You Wouldn't Dare (#1) *COMPLETE*

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25


I chewed the inside of my cheek as I contemplated my next move. Nyx had me on my knees, her pathetic little guard still holding the silver-coated blade to my throat. That one little fact kept me from doing what I itched to do - leap forward and rip her throat out and bath in her blood. One wrong move and that knife would be slicing me open before I had time to blink

"How nice to see you again. Khaos, I believe you were named? How very apt. As miserable as your namesake, you've been a thorn in my side from the moment of your conception" she pulled a knife from her side, fingering the sharp blade as she continued, "did you know, once upon a time Khaos was supposed to the ruler of all life? Yet you've never really been in control of your own, have you? Not even for a moment." She pushed down on the blade slightly, a small bead of blood forming on the tip of her finger. She sashayed closer, wiping the blood across my lips and filling my hair back with a sharp tug.

"How much do you want this? How often have you dreamt of tasting my blood as you ended my life?" She brought her lips close to my ear and whispered, "I was always one step ahead. I knew your plans and have evaded you time and time again until I was ready. I wish Drake had killed you when I gave him the go-ahead."

I pushed against the blade, feeling the silver burn my skin, the horrid scent of charred skin invading my senses. Nyx simply laughed, moving out of reaching distance.

"Tut, tut, Khaos. I've not even begun to be finished playing with you yet. How did you enjoy your little initiation into the world of sex and pleasure? From the stories I've heard, it wasn't much fun for you - though it doesn't seem to have affected you much" she ran her eyes over my kneeling figure, her lips tightening.

"Your pretty little mate seems not to mind, though. If the rumours are to be believed, I'm to be a grandmother in a matter of months. I wonder how my dear friend Amanda will take the news? Considering she helped orchestrate this entire thing" she gestured to the ruins behind her to emphasise her statement.

What the fuck? Violet's own mother had done this? And I'd sent my mate to her! Unprotected! Fuck this, the games were over. My Wolf sprung into action

Before Nyx could blink, I raised my right arm, wrapping it around the wrist of the guard holding the knife. I partially shifted my jaw into that of my Wolf, biting down into the fleshy skin on his wrist and shredding it open. Blood spurted out, momentarily blinding me, leaving me vulnerable as he howled out in pain. The guard quickly recovered, pushing the blade of the knife in the direction of my neck, slicing from my jaw to my ear. I kept my grip on his arm, ignoring the sizzling burn and stood up with my back hunched, the guard being picked up with me.

In one swift movement, I flipped the guard over my shoulder, snapping his wrist the moment his back hit the ground with a heavy thump. I didn't waste another moment as I grabbed the knife and jammed it straight into his mouth and out of the back of his skull, keeping him pinned to the floor. I didn't need the knife anyway.

Nyx took off on foot, leaping over the rubble away from me. I gave chase, pushing past the wound in my side and the blood pouring from my neck.

It didn't take me long to catch up to her, she was running on fear whereas mine was pure adrenaline. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her back against me, wrapping my arm around her waist.

She jabbed at me with her own knife, stabbing me in my thigh. Stupid mistake. I grabbed the knife myself and rammed it into her back, severing her spinal cord. We both almost fell as she was instantly paralyzed, my own injured body struggling to hold us both upright.

With the last of my strength, I dragged her back to the piled of rubble and laid her body atop of it whilst I went in search of the tools I needed.

It felt like hours later that I returned. I had piled all of the bodies of my lost pack members onto the wooden floor of the training arena. I grabbed Nyx, tying her limp body to one of the last remaining beams that were still standing. I had positioned the bodies so they were no more than 6ft away from Nyx and I swallowed hard against the daunting site. Almost everyone I had ever cared about was in that like.

I lit the match and said a few words to the moon goddess, pleading with her to take the souls of these innocent wolves and forever protect them in her kingdom of the afterlife. As well as damn those that needed damned.

I permitted my Wolf one howl into the night sky and threw the match onto the bodies.

Nyx screamed as the flames licked through those that she had killed earlier, building closer and closer to her, the heat warming her skin and turning it an angry shade of red.

The fear was clear in her eyes as she knew what I planned and I grinned at her like the sadistic mad man she had heard rumours of.

The wooden floor caught the flames, circling around the bottom of the wooden beam directly below Nyx's feet. I had no idea the extent of her spinal cord injury, but I suspected she was paralyzed from the injury down, her upper body could feel everything.

My fears were half confirmed when Nyx released her bowels in fear as the flames caught onto her clothes and spread up her legs, moving higher to her knees, her thighs, her hips.

She screamed out in pain as the flames licked their way up her torso and over her arms. I wanted to look away but refused to allow myself. I had to see this.

