Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twelve

We arrive at Sefton Park... It’s a little bit nippier than it was the last time we were here, so I zip my coat up, snuggling myself into the neck part.

“Are you Cold, baby?” Justin asks as he wraps his arms around me

“A little, it’s colder than the last time we were here,” I say looking up at him.

“Yeah, come on, lets get a hot drink to warm us up, eh?” He asks grabbing my hand walking us towards the cafe

“Yeah, I’d love one” I sigh

The cafe was situated right next to the lake, it has such a lovely view, especially in the summer...

As we walk in, the bell above the door dings and the warmth hits us, I sigh out loud “Oh that feels so good on my face,” I moan

I heard Justin choke snort, at him, he’s looking at me, His Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, and his eyes are wide.

What the fucks wrong with his face?

“What?” I question with a frown

“You really shouldn’t say things like that out loud, ” he whispers “especially in front of me” he winks

What the hell is he?.... Oh my god, the dirty bastard

I gasp, slapping him playfully on the arm “Get your mind out the gutter, you arse” I laugh

Justin’s cracking up laughing “It’s a shame, I was picturing all sorts of naughty things then, Baby,” He grins wiggling his eyebrows at me

I snort “You would,” I shoulder bump him, We walk up to the counter—the server is looking at Justin seductively, her eyes roam his body what the fuck?

“Good morning, Can I help you?” she purrs

Justin seems to be oblivious to it all “Err yeah, I’ll have a caramel latte... and my girl will have, baby?” He says my name like a caress, I smile triumphantly as the waitress scowls at us. “I’ll have the same baby, can you get us some of that chocolate fudge cake too, please” I purr leaning into him, placing a kiss on his jaw.

Justin smiles widely at me, we’re kind of lost in each other for a moment, until a rude cough breaks our moment. What a fucking bitch! We look at the server who is now looking at us in annoyance.

Justin cough—laughs “Sorry about that, so yeah, we’ll have two large caramel latte’s and a slice of that chocolate fudge cake too, please?” He smiles politely

The waitress looks to me “Do you want it warmed up, with ice-cream on the side?” She asks Snootily Fuckin bitch...

“Hmm, is it already made?” I ask sweetly

Don’t want her spitting in my food now, do I?

“The cake is, but the chef will warm it up and then add the ice cream”She says through gritted teeth

“Oh good, then yes, I’ll have it warm with ice cream, please” I smile

“That’ll be £15.75 then please,” she huffs giving us a tray with a number on it, We turn to find a seat and sit down “What the hell was that all about?” He asks laughing as we find a seat by the window overlooking the lake.

Is he for real?

“Oh please, Like I was just gonna stand there watching her practically slobber over you” I growl

He snorts in disbelief “No, she wasn’t” he laughs

What the fuck? Are all Men this fucking clueless?

“Babe, She was, and it’s fuckin downright disrespectful to be doing shit like that, knowing full well you’re with someone, then she gets herself all pissy cos I claimed you as mine— Am sorry but am not gonna sit there and let some woman, if you can fucking call her that...fuckin purr at my fella, end of!! Girls like that, is what gives us decent women a bad name” I snarl

“Fuck babe, That was so fuckin sexy,” He growls grabbing my thigh and the leg of the chair to pull me closer to him, he nuzzles into my neck placing sweet little kisses there.

I pull away still angry “She’s lucky she didn’t get drop-kicked into that lake with the fuckin ducks, I’ll tell ya” I fume

“Baby, Come here” He growls again

“What?” I squeak

“Come. Back. Here” He purrs motioning me to come closer with his index finger. I move closer to him and he grabs me by the face gently “You. Are the most beautiful, most sexiest woman on the planet to me, don’t you worry about her...you’re all I see, you’re all I want, Okay?“He says gently

Well, Fuck, What can you say to that? “Okay,” I sigh happily, And with that Justin nibbles on my lower lip running his tongue across it, I open my mouth wider allowing him access—and am lost in his kiss, fuck I’m lost in him. God I’ve missed him, which makes me freeze and pull away from him... I cough to collect myself from my Justin-kiss coma

