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Chapter 15

Chapter 15


"Khaos" I breathed, trying to take in the sight in front of me. My stomach lurched when I heard the sound of Logan's lifeless body hitting the floor with a sickening thud. I swallowed down the lump in my throat, my breathing coming in short, terrified gasps, my heart feeling as though it was going to burst out of my chest. "Khaos..." I tried again, not knowing what to say beyond this

"Don't fucking speak to me" he roared, throwing Logan's head to the floor. He curled his lip as the head rolled, landing face up. Logan's expression would forever be burned in my mind. I pressed a hand over my mouth to try and hide the sob that threatened to break through but as usual, I could get nothing past Khaos.

"Does this bother you, Violet? I'm sorry, let me fix this for you." He stomped on Logan's face, crushing it beneath his feet. I turned my head and violently vomited as his entire face seemed to burst under Khaos' boot, his eyes springing from their sockets. A shadow fell over me as I began to dry heave, having nothing left to bring up

"Get up!" He ordered, his expression cold and unfeeling

"Get away from me" I cried, crawling backwards away from him, slipping slightly my hand landed in my own vomit. Khaos cursed, roughly grabbing me by my arm as he hauled me to my feet, dropping all contact with me instantly, as though he couldn't bear to touch me

"Now is not the time to piss me off, Violet" he muttered through clenched teeth, the veins in his neck and forehead protruding with the effort of holding himself back

"You killed him!" I screamed, my legs shaking as I struggled to hold myself up.

"10 out of 10 for observation. I warned you that you wouldn't like it if I caught you together again, yet here you are! The minute my back is turned!"

"You're joking?! I was telling him I wasn't interested! I told him I was happy here!"

"Don't fucking lie to me!" He roared, causing me to flinch with sheer terror. "I'm not stupid, Violet. I saw you, gazing at him with love-struck eyes, you couldn't take your eyes off him! Your hands were all over him!"

"No, please, that's not what happened! You have to believe me!"

"Have to? I don't "Have to" do anything. You're a liar. Just like Rhyssa, all women are the same! And to think I thought you were different!" I couldn't take it any more, my heart was breaking with every word he spoke. Before my very eyes, I saw the shutters come down, saw him retreat back into the violent, stubborn, unfeeling shell he had been when we first met

"Don't you dare compare me to her! I would never hurt you!"


Never hurt me?! So why was I feeling as though I had given her the very best of me and she had thrown it back in my face? This hurt worse than Aubrey's betrayal, worse than all the abuse I had suffered as a child. I would never be able to get the image out of my mind of my mate clinging on to her ex, speaking in low, hushed tones. I wanted to believe her, I needed to believe her but how could I? It was too much of a coincidence that he was here the day I decided to put my faith in her. So I lashed out, trying to hurt her as I was hurting

"You" I snarled, interrupting her begging, "would never hurt me because you don't have that power. You mean nothing to me, you can't be hurt by someone you don't care about"

"You don't mean that" she whispered, looking utterly crushed and defeated. She was a good actor I'll give her that. Or maybe she wasn't, maybe it wasn't me she was bothered about at all, her precious Logan was dead after all, she had the perfect excuse to let out her heartbreak and pretend it was me and was crying over.

"Don't I? Ask me where I was today, Violet. Go on, ask!" I yelled when she didn't answer me.

"You - You were out on p-p-pack business" she could barely talk as her teeth began to chatter, her breathing coming in pathetic hiccups

"Right. Pack business" I repeated. I was more pathetic than I had ever imagined. I had spent the morning with an allied pack finding out the best way to bond with Violet. A warrior of mine, one of the most lethal killers I had ever had the pleasure of working alongside had transferred to this pack when he met his mate. I had figured if she could forgive his sins he could help me with my own mate. I saw the way Violet still looked at me with veiled eyes, she still didn't trust me and was hesitant to let me too close. Now I knew why. "You're not good for this pack. You will never fit in, never belong. We've worked hard for everything we have! Nothing ever came easy for us! You spent your life hosting tea parties and playing dress-up. Your superficial, frivolous ways are disgusting to me and a pretty face and the odd blowjob aren't going to cut it. I was trying to get rid of you, now I have the perfect reason why." To give Violet her credit she could disguise her feelings just as well as I could. She threw her head back, tossing her hair over her shoulder as her eyes met mine

"So let me go then, I'll go back to my parents. You needn't have gone to such trouble. I've been asking to leave since day 1. In fact, show me the way and I'll leave now" she made an attempt to brush past me and I shot out to grab her arm, bringing my face close to hers

"On no, little one. Not anymore. That was before you snuck off here to be with your beloved, back when I had a tiny bit of affection for you. Back before I witnessed for myself what a disgusting, lying little slut you really are" she actually had the nerve to scoff at me, to roll her eyes with her false bravado. As far as I was concerned that confirmed her guilt

