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Chapter 20

Chapter 20


The drive to the cabin was tense, to say the least. Every so often Khaos would glance my way and catch me staring at him and vice versa. With how quiet and sullen we were both being, I was reminded of my first car journey with him. Goddess that seemed like a lifetime ago now, how could I have possibly anticipated this was the way things would turn out? Defying the odds to get pregnant during my first heat, and to a man whose company I could not be in for more than half-hour before insults were thrown.

Khaos broke the silence, jolting me back into the present. "The cabin is coming up on the left. Look through the trees and you'll catch a glimpse of it" my breath caught in my throat as I followed his instructions and saw the most beautiful cabin.

To call it a cabin was a disservice. The front looked like any other cabin - a simple, single-storied building complete with wooden steps and a porch. However, as we drive down the path, I saw that the house extended on either side with long, rectangular buildings. The porch of the cabin had a white picket fence that came off it, making way for little square flower beds as it joined up with building extensions on the side.

Khaos opened my door for me and I saw little details that I had missed earlier, such as the gorgeous wind chimes hanging from the porch roof, the Wolf shaped door knocker, even the flower pots on the windowsill were little ceramic wolves, their backs hollowed out to fit in the little flowers.

Walking through the door I saw that the front of the cabin came with all of its original features - wooden beams, log burner fire, everything to give it a homely, warm touch. However the extensions had been modernised, both of them having well go ceiling windows that looked out onto the courtyard on the back. The two buildings were joined together by a huge wooden fence, impossible for anyone to climb or look over without some serious climbing equipment - not that there was another house around for miles!

"Do you like it?" Khaos asked hopefully. "I know it's all a bit....thrown together but..."

"No, I love it! It works well, and to be honest, I don't fancy cooking in the kitchen that would have been here originally, can you? Let's not even mention the plumbing and bathroom! Modern definitely has its uses in a cabin like this." I gave him a soft smile and followed his lead as he began to give me the tour around the place, taking great pains to emphasise how safe the backyard was and all the security locks on the windows.

"Remember above all else, do not open the front door unless you've checked the peephole first. The door is strong enough that no Wolf should be able to barge through it easily but still... what was that for?"

"I had a tickle" in my throat, all better now," I replied innocently

"The hell you did! What are you scoffing for?"

I rolled my eyes at him, "check the peephole, Khaos? Seriously? I'm not sticking my eye that close! If there's a serial killer outside how difficult would it be to jam a knife through the peephole and straight into me?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" He laughed, shaking his head at me

"You don't think about stuff like that?"

"Yes Violet, I often think of being stabbed in the eye as I'm answering the door"

I folded my arms and frowned at him. "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you know"

"I do know. I also know that you have much bigger issues than the serial killer outside..." by muttered ominously, looking around the room with wide eyes. "Come here" he demanded and I flew to his side. Just how safe was this place?!

"What?" I hissed, lowering my voice before continuing, "what is it?"

He turned round to look at me, his face dark and hidden in shadows."Isn't it obvious, Violet? The serial killer inside the house is always scarier than the one outside, especially when he's hungry..." he grabbed hold of me, swinging me up into his arms as he began to tickle me, carrying me sway into the kitchen. My fists pounded at his back as I squealed with laughter, demanding that he put me down and then regretting it the moment he did.

"Make me food, woman" he ordered playfully.

I stood on my tiptoes and looked him straight in the eye, "who's going to make me?" He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer and my mouth instantly dried up. I swallowed hard as I saw the lust blaze in his eyes, sending a dart of longing through me in response. My tongue shot out to wet my lips nervously and his eyes followed my every move, his fingers digging into my sides. We locked gazes once more and we both knew what was going to happen. He lowered his head to mine as I strained further on my toes to meet him.

Before his lips could lock to mine, he shook his head, breaking free from the spell and gently but firmly, pushed me away from him

"I err... I... s-sorry" I stuttered, my face burning with embarrassment

"Nothing happened. Listen, you go rest your feet and I'll rustle us up something for tonight, what do you feel like having?"

You my Wolf howled. I mentally kicked her. "Anything will be fine"

"Great, I'll just go wash up"

The moment he left the kitchen I sagged against the counter, letting out the breath I hadn't even realised I'd been holding. This was going to be a long, frustrating month.

Amanda's Diary

This daughter of mine will be the death of me! If it wasn't bad enough that I had to deal with the insane gossip of her and her mate, or Logan's grieving parents, now I have Khaos' insane mother to deal with! She's not easy, let me tell you!

Can you imagine, she rings here, my own home! Goddess knows how she got this number! But anyway, she rings and asks for me by name! "Can I speak to Amanda, please?" No Luna, nothing!

To say I was shocked was an understatement. As far as I was aware, Khaos had been searching for his mother for years and she'd always managed to elude him. We spoke for around an hour the week before Violet went away and she spun the tale of how she had raised Khaos with love until she just couldn't do it anymore. I hardly believed that for a second! Men like Khaos didn't hate the way he did for no good reason! I had been willing to sever all ties with the woman, heaven forbid I give those wretched friends of mine even more reason to gossip and giggle as I walked past them!

Then Violet rang and said she wouldn't be returning, in fact, she would be leaving with him for a month! A month! Who knows what sort of nonsense he will plant into her head given that sort of time alone with her? Nyx was overjoyed by this, hearing that they will be gone for a whole month and told me not to worry. It's easy for her to say, she hates her son and though I might not always show it, my daughter is the love of my life, I've done nothing but try to give her the very best and stop her being lead astray. I cannot have her mated to that awful, murderous mate of hers. She would never be able to walk into this pack with her head held high, her father is already receiving demands that we banish her should she not see the error of her ways. Things are done in a very particular way here and mating with someone like that is simply not good for the pack politics, every single allegiance of ours will be threatened.

My Violet is a very impressionable young woman, look how easily she was seduced by that no-good delta offspring, Logan. His death is no great loss at all. Had he left well enough alone I may have found myself able to show a little compassion and maybe even grieve for him but I'm afraid he had plans way above his station and to drag Violet into his schemes to work his way up the pack rank, that wouldn't do. My son is the next Alpha, Violet was always destined to leave this pack and join her alpha mate elsewhere. If she had mated with Logan the whole pack would have been thrown into disarray. What would be their place? Imagine, my Violet, no longer a Luna. The best she would have been able to hope for is to be the mate of a Beta, I'd rather see her dead!

Anyway, forgive my ramblings. As it turns out, I really can have my cake and eat it too. Nyx has come up with the most wonderful plan, it's almost a pity I didn't think of it myself! We have a whole month to enjoy ourselves and as the saying goes, whilst the cats away, the mice shall play...

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