“So we still haven’t discussed everything that happened, am sorry, I’ve missed you—and I, I kind of got lost in the moment” I stutter

Justin sighs “No, don’t apologise, god....” He combs his fingers through his hair “God Eva, I have missed you too—so much, it fuckin scares me how much I’ve missed you...I mean we’ve only known each other a week...” he reaches for my hand “But baby, you call to me—Your whole presence calls to me, I felt it as soon as we bumped into each other and I saw your beautiful eyes, your smile”He says softly

I smile shyly at him as our snotty server comes over with our drinks and my cake “Enjoy” she in a horrid singsong

“Hey...” I shout as she turns to walk away, she turns

back to me Becca her name tag says

“Becca, do you like your job?,” I ask calmly

She shrugs “yeah, why?“She asks

“Well if you do, I suggest you get that fucking stick out ya arse...cos you got a real attitude problem, and I don’t think your boss would like to hear that from a paying customer now, would he?” I threaten

Becca’s eyes widen in fear “I wasn’t, I haven’t” she stutters

“But you did, You got all pissy and snooty towards me, trying to flirt with him" I motion to Justin “Because he" I point to him again “Is MY FELLA, and it’s really disrespectful to me and to yourself to try and flirt with someone who is already with someone else and isn’t interested in you, you get me?” I say calmly arching an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I get you, my apologies” she stutters walking away fast

I look at Justin, and he’s looking at me in what looks like awe...

“You’re all kindsa bad arse aren’t you? Fuck, you really are like Bronaugh eh?!” he laughs shaking his head

“I still can’t believe your actually reading that” I laugh shaking my head

“Am actually up to Ryder now,” he says proudly

What the fuck, he can’t of read that many books in a week...

“What? And you’ve read the girls ones too? Bronaugh’s? Keela’s?Aideen’s??” I ask in disbelief

“Yup!” He boasts

Well fuck me sideways, we really are a match made in heaven

“Yeah, we really are,” he says grinning at me

Shit, did I say that out loud??

“Yep, You said it out loud!!” He laughs “You do that a lot, Did you know? You don’t even realise you’re doing it at times...“He teases laughing

“No, but I do now” I groan

God, I thought I only did that when I was pissed... I look at the table to see my ice cream is nearly melted so I start scooping the cake and ice cream together “So what were we saying before we were interrupted,” I ask taking a mouthful of cake and ice cream

I moan as the cake enters my mouth...

fuck.me this cake is awesome... mmmmmmm

“Baby, can we keep the talk on hold till after you’ve eaten that, you’re really distracting me with that mouth of yours and your moans” he growls as his eyes darken

“What? Oh Sorry” I blush laughing, Whilst he discreetly adjusts himself down below, and I look at him wide-eyed in shock. He laughs “Baby, You can’t make all them sounds, licking that spoon and not expect me to not be hard—I wanna be that fuckin spoon, I wanna hear them moans, them moans are MINE, Eva” he growls

Well fuck.me ....that was all kinds of sexy, is it hot in here? Shit, did I just moan again “I, I, I’m just gonna pop to the toilet, I won’t be a minute” I squeak

He grins, knowing the effect he’s had on me “Hurry up baby” he purrs

I stand, fuck—my legs are like jelly...I get to the bathroom, just about—I find an empty cubicle and lock the door, Breathe Eva—breathe... Wow, He hasn’t even touched me, and am all wound up ready to burst. I sit on the toilet, noticing the strong ache between my legs, which is getting stronger.

I reach down to my clit “God, what am I doing?” I pant in need “Wow” I say as close my eyes Eva you fucking little hussy

I am deliciously soaked from Justin’s words, His dirty—dirty words, I’ve never felt like before... the ache between my legs keeps pulsing, I need a release otherwise it’ll drive me crazy and I’ll just end attacking him, I don’t think either of us is ready for THAT yet I laugh to myself.

