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Chapter 24

Chapter 24


I stood in the shower, letting the water pour over my head and run down the bridge of my nose as I rested my arm on the tiled wall and tried to remove some of the tension from my shoulders.

I had thought Violet was having a panic attack earlier, after all, it has been an extremely busy getaway for us - in fact, my entire life has been one amazing rollercoaster since the moment she entered it and I never wanted the ride to end. I can't deny though that she had scared me. Her feelings were strong enough to project over the bond to myself, even though I had downplayed it so that I didn't stress her out. Early pregnancies can be risky for anyone, nevermind werewolves. Our she-wolves will give birth after a mere 6 months of gestation, there is a lot of development to take place during the first 12 weeks and the baby needs their mother as calm as possible. I knew what Violet was experiencing, it was the breakage of a lost pack member. She had never been Luna before so it made sense that she didn't recognise this but as soon as I felt what she was feeling, it immediately had me alert. The only reasons I hadn't demanded we leave instantly had been to keep Violet calm and also to ensure that whoever was attacking my pack had not sent recruits after us.

I was concerned, but not panicked. I was almost positive that should anything severe have happened I would have felt it, no matter how much my Wolf was currently retreating. He wouldn't block this out, somehow he would know to come through I knew it.

I couldn't shake the feeling that this was my mother's doing. Goddess alone knew where my father was but I had made enormous progress when it came to tracking down my mother - and I hadn't been quiet about it either. I wanted Nyx to know exactly who it was that ended her life when the attack eventually came and I should have warned the pack better that she may try to attack first. Stop! I inwardly screamed this is exactly what the warriors were trained for!

They much was true. The warriors were deadly, disgusting wolves but they were made that way. Each one had a past similar to my own, we were all well aware of what the others had been through and that's the reason we fought the way we did. They knew Nyx would be ready for us. I was sure of it. Violet had to be my priority right now, I would let them worry about the pack for a day more until I could get home to them.

I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around my hips, looking through the doorway at Violets softly illuminated silhouette as she slept. If someone had told me this time last month that I would soon find myself mated and with my first child on the way I would have laughed in their face. This wasn't the life that the Fates had decreed for me -mine was one of suffering and heartache and in a flash, Violet had defied all the Gods to bring the first ray of hope I had experienced in a long time. I would do anything to keep her.

This cabin already held so many fond memories for me but every further second I spent here felt as though the walls were closing in on me and my breathing was getting more and more constricted. Something was happening and I needed to be there to help, not stuck in the mountains. Once again I found myself at war with myself, wanted so desperately to keep a hold of the love I had found or give in to my true nature and fight like the beast I really was. I had to hope Violet loved me enough in return to accept what I needed to do. If an attack was imminent or indeed already happening then the safest place for Violet right now was back with her mother until I could get my affairs in order.

Either she went willingly, or I would have to drive her away.

I signed as I closed the bathroom door and climbed into bed next to my beautiful mate. She gave a small moan of contentment as she snuggled in next to me and automatically my arm wrapped around her, pulling her in closer. She fit me perfectly. How could I let her go, even for a moment?

My life was never my own. Like a puppet on a string I had been played and manipulated since the moment of my violent conception and nothing had changed since.

"Khaos, slow down! You'll run us off the road driving like that! What the fuck has gotten into you?" She was right. The moment I had gotten behind the wheel of the car I had driven like a mad man. I wanted so badly to shift and run home, id be there already if it wasn't for all these fucking traffic lights and one way systems. I pounded the steering wheel as another light turned red as I approached it and turned to Violet with a tight smile.

"I'm getting you a swear jar for that mouth of yours. I've had a bad impact on you."

She reached into her picked and pulled out a bit of spare change. "Here. Debt repaid. Now come on, out with it!"

