt. In fact, some might say this is worse than death.”

I heard Khaos scream as he was thrown onto the dining table, handcuffs secured around his ankles and wrists, keeping him pinned down and spread eagle.

“It’s such a backwards society we live in. For the most advanced creatures on earth, the Moon Goddess keeps us so limited in our sexuality. Find your mate of the opposite sex, settle down for life. That’s it. No alternative and no choice over gender. Many wolves are turning away from this, choosing to remain unmated and carrying their frustrations with them every day. Young Khaos here is going to provide some much-needed release. He is to be of service to every warrior in Louisa’s pack. Once they’ve finished with him, he’ll be given over to anyone else who would like a turn on an Alpha Wolf - you’d be surprised how many men get hard at the thought of fucking such a powerful figure, especially if it’s against their will. Just think, sweetheart, had you not released his wolf, his cries of mercy would be granted. The violence about to be inflicted upon him would have killed him had you left him alone. Instead, he will heal, time and time again, ready for his next sexual partner. I hope he remembers the gift you’ve given him.”

The last thing I heard was Khaos screaming, begging for mercy as his father laughed evilly and announced that he would be the first to have a ride on the virgin alpha, breaking him in for everyone else.

I had just enough time to take one last look at him, to see the fear in his eyes as he openly sobbed. He met my gaze and, in that split second, I saw how haunted he was, how much we had destroyed him already. This would tip him over the edge, which was exactly why Drake was doing it.

The last thing I remember before I was dragged away for my own punishment, was thinking that this was the moment of no return. If Khaos survived this night, it would be this act that stayed with him, fuelling his revenge.

We were all doomed, the sands of time shifting against us.



Tears ran down my face as Khaos finished telling his story, and I shook my head in disbelief.

I had never in my life heard such a heart-breaking tale, but he had told me his life story in such a cold, detached voice. It was almost as if he was reading the weather, and not telling me about the brutality his parents had subjected him to.

I looked up at him, seeing the disgust written on his face, the hatred and self-loathing, bracing himself for my rejection and scorn.

I grabbed hold of him and wrapped him up in the tightest hug I could manage, knowing it did little to ease any of his pain.

“I’m so sorry, Khaos. I had no idea.” I sobbed, squeezing him closer to me. “I believed everything about you, all those stupid rumours! I never even gave you the chance, I--”

“It’s okay, Violet, really. Everyone does it.”

If that was supposed to make me feel better, he had failed miserably. I was as bad as everyone else in his life. I had rejected him without even giving him a chance. I hadn’t even bothered to find out what had happened at this pack here today – I had automatically assumed the worst, thinking he would murder everyone in his path. I hadn’t known him long, but already we had been in some crazy situations, and besides the slight attack on Logan - who had provoked him now that I thought about it - he had never once hurt anyone.

I sobbed louder, thinking how much I was becoming like my mother. She judged people, condemning them without a second thought. I had always believed I was above that, but clearly, I was wrong.

Khaos’ hand stroked down my back, offering me murmurs of comfort.

He was comforting me!

Goddess, I really was pathetic! I pulled back and grabbed his face, covering it in kisses before hugging him tight again.

“There’s one more thing...” I looked at him quizzically, “this can’t end until I’ve finished what I set out to do. I hadn’t planned on ever finding my mate, I have nothing to offer you and I wanted no distractions as I finished my goal, yet here you are. So, we’re going to make the best of it. I don’t want to lose you now that I’ve found you and I can’t risk leaving you alone in my pack. I hope that after everything you’ve heard, you can understand…”

“Khaos, you’re mumbling. Just tell me. Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad, surely. Ryssa and Drake are gone and--”

“Violet. I’m going to kill my birth parents, and you’re going to help me.”

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