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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The Last Two Weeks


My plan to seduce Khaos failed spectacularly. He simply gave me a kiss on my forehead and went his own room. To sleep. Alone.

It was hard not to take offence. Was it me? There was a time when he could barely take his hands off me, when he would playfully threaten to ruin me, destroy me for all other men and now he can't leave the room quick enough.

I spent the next few days in a funk, in fact, I may as well be honest and say I did a complete 180 back into my "bratty" temperament that I had shown during our first two days together. Khaos had no tolerance for this, choosing to be out of the cabin and away from me. No longer did we take our trips into the local town, no longer did we pretend to be man and wife and gone was the easy familiarity we had found with each other. We weren't even back to square one, which for us two was usually anger and resentment. No, instead Khaos treated me with a very formal courtesy, often inquiring about my welfare and trying to take care of me but in such a cold, robotic way.

I'll admit that I goaded him, deliberately going out of my way to be fussy and difficult in order to provoke a reaction. Even anger was better than this awkward relationship we had. Finally losing my temper with him, I ambushed him in the kitchen as he was making my current craving - mac and cheese on pepperoni pizza, not the healthiest option but I had thought of nothing else all morning. I had begun trying to talk to him as we normally would but he was only interested in finding out whether or not I was happy and the baby was okay and so I snapped. I accused him of fast becoming a weird, fucked up version of a werewolf Stepford wife and perhaps he and my mother had more in common than I thought since he was literally living her dream life round now. He had simply dished up my meal and walked away calmly, pausing only for a moment to say,

"Maybe you should think about growing up Violet. You're going to be a mother. I'm sorry I won't scream and shout with you and knock down walls because you're being difficult but I'm thinking about creating a harmonious environment to bring our child into, not one that is going to cause them to resent us because we go from one extreme to the other. Especially over something so silly as not getting your own way." And left me to eat the meal that suddenly tasted like cardboard in my mouth

He had a point, I knew that. Goddess, I hated it when he was right. He was making a sincere effort to try and find level footing with me and here I was ruining everything because I wanted it my way or the high way. Still, I wanted more than he was offering.

This mean, violent, often angry man had broken down my walls and invaded every part of my being. From the very beginning, I had been drawn to him, the mating bond refusing to be denied, a force so powerful that wolves were known to commit suicide if they were to lose it. That was just my Wolf side, it was her nature to respect her Moon Goddess. It was always me, Violet, that had resisted the call of the fates and now I had fallen head over heels for the last person I could have imagined but now the one person I can't live without. Now was the time for honesty.

On our last week at the cabin, I built up the courage to tell Khaos how I felt.

We were settling down late one evening. Khaos had gotten in the habit of reading to the baby. He would lay on the sofa with me between his legs as my back rested on his stomach. I would turn my head to press my ear to his chest so I could both hear and feel the hypnotic rumble of his deep voice as he read story after story of classic children's tales. My hand would often reach up to rest on his cheek, to feel the strong jaw under my fingers with every spoken word. Every time he turned a page he would plant a kiss on the palm of my hand before continuing, his free hand always coming back to rest on my slightly curved stomach once the page had been turned. Many nights I drifted off to sleep and he would gently carry me to bed, stroking my back after he had tucked me in to make sure I fell straight back to sleep and it was moments like this that gave me hope that he felt the same way, he was just holding back for reasons unknown. I just didn't see how it was possible for him to care for me to such an extent without having feelings for me. This went beyond the pregnancy, he didn't need to do this simply because I was the mother of his child and I knew Khaos would never do anything he didn't really want to do.

To test my theory, tonight, I decided to mix things up a bit. We took up our usual positions on the sofa, but as he opened the book to begin the story I stopped him, pulling out a book that I had hidden under the cushion earlier.

"Read this to me, please. It's one of my favourites"

"Violet this is..."

"It's a chick flick, Khaos, it's not going to bite you! You're not less of a man because you're reading a love story!" I opened the book and raised it above my head so he could read it, soon settling down once he took it from my hands. As usual, I rested my hand on his jaw and waited.

It didn't take long. There was a reason this book was one of my favourites. Full of some of the most intense, nerve-tingling sex scenes, it was both hot and sensual.

