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Chapter 4

Chapter 4


I awoke to a loud hammering on the bedroom door, hearing Khaos curse from the other side. I laughed as I snuggled back down into my pillows, pulling the luxurious quilt over my shoulders. Good luck getting in here, buddy!

It would have been easy to sit and feel sorry for myself, especially after the disgusting things he had said last night. And the vile way he treated me after he had got what he wanted. I could have easily allowed myself to wallow in self-pity and think about everything he had ripped away from me – my pack, my family, my relationships, even the beginnings of my self-respect. But I wouldn’t allow him to destroy me mentally.

It hadn’t taken me long to figure out that Khaos was a man of order and routine. He demanded respect, oozed confidence, and authority, and I was just enough of a brat to push him to his limits. I couldn’t wait to see his pack’s reaction to the all-powerful alpha being messed around by his cute little mate.

I felt the door handle rattle behind me, and the door shake as he punched it and I laughed once more.

I had spent a long-time last night ensuring that he wouldn’t be able to get in this room, moving the huge four-posted bed inch by agonising inch until it was pressed against the door.

“Violet,” I heard him mutter through clenched teeth, “open this door. Now!”

“I’m exhausted, Khaos. Let’s put a pin in that idea, and we’ll come back to it later. Rain check!” I shouted back pleasantly.

“Open. The. Fucking. Door!” he roared, slamming his shoulder against the wood.

“You’re going to wake people up if you can’t control that temper of yours.” I sang out, casually inspecting my nails.

“You’ll regret this when I eventually get in there.”

“You too, boo-boo. You too,”

“Is everything okay, Alpha?” I heard someone call out from down the hall, and I laughed even harder. Khaos grumbled a response, telling him to mind his own fucking business, and stomped away from my room.

Violet 1, Khaos 0.

I was feeling pleased with myself, gloating over my petty, brief victory. I was even a little proud of myself for thinking to do this, knowing there was no other way in here.

Stretching out on the bed, I gave a little chuckle and smugly gloated over my victory.

It didn’t last long.

“Oh, little one?” I heard Khaos call to me, sounding suspiciously calm and collected.

“Back so soon, Alpha? Wow, I’m flattered. You just can’t stay away from me, even when you’re not wanted!”

“Last chance. Are you going to let me in?”

I sighed loudly, “oh honey, we can’t both win. One of us will have to stop being so stubborn and accept defeat. And for the record, that someone won’t be me.”

“Have it your way.” I sat up and frowned at the door, hearing his footsteps walk away. A metre or so to my left, I heard him as he gave the wall a couple of taps and then I heard him grunt.

Out of nowhere, there was a huge crash against the wall, and I flew to the edge of the bed, scrambling out of the way of the flying debris that had come hurling off the wall.

Another loud crash had my heart pounding and I rushed off the bed, putting a safe distance between myself and the destruction Khaos was causing. I grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around my naked body and stood in the centre of the room, watching as the slight hole in the wall grew bigger and bigger with every swing of the sledgehammer.

I screamed as a huge portion of the plaster was ripped away, watching Khaos as he threw the sledgehammer to the floor and punched his way through the huge hole he had made, cursing me out the entire time.

May as well enjoy the show, I thought to myself as I moved to sit in the armchair, scooting it over to sit directly in front of the wall. He was going to get in here regardless, I figured I may as well have some fun whilst I can and watching the way his muscles were bunching was definitely a lot of fun. The effect he had on me hadn’t lessened, I still had those same delicious bolts of energy rushing through my body.

Now that the initial shock was over, I was sort of enjoying the performance, all the while knowing that once Khaos got in here, I was in deep shit.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Violet, I giggled to myself before shouting out some helpful tips, reminding Khaos to put his back into it. I laughed out loud as his trousers got caught in the jagged edges of the now ruined wall and he stumbled, spinning his body to kick the plaster repeatedly. Before I could stop her, my wolf gave a snort of derision, not at all impressed at the display of power Khaos was displaying. His head shot up and he pinned me with an expression of pure anger and hatred, kicking the wall some more in his frustration.

