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Chapter 3

Chapter 3


“Please tell me you’re not serious! You can’t actually be letting her leave with that fucking monster?!”

Amanda looked at me with disdain, “Violet is capable of making her own choices – we all saw it, Logan. She left here of her own accord.”

“He would have killed you! He would have killed all of us!” I pulled down the collar of my shirt to show her the marks on my neck, curtesy of Khaos’ attack. “She did this to protect us!”

“Nonsense! She should have told us she had found her mate, and we would have done all we could to shelter her. But no, she had to play her silly little games and now look where that’s gotten her. Really, Logan,” she flapped her arms at me, trying to brush me off, “say no more about it. It’s too painful to talk about.”

“Really? Because it looks as though you couldn’t give two flying fucks about her from where I’m standing!”

“Logan!” My dad boomed, stepping forward to seize my arm as he hissed in my face, “remember who you’re talking to! That is your Luna and you will show her the respect that is due her! Know your place, boy!”

“Thank you, Beta.” Amanda said softly, looking in my direction with smug eyes. My father bowed his head respectfully and retreated back a few steps – making sure he stayed close enough to intervene if I spoke too harshly again. Emotions were not tolerated here.

It had been an hour since Violet had been taken and no one seemed to be doing anything about it.

In fact, Alpha Christopher was the only one doing anything! He was out on the pack grounds, making sure that the fires were put out, and that everyone had a place to stay tonight.

There was an easy solution to that; there were more than enough rooms in this packhouse for everyone to stay, but Amanda had declared that it was “too taxing” for her and she needed her routine and silence.

Every other pack had members stay in the packhouse – Omegas in the rooms near the kitchen, the Beta’s close to the Alpha and Luna to ensure their safety at all times, and various warriors and guards posted throughout the numerous floors. It kept the pack safe.

But just as Violet had realised long ago, I was beginning to see that this was not a normal pack.

Amanda couldn’t even be bothered to help out with the recovery efforts tonight. She had retreated to her bedroom suite, taking both Betas with her for her safety, “in case Khaos came back and made good on his threat.”

Like Khaos was going to be interested in a mentally deranged, elderly Luna.

We were all sat in the living quarters of her bedroom, complete with three luxurious sofas and a roaring fireplace, whilst the other members of the pack rifled through the burning embers to find enough clothes to warm themselves.

“I’m sorry, Luna.” I mumbled. Amanda shot me a scowl full of scorn. My apology sounded as hollow to her ears as it did to my own.

“That’s quite alright, young Beta.” Throwing a title in there to remind me of my place I see. “Why don’t you go and find Alpha Christopher and see if there’s anything you can do to help? Violet isn’t the only one who has been through a terrible ordeal tonight you know.”

“Actually, I have thought of a way I can be of assistance.”

“That’s my boy!” my mother beamed, “tell us your plans.”

“I’m going to find Violet.” I ignored the groans from my parents and pushed on, “she can’t be too far from here. She will have left a trail for us to follow – I know it.”

“For the love of the Goddess, Logan! I knew you were a simple boy, but I had no idea this stretched to downright stupidity!” My mother’s lips tightened at Amanda’s insult, but she would not dare disrespect her Luna by challenging her.

“Oh, so it’s stupid to want to return the love of my life to her rightful place?”

Amanda scoffed, “ha! Love of your life? Oh, Logan, please. This has been an incredibly long day, and there’s still so much to do…”

“Like find your daughter!”

“Let her go, Logan. Khaos will never return her, so Violet is going to have to find a way to make this work. Christopher may be able to arrange a rescue mission in a few weeks, but in the meantime, we will have to wait for her to contact us. Do you have the faintest idea of the mess she has left us in? The people we will have to call and the apologies we will have to make on her behalf?”

“This wasn’t her fault! It was basically kidnap!” I almost yelled.

“I’m not going to talk to you if you’re being hysterical, Logan. Now leave me, all of you. Out!” She demanded, turning her back on us and walking towards her bedroom.

“Luna, I’m so sorry for my son--”

“Enough, Beta. You would do well to teach the young Beta in training how to hold his tongue in the presence of his superiors. A lesser Luna than me would see him banished, outcast as a rogue for smaller slights than what he has just displayed. I won’t entertain you any longer, please leave.” And with that, she gently closed the door behind her.

The fact that she didn’t slam it showed that she had complete control of her emotions.

Amanda wouldn’t let her guard slip for even a second.

