Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Ten

We arrive at the cinemas, Amber had pre-ordered our tickets to avoid the queues. “Fuckin hell, it’s heaving in here,“Amber moans as we walk up to the pre-order podium to collect our tickets.

“What do expect girl?, it’s fifty!” I laugh, Amber scowls at me as we walk up to the concession stand to pick up our popcorn and drinks. “I don’t give two fucks babe, and why, is there fuckin men here?” She whines

I laugh at her “Stop your bitchin, we’re here aren’t we?” I chuckle

Amber huffs “Whatever, they better not ruin shit for me, I’ve been waiting too long to be hearing moaning fuckers, spoiling shit” she fumes, glaring at the men

I roll my eyes at her “Come on girl,” I laugh, shaking my head, 2hrs later were leaving the showcase...

“Oh my god, girl! I’m going to need me a shower when I get home after that, fuck am all hot and shit,” Amber says as she fans herself

“I know, I cannot wait for fifty shades freed—the countdown has begun,” I say excitedly

“Yes, Girl, I’m counting the days... you know we’re going to see that” she states pointing at me

“Like I’d go with anyone else” I laugh rolling my eyes, I ring us a cab and we’re sitting down outside, waiting for it.

Amber’s quiet, too quiet—as she puts her phone away, I get pissed off with wondering what is wrong. I sigh frustrated “Okay, come on, what’s wrong?” I ask

“Ok, but don’t get mad,” she says

“Why, what’s going on,” I ask getting angry

She sighs “That was Justin, he wanted me to tell you...“She says before I cut her off

“Tell me the fuck what? Why can’t he tell me? Eh? Hasn’t he got the balls to admit he’s cheating on me?” I snarl

“Ok, two things,” Amber says as she holds up two fingers “One, that girl isn’t his new piece—it’s his cousin, Lia,” she states, I gasp what the fuck?

“And fucking two, you’d know this shit, if you’d turn on your fuckin phone and stop being such a fuckin stubborn arse, and talked to him” She fumes “It’s been nearly a week, and the poor lad hasn’t heard from you!” She cries

Is she taking the piss? Poor lad?

Poor lad? Poor lad? What about me? He hasn’t tried contacting me either” I argue

“Fuckin hell Eva girl, wake up and smell the Costa Coffee bean will you? fuck sake, he was giving you space, you accused him—granted, I know I gave my fair share, but I’ve already spoken to him and cleared the air” she admits

The Fuck? She’s seen Justin an not said anything to me?

“And before you start getting your knickers in a twist, I saw him while I was with Russ and I apologised for my bit, but you have to see it from his point of view—his girl didn’t trust him, he understands why—he just misses you that’s all and he wants you to come to him when you’re ready to talk” she says softly

I take in Amber’s words as our cab turns up.. We get in and make our way to my house. “So if this girl, is, infact, his cousin? Why didn’t he tell me he had family here? He didn’t tell me he had any other family” I accuse

Amber sighs “Girl, you’d be better ringing him, because I won’t tell you shit else—he needs to tell you, himself” Amber says adamantly.

I huff “Fine, I’ll ring him when we get home” I promise, We get home and Amber pays the cab...

“Girl, I am starved, I’m feeling for a French fry flip, are you are gonna call Marows?” she moans rubbing her flat stomach

How does she stay so slim with What she eats? Jammy cow!

“I don’t know how the fuck you stay so slim eating all the shit you eat,” I say “Plus, I have to ring Justin first, don’t I?” I pull tongues at her

“Yeah, My metabolism is the shiznae, isn’t it?”She boasts grinning

“Bitch, ” I joke

She laughs...“Girl, I can’t help it if my body burns shit faster—you can thank Mummy’s gene pool for that” she states

Amber’s mum, Barbara, is Spanish, but got raised in Liverpool and her dad Brian is from Huyton, Amber got her dad’s skin and hair, but got her mum’s facial features plus her metabolism—lucky bitch! If I’d eat what amber ate, I’d have an arse bigger than all the Kardashian girls.

We walk Into the kitchen to see dad and our cat sitting at the table.

“Hey dad, Hey Sis, Where’s mum and Holly?” I ask

“They’re next door, baby girl, did have a good time?” He asks

Amber answers for us “Oh pops, fifty was all levels of awesome and hotness, I mean he...”

Dad stops amber with a hand “Amber girl, I don’t NEED to know that shit, did you have fun?” He groans, Amber’s laughing at dads unease

“Oh, but pops there was this bit, where Christian did this thing...” she taunts.

“I swear to god, Amber, If you say anything else— I’ll ring your dad” He warns, Amber rolls her eyes laughing. “Alright, damn pops, Am just joking with you—You know I’ll save it all for mama Ava anyway” she teases

Dad scoffs “Nah, no need girl, My woman is more than taken care of in that department, trust me” he boasts with a wink

“Urrrgh, Pop’s, keep that info on the down low yeah?” She shudders covering her ears “God, You’re as bad as me dad, you” She adds shaking her head, Dad smirks at her. Taking pity on her, I decide to rescue her from my dad.

“Come on amber, let’s go upstairs,” I say

“Yeah, alright, come on girl— you gotta phone Loverboy anyway, and then phone for my food” she states, I roll my eyes, as we walk up the stairs to my room...

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