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Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Khaos didn’t return that night. An Omega brought me a meal when I refused to come down to dinner, and I spent the evening alone in this room. I knew I was making yet another horrendous impression on the pack, but I couldn’t bring myself to face them without Khaos by my side - What sort of message would that send out if I turned up alone? It would just prove that he couldn’t be bothered with me. That I was here simply because the Moon Goddess had fated us to be together, that if it wasn’t for the undeniable bond that called us together, Khaos would happily take what he wanted from me and leave me behind.

I knew what my mother would say, and for once I agreed with her; not meeting the pack after the length of time I had been here was inexcusable. I was already in danger of relying on Khaos too much, expecting him to hold my hand and guide me through my duties - I was meant to be the Luna of this pack! I should have been stronger than this, they needed me to be stronger than this, but I just wanted Khaos, and it hurt that he didn’t want me in return.

Despite the way he had been with me, despite the cruel and ugly words we had thrown at each other, he still called to me. My wolf was howling her anguish as we felt his rejection once more. I wanted to be with him, my body ached to be next to his. Even though I felt silly and childish, I wanted the romantic mating of love stories, not this hellish existence I had been given. I had been swept off my feet all right, in all the wrong ways.

Sighing heavily, I threw the covers off my body and climbed out of bed, kicking aside the untouched meal that had been prepared for me. I was going to find Khaos and apologise; we needed to talk this through. It wasn’t just ourselves we owed it to; we had an entire pack of wolves needing to have a strong alpha and his Luna by his side, supporting him, loving him.

Once out in the hallway, I was lost. The packhouse was a mansion with twists and turns everywhere. I followed my instinct, heading towards the smashed-up room we had left this morning. As I rounded another corner, I bumped into a beautiful woman who gasped when she saw me.

“Luna! What are you doing out of bed? Alpha Khaos said you were ill and not to be disturbed!” I gave her a small smile, secretly relieved that I did not have to explain my absence, that Khaos was protecting me and covering for me even through our argument. It was a small beacon of hope.

“I was looking for Khaos, do you know where I’ll find him?”

“He’s repairing the wall to your bedroom, but I thought you knew that? That was quite an argument the two of you had.”

I blushed furiously, staring at the floor, “you heard that?”

“Honey, the entire pack heard it.”

“Great,” I muttered sarcastically, scuffing my feet on the carpet and avoiding her gaze. She laughed at me and gently placed her hand on my arm.

“Don’t worry about it, Luna. We all know our alpha has a temper. Between you and me, most of the she-wolves were cheering you on,” she gave me a small, conspiratorial wink, “one day here and you had him spitting hairballs. It was quite a sight to see! Plus, the making up afterwards...” her voice trailed off into a laugh.

“Don’t be shy! You made up in the proper way, it’s one of the best parts of arguing! Come on, follow me, I’ll take you to him,” she set off in the opposite direction I had been travelling, calling over her shoulder that her name was Jasmine and she was an unmated omega, head cook in the kitchen. It was on the tip of my tongue to thank her for the meal that had been sent to my room when I saw Khaos and came to a crashing halt. Jasmine slipped away, flashing me a knowing smile as she took in my immediate reaction.

Khaos stood shirtless, his bronze skin covered in a fine sheen of sweat. He was working on plastering the wall, all of his muscles rippling under his delicious skin with his every move. My mouth watered when he reached into the pocket of his grey sweatpants, the bulge between his legs clearly defined through the material.
He was such a large man, with arms as thick as my thighs.

His stomach was tight and lean, no evidence of any six pack, which would have looked so out of place on such a heavy-framed man. He was larger than life, completely rock solid from head to toe. He turned away from me to pick something up off the floor, and I gasped out loud when I was presented with his sexy rear.
Enough was enough. My entire body throbbed, desperate to have him grab hold of me and take me. My chest heaved with every breath and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I walked towards him, my feet soft and soundless on the heavy carpet.


She had been on my mind all day. When I wasn’t near her, all I wanted to do was follow her delicious scent and find her. When I was with her, I wanted to bury myself in her mind, to know her inside and out. I couldn’t stand to think there were secrets between us, that she was holding even a little of herself back from me. She was my mate and Goddess knew I wanted her.