As his voice read over the words I had almost memorized, I made my first move. I kept one hand on his jaw, the other travelling down my body to undo the buttons on my shirt one by one. Without revealing any skin, I pushed my hand into my bra, circling my erect nipple and squeezing it between my fingers. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes as I let out a soft, deliberate moan

"Violet.." his voice sounded hoarse as he paused to clear his throat.

"Shh! Read" I demanded, bringing my knees up but not yet parting them, my feet planted firmly on the sofa.

He did as I asked, his voice sounding strained as he read the words to me. I scraped my index finger down my chest, over my stomach and up under the hem of my skirt. I let my knees drop apart slowly, my fingers sliding up and down my inner thigh as I put on a show for him. As he began to read about the male character dominating his partner, having her on her knees in front of him my hand pressed against my panties, rubbing my clit through the damp material.

I heard his breath catch as he stumbled over the next sentence and looking up I saw his eyes were drawn to the activity under my skirt time and time again. I knew it drove him wild to be able to see everything I was doing yet at the same time he could see nothing. His imagination must be in overdrive.

I felt his hand slide down my body so that he could lift my skirt over my waist and explore the lower half of my body. He pushed his hand into my bra as he continued to read more confidently, gently pulling on my erect nipple. I pushed myself backwards, my ass pressing against his stiff cock, my head next to his as I wanted softly, my hand slipping into my panties.

I rocked my hips as I slid a finger inside of my, making sure to grind against his erection every time. He put down the book and firmly grabbed my face, turning me towards him to cover my lips with his own, our tongues meeting stroke for stroke.

I spun my body around to face him, kneeling in between his legs as we locked eyes, my hand travelling to the buckle on his jeans. I slid them over his hips down to his knees, feeling encouraged as he raised up slightly to help me. Keeping my gaze on his, I grabbed his shaft, positioning it at the entrance to my wet pussy and paused, waiting for some sort of confirmation.

As soon as I got the slight nod, I sank down on him, arching my back to take him in as deep as possible, both of us giving a sigh of relief.

That's when I noticed the blackness in his eyes as pure, unadulterated lust took over. I swallowed down the lump of excitement, rocking my hips as slow as possible, seeing his teeth elongate as his Wolf tool control. His hands went to my hips, digging in sharply as he fought to control and so I shrugged the shirt off my shoulder, letting him see my tits in the push-up bra as I began to bounce on his cock. Almost as soon as I started, I knew that he was past the point of no return, finally reaching his breaking point when, with a fierce growl, he started slamming me up and down his cock, circling his hips so he thrust against my gspot. I gave a triumphant shout, bracing my hands against his chest with a laugh as he gave me the fucking I had been begging for.

He grunted with every pounding he gave me, his fingers moving between my legs to play with my clit, giving me a taste of my own medicine as I looked down and could see nothing other than the movement of my skirt as he went to town on my pussy. He squeezed, flicked, pulled and rubbed my clit, paying no attention to my cries of mercy as my legs began to shake and my orgasm built higher and higher. This was the moment, it was now or never.

I leaned forward, my chest against his as I brushed the hair off my neck, exposing the tender skin to him

"Mate with me" I whispered as I grabbed his chin, turning his head to the side so I could sink my teeth into his neck, almost collapsing as my orgasm washed over me more intense than any I had ever had before.

He didn't miss a beat, biting down in the same spot as myself, the mating bond instantly zapping into place, sending me straight over the edge onto my second orgasm as he spilt his hot cum inside me.

I love you, my beautiful mate. He told me over the bond as we both collapsed, panting heavily.

I must have fallen asleep afterwards as I awoke to find myself in bed, completely naked, but this time Khaos was with me. He was sat up, his back against the headboard, his fingers absentmindedly rubbing my back as he stared into space

"Khaos?" I questioned, raising my head off his chest. He didn't acknowledge me at all, I don't even think he heard me. "Khaos?" I tried again, stroking his cheek. "You're scaring me."

"You know my parents were never mated? Did I tell you that?" Oh shit, he was in a dark place if thoughts of his parents were haunting him. I wanted to jump up and distract him, anything to save him the hurt of reliving any of his childhood but also sensing that this was a story he needed to tell, whether or not I wanted to hear it.