Well, I didn’t care what she said. I allowed my parents to guide me out of the room, all the while plotting in my head a way to find Violet and bring her back.

There was nothing they could do to stop me.


We remained in stony silence for the rest of the drive. Every so often I would see Khaos glance my way out of the corner of my eye, a look of amazement on his face.

I ignored it.

I refused to make this easy for him; he had taken me away from everything I had ever known and loved, expecting me to be his sweet, simple sucker of a mate.

No, sir, not me.

He had issued me with his ridiculous ultimatum, and I had agreed to come with him, nowhere did it state that I had to make this experience enjoyable or even slightly pleasant for him. With that thought in mind, I allowed a small smirk to play around the corners of my lips.

Yet with every mile that flew past us, my heart sank more and more. I knew I could never escape; it would take me months to get familiar with this area. Too many fresh smells, sights, all of it would make any effort of running useless. I had no doubt that Khaos knew every inch of these woods like the back of his hand. He’d find me wherever I went. I thought about contacting my parents over the family link, describing my location, any significant landmarks that could help track me down, but in the end, I didn’t bother.

Khaos had ripped through my pack like a hot knife through butter and from what I could tell, that was his definition of a social visit. He’d tear them limb for limb if they ever dared to enter his territory. I would have to find a way out of here on my own.

“Tell me about yourself, little one?” Khaos invited, startling me away from me thoughts.

I turned my body away and focused on the trees out of the window. He put his hand on my knee, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Get your hand off me,” I said, my teeth clenched.

His response was to squeeze my knee tighter and continue as though I hadn’t spoken.

Well, isn’t this a prime example of the treatment I’ve got to look forward to as his so-called mate? I thought to myself bitterly.

“Are you still in school or any training? We can look at continuing it back at my pack if you like. Or do you have any hobbies you’d like to pursue? Just let me know what they are, and I’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure you can continue them.”

I leaned towards the window, breathing on the cold glass, and filling it with condensation. Khaos glanced at me curiously as I wrote, “Fuck You”, in the middle of the glass. I gave him a sickly-sweet smile as I pulled his hand off my knee and dumped it in his lap.

Not my finest hour by all accounts, and I knew that my mother would be appalled at my immaturity and lack of manners, but I wasn’t here to make any friends or be on my best behaviour.

Khaos sighed heavily, “I’m trying, Violet.”


“You could try doing the same.”


“I can see this will be a fun pairing. Trust the Moon Goddess to land me with a child for a mate,” he muttered.

Don’t react, don’t react, I warned myself over and over. He was baiting me, waiting for me to snap back.

“Prefer children, do you?” I asked with wide, innocent eyes, pursing my lips at him.

“She speaks! What a relief,” he drawled sarcastically, rolling his eyes at me.

“You have a real attitude problem; you know that?”



I folded my arms and scowled at him. I couldn’t keep this up for much longer. It wasn’t in my nature to be a sulky brat. I always made the best of what life gave me and tried to see the positives.

Maybe Khaos wasn’t as bad as the rumours said? There must be a reason why we had been paired together. I didn’t want a life of fighting and arguing with my mate. I wanted someone to love, who would love me just as much in return, giving each other all we had.

My eyes felt heavy, and as I succumbed to the sleep that was calling me, I made a promise to myself to try harder with him. A little kindness went a long way, and who knows? Maybe I’d find something in his cold, unfeeling heart that I could work with, that I could use as the basis to build a long-lasting, successful pairing.

It can’t have been more than a few hours later, when I awoke to the most amazing tingles running through my body, sending my temperature soaring.

I could feel two muscular arms around me, one under my thighs, the other around my back, curving up over my arm and hugging me close to a smooth, warm chest.

I snuggled in tighter, my head spinning with something that I knew had nothing to do with tiredness. The feeling was utterly delicious; I felt warm and safe.

A rough, calloused hand stroked my bare arm, and I nuzzled in, the smell of honey and something uniquely male hitting me.

“With mate. Where we belong,” my wolf purred, content to be so close to her fated partner.


I glanced up through my lashes, seeing his strong, handsome face, and squirmed in his arms.

“Let me down. Please,” I begged, but he simply chuckled softly.

“Not in a million years, little one. You’ve been tucked into me for the last ten minutes, sighing in contentment, stroking my chest. It’s been quite the show.” Heat rushed to my cheeks.

