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Chapter 14

Chapter 14


"Go 'way" I mumbled sleepily, curling my body away from the annoying thing that was nudging me.

Khaos chuckled, sliding his hand under my back "Come on, sleepyhead." He raised me so I was sitting up, and I dramatically threw myself back over his arm, overacting how tired I was

"What does a woman gotta do to get some sleep around here?"

"Well. We could stay here or we could go spend the night together in a comfortable bed, for the first time"

"Oh, when you put it that way..." I made an effort to get to my feet but Khaos swung me high into his arms, cradling me bridal style

"I can walk you know"

"Shut up, stupid. I know you can walk, I like holding you. Besides, I want every wolf watching us to be in no doubt as to what just happened"

I rolled my eyes at him, "I think people are aware you have had sex before" he gave me ass a tight squeeze

"I'm carrying my victory prize, you submitted to me back there, little one. I'm in celebration"

"I did not!" I spluttered indignantly

"Didn't you? Your wolf certainly did. It certainly felt like you did when you were on your knees in front of me. Face it, I've won. I broke that spirit of yours, you're officially mine" the laughter running through his words was infectious, bringing out a playful side to me I hadn't had much time to explore.

"Take me, oh dominant one, drag me to your lair and have your wicked way with me. Oh, who will help such a damsel in distress?" I threw my hand over my eyes dramatically, my legs kicking out in mock terror

"Your wish is my command" Khaos swung me over my shoulder and began to run, slapping my ass as he did so sending me into fits of laughter. He kicked open the packhouse door, startling the wolf cleaning the hallway

"Alpha?" They questioned hesitantly

"I can't talk, I'm afraid. I have a bad, bad girl in my arms" he called out, jogging down the hallway. The wolf stared at us open-mouthed. I gave him a little wave as I squealed again, my stomach hurting from laughing. I loved, loved, loved seeing Khaos this playful.

He threw me down on the bed, my tits bouncing with the force of it. He had barely gotten both knees on the mattress to join me when I threw myself into his waiting arms, wrapping my legs around him

"This day has been perfect" I whispered, grinning from ear to ear

"Why, Violet, I never had you pegged as the soppy kind" he teased

"Shut up and kiss me"

I laid against Khaos chest, feeling his deep, even breathing.

Goddess knew I loved having sex with this man but it was moments like this, curled up to his side, safe in the circle of his arms that I craved the most. The intimacy of these times, knowing I was the only woman ever permitted to hold him like this, that No one else was privy to his secrets like I was -That he trusted me beyond anything. I would treasure these memories forever. I placed a kiss on his warm skin and he pulled me in tighter, protecting me even in sleep. I knew then that I was in real danger of falling in love with this man.

The sunlight streaming through the curtains warmed the room as I woke up, reaching out for Khaos, my arms hitting an empty, cold space. I sat up quickly, still not completely sure of this relationship or the trust I had in us to make it work, my mind automatically thinking the worst. To say I was relieved when I saw the note folded on the pillow next to me was an understatement

Had some pack business to attend to. Will be gone a few hours. Stay out of trouble


I smiled thinking how very... Khaos, the note was. Straight and to the point, he wouldn't waste time with mushy words and declarations of missing me but I saw what he left unsaid. He was placing his trust in me. Only mere days ago he had threatened to never let me out of his sight and yet here we are.

Not that I had any idea how to occupy myself though, I didn't know the routine of the pack well enough and I was too much of a chicken to go out exploring in case I came across any of the warriors without having people around to protect me. Although, Khaos probably took the warriors with him if he's left the pack grounds, right?

I was moments away from leaving, finding Jasmine and having her entertain me until Khaos returned when I felt a pressure in my head that brought me to my knees. What the fuck was that? I massaged my temples as the pressure increased, feeling as though something was trying to force its way in.

Violet I heard whispered over the mind-link, although it was choppy and distorted. Can you.. me? I forced myself to relax, waiting for the next message to come through

Violet. For fuck sake! Violet! Please tell me I'm close enough! That I'm not too late


I heard the huge sigh of relief thank the moon goddess! I was so worried I was too late! That the mating would be complete and I wouldn't be able to link with you. I should have known you wouldn't do it, that you wouldn't give up on us! I've missed you so much, Violet I...

