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Chapter 19

Chapter 19


I packed and unpacked my suitcase a dozen or more times throughout the night, eventually leaving it unpacked but with my clothes neatly folded on the bed next to it whilst I sat in the chair I was beginning to hate and stared at the pile of clothing as though it were going to bite me.

Even my wolf was pissed, constantly growling her anger and cursing the day we were ever paired with a fickle, shallow cheat. I knew it was bad when even she was hating on him, she was always the one who begged me to forgive him.

I wanted to go to the cabin. I wanted to explore the chemistry me and Khaos had found between us but I didn't want to do it at the expense of my own self-confidence and respect. I was under no illusion that this relationship was borderline toxic, after all how many other couples had this constant back and forth that we had? How much longer could I excuse his behaviour based on his childhood? On the other hand, I knew despite all my inner self-doubt, I couldn't not go. I would forever resent myself if I didn't give it this one final shot. I owed it to myself and the baby.

I eyed up the phone that was currently sitting on the pile of clothes. Well, that's one way to distract yourself from Khaos I thought as I reached over to snatch it up. It rang endless times before someone decided to pick up

"Honestly, Violet! You've been gone a little under three weeks, no phone call, no mind link, nothing! You could have been murdered for all we knew! Then you have the nerve to call the house at this late hour when you know how much my sleep routine means to me! It's never too young to start you know, you can't rely on your wolf to keep you young forever, ageing will kick in eventually. Might I suggest you start with a nice moisturizing cream...Which reminds me, I picked up this wonderful youth serum yesterday..." I pulled the phone away from my ear, rolling my eyes as she continued her monologue. I could picture her now, as perfect as always, sat at her vanity table with the curlers in her hair for that perfect, shiny bounce - but of course, no heat. No self-respecting beauty queen would damage their hair in such a way! She would be staring at her cosmetics collection, each labelled with the date she opened them so that she never, ever applied out of date product to her skin. I grimaced as I glanced at my own hazardous make-up collection and heat styling products. We really were polar opposites

"Hello to you too, mother" I muttered dryly when she finally finished her tirade.

She gave a small 'hrmph' before replying, "That attitude isn't becoming in a young lady, Violet. So come on, out with it. When shall daddy and I pick you up?"

"That's not why I'm calling mother, I'm not coming back home"

"Don't be silly darling, of course you are. You can't possibly mean to stay with that monster? How utterly preposterous." She gave a small laugh before continuing. "Of course, it is slightly inconvenient to pick you up straight away, daddy couldn't possibly leave the pack without notice - not with all the drama going off at the minute. I also have an extremely important luncheon with the ladies tomorrow. You really did some damage to our reputation you know, Violet, swanning off with that lunatic like that. There's been an awful lot of damage control that we've had to do, it's aged me horrendously."

"I suppose you've forgotten the fact that your lives were at stake if I hadn't have gone?"

She gave a loud tut before she responded to me. " Yes, well, maybe that would have been for the best in the current situation. The rumours are positively ghastly, you've no idea the stress we've been under. But let's not dwell over your silly mistakes, it's water under the bridge. So, shall we settle on a date then? How does two days sound? Now, obviously, you'll have to meet us somewhere darling, we cannot possibly storm onto his lands unannounced and he wouldn't let you just up and leave with us, obviously."

"I'm not a prisoner, mother"

"Don't be silly. As I was saying, you'll have to meet us, so you'll have to think of some excuse but we'll get you back home and settled in no time, right back where you belong. Now, do you think a dinner party with the ladies on the evening of your return will be too soon or shall we settle for a nice brunch? I would personally recommend dinner, Violet, they're all expected you to return half mad! You'll want to nip that in the mud as soon as you can, I'm sure. I am, coincidentally, already hosting a small gathering that evening, so the opportunity could not be any better! Then, of course, there's the small matter of resuming the preparations for your ball. It cost us a lot of money to cancel that, you know, and I'm sure half the bachelors are no longer interested as you're bound to be seen as damaged goods but that's something you're going to have to live with. Another thing..."

"Enough, mother!" I barked, one step away from pulling out my hair. I should have known this would be an utter disaster. "I am not coming back! Khaos is my mate and I'm staying with him!"

"I don't appreciate your tone, madam. Might I remind you that he killed his parents? You would do well to remember that"

"There are 3 sides to every story. Your side, their side and the truth. I've heard enough to be able to form my own judgement as to why that took place and I believe Khaos when he says it was justified"

"If you are not ringing to inform us of your imminent return, I fail to see why you would be so rude and disrespectful to ring us in the middle of the night. Have you had an argument? It wouldn't surprise me but you know daddy and I do not approve and we will not be your sounding off devices. You will not ring us to vent your frustrations" I rubbed between my eyes, massaging the bridge of my nose and pinching it between my fingers to relieve the immediate tension headache I got from speaking to her

"I'm not calling to vent. I'm calling to tell you that I'm going away for a month." It was on the tip of my tongue to inform her of the pregnancy but something held me back, some gut instinct warning me that that particular conversation was a disaster that was best saved for another day. Possibly years from now when the baby was old enough to introduce themselves and I could escape responsibility completely.