“Besides, it’s a complete shit storm out here, I’d hate for you to ruin your dress with all this mud.” He smiled down at me and for the first time, I gave him a genuine smile in return. He sucked in his breath sharply, and the tingles I had earlier turned into sharp, electric stabs of desire. I swallowed hard and clenched my thighs together. It’s just the bond, I told myself.

The bond was there to connect us, to start the beginning of the mating process.

It meant nothing.

Khaos kicked open a huge set of wooden doors and marched down a dark hallway. I hadn’t even realised we were this close to his pack. Although if I had to guess, I would assume that due to the late hour, we had come through the forest at the edge of the grounds and that led up to the back entrance of what I was guessing was the packhouse.

It would make sense not to introduce me to the pack tonight. Khaos probably thought I would tear them all a new one, as I let them know exactly what I thought of them and their Alpha.

He took me to a gorgeous bedroom with a massive four-poster bed in the middle. He set me on my feet, my body sliding down his. I stayed where I was, keeping pressed close to him, not wanting to end what I was feeling.

Khaos raised his hand and cupped my cheek, his thumb stroking along my lips. I opened my mouth slightly, and he pushed his thumb inside. My tongue darted out to lick the rough skin, biting down gently. My nipples hardened against my dress and my pussy throbbed, aching to be touched.

Khaos grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled my head back, forcing me to look at him.

We stared at each other for what felt like a lifetime before he cleared his throat and spoke, “this will go too far if we don’t stop now, Violet.”

He tried to pull away from me and instinctively I threw my arms around his neck and whispered into his ear, “I’d be on my second orgasm by now if I was at home with Lo—” I squealed as Khaos picked me up and threw me down on the bed. He climbed over me, grabbing the neckline of my dress, and teared it open straight down to my waist. My tits spilled out, my nipples hard and begging for his attention. He raised my hips and pulled the dress off me, leaving me in nothing but my white cotton panties.

He bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth, biting down harshly, his tongue following to movement as he soothed away some of the pain.

He did the same on my other nipple before planting kisses down my stomach, his tongue leaving a hot, wet trail.

He settled himself between my legs and pushed his face into my panties. His fingers pushed inside, opening me up so my panties were pressed against my swollen clit. He sucked it into his mouth, the cotton from my underwear creating the most amazing friction. I raised my hips to rub myself against his face, letting him feel how wet he was making me. His tongue teased the tip of my clit, flicking around it in slow, torturous circles.

I needed more.

I tried to rock against him harder, but his hands pinned my hips to the bed, continuing his slow assault on my clit.

I felt the pressure build in my stomach and my legs tensed around him. My fingers played with my nipples, tugging on them roughly, pulling until they were stiff peaks. My breath caught in my throat as I sat on the edge of orgasm, with Khaos refusing to help me and send me over the finish line.

He looked up at me, giving me one last, painful bite that had me screaming. He climbed off the bed, shedding his clothes, keeping his eyes trained on me the entire time.

I sat back against the headboard and watched as he fisted his huge cock, pumping up and down as his pre-cum leaked out of the tip.

“Touch yourself,” he demanded. “Keep your panties on, just pull them to the side so I can see. I want you to slide your fingers inside yourself, show me exactly how you like it, how you give yourself pleasure.”

I didn’t move, too shy to have him watching me as I played with my pussy.
He climbed back on the bed, grabbing my knees, and pushed them up to my chest, pulling them apart and exposing me to his hungry gaze.

“Stay like that,” he ordered as he grabbed my hand and guided it to where he wanted it.

I took a deep breath and slid my fingers under the cotton, finding my clit and rubbing in soft circles around it. Khaos kept his eyes focused between my legs the entire time, his breathing becoming heavier as I grew bolder, watching his desire for me built higher and higher.

I pulled my panties slightly to the side, just as he wanted, and pushed two fingers inside me, arching my back as I curled them, brushing against my g-spot.

“Tell me how it feels, I want to hear you.” He said, stroking his cock, one hand gripping it at the base, the other twisting around his length as he pumped up and down.

He groaned softly when he noticed me watching him and I instantly clenched around my fingers, thrusting them in me harder and faster.

“You’ve no idea how sexy you look fucking yourself for me, Violet.” My moans got louder as he continued to talk dirty to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his massive cock, desperate to feel it inside me. I felt the tightening in my stomach as my orgasm built and so I rocked my hips against my hand, needing to feel my fingers deeper, wanting to bring my orgasm on quicker. Khaos noticed that my legs were beginning to shake, and he grabbed my wrist to stop me, driving me wild as he kept me on the edge of my release.