“Temper, temper. Are you done with your tantrum?”

He gave me an icy glare, warning me to shut up. His eyes were as dark as the night, his wolf forward and ready to burst free of the last strand of control Khaos had over him.

I clapped my hands together in mock delight, shouting out how proud I was of him and how he’d make a fine builder one day, all he had to do was apply himself.

Finally, he made his way completely through into the room and my legs shook as the nerves kicked in – I may have pushed him too far.

To say he was angry was an understatement. His eyes were blazing, his breathing fast and harsh. His hands were clenched into fists by his side.

I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from smiling as I noticed his black hair was turning grey thanks to the dust that covered him and the pieces of wall clinging to the strands.

“Would you like the name of the builder who redid our bathroom back home? He’s very reasonably priced, and he may even cut you a sympathy deal if he finds out you’re my rejected mate—” he flew forwards, roughly yanking me out of the chair by my arm until I stood in front of him.

I had to strain my neck upwards to look into his face as I beamed a bright smile at him. “Morning.” I said, almost singing the word. “Did we have an appointment?

“Do not try to be cute right now, Violet. Do not.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and then seemed to come to a sudden decision.

“Follow me.” He demanded – not that I had much of a choice considering he was dragging me towards the door. But still, it didn’t stop me from digging my heals into the carpet, straining to pull my arm free.

I-I’m okay where I am, t-thank you though,” I stuttered, flinching when he stopped at the end of the bed and flung the mattress to the other side of the room with one fluid movement.

He bent down to grab underneath the wooden frame and with a brief struggle, he hoisted it onto its sides and tipped it away from the door with a loud crash, shattering the wood. He gestured for me to go out into the hallway.

“I’m actually okay--”

“Fucking move!” He roared, making me jump. I scrambled past him, taking care to not brush up against him or touch him in any way. He followed me out once more before grabbing hold of my arm and dragged me down the hallway as I desperately tried to keep the sheet over my body. I met the eyes of some of the pack members. A few of them looked concerned, one or two were amused and the others kept a stoic, plain expression – no doubt for fear of pissing Khaos off even more. I had done enough of that on my own.

He kicked open the door of the end room and sent it crashing into the wall behind it.

I couldn’t help myself. “That will leave a dent. It’s nothing compared to what you’ve done in the other room, obviously, but I’m curious to know if you’re planning a complete remodelling or if you’re just having an off day?” He didn’t bother to respond as he shoved me into the room. “One more day of me being here Mr Alpha, and you might not have a home left standing.”

He slammed the door closed and rested his forehead against it, one arm raised above his head as his clenched fist gently punched the wood.

“You seem incredibly worked up. You know, sometimes it helps to count to ten,” I offered kindly, placing my hand on his back. I heard the deep growl, the vibrations rumbling through his chest.

I had been having fun pushing his buttons, testing him, finding out his limits. But now, feeling how tense he was, hearing the warning in his grunts as well as the anger radiating off him in waves so thick I could almost taste them, I realised I may have pushed my luck too far, and was about to find the extent of his limits much sooner than I realised.

I stepped slightly away from him and his hand snatched out to grab my wrist. I caught sight of his eyes as he glanced at me and my breath caught. Completely devoid of emotion, he looked terrifying. With his spare hand, he reached out to twist the lock before he hooked his hand underneath the lining of the sheet and ripped it off my body, leaving me naked and shaking before him.

He marched forward, backing me up into the corner as I retreated away from him. He grabbed my waist and spun me around so that my front was pressed against the wall, pushing one of his legs between mine and pinned my arms to either side of my head.

“Put your palms flat on the wall and keep your fucking legs spread.” He ordered, grabbing a fistful of my hair to twist my face around so that I was looking at him.

