Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Eleven

I switch my phone on as we enter my room, I have twelve missed calls and eight texts, all from Justin. I show my phone to Amber, to which she nudges me with an encouraging smile.

I don’t bother reading his texts, as I decide to call him instead... The phone rings once “Ava” Justin’s relieved voice comes through the phone.

“Hi,” I say softly

“I’m sor—“ We both go to say at the same time, we laugh together oh I’ve missed his voice...

“Eva, Baby, can I? Can I see you? God, I’ve missed you so much, it’s fucking crazy how much— I want to chance to explain everything to you face to face, not over the phone” He asks, You can hear the worry in his voice

“Erm, Sure, I’ll come down now. Meet me at my door?” I ask

“I’m already outside,” he laughs embarrassed Awww

Oh, ” I giggle, I put my phone down, running down the stairs, leaving amber in my room—I open the front door and there he is, He wastes no time, he quickly reaches for me, but then slowly cups my face in his hands stroking my cheeks with his fingers. “God baby, I’ve missed you, is it crazy? Am I crazy?” He whispers hoarsely

My god he actually seems really upset... maybe I wasn’t the only one.

“No, I’ve missed you too,” I say closing my eyes as I get lost in his touch “Eva, can I? Please— Can I kiss you? I need to touch you,” He pleads

“I....” I barely get any words out, because Justin is kissing me. I moan into the kiss, he groans in response, licking the seam of my lips wanting access, I open my mouth further so he can caress his tongue with mine.

God, how I have missed him... missed his touch, his fucking kisses...

Justin breaks the kiss and were both breathless...He kisses my forehead, placing his head against mine. Still breathless “God, how I have missed you... missed your kisses,” He says smiling shyly

“I was just saying the same thing” I confess

He looks at me confused but amused


“I mean I thought, I mean I said it to myself, in my head” I say sheepishly pointing to my head

Yeah, Eva, if he didn’t think you were weird before, he fucking does now

He laughs out loud, making me blush, but brings me to him squeezing me

He’s still laughing at me “Oh Eva, you’re like a fucking breath of fresh air,” he sighs

“Erm, Thanks, I think” I laugh frowning, He shakes his head, smiling at me and gives me a chaste kiss. “Do you want to go for a walk at our place?” He asks

“Our place?,” I ask frowning again

“Sefton park babe, that’s our place,” he grins happily, I swoon

“Oh sure, Oh wait, Amber is here—I don’t want to leave her alone” I say, to which Amber chooses that moment to appear in the doorway, smiling smugly at us. “Well, Well, Well fuckers, Are we all good now?” She teases “Are you Feeling better now Rome?” She coos playfully, Justin laughs blushing slightly and Before we can get a word in Amber butts in again “And don’t worry about me, Russ is picking me up in a bit” she grins oh yeah

I scowl at my best friend “Erm, and Eh, you, you still haven’t told me what’s going on with you an Russ yet?” I question lifting an eyebrow up

She rolls her eyes smiling shyly, blushes red, “Well, I’ll tell you another time girl, go on—get gone,” She laughs shooing us away

Justin starts pulling me away before I can say anything, I turn back to Amber as am being dragged away...”You and Me are having words girl, believe,” I warn, She rolls her eyes at me grinning and kisses her middle finger

Little bitch, she’s lucky I love her!

“Right come on baby, in you get,” Justin says softly

I get in Justin’s car, waving to amber as we reverse off the driveway as we make our way to ‘our place’ Just as we’re about to come out of our road, a very big flashy Range Rover comes in, it stops— and the window of the car door starts coming down, Justin puts his window down also as we who the car belongs to—It’s Russ “Hey, fuckers, How you doing?” He grins

No wonder amber likes him, he’s like a fuckin male version of her—I mentally roll my eyes.

“Sup, Amber’s waiting for you at Eva’s house, am taking Eva out,” Justin grins taking my hand in his.

“Sound, I’ll let you’s go so I can go get my girl!” he says proudly

Before I can even respond to his “my girl” comment, he’s slowly putting his window up “Good to see you Eva, Maybe now, this turd can play some decent ball now that you’re back” he winks driving off

“Fucker” Justin mutters under his breath, God, I feel horrible after hearing Russ say that. Amber had said that Justin’s been giving me space, waiting for me to come to him. Little did I know, that my reluctance affected him as much as it did me. Justin reaches over, grabbing my hand, kissing it, whilst keeping hold of it as he drives—We talk about what we’ve done in the last week that we’ve not seen each other, turns out we’ve both been as miserable as each other.

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