Logan, slow down! What are you doing here? Khaos will kill you!

He's not here, Violet, I know that. I've been watching all morning. He's gone on some murder mission as usual.

What are you doing here, Logan?

I've come to get you. You don't have to live this way, I will keep you safe. He'll forget about you eventually but I can't, I won't! Leave with me. We can be choice mates, you don't have to accept what the Moon Goddess gave you, she must be insane to think this match will work! She... he was going too fast for me, my mind spinning with every word he spoke. Was he crazy?! We always knew that our relationship was going to come to an end, why would he risk his life like this?

Where are you, Logan? I'll come to meet you.

And hopefully, get him the fuck away from here before Khaos returned.

I met Logan in the woods, as soon as he saw me he scooped me into his arms, lifting me off my feet as he squeezed me into a tight hug

"You look amazing, Violet. You've no idea how worried I've been! I've barely slept thinking of the barbaric things he's done in the past, that he could do to you" he thrust me away from him, patting down my body as he inspected for himself anything that would indicate I had been hurt. Once he was satisfied that I was in one piece he grabbed me into another hug that almost broke my ribs

"Logan!" I half-laughed, half choked. "I'm fine! I like it here. Khaos... He's not what you're thinking, I promise. He wouldn't ever harm me"

"That's what he wants you to think because he wants to mate with you, everything will change once he's got you under his thumb I promise. Jeez, to think the guy killed his own parents, Violet. They took him in when he had nothing, raised him as their own, trained him to be the next alpha and be murdered them in cold blood! I've heard rumours of what happened to his chosen mate, we have to get you out of here!"

"You don't know the full story, Logan he..." Logan pushed me away from him, staring down at me as though he didn't even recognise me

"Did he kill his parents?"

"Well, yes, technically..."

"Then I know the full story!"

"No, you don't! There were reasons, he..."

"Violet! Come on! What has gotten into you? You never would have accepted this before! He's brainwashed You!" He shook my shoulders as he spoke to me. "The sooner we get you back under your mother's influence the better"

"No!" I yelled, shoving on his chest with all my strength. "I want to stay here!"

"Your mother is different now, Violet. She's forgotten all about her luncheons and socialising. She's done nothing but plot and scheme to get rid of him. You don't have to be afraid that he'll follow you and hurt us! That's the only reason you left, I know this!"

"Things change! I'm happy here! Yes, he forced me here against my will but he's not the man you think he is! Please, Logan. You need to go before he returns"

"You're afraid of him! Any normal wolf would have no problem with you being in contact with your old pack! He would never make you break those friendships!"

I almost punched him I was so angry. How could he not see that I was happy? That Khaos had every right to be upset with my remaining friends with Logan? Maybe in the future, we could be, but everything was too raw and fresh right now

"We're different, Logan, you know that. You know what we did the day I met him. It haunts him to know I betrayed him like that! Think about your mate and how you would feel if she..."

"There is no mate for me! It's you, it's always been you. I don't want anyone else!"

"You'll feel differently when you meet her, I promise. I can't leave, I can't imagine a life without Khaos, please!" My heart broke as I saw the tears spring into his eyes as my words registered. He wiped them away with his fist and pulled me to him once more, resting his forehead against mine

"You don't mean that you don't!" He whispered, rubbing his nose against mine. "I know you, I know you want me. You came to me, not him. You wanted me"

"Logan... I was in denial. I was using you to forget about him. I'm sorry. You know how it is for our kind when we meet the person made for us, we can't give them up"

"Violet" he sobbed, clamping his mouth down on mine. I was so taken aback for a moment that I didn't move and he took this as a sign of encouragement, using his tongue to pry my lips open, sliding it along mine as he gave a triumphant moan, pulling me even closer to his body, his erection firmly pressed against my stomach.

I ripped my lips away from his, placing my hands on his chest, both of us breathing heavily. One minute we were both staring at each other, both unable to comprehend what had just happened, the next thing I knew I was thrown away with brute force, looking up from my landing place on the ground to see Khaos holding Logan's severed head in his hand, a look of pure horror forever frozen on his face

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