What was I supposed to say? I need you to go back and live with the mother you despise because I can no longer keep you safe? I tried once more to contact the pack, knowing for a fact that I was well within reach for the bond to work correctly. Once again, there was no answer. I tried the pack as a whole, my warriors, Erin, Jasmine, my Beta and my Delta and got nothing. I gripped the steering wheel tighter, my knuckles turning white with the restraint of holding back the change

I looked down as I felt a soft hand stroke my arm. "Talk to me, please. You're scaring me!"

"Please, please try to stay calm. That feeling you had last night? I felt it. It's the bond between Alpha and Luna and their lost pack members. It could be death, it could be pack transfer, it could be them turning rogue - whatever it is that member is no longer a part of the pack." Violet swallowed hard as she gazed at me with her huge, beautiful eyes and I hated myself for bringing in the clouds of worry that darkened the blue I was used to.

"Fuck this!" I growled as I slammed in the pedal, sending the car hurtling forward with a screech

"Swear jar." Violet joked with a shaky smile that didn't quite manage to pull up the corners of her mouth. "What are we going to do?"

I gave her a harsh glance. Was she completely stupid? "We, are going to do nothing. You are going to your mother's pack where you are safe and that's final."

"You can't be serious!" She hissed as she clung onto the door handle, closing her eyes momentarily as the scenery flew past us. "I'm not going back there. You should have heard how she spoke to me..."

"I'm sorry your feelings were hurt but, in the nicest way possible, get over it. What are you going to do, Violet? Come running into a potential war zone with me? You can't shift, you can't fight, you have zero skill or training. What do you want me to do? Fight one-handed and the other hand keeping you behind my back out of harm's way? Get real."

"Any other complaints whilst you're at it? Can't fight, can't shift, no skills. Would you also like to include my useless hobbies of luncheons and cocktail parties?" Fuck. Her feelings were hurt and that wasn't my intention.

"Vi... I know it sounds harsh but I haven't said anything that's not true is it?" I tried to reach for her hand but she pulled it away at the last moment. "Fine!" I snarled, "be offended and sensitive and blow it out of proportion as per..." I was silenced by her grabbing my hand and raising it to her lips.

"I'm sorry. You're right. I was going to be a brat about this, I was going to revert back to my immature ways. Everyone has their bad habits" we both let out a small laugh. Those words were definitely true for the both of us. "I just needed a moment. I trust you, you're not pushing me away. I'm not used to this relationship either, but I'm with you. Every step of the way. If you think it's best for me to go to my mother's, I'll go. Just promise me you'll come back to me, Khaos"

"I'll be back before you even realise I'm gone" I smiled at her sadly and tried again to reach the pack. I was more than worried now but I wouldn't let Violet see that.

"Pull over" she ordered. "It's probably best you don't turn up at the pack with me, don't you think?" She added as an explanation when I frowned at her. I pulled over and she opened the car door slightly. "We'll cross that bridge another day. You go take care of business and return to me soon. I love you"

"I love you too" I leaned across the seat to give her a kiss, reluctantly letting her go as she stepped back, pushing the door closed. She gave a small wave as the car set back off, driving me further and further away from her and our future.

No matter what, I'd keep my promise to her. I'd return and together we'd raise our baby, away from this shit mess I had started with Nyx.


"Kicked you out has he?" I rolled my eyes as she looked down her nose at me, giving a superior sniff before turning away. "I'm hardly surprised. Look at the state of you."

"Hello, mother. Hello dad. It's nice to see you too. No, Khaos has not left me or kicked me out. He has some pack business to attend to" my mother and father exchanged a quick glance and if I wasn't mistaken there was a flash of fear in my mother's eyes.

"Where's Junior?" I asked, desperate to see my brother and get away from the heavy, uncomfortable atmosphere surrounding my parents. Named after our father, he was often called Junior to avoid confusion.

"He's busy, Violet. We can't drop everything at the drop of a hat because you've dropped by unannounced. Honestly, you really should give at least a few days notice. Nevermind that, will K... will Khaos be collecting you from here?'

"Ye-es" I drawled slowly, staring at them both suspiciously. "What's going on here? Why do you both look so shifty?"

