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Eva: My younger sister's diagnosis with autism drove my career choices. Thanks to college and hard work, I loved my job as an Autism Specialist Teaching Assistant at the school my sister attended. Making a difference in the children's lives was all that mattered to me, along with my family and best friend, Amber. Until I bumped into him, the special guest coming to talk to the children. With his gorgeous face and sexy Irish lilt, he made my heart pound in a way I'd never experienced before, and I knew I'd never be the same again. Justin: Being signed to a top English club had been my goal since, well, birth. But the move required leaving Ireland behind to start a new life in Liverpool... which would be simple if I didn't have to move my parents and younger brother, Brandon, with me. We'd found him a place in a top special needs school, and I was looking forward to visiting with the rest of the team to check the place out. Of all the things I expected to find there, it definitely wasn't her. All gorgeous smile and mesmerising eyes that made my heart race as if I'd just ran twenty lengths of the pitch. But when Eva falls victim to a ghost from her parents past and ends up in danger, will Justin be able to save her before the final whistle blows, or will it be too late?

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Chapter One

It’s the last day of the school week and I’ve gotta be at work extra early today because we have special visitors coming to the school where I work. My sister Catherine is hogging the bathroom Again, she’s been in there for god knows how long aswell, singing along to the radio.. “For fucksake Catherine, will you hurry up, I’ve gotta be in work by Eight,” I shout banging on the bathroom door again.

“Fucking pointless” I huff to myself. “MUM—will you tell Catherine, She’s taking the piss in the bathroom AGAIN!” I shout loud enough so mum can hear me, as am hanging over the bannister.

“Eva, you better watch your mouth girl, I swear to god!!” She shouts up to me.

For fucksake, you wouldn’t think I’m adult sometimes...

I run down the stairs and walk into the kitchen where she is. “But mum, Catherine’s taking ages, I’ve gotta be at work earlier today cos the school’s expecting special visitors” I tell her.

“I don’t give a damn babe—You gotta watch that tongue of yours, you know what holly’s like now —copy’s every word!” She says sternly, I smile at my mum’s words over my little sister’s antics.

“Bathroom’s free” Catherine shouts from upstairs.

“Oh, thank fuuuuu-god” I beam an innocent smile at me mum whilst she scowls shaking her head at me. Leaving the kitchen, I take two step’s at a time up the stairs, cos my arse is gonna be late if I don’t get a move on. Walking into the bathroom it’s all fogged up with steam Oh why fucking me? “What the actual fuck Cat, did ya not think to turn the fuckin fan on? open the window or anythin? it ain’t that hard....fuck!” I groan

“Will ya stop ya moanin, fucksake am out now aren’t I?” Catherine says from her room

“For The love of God!! WILL YA STOP THE SWEARING! little ears is listening” Mum shouts up at us

“Sorry Ma,” Me and Catherine shout at the same time

“Morning my beauties,“Dad booms happily coming out of his and mums room

“Mornin dad” Me and Catherine say in unison

“Baby girl, didn’t you have to leave earlier today?” He asks as he looks at his watch

“Yeah, but cat took the piss in the bathroom again, and now i’ve gotta wait till all this steams gone” I whisper to dad, so mum can’t hear me swear.

“Better get moving then baby girl, it’s already 7.30,” Dad says tapping his watch

“Are you fuckin messin?” I fume “Nice one cat, shit!” I shout to our catherine through her bedroom door

“Language” Mum and Dad say at the same time,God They’re not even in the same room and they’re still saying the same things at the same time, I laugh rolling my eyes

“Hasn’t the minibus picked Holly up yet?” I ask Dad, he shrugs his shoulders as he’s going down the stairs

Holly is mine and Catherine’s nine year old sister, she has autism and goes to the same school where I work, Holly gets picked up by minibus to get taken to school

I decide to leave getting a shower as I only had a bath last night, so I resort to getting a quick wash and brush my teeth.

Ready, I walk into the kitchen where my dad has my mum on his lap, kissing her with his hand on her arse. She’s gigglin her arse off...

Mum and dad have been together since their teens, you’d think they were still teenagers the way they act at times

“Urrgh, If I’d known you were doin that I’d of covered me eyes, am blind now—scarred for life” I tease them

Dad does his cheesy grin whilst mum scowls at me as she gets up off him, He smacks her on the arse as she gets up.