I immediately felt my pussy grow wet, throbbing in response to his dominance. He grabbed my hip with one hand, the other pushing on the bottom of my back as he pulled me away from the wall slightly, forcing me to bend over at the waist with the pressure he was putting on my spine.

I kept my palms where they were, arching my back as my arse stuck high in the air. My nipples hardened as he ran his hands over my body, manipulating me until he had me in the exact position he wanted.

“You look fucking amazing, spread open like that for me, bracing yourself for the punishment you know you deserve.”

I shivered in response to his words and then cried out as he delivered a painful, stinging slap to my arse cheek. He rubbed the same spot afterwards, lingering over the mark he had made as he alleviated some of the pain.

He delivered the same treatment to my other cheek and this time, my pussy clenched in excitement. Without warning, he pushed my legs further apart and rammed two fingers straight inside me, causing me to scream.

“Did you like that, little one?” He muttered in my hear as he pumped his fingers in and out of me. Hard. Fast. “Your tight pussy is clamped so hard around my fingers. You want to be fucked by your Alpha, don’t you?” I couldn’t respond as my legs shook and the tightness built in my stomach.

I wiggled my hips to push myself onto his fingers harder, desperate for him to push me over the edge as my orgasm came closer and closer.

He stopped moving his fingers, curling them inside me to hit against my g-spot. I screamed and pounded the wall with my fists, begging him to keep that delicious rhythm going, to finish what he had started.

“Please, Khaos, please don’t stop.”

“You’ll cum when I tell you to, Violet, and not a moment sooner.”

He flung me away from the wall and pushed me over to the bed, bending me over it and spread my legs once more. He opened the bedside table and withdrew a thick piece of rope, securing my wrists together and tying them to the headboard. He gave it a quick tug to test its strength and then took his position behind me.

I heard the buckle of his belt unclasp and the noise of the leather as he whipped it out from around his waist. He folded it in half and snapped it together, sending a sharp noise bouncing across the room. He rubbed my arse again and breathed in my ear menacingly.

“By the time you leave this room, everyone will know just how sorry you are. Everyone will have heard you as you beg. You won’t just be begging for my forgiveness, Violet. You’ll be begging and pleading for me to put an end to what I’m about to do to you.” He used his belt to whip me across my arse cheek and I screamed out in both pleasure and pain. He whipped me again, on the other cheek this time, and I opened my legs for him further so he could see the effect he was having on me.

My pussy was soaked, my clit swollen and throbbing. He stroked the belt along my folds, making me jump at the feel of the cold leather against my hot skin.

He pulled back and administered another painful whip to my highly sensitive skin, only this time he ignored my arse and delivered the stinging spank straight to my pussy lips.

I whimpered, biting down on my lip. I was desperate for more and he knew it.

He stroked the belt along my back and laughed as I quivered in anticipation. He leaned over me, whipping the belt upwards so it slapped against my tits.

“I knew you as soon as I saw you that you were a fucking dirty bitch. I could tell a mile away that behind that wide-eyed mask of innocent, lay a woman of pure filth. What do you want, Violet?”

“You!” I gasped, “I want you.”

“Do you? Didn’t seem that way earlier. You couldn’t wait to push me away and lock me out.” He reminded me, reaching between my legs to squeeze my clit tighter and tighter. I panted, loving the pain I was in, loving the pleasure he was giving me. He pushed his fingers inside me, coating them in my wetness before pulling out and spreading the juices up to my arsehole.

“I thought about fucking you all night, did you know that? I laid on my bed, fisting my cock, imagining you on your knees and submitting to me, taking my cock wherever I wanted to put it. Do you want that, Violet?”

“Yes! Please, Khaos, please! I need you to fuck me.”

“Please, what? Please, Alpha!” He ordered, as he pushed a finger slightly into my arsehole.

“Alpha!” I screamed, feeling the burn as he pushed his finger into my tight passage, all the way to the knuckle.