It was almost more than I could stand. I didn’t understand how to deal with this level of emotion and so I lashed out, hurting her with words I hadn’t meant. I had to put distance between us, to remove myself from the situation before it blew up in our faces.
But she was here now.

I knew she was there. I had heard both her and Jasmine approach, knew she was standing watching me. I wouldn’t be much of a hunter if two untrained wolves could sneak up on me. I saw Jasmine slip away and waited to see what Violet’s next move would be.

I could feel the desire pouring off her, smell her arousal as moisture pooled between her legs. My cock jerked in response, wanting to bury itself inside her hot, tight pussy, feeling her tense around us as her long, shapely legs wrapped around my waist. She walked towards me and with every step she took towards me the air crackled with electricity.

Fuck this, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I was mere steps away from Khaos when a feral look fell over his face and he charged towards me, picking me up and pinning me to the wall in one swift movement. He grabbed my ass in a tight squeeze, running his hands under my dress to grab the back of my thighs and wrap my legs around him. I moaned out loud when that movement brought me into contact with his fiercely aroused cock. I rocked my hips so he would rub against my swollen clit, needing him to relieve the aches I had.

“What do you want, Violet?” he muttered in a hoarse voice, his breathing ragged and uneven

“You,” I whispered back, biting down on his ear, “only you.”
He carried me into the bedroom and set me on my feet. He grabbed the neckline of my dress and ripped it straight down to my waist, leaving my upper body naked and exposed to his hungry eyes.

“Fuck, you look so sexy right now. Turn around, see what I see,” he gently twisted my shoulders, spinning me around so my back was against his front and I could see us stood together in front of the mirror.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled it away from my neck, resting his chin on my shoulder so he could breathe his words into my ear, sending shivers down my body.

“Look, Violet, look at these sexy tits, so large they barely fit on my hands,” he grabbed them both to emphasise his point, pulling on my nipples until they were stiff, erect peaks. He squeezed them tightly, sending a jolt of desire straight to my core as my toes curled. He ran his hands down my stomach and caressed my ear with his tongue, “look at your beautiful skin, so smooth and soft,” he grabbed hold on my hands, placing them flat on my rounded stomach and covering them with his own.

“Feel yourself with me, enjoy the pleasure I can help you give yourself,” he brought our hands back up to my tits, squeezing them painfully before coming back down to the top of my ripped dress.

“It’s such a turn to know you’re naked under this. That it’s only this tiny bit of material that keeps you hidden from me,” he pushed one of our hands under the bottom of the dress, bringing it straight to my soaking pussy. “Fuck, Violet,” he breathed in my ear, “you’re so wet already, so willing and desperate,” he moved my hand to my folds and let go, spreading me open with two of his fingers. I looked in the mirror and groaned, seeing his dark skin contrasting with my own, his hand holding my pussy open, the wetness already coating his fingers.

“Stroke yourself, let me see you as you rub your clit. Tell me what you think about when you’re alone at night, what fantasies you have” he invited, sucking on the frantically beating pulse in my neck. “Now, Violet” he demanded when I paused, and my pussy tensed up at the authority and command in his voice. I rubbed my clit in slow, torturous, reaching up with my other hand to wrap around the back of Khaos’ neck, pressing his hard cock against my ass.

He groaned when I rocked my hips against my hands, causing my ass to grind against him. My legs shook as I felt the tightness and pressure build in my stomach, my orgasm coming fast with the hunger written on his face as he watched me. I threw my head back and arched my back, sitting on the edge of my release when Khaos grabbed my wrist and stilled my movements.

“How far have you gone?” I frowned at his question and he gave a little chuckle at my innocence, causing me to gasp as the vibration rumbled through his chest and down my body. “What have you done to yourself? Have you ever done this?” he pushed a finger inside me, his other arm wrapping around my waist to keep me held in place as my body bent over with shock and pleasure.

“Have you?” He repeated, slowly pumping it in and out of me.
“Yes,” I gasped, bouncing on my tiptoes in an effort to quicken his movements.

“How many fingers?”