"PADDY!!!" Mum gasps as she rubs her slapped arse whilst failing to be mad at me dad

“Woman, you know I love that arse in them jeans,“He growls with a grin

She’s blushes and laughs “I know, that’s why wore them,” she whispers huskily, they’re looking like they’re mentally devouring each other probably forgetting am actually in the same fucking room as them

“Err, hello....” I wave my hands “I can see and hear you, you know? There is a time an place for that shit, not in front of your traumatised daughter” I admonish them.

“Oh behave yourself, Eva, I’ve seen what you read! and that was mild compared to the stuff I’ve read on your Kindle” Mum scoffs.

What the fuck?

“What The fuck, mum? What’re you goin on me kindle for?” I ask.

“I was googling something,” She says not looking at me, she’s lying she’s got her own iPad for that shit, so I narrow my eyes at her.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, you’ll better go otherwise you’ll be late, Holly’s already gone,” she says in a rush waving my question off.

I look at the clock, it’s nearly 7.50am...

“Shit!! I’ll see ya’s later, and stay off me kindle ma” I warn her as get to the door

Am about to shut the door when I hear me dad saying to me mum

“So—what did you read in the book’s baby?” He asks huskily and she giggles. I roll my eyes and shout “Get a room you two,” as I slam the door shut

The front door opens again as I’m at the gate, Our Catherine comes out in her school uniform shouting “Laters” to mum and dad, she looks at me and grimaces “Ain’t no way I was staying in that house whilst they’re all over each other” she shudders “No one should see or hear their parent’s doin that shit” She laughs

“You’re not wrong,” I laugh “I’ll see ya later sis, be good,” I tell her

“Aren’t I always?” she shouts back, I laugh and roll my eyes and make my way to work.

We live in Liverpool, in our four bedroom house in Kirkby,it’s a newly built house that’s been adapted for our holly’s needs, it’s nice, we like it—and the neighbours aren’t bad either.

Although, we’ve yet to meet the new neighbours. They bought the house next door to us that had been for sale for while, I saw few days ago that it had been sold. And now there’s a big arse Moving truck outside, it’s says it’s from Ireland, I Wonder why it’s an Irish moving truck? I shrug my shoulders and don’t think anything of it so I set off to work.

Blue Saint Park, where I work, is a five minute walk from ours, it’s a school for children up to the age nineteen years old with special needs and physical disabilities. Our Holly was diagnosed with autism when she was five years old. That day was hard for my mum and dad, it was hard on all of us. Holly has learnt a lot over the years, from when she was first diagnosed to how she is now. She couldn’t speak at all at first, but after extensive speech and language exercises and Makaton which is a form of sign language, she really came along—she still relies on P.E.C’s which is a form of communication through picture exchange, it’s a card with pictures on that helps her tell us what she wants and so she understands what that something is. Visual timetables are a must also, so she’s know’s what’s next throughout the day both at home and school. She craves routine, any change in routine like going a different route to what she’s used to can be highly distressing for her.

I decided to go down the route of special needs after seeing what my mum and dad went through with holly, I’ve always wanted to learn more about special needs, autism especially. So I went to college and did some online courses and here I am fully qualified special needs teaching assistant.

I decide to get my phone out an ring amber, my best mate. I let it ring three times, she doesn’t answer “Hmmm, I’ll ring her later she’s probably still asleep—the lazy cow” I laugh to myself

Wanting to listen to some music, I Plug me earphones in and look for my Spotify app, pulling it up—I press shuffle David Guetta ft Robin Shultz Shed a light comes on

“Awe, I love this song” I’m humming and singing along to the song as I start to read Dominic by LA Casey, I’ve already read this book loads of times, it’s just so fuckin funny—I’m at the part where Bronaugh is threatening to hit Dominic with a tool for sitting in her seat, I’m laughing my arse off that engrossed in the book, that I’m not looking where I’m going...

I bash heads with someone...

I hear a male sounding “Ooooof”

“Owww, fuck...“I hiss rubbing my head as I take my earphones out an open my eyes—my eyes widen as I take in the man before me, my heart starts to beat erratically...

Oh. Fuck. Me—He is gorgeous, Am talking jaw dropping gorgeous....

He’s rubbing his chin...

Aaaah, so I must of butted his chin not his head…

Well duh, Eva your a fuckin hobbit, and he’s a giant I mentally chastise myself

“I’m sorry about that love, I wasn’t watching where I was walking” He says in an Irish accent

Oh. my. fuckin. God, he’s Irish AND gorgeous!

I love the Irish accent, god he sounds just like Gerard Butler did in that P.S I love you film, so fucking sexy...

“You alright there love?” He asks with concern and a smile on his face waving his hands in front of my face.