"Nonsense, darling. We're just shocked is all. Come here and give your old man a cuddle." My dad extended his arms out to me and I fell into him, instantly warmed by the familiar scent and feel of him. The minute my arms locked around his waist he shoved me away from him, hard enough that I stumbled against the table in the hallway

"Christopher!" My mother snapped. "What on Earth are you playing at?"

"Smell her" my dad demanded, looking as though he had seen a ghost.

"I most certainly shall not. A month shacked up with that creature, goddess only knows what stench is clinging to her! Have you absolutely lost your mind?"

"Amanda." He gritted his teeth. "Smell. Her."

My mother inhaled deeply, her eyes burning with a rage I had never before seen on her face. I hadn't even realised she was capable of that sort of emotion. Something was seriously, seriously wrong here.

Khaos I called over the bond. Khaos this was a bad idea. Can you hear me? Nothing.

"Pregnant?!" My mother screamed loud enough to make me wince. "Pregnant! No! No! No! No! No!" She began to smash up the hallway with every word. Her priceless vase went hurling down onto the tiled floor, her family heirloom picture was snapped in two, the phone table pushed to the floor and stomped on.

I took a couple of steps backwards, my hand teaching behind me to try to find the doorknob. I had to get out of here.

"Are you fucking insane?" My eyes bulged from their sockets at my mother's profanity. She began to mumble under her breath, pulling at her hair, seemingly so close to the edge of insanity that I was genuinely growing more and more frightened of her.

Her head snapped up at the sound of the door clicking open. Her hand snaked out to snap around my wrist. "Violet!" She hissed, Her eyes swirling with hysteria. "The Apple never falls far from the tree" she spoke as though she was in a trance, every syllable seemingly elongated and vicious. "Trust us. We've seen it. We cannot allow this to continue. We cannot let another generation roam this earth knowing what we do" she nodded to my dad, who immediately grabbed me, pinning my arms to my sides and picking me up in his strong grip.

"The basement, Chris. The basement" my mother mumbled. "We'll get her out of here. We'll put a stop to this. She can stay with my sister in Ireland. Where Khaos can't find her" I screamed as I was dragged down the dark steps, trying in vain to kick at my dad's shins.

"Think of the baby" I pleaded as I was thrown into a dingy cell. My mother let out a frightening laugh.

"The baby is all we're thinking of. It must be destroyed. Such evil should have have been created. Such evil should be stopped before it has a chance to destroy everything" the door slammed shut and away they both went, my dad practically carrying my hysterical mother out of the room as she wept for her reputation, her pure family blood-line and everything else she blamed the baby for stealing from her.


Don't panic, Violet, don't panic


I fell to my knees as soon as I entered the pack grounds. There was nothing left. Nothing but burning piles of embers as every structure was burned to the ground and huge piles of rubble from the explosions. There were bodies everywhere, some wolves, some humans, some a grotesque mix of both.

Nothing, nothing in my wildest dreams would have ever prepared me for this. I crawled across the rubble of my packhouse, looking for any sign of life.

Please goddess, please. I prayed, yet not knowing what I was looking for. I wanted to see some sign that someone had survived this yet hoped so desperately that no-one had used the one room I wanted to find above all others. My wolf howled his anguish, screaming out, warning me we were in danger but I ignored him as I pushed on in my search.

It didn't take me long. The door to the safe room was unmistakable. I saw the small bodies, the mothers with the vials of poison still on their necks. Before I had time to process what I was seeing, I heard the calling that chilled my very bones.

Khaos! Violet shouted over the bond. Can you hear me?

I shot to my feet, ready to send out a response when I felt a sharp sting in my side. Looking down I saw the dagger protruding from between my ribs, stumbling back as the silver that coated the blade mixed with my blood. My mother's head guard wrapped his arm around my neck, holding the blade against my exposed throat.

Well, well, well. What do we have here?"


Don't panic, Khaos. Don't panic.

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