She coughed as the ash from the embers burned her throat, her eyes bulging from their sockets with the agonising pain. The fire caught a locked of her hair, shooting up the silken strands. Her entire face became surrounding with the golden flames, framing it as though it were a halo. The irony was not lost on me.

I stayed until I saw her head flopped forward, the fat in her cheeks having melted from the heat, causing bubbles to protrude over her skin. I took the entire site in, memorizing it, waiting for the triumphant feeling to pour over me. I had wanted this all my life, had planned for it and spent sleepless nights plotting her demise.

I never got it. Instead, I was sickened by the needless waste that had occurred here. No one needed to have died. So many innocents had been caught up in this and in the end, nothing had been achieved.

All this because two people could not accept who they had been fated to be with and created a life neither of them wanted but one that neither would actually give up. It wasn't enough to banish their baby, they had to ensure the life was one of complete terror and suffering.

My baby would never have this life. They would know nothing but happiness and love. Starting from now. I got up to my feet, gritting my teeth against the pain and set off with a slight limp in the direction of the Atlantis Pack and my pregnant mate.


In the darkness of my cell I pleaded with my mother to release me, that she would never have to see me again, I would go away with my baby and she would never have to be a part of their life. I raged at my dad for believing her insanity, all babies are innocent, there wasn't a curse on Khaos' bloodline! I even tried calling to my brother but each and every person who was meant to love and protect me ignored me.

I opened up the bond with Khaos and tried once again to contact him, praying that he was okay. The minute I tried to tune into him, I was hit with a searing pain that brought me to my knees and had me clutching my side. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before and I knew, just knew, that his mother was behind this. Somehow she had managed to get the upper hand and orchestrated the entire thing- from the devastating attack on our pack, brainwashing my mother, Khaos' current pain. No one else would want to do this, nor would they dare.

I gritted my teeth against the pain, my heartbreaking as I realised it must be nothing compared to what my mate is actually experienced and tried once more to call for help.

Clinging to the bars of my cell for support, I yelled for my brother, figuring he was the best chance I had out of here.

Violet. He called to me over our sibling bond. Relax Violet, please. I can't come to you. Mother is sat outside your door mumbling like a madwoman. She truly believes your baby is cursed and will be the downfall of us all.

She's lost it! I snapped back, my hands cradling my slight bump protectively. This is what happens when you spend your life with your head in the sand, caring about nothing other than remaining young forever, your social standing and reputation! Of course, she was bound to snap! This is not my fault Junior, you know this!

Vi... She's not completely insane, is she? Your mate--

Yes! My mate has done bad things but he's not a bad person! Believe me when I say the man has experienced more pain than we ever knew existed! We've lived in luxury, everything at our fingertips! He has had to fight to live every second of the day! How would you like it if someone had refused to allow you to mate with Jenny? If they had accused her of such heinous crimes?

Jenny never killed anyone, Vi.

Would she if she had to? Junior was silent as he contemplated this. I pushed on, not waiting for his answer. If someone had raped and murdered her choice mate, don't you think she would have done something? If someone had forced her into a torture chamber filled with blades for days on end until she was swimming in her own blood, you think this wouldn't make her thirsty for revenge? Or if someone had orchestrated a gang rape on her as a teenager? Especially if that someone was the only parent she had ever known. Do you think Jenny wouldn't be bitter about this?! Do you think Jenny wouldn't want to kill everyone involved? Answer me! I was screaming over the bond, my own breathing becoming heavy and laboured even though I hadn't uttered a word.

I don't know what to say. He really went through all that?

I'm barely scratching the surface of what he's been through. You need to help me, please. I can feel him, he's hurt and he needs me. Something is going on, something huge. You know once he gets out of there he's coming here. He will tear through this entire pack like a man possessed and goddess help anyone who stands in his way. Don't be an idiot, Junior. Don't sentence yourself to an early grave, don't let my baby grow up without his only uncle. Please! I was openly sobbing now as I pleaded with my brother to set me free.

I hadn't been lying. I had every confidence that Khaos would get free of whatever situation he had found himself in, but what sort of person would be returning to me? After the weeks of hard work to remove him from his hard, protective shell, how far back would this set him? I had to get to him before some serious damage was done. Physical wounds would heal, given time. Mental scars stayed with you forever.

Junior? Please answer me. Don't let our insane parents get in your head. I promise you that Khaos loves me, he has never once laid a hand on me.

I.. I can't. He killed Logan for fuck sake! Or have you conveniently forgotten that?