“I was going to fuck you today, Violet. I was going to make you scream in pleasure as you came all over my cock. I was going to mate with you as you were still throbbing, your pussy clenching onto me. To hell with that. I’ve decided that now I’m going to take what I want from you. To treat you like the disrespectful, disobedient brat you’ve been acting like. If you please me enough, Violet, I might make this a pleasurable experience for you too.”

Yeah, right.

As if.

Everything he did to me was pleasurable, and he knew it. He knew exactly what to do to my body and he was determined to prove that to me.

I swallowed as he removed his finger and replaced it with his swollen cock.

The burning intensified as he slammed into me, burying himself inside me all the way to the hilt.

“Moon Goddess, you’re so fucking tight.” He grunted, rocking his hips against my arse, pulling my legs apart so his balls could slap against my pussy. “You’ve no idea what it does to me to know I’m the only man who has done this to you. The only man who gets the pleasure of fucking every hole you own. You’re fucking mine.” He ground out, slapping my arse once more.

“Yours, Alpha. I belong to you.” I murmured, wanting only to please him so that he would grant me my own release.

“Say that again,” he ordered, grunting heavily when I repeated that I was all his.

He reached under me to finally start playing with my clit again, rubbing it furiously, quickly bringing me to the edge with him. I begged him not to stop, knowing my orgasm was close, so close.

“Who do you belong to, Violet? Who owns you?” He stopped moving when I didn’t answer and I screamed in frustration, trying to slam my hips down on his fingers again. “Your Alpha has asked you a question. Who do you belong to?”

“You, Alpha! For fuck’s sake, you!”

“Louder!” He roared as he started slamming into my arse again.

“You, Alpha! I’m yours! Please, just fuck me. Enough teasing, please!”

“You’re so fucking sexy begging for my cock, little one. So fucking needy and desperate. I love knowing the whole pack can hear you right now, that they know your little display back there was worthless. Now they know that I control you and it’s me that has you whimpering and pleading.”

His words almost send me over the edge, had me panting and sobbing for more. He pulled out of my arse and flipped me over onto my back.

He pushed me backwards and lifted my feet onto the bed, spreading my knees wide.

“Is that the best you’ve got, Alpha?” I taunted, pushing my hips up towards him. “I could have done better myself.”

He sank to his knees in front of the bed and pushed his face between my legs, his mouth attaching to my pussy. He scraped his teeth along my clit before attacking my pussy, eating it like he was a man starved. He sucked and licked, using his lips, his teeth, and his tongue to drive me wild.

I strained against the rope, wanting to grab his head and push his face further into me, to grind against him, to feel his stubble scrape against me in that most delicious way until I could release into his mouth.

Time and time again, he would bring me to the edge but never let me cum. I could feel the juices from my pussy leaking out, mixing with the spit that dribbled down his chin, creating a wet patch on the sheets beneath my arse.

I had never felt this way before – I couldn’t remember ever being so wild and out of control. He used his fingers to spread open my pussy lips and stuck his tongue deep inside me, using his nose to rub against my clit.

My toes curled, and I struggled to breathe as the pleasure rolled through my entire body.

“You smell amazing, little one. Tell me, do you still want to reject me? To push me away and abandon the chemistry we have between us?”

“No, I’m sorry. So, so sorry. Please don’t leave me like this. Let me cum and I’ll behave, I promise.” I begged.

He stood up and climbed on top of me, straddling my waist. He stroked his cock again with fast flicks of his wrist.

“Say that again – I want to hear you submit to me, loud and clear.”

“I’m yours, Alpha, all yours. I want you so bad, I need you to fuck me. I want you to own me. Please.” The dirty words fell from my lips as I watched him lose control above me. His movements were jerky and uncontrolled. He was yanking his cock with hard, angry pumps.

He reached behind him to rub my clit and almost immediately, I came. I threw my head back and sobbed with relief, screaming his name over and over.

He never took his eyes off me as he watched me lose all control beneath him, and with a final shout of my name he gave one last tug of his cock and came all over my body.

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