Fuck, wake up Eva—Fuck sake you’re just staring at him, say something—SAY SOMETHING!

I blink a couple of times “Um yeah, am alright—I wasn’t watching where I was walking either—sorry, are you ok?” I manage to say

He laughs at me, fuck even his laugh is sexy **swoon**

“Yeah am ok love, am a bit lost though—maybe you can help me? do you live locally?” He asks me

What the fuck? Should I tell him anything? Just cos he’s all kinds of sexy doesn’t mean you tell him anything...

“Errrm?” I stutter, He must sense my unease and clarifies quickly “It’s just, I’m meant to be meeting me teammates at this school, an I don’t know where it is” he adds assuringly smiling at me

I narrow my eyes suspiciously “But why didn’t you just go to the school with your teammates, so you wouldn’t get lost?” I ask him

He smiles at me again “I um, I’ve only just moved here with me family from Ireland, like literally, I was scouted by Everton—and they’re doing a meet and greet thing at this school, I was helping me ma and da move stuff into the new house—google maps said it was only five minutes away so I thought I’d be okay if I walked” he shrugs

I blink at him a few times “What school is it?” I ask

He looks at me and then gets a piece of paper out his shorts pocket “Um, Blue Saint park” He tells me


I must be looking at him like he’s got two heads or something, cos he’s waving his hands in front of my face again. I shake my head “Err, yeah—sorry, I spaced there for a second—um, I know where that is, I work there actually, I’ll show you” I tell him

He looks at me in relief “Really? Oh, thank fuck for that, Am Justin by the way” He says as he holds his hand out for me to shake it...

I do, and as I do I feel that current, you know that sort of electric spark feeling you get? I always thought that only happened in romance novels...

Justin must feel it too cos he’s looking at me, and looking at our clasped hands in awe, I shake my head and smile politely “I’m Eva” I smile letting go of his hand as we start walking again

God that was weird wasn’t it?

“Eva,” He says caressing my name “That’s a pretty name,” he says

“Thank you” I whisper blushing furiously

He grins at me “Thanks for doin this Eva, I don’t wanna let these kids down, My little brother is autistic and he’s meant to be starting here next week” He tells me

That gets my attention...

“Awww how old is he? I’ve got a little sister who goes here too. Holly, She’s nine” I smile at him

He smiles brightly at me “Really? His name is Brandon he’s nine too, maybe they’ll be in the same class” He says

I smile at him “Maybe, Blue Saint’s is an amazing school—our holly has come on loads, he’ll love it here” I say honestly

Justin smiles again “That’s really great, I can’t wait to tell me ma and da,” He tells me “They’ve been worried about the move and how it’s gonna affect him, so I’m hoping a smooth transition into here will be good for him” He adds

I smile and nod “I’m sure a social story could help him, you know pictures of his minibus and classroom with pictures of his teachers so he’s prepared, if you mention it to Michelle— she’s our headteacher, she’d be more than happy to sort one out once he’s been assigned to a class” I tell him smiling encouragingly

“I’ll mention it to my mum when I see her later” He grins

We walk in silence for a little bit when Justin breaks it “So what is it that you do at the school? If you don’t mind me asking?” He asks me

I smile “I’m an ASC specialist teaching assistant, I love it—The kids are lovely,” I tell him

We arrive at the school entrance where Justin’s teammates are waiting for him. “Eh! Justin, hurry up lad—Dunc is waiting” One of the lads shout over

Justin looks at me “I’ll better go before he busts me balls” he rolls his eyes an laughs “Thanks for today Eva, I’ll see you around” he says softly placing his hand on my arm squeezing it gently, and he smiles at me before he runs off to his teammates...

God, would you look at that arse...

“Yeah, See you around Justin”I Sigh sadly

I probably won’t see Justin again, even though his brother is starting Blue Saints, The chances of seeing him again are slim—unless Brandon gets put into my class? My heart starts galloping at the thought, I shake my head and I walk in.

“Mornin Jill,” I say to our receptionist as I approach the desk

“Mornin Eva, cutting it close aren’t ya?” she says as she points to the clock it’s just got to 8am

I sigh “I know, but in me defence, I had to help someone cos they were lost—they were trying to find this place” I explain as I sign in

“Well hurry up then woman,” Jill says “Them special visitors are here” She grins excitedly

Jill’s looking all funny like she’s got Christian Grey standing in front of her, she’s got that swoony eye thing goin on.

“Hmm...ok, I’ll catch ya later, Jill,” I say as I walk off to my class

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