And again I ask you, what would you have done if that had been Jenny? If someone constantly tried to steal her from you? If you caught him with his hands all over her? Are you seriously going to try to say that your Wolf would have no problem with this? I heard him growl and knew his Wolf was instantly rejecting the idea. Come on! That's not the way our kind works and you know it!

I wouldn't kill the bloke!

You would! You're thinking with your heart and not your head because Logan was your friend. Logan was nothing to Khaos, just another Wolf out to take what little happiness he managed to claw out of his miserable life.

I felt Chris sever the bond and screamed out loud, pounding my fists against the bars of my cage until they were raw and bleeding. Damn the lot of them to Hell!

I sagged against the concrete wall, hugging my knees close to my chest, tears of self-pity close to spilling down my cheeks. Everything seemed so hopeless!

I rubbed a hand over my stomach and wondered what effect this was having on the baby. Were they able to sense my distress?

Immediately racked with guilt, I hugged my bump with both hands and recited the words of my favourite story that I had long ago memorized.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby, you'll be"

I fought back the tears and tried to remain calm, all the while thinking there was never a story more true. If I did nothing else in my entire life, this baby would know nothing but happiness and love until my dying breath.

With no windows down here, I had no idea how much time passed. It was only when the air around me turned cooler, biting at my skin with its bitter coldness that I knew it was getting dark. I wiped away the tears that were drying on my cheeks with the back of my hand and pushed myself up, bracing my hands on the walk against the wave of dizziness. I had just steadied myself when I heard the door slam against the wall and my head snapped up to follow the noise.

Chris stood in the doorway, both arms on the frame to keep himself standing. He was bloody and bruised, every inch of his face a red, sticky mess. His small mate squeezed past him and ran to my cell door, twisting the lock quickly and pulled me into her arms for a fierce hug.

"Thank the Goddess you're okay" she mumbled into my shoulder

"What the fuck happened here?" I demanded, hurrying over to my brother.

"It's your mother" Jenny replied as we pulled him away from the open door. He was badly wounded, needing both myself and Jenny to hold him up, each of us wrapping an arm around his waist as his own arms went around our shoulders. "She's lost it, Violet. Really lost it. She's ordering attacks on anyone and everyone that dares to mention your name. Junior caught her laughing hysterically into the mirror. When he asked her if she was okay she shifted her hand and shredded her face open, screaming that she wouldn't let you damage her. She wouldn't live her life looking like you and having people ridicule her. He ran forward to stop her and she called the guards. Junior barely escaped with his life."

"Where's my father?" I demanded, sickened by what I was hearing.

Jenny gulped loudly before answering. "He's readying the guns. He said he's seen first hand what Khaos' family is capable of and he'll be damned if he leaves his family unprotected." That was all the confirmation I needed. During my time in the cell, it had occurred to me that maybe my parents had played a part in Nyx's plan and all doubt had just been erased.

"This is crazy! I have to get out of here!" I whispered as we entered the main corridor of the packhouse

"Go!" Jenny urged, taking Junior's arm off my shoulders and bearing his entire weight. "My parents have sent a car for us, we'll be fine. You get yourself out of here and don't look back. Find a way to contact us when all 3 of you are settled far, far away from here" she made a point of glancing down at my stomach.

"Thank you!" I sobbed, getting ready to leave.

"Bag" junior croaked, pointing to the suitcase that had been left in the doorway behind us

"It's the jewellery and money from the safe" Jenny explained. "Take it and go. Be safe, be happy and never look back"

"Thank you again" I called over my shoulder, wasting no time in taking her up on her offer. I retrieved the suitcase and ran back to them both, giving them both a huge hug as I whispered to them my gratitude. "I don't even know how to begin to repay you for this I..."

"For fuck sake woman, go!" Jenny shouted, giving me a shaky smile to take away some of the harshnesses of her words. I smiled back and took off, refusing to look back lest my heartbreak any further.

I ran through the packhouse and straight out the doors, heading for the one dirt road out of here.

"Viiiiolet!" I heard my mother screech, her voice was barely recognisable. I turned around and saw the shotgun pointed in my direction "If you leave here now Violet, you've chosen your side. We'll show you no mercy. Your mate and baby will die tonight, you don't have to join them. Don't make the wrong choice." She cocked the barrel of the gun.

"There's no choice. Goodbye, mother." I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, hearing her cursing and screaming ferociously. I ducked behind a car as I heard a shot fire out, my heart pounding wildly in my chest. She was fucking crazy!

I shot to my feet and ran again, trusting my instincts to guide me out of here.

I'm coming, Khaos. I called over the bond not knowing whether or not he could hear me. I sent a silent prayer to the moon goddess for everything to work out and to be reunited with my mate. I couldn't stand to lose him now, not after everything.

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