"Well, that's hardly middle of the night news, Violet! Goodness, I'm in shock at how much your respect has deteriorated! You haven't contacted us in weeks, I dare say we wouldn't have noticed your absence for a couple more"

"Fine. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called. I just thought I should let you know, that's all" I let out a deep sigh as I braced myself for my other piece of news. "Also, I need to tell you about Logan" my mother sucked her breath in sharply

"There shall be no mention of that boy, thank you"


"No buts! We are well aware that he has been killed. Your father felt the pack bond between them break, I told him years ago he should tune that out as I have. Logan's parents also felt the family bond shatter. It didn't take a genius to work out he had been killed on Dragonheart pack territory, he was sounding off for days about his intention to rescue you. Alone. I will not grieve for such stupidity."

"How can you say that? He was the son of the beta!"

"Yes and a fine job they did of teaching him if that silly example was anything to go by. I have to go now, Violet. You know I need at least 8 hours, already you've played havoc with my skin. It will take weeks to recover from this. Goodbye, darling" she hung up the phone without another word, leaving me open-mouthed and dumbfounded.

I had known my mother was borderline insane when I lived with her. She prioritized everything completely wrong and really was a vain, narcissistic, nasty excuse for a Luna but I never realised just how deep this went. I guess I spent so much time avoiding her company that she always managed to hide the worst of herself. How my dad had put up with her all these years was a mystery

One good thing did come out of that phone call though. I was now more decided than ever that I would be leaving with Khaos. I could not go back to my mother's pack so it was either stay with him forever or be in his good books enough to request a transfer to an allied pack - not that that was likely to happen when I was pregnant with the Alpha's firstborn.

I began packing my bags again, thinking over my mother's last words. The pack bond would shatter if I was to mate with Khaos, so she knew that this had not happened yet. For some reason that I couldn't quite put my finger on, this made me incredibly nervous. I knew her well enough to know there was something she was hiding. She herself had said there was a lot of drama happening at the moment. Something much bigger was happening, I just wish I knew what


I didn't go far once Violet through me out. I simply sank against the wall opposite her room and, with my knees bent up, my elbows resting on them, I stayed there, pining for her like a lovesick puppy. No doubt she would have laughed in my face if she had left the room and seen my pathetic actions, much the same as Jasmine did as she walked past to go to her room - although she was wise enough to keep her tongue still and not say a word. Violet might think she was a mug and being walked over but she had no idea how much respect she was earning from the pack with the way that she always stood up to me and managed to get me to bend to her will.

I sent a mind link to my beta, asking him to pack a suitcase for me to last a month and a couple of omegas had already filled my car with all the supplies we could possibly need. I heard them giggling as they planned a romantic gesture on my behalf. They wanted me to use a trail of Lillies they had packed for me, the flower of our moon goddess, to win Violet over. The trail would lead to the bedroom where no doubt they would inform me to sprinkle them over the bed, surrounded by dozens of candles. They read too many romance books, I already knew that would go down like a lead balloon. That was one piece of advice I wouldn't be taking

After a few hours, I heard Violet on the phone to her mother. I tried to strain my ears so that I could listen to her mother's replies but it seemed my wolf was also in a mood with me as he refused to cooperate, blocking off my heightened senses so all I got was a one-sided conversation. I'll admit, my heart skipped a beat when I heard Violet say she would be leaving with me but I quickly squashed that foolish glimmer of hope. After the Intel I had gathered on the Atlantis Pack I was hardly surprised she didn't want to return there. I really was the best of a bad bunch

It was quiet for a few hours afterwards, the only noise I could pick up was the sound of the shower running before it disappeared into complete silence. I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the click to indicate the door was opening

"Why the fuck are you sitting outside my door like a naughty dog that's been banished from its owner's room?"

I jumped to my feet, stretching out my stiff limbs as I answered, "many a true word spoken in jest. How are you feeling?"

"Fine" she muttered back, her posture stiff and awkward. I didn't know how to deal with sullen, quiet Violet. Give me her screams and rants any day, at least I had an idea of how she was feeling. I was lost with the miserable girl in front of me, other than knowing the obvious

"Did you manage to decide?" She simply gestured to the suitcase behind her.

"I'll just get that, shall I?"

"If you please"

"Violet, I know I fucked up but you've got to work with me here and meet me halfway"

"I don't have to do anything. Do you think I care that this is unpleasant and uncomfortable for you? That I'm even the little bit bothered that this is awkward and out of your comfort zone? No. Don't delude yourself, I'm doing this for the baby and that's it" she stomped down the hall towards the main entrance of the packhouse, leaving me to trail after her

This was going to be a long month

Atlantis Pack


I had been on the phone for the past hour with my new acquaintance, telling her everything I knew, from the moment Khaos stormed into our pack to the moment Violet rang me last night.

"Honestly Nyx, I know you hand no hand in raising that boy but I am ashamed for you! To drag Violet away for a month against her will is unforgivable. I could tell she was putting a brave spin on things but it's utterly appalling"

"I know, Amanda, I know. However, as much as your daughter means to you, that is the least of his crimes I assure you. I'm sure you've heard about his adoptive parents but did you know that he's not turned his attentions in his father and me? As if his upbringing was any fault of our own! We may have put him up for adoption but believe me when I say it was for the best. Khaos' real dad is the worst of the worst, pray to our goddess you never cross paths with him. I myself narrowly escaped with my life still intact. I couldn't raise a baby on my own and so I selflessly handed him over to a childless couple, an Alpha couple no less! I trusted them wholeheartedly when they told me they would raise him as their own and how does Khaos repay me? By plotting my death!"

"So what do we do?"

"I'm glad you asked, but you're not going to like it..."

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