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5 years later

"Eros, stay close to the garden please and don't go wandering" I called out to my son, laughing as he stayed in his Wolf form and stalked the neighbourhoods cat. They would be reporting us if I wasn't careful but that cat had had enough warnings and still, it continued to push its luck with Eros and so, knowing he wouldn't actually hurt the small animal, I left him to show him who was the Alpha between the two.

Eros was such a sweet boy. Following the tradition of his family, I named him after the Gods. Except I decided to go with a God of love, hoping a name with such passion behind it would end the tragic lineage that was his family history.

So far I had kept my promise to Khaos. Our lives together might be a little strange and chaotic, but little Eros had never suffered a day in his life, he had everything he ever wanted and knew all about his daddy who was handpicked for eternal paradise with the moon goddess.

I tried to instil in Eros all the values and beliefs that would stay with him for life, shaping his character to be one of forgiveness and kindness rather than the blind hatred that was all his father had ever known.

We lived in a remote cottage, miles away from the nearest town and only a handful of other residences nearby. As soon as I had seen this place a year ago I had fallen in love, knowing it was the perfect place to raise Eros, both as a human and Wolf. Just as Khaos had taught me all those years ago, I would teach Eros how to hunt, track and disguise his scent without having to worry that any human would spot us.

I looked out of the window and saw Eros had shifted back to human and was quickly pulling on his clothes. I smiled softly at his haphazard attempt to put his trousers on, ending with both his legs in one hole.

There were times I looked at that boy and could see nothing but his dad's handsome face. I had never recovered from his death and there will still nights I laid awake pleading with the Goddess to grant me one more night in his arms, one more night to tell him everything I should have said that final time. Sometimes I wished so fiercely that I swear I caught his scent in the air and would close my eyes as I savoured the moment, planning out everything I would do differently if given the chance.

"... is in the house." I snapped out of my daydream as I heard my young son enthusiastically responding to a question.

I ran out of the house and saw the stranger, instantly snatching up Eros and pushing him behind my back.

"Get in the house, Eros."

"Mummy, this is Fang, isn't that a silly name? He told me he's on a very special mission!"

"It's a very silly name, young man. I think it was like your daddy's, Khaos was a bit silly as well wasn't it?"

"Mummy! He knows daddy!" He cried out, clapping his hands with happiness as he always did when his father was mentioned. He was over the moon to find someone else who might be able to tell him more stories of the man who was his idol.

"House, Eros, now!" I snapped as I locked eyes with the stranger.

He sucked in his breath and whispered my name in a tone of sheer amazement. "The rumours are true. You're alive! Grey will be most pleased! We've been searching for you for a long time"

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" I demanded, my Wolf growling in suspicion.

He didn't answer me, he simply gave me a sly smirk and turned on his heel. "Don't worry, Violet. We'll be seeing each other again, very soon." And with that he left me standing there, my heart hammering in my chest.


"Where exactly was she! Tell me again!" Alpha Grey demanded, his hand hovering over the desk as he waited to write down every word I spoke.

"It's as I said, Alpha. She's settled down in a cottage to the West, not far from the small village where we get our supplies. She has a son."

"My grandson! How is he?"

"He's strong, just like his father. The alpha power radiates from him already."

"Is that so?"

We all knew what this meant to our Alpha. After Nyx had left him, taking away his only heir, he was left with nothing. The older he got, the more challenges he got for alpha as other pack members recognised that he had no descendants to leave the pack to or to protect him. His age was creeping up on him and we all knew it was a matter of time before he was overthrown- unless he could provide an heir before then. As his brother, I could take his place as Alpha but I would be in the same position. With no mate and no heir, I would be challenged constantly. We needed a new generation of pups to keep our position as head of the pack that had been in our family for generations.

"Round up the warriors." He demanded. "We must retrieve that boy at all costs. He's the rightful heir to all I own, we can't waste another moment."

"What about the mother?"

"She can come quietly or kill her on the spot. I don't care. If she comes with, throw her away with the other slaves and let the unmated warriors do what they do best. She has no place in the boys' life any more" he waved his hand, indicating that the matter was done with and we were to get to work.

"I shall see it done"

"Oh, one more thing" my brother called out to me as I was leaving the room. I hesitated in the doorway as he continued, "don't forget to contact that healer and see to it she gets the job done. Violet won't fight us once she sees who's on our side."

I left the room with a smirk. This is the reason he had never been overthrown as Alpha. Grey was always one step ahead. The ball was in our court if all went to plan we had the ultimate ace card to play.


"I'm sorry, darling, but you can only bring one toy. I promise, I'll buy you a boatload when we get to our new house but for now, I need you to listen to mummy, okay? Pack your clothes as quick as you can, can you do that for me?" He nodded, his huge eyes shining with unshed tears.

My heart broke for him but I didn't have time to comfort him. I was frantically stuffing clothes in a suitcase, ready to uproot us once more.

I should have known better than to settle down. Khaos was wrong, this didn't end with my mother. We would never be free, we would never be able to stop running. Funny how life works out - the more things change, the more things stay the same.

I would always be haunted by the fact that Khaos had sacrificed himself to keep us safe and yet we were always destined to be escaping those that wanted to harm us. Life on the run was never going to be fun but with Khaos by my side, I could achieve anything. Eros deserved so much better than this. I wanted him to have everything he wanted, yet right now he hadn't even had the chance to make friends. I was all he knew. It was enough for now, but how long would this last?

I knew he was happy, he enjoyed spending time with me and learning about the world through our lessons. Despite the constant move, he never suspected that he was in danger, I had created the perfect bubble to shield him.

Eros knew nothing other than a world filled with love but I knew there were men out there ready to take it all from us. I couldn't let that happen.

So I rushed my poor, scared boy as he packed up his pitiful amount of clothes, handing me his bag so I could haul it over my shoulder.

"Hey, champ, don't look so scared. It's all a big adventure for us, isn't it? So long as we're together, no harm can ever come to us" he nodded bravely, sniffing away his tears.

"Come on, it's time to go" I slammed the door closed behind us, hoping and praying I had done enough to cover our scent to prevent us being followed and prayed to Khaos to watch over us and protect us from the evil coming our way.

To be continued in I Dare You (Available on Inkitt and Amazon)

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