“T-two” he added another finger, curling them inside me and pounded against my g-spot. I sobbed my pleasure, wanting more and more with every movement he gave me.

“Who else has done this to you?” he pulled his fingers out of me when I didn’t answer and squeezed my clit in a painful pinch that almost drove me straight to orgasm.

“Just you! Only you!” I gasped, panting frantically with need. I had to have his fingers back inside me, I needed him to finish what he had started.

“Look at you, Violet, look how your legs are shaking, how you can barely hold yourself up. Your eyes rolling every time you feel my fingers slide inside this tight, little pussy of yours,” to emphasise his point he slid his fingers back in me, chuckling when I moaned his name and grabbed his arm to force him to quicken his movements.

“I love hearing you moan my name. I cannot wait to destroy your pussy as I pound you with my cock over and over. I want to hear you beg for me as I give you pleasure that no man ever has before. Do you want that, Violet?” I nodded at him and he tutted, bringing his hand up my body and around my throat. He gave a tight squeeze.

“Use your words,” he demanded.

“Yes! Yes, Alpha. I want your cock in me, I want you to be my first, to take me, to ruin me, please, I need it,” I rubbed my ass against him again as he continued to pound his fingers inside me.
“Fuck,” he groaned, “say that again.”

“I want you, Alpha. I need your cock. Please Alpha,” he pulled his fingers out of me and I nearly screamed in desperation.

He pushed me to the floor, ordering me to get on my hands and knees. I got in position and glanced up at him through the mirror, seeing him standing behind me, pulling his cock out of his trousers, and fisting it at the base. My pussy tightened in anticipation. He gave a couple of slow, long strokes to his length, covering it in my juices that still coated his fingers. He sank down to his knees and used the head of his cock to spread open my pussy lips, rubbing it over me.

“Please, Alpha,” I begged, thrusting my ass higher into the air. He delivered a painful spank to my cheeks. He pushed just the tip inside me and I gasped at the slight burn as he stretched me open, moaning in frustration when he pulled back out again.

“Do you know how fucking sexy you sound begging for me? Do you know what it does to me knowing the entire pack can hear your cries for me to be your first? To destroy this tight, virgin pussy? To know every single male in this pack will have no doubt as to who you belong to? Who owns you?” he slapped my ass again, and I tried once more to push his cock inside me.

“Not today, little one,” he laid his body underneath mine, his hot mouth pressed against my clit, his cock so close to my face and without needing any further instruction I took him into my mouth, feeling him hit the back of my throat. With a groan, he sucked on my clit, drawing a figure of eights across the tip with his tongue as I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

He sucked my clit tighter, and I rocked my hips against his face, loving the tight pull it caused on my clit as his lips held me in place. He tensed his legs, thrusting his cock further down my throat and caused me to gag, spit dripping down my chin. He was wild and animalistic as he relentlessly thrust into my willing mouth, his fingers holding my pussy open over his face as he delivered exquisite torture to my clit.

I screamed out loud as my orgasm hit me, crying his name over and over, my entire body shaking with the force of it. Khaos joined me after a few more pumps into my mouth, roaring out as his cum hit the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed down every drop.

“That was amazing,” I gasped, my body still jerking as the final tidal waves of pleasure left my body. Khaos laid me down on the soft carpet, leaning over me to cover my stomach in soft, wet kisses.

“You’re amazing,” he mumbled against my skin, causing my heart to skip a beat.

“Khaos?” I questioned, wondering what change had come over him. He climbed up my body and pressed his mouth against my own, prising my lips open with his tongue as he gave me a long, deep kiss.

“I’m sorry, Violet. This isn’t the first apology and no doubt it won’t be the last. I’m not an easy man to love, your life won’t be sunshine and rainbows every day, but please believe me when I say I’ll be honoured if you’ll stay by my side and give this a try,” my mouth split into an ecstatic grin, he had said exactly what I wanted to hear!

“We’ll drive each other crazy, Khaos, you know this?”

“I’m counting on it,” he grinned back.

“I’ll fight you every step of the way. Your word won’t be law.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”

“I...” he cut me off with another kiss and I giggled as he groaned, “put me out of my misery. Can we give this a try?”

“I’d love to,” I whispered back.

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