“Open your pussy for me,” he demanded. He pulled my panties down my legs and I spread open my pussy lips, letting him see the effect he had on me, how wet I was for him. He laid on his stomach, trailing his nose up the inside of my leg. He smirked up at me as he reached his destination and, without warning, he stuck his tongue inside me. His fingers reached out to squeeze my clit tight between them.

He thrust his tongue as he continued to squeeze, and release, squeeze, and release, giving me so much pleasure and pain that I was helpless beneath him, my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

I grabbed fistfuls of his hair, pulling him closer to me, needing more and more. He let go of my clit and replaced his fingers with his mouth, scraping his teeth along the sensitive bud. I screamed, my entire body tensing as stars appeared behind my eyelids. I hadn’t been ready for the intensity of the pleasure. Logan had never made me feel like this before.

“Tell me what you want, Violet, I want to hear your desperate pleas.”

“I want to cum Khaos, please. I want you to make me cum. I need you to keep fucking me with your tongue, please. It feels so good, so good…” I gasped as another wave of pleasure hit me and he laughed, causing me to jerk my hips forward as his stubble rubbed against all my sensitive spots. I didn’t even care that I was begging him, that I sounded desperate and pathetic. My body was aching for it, aching for him. Khaos grinned in satisfaction before obliging me, his tongue darting in and out of my pussy whilst his fingers rubbed my clit in frenzied circles.

In no time at all, I was screaming his name over and over as I came in his mouth, my entire pussy throbbing. Once he had wrung every tremor out of my orgasm, he climbed back up my body and kissed me, his tongue stroking along mine, allowing me to taste myself.

I moaned into his mouth, deepening the kiss.

He broke away and I groaned in frustration. “I’m not nearly finished with you yet, little one.”

He straddled my waist and grinned down at me, his hands grabbing my tits so that he could push them together, raising them slightly. He got up on his knees and positioned his hips on my chest, sliding his cock between my tits. He thrust slowly, watching my face for a response. I grabbed hold of his arse and encouraged him to move faster, opening my mouth so that I could suck the tip of his cock with every thrust of his hips. I placed my hands over the top of his and pushed my tits together tighter, intensifying the grip they had on him.

Without warning, he grabbed the back of my head and held me still as he rammed his cock straight down my throat until my lips touched the base. I choked on him, tears springing to my eyes, but I refused to back down. I wanted him to know exactly where my skills lay and what I was capable of, the pleasure I could give him. He saw the challenge in my eyes and thrust deeper, testing me.

I tried to push him away, my hands clenched into fists, unable to breathe, but he kept me pinned down, thrusting his cock violently into my mouth. My pussy clenched, loving the rough treatment, knowing I had caused him to lose control like this. He groaned loudly as my throat vibrated around him as I gagged once more, sucking him further into my mouth, my tongue sliding out and flicking around his length.

“Fuck, Violet. The noises your throat makes when stuffed full of my cock are amazing!” He took hold of my hand and brought it to my throat, making me feel the bulge he was creating.

I wanted it harder.

My wolf and I couldn’t get enough of the power and dominance dripping off him. This was how a wolf took his woman!

With one last thrust, he stilled and with a grunt his hot cum spilled down the back of my throat, giving me all he had.

“Moon Goddess you suck my cock so fucking good,” he grunted as he pulled out of my mouth. I didn’t stop the spit that dripped down my chin as I gasped for breath, or the cum that dribbled from my lips. His eyes burnt with desire as he fisted his cock and rubbed it over my mouth, forcing the cum back in as I swallowed every drop, licking the tip of him for more.

“Good girl,” he said with satisfaction, climbing off the bed away from me. He pulled on his jeans with quick, precise movements and then shot me a nasty look.

“I can see why Logan was so desperate to keep you. My compliments. You suck cock with the best of them. It’s just a shame that you were so easy. One minute you were coming at me with your smart-arse attitude, the next you were begging for my cock instead. Shame, I would have enjoyed the challenge that you were promising me earlier tonight.”

My mouth hung open in disbelief as he walked towards the door. As he opened it, he spoke again, not bothering to turn around and look at me. “I want you to know that I went easy on you tonight, Violet. You don’t want to know what I’m capable of, or what will happen should I ever so much as hear Logan’s name on your lips again. Sleep well, little one.”

With that, he left me to spend the first night in this strange packhouse alone.

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