Pushing my ego to the side, knowing it wasn't about what I wanted for the first time since we had been here, I laid back against his chest. "No, you didn't. Do you want to talk about it?"

"I'm glad you made the first move, Violet. You've no idea how long I've wanted to mate with you but I could never force you into a life you didn't want. You've probably figured out by now that I say a lot of things in anger that I don't mean and have no intention of following up on - I'm working on that I promise. My parents hated each other, they were from enemy packs and realised they were mates during battle. My father kidnapped my mother, keeping her held hostage as he waited for her to go into heat. As soon as it hit they were at it like rabbits, fucking every second of the day for two days straight, so I've heard. Of course, as soon as the heat subsided, my mother instantly regretted her actions but my father was still in a lust-filled haze, not needing the heat to fuel his appetite. He raped her continuously until the moment she told him she was pregnant. After that, he never touched her again. His plan was for her to have the baby within the compounds of his pack. If it was a girl, she'd be given to a childless couple to raise and he would continue to keep my mum prisoner until he got his male heir. As soon as the male was born, he was going to throw my mother out and pack up, moving as far away as possible, which was why he never mated with her as he didn't want any connection that may help her track him down. Of course, he could have killed her but both he and my grandfather loved the idea of her returning to her pack and having to admit what had happened to her at the hands of their enemies. It was the ultimate way for them to win the century-long war" he paused, clearing his throat and swallowing down the lump that made his voice hoarse.

"It's different with us, Khaos. I'm here because I want to be, you know that, right?"

"I know little one, I just need to tell you this. So somehow my mother managed to escape. No-one has ever been clear with the details so I couldn't tell you how. Nyx was, and still is, an extremely beautiful woman. I doubt she would have faced many difficulties if she decided to seduce her way out of there as the chance to fuck an enemy Luna- but those are just rumours, who knows how true they are? Anyway, the months flew by and Nyx knew she didn't want me, couldn't stand the thought of having to raise me. I know she tried to kill me the minute I was born, I assume I looked too much like my father for her to experience that sort of hatred towards a baby. Her parents stopped her just in time and convinced her to leave me with another Alpha to raise. They had heard about a couple who were struggling to conceive and what happened after that you already know. Apart from one thing"

Goddess what else could there be?!

"Nyx kept tabs on me, monitoring my progress. The minute I experienced my first change even her own Wolf tried to submit to me, a mere child. It could have been fear that motivated her, maybe even resentment - either way, she made herself known to Drake. The stories change depending on who you ask but the general tale is that they spent the next few years sleeping together. I would like to get this confirmed in more detail but unfortunately, either myself or my warriors have already murdered the majority of the people who were privy to this information. I do know that Nyx was the one who sensed the awakening of my Wolf thanks to Rhyssa, maybe she sensed it over the family bond, who knows? What I do know with complete certainty is that she alerted Drake and singlehandedly orchestrated the gang rape. She hadn't expected Drake to participate but it can't have put her off as the last I heard they slept together for many years. They only stopped once Nyx heard that I was not in fact weakened from the attack and unlikely to ever recover, I was artist stronger than ever and out for revenge. She removed herself from Drake's life quickly, doing such a thorough job that by the time I got to Drake there wasn't a single trace of her left in that pack."

"I'm so sorry, Khaos, no-one should ever experience even a fraction of the pain you've known. Are you thinking these thoughts because of what happened tonight?"

"In a way. I'm ecstatic we're mated, Violet, so please don't doubt that for a second. I would lay my life down on the line to protect you without hesitation. You and this baby are my reason for living now. I don't even care about my revenge. I want my mother to suffer for what she did to me, but I want to ensure yours and the babies safety more. We can't repeat the past, Violet. You can't leave me. I can't become the person I was, the person my parents created. You make me better, I need that. I need the life with my child and my mate"

"We're nothing like them. We'll make this work because we love each other. I'm not afraid of you, I'll help you be better and I'll point out if you are being unbearable or hurting me in any way. I've got you, I've got us, I'm strong enough to carry us both whilst you work on your demons. I'm going nowhere." I grabbed his hands and placed them flat on my stomach. "We're going nowhere. It's me and you from now on, as a team, I promise." Funny thing with promises of forever... They have a nasty way of being cut short.

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