"I see you've given up trying to deny it"

"What would be the point? You live in a nasty little world, trapped in your dirty little mind with your nasty thoughts, of course, you're going to believe the worst of everybody because you yourself are the worst kind of person. So do your worst, Khaos, you were never going to give me the chance to explain anyway." I smirked at her as an idea came to mind

"You want to explain? Come on," I grabbed her elbow, yanking her back towards the house, "let's get you comfortable and you can explain"


Khaos dragged me into the same hall we had been in last night, the scheming look on his face both scaring me and making me highly suspicious. One by one, wolves began to pile into the room, each questioning why they had been called for another meeting

"Thank you for coming" Khaos addresses, his voice booming over everyone else's. "It appears we have a problem. This morning a wolf was able to make his way into my territory, make contact with my mate and have a secret rendezvous with her behind my back. Isn't that right, Violet?" I shook my head at him, my eyes shining bright with tears. "No, sorry, you do right to shake your head. You're not my mate, are you? We might be fated to be together by the Goddess herself, but that's not good enough for our special little Violet. Is it?!" He roared when I still refused to speak. I would not dignify anything he had to say with an answer. I would not let him humiliate me like this in front of all these people. Khaos curled his lip at me in disgust and turned back to the crowd before him

"Did you all know that before Violet and I met she was in a pretty serious relationship? Of course, I put a stop to that as soon as I found out. Or so I thought. Who were you with today? Who did I find you kissing? Whose body was your hands caressing, whose ear was you whispering in?" One by one the crowd looked at me, their gaze turning angry and resentful. I didn't need the mind link to read their thoughts. It finally broke me into speaking up and defending myself

"It wasn't like that! He came to me! I told him I was happy here, that I wanted to stay! I love it here, you've all been so welcoming and gracious. I don't know what you think you saw but I know it's wrong! I would never betray you, never hurt you!" I rushed forward so I could grab his hands in mine, pleading with him to believe me.

"You already did" he whispered, low enough for only my ears to pick up. The last remaining piece of my heart shattered into a million pieces as his armour slipped for that brief moment and I saw the raw emotion, heard the burning hurt in his words.

"I don't want him, Khaos, I want you. From the moment we met, it's always been you!"

"I don't believe you. It's me because it has to be, you no longer have a choice now Logan is gone. You've proven to me twice now that you will choose Logan over me, why else haven't we completed the mating? Because you didn't want to, Violet. Remember that. I offered everything I have and it wasn't good enough"

"It was good enough! It is good enough! Don't let this ruin us, don't let it destroy everything we've worked so hard to build"

"It's too late. You ruined us, you destroyed my trust in you. What would have happened if I hadn't returned when I did? Would I even have had my mate to return to? Would you have bothered to say goodbye?"

A few of the more dominant wolves began to shout, calling out to their Alpha as they felt the hurt over the bond. The shouts grew louder as more and more wolves joined in, demanding that I be punished or thrown out, left to fend for myself. Even Jasmine looked at me with disdain, her face dark with anger and her own hurt for the lost friendship we had been forging. I looked down at the ground, sobbing openly, not knowing how to make this pain end. I felt Khaos gently lift my chin until our gazes locked. Before he could say anything I burst out "I love you, Khaos, I would never intentionally hurt you"

He stepped back, gesturing towards the guards. "Just take her. Lock her in my room. Leave the key on the desk in my office, I'll deal with her later"

The nearest guard attempted to reach out for me but I shrugged him off, willingly going with them as they escorted me out. At the last minute, I turned back to Khaos. "You're going to be very sad and lonely if this is the way you're choosing to end things. You know me, look past your own hurt and stubbornness for 5 minutes and you'll see I'm telling the truth. You're blinded by your hatred and obsession for Logan but have you seen his death affect me at all? Think about that." I was beginning to think this wasn't worth it at all. As sweet as he could be I couldn't live this life, constantly terrified of his lack of trust in me. Logan's parents had lost their son, I had lost my childhood best friend but all that mattered was how Khaos was hurting. Yes, Logan fucked up but did that mean be deserved to die like that? He wouldn't even get a proper burial, Khaos fully intended to leave him to rot in those woods, his parents would never know what had happened.

How many more people were destined to die for the sake of Khaos and me?

I flinched as the door slammed shut behind me, leaving me alone with nothing but my thoughts

I woke up in the midst of a fever, my body burning from the inside out. I clutched at my dry throat as another wave of heat blistered through me, every inch of my skin coming alive in mind-numbing tingles. No,no, no, not now. Please not now I silently begged, knowing it was useless. The heat was here.

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