I start to rub my clit gathering my juices up and down and around my clit “Oh my god,” I whisper “What the fuck are you doing Eva? you’re in a fucking public toilet, fucking touching yourself” I chastise myself. But I can’t help it

I rub myself faster, hearing how wet I am, I moan. I can feel it comin, my breathing starts growing shallower as I’m thinking of Justin and his naughty words. I am pretending he’s touching me, licking my clit, Oh fuck. I bite my top, to gag myself from screaming as I explode “Oh fuuuuuuuck, Justin” I whisper mumbling into my top, I slowly rub myself bringing me out of my Justin-gasm “Wow” I pant “Fuckin hell Eva, you’ve just got yourself off in a public cafe toilet—wait till I tell amber, actually no I’ll keep this to myself, god” I whisper to myself “What the fuck has gotten into me?” I shake my head, Fucking Justin that’s what, I snort laugh to myself.

I clean myself up, checking myself in the mirror and make my way back to Justin. I get to our table which is empty “Where the fuck has he gone?” I wonder out loud and I get my phone out, looking at it I have a text from Justin.

Justin: “Just Gone to the toilet Baby, I won’t be a minute x”

At least I can calm down, while I wait and finish eating my cake and drink... Just then, I see Justin coming back to the table with the biggest grin on his flushed face. “What’s up with you? You look like you’ve just won the lottery or something” I ask curiously

He laughs “So do you, Are you okay, Eva?” He asks

Why is he speaking like that...

“Your cheeks look a bit flushed, are you hot Eva?” He asks licking his lips

“I, I, I’m fine” I stutter looking at his mouth

What’s he getting at?

“You took an awfully long time in the bathroom, anyone would think you fell in the toilet, or Something!” he grins at me

I look at him like a deer caught in headlights, He couldn’t know? he couldn’t possibly know!? Could he?

“No, I just....” I stutter, What Eva?!? Fuck, what can I say?! “Shit,” I say in embarrassment

“I gotta say, baby, This building must be pretty old— The walls must be thin as paper,” he grins wickedly at me

Shut up, shut up, shut UP! Oh my god, I am so fucking embarrassed—I need to get out of here, like right the fuck now. “Yeah, they probably are—Erm, Shall we go?” I blurt, legging it to the door

He fuckin heard me, he heard me...fuck!!

I’m already out the door, fuckin power walkin up the hill towards his car

“Eva” He shouts

God, I am so fucked!! Who does that though? God! What the fucks he doing to me?

“Eva, Baby—Will you wait, please” he shouts laughing

And now he’s laughing at me. What the fuck, Congrats Eva, You Virgin Hussy. I slow down, putting my head in my hands in embarrassment “God, what the fuck is wrong with me?” I moan “This is all your fault” I point to him “I bet you think I’m some sort of a slut or something? Getting myself off in the toilet” I cry in embarrassment

Justin catches up to me, and pushes me up against a tree—I gasp shocked as he grabs both of my hands putting them above my head...

He leans in, his nose barely an inch from mine “Let’s get one thing straight here, Eva— Don’t you DARE call yourself that, EVER!! What you just did, fuck me baby” he groans grinding himself into me I can feel his hard cock digging into my stomach.


“You—are a fuckin goddess, My Fucking goddess, I swear to god, baby—you are the perfect woman, MY perfect woman...A walking wet dream, look at me!! you’ve got me all fuckin hard again, god am so fuckin hard for you—so fucking hard, I’ll be able to hammer nails” he growls

Again? What does he mean again? Oh, now he’s got to explain that.

“Again?” I ask confused

“Yeah Baby, God—I needed the bathroom too, And as I got in the men’s toilets, I heard your sweet moans—and you moaning my fucking name, fuck—you had me so fuckin wild, so fuckin turned on... Baby, I wanted to come through the walls to you” he growls “I’ve never been so turned on by hearing my name baby, and fuck.me wasn’t that just the fuckin sexiest sound ever” He growls lifting me up, I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist and he kisses me with so much passion and heat, that I start getting wet again. I moan “God, Justin, what’s gotten into me? I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before, You’ve got me acting like a little nympho” I pant “I swear, I’ve NEVER done anything like that before ever, I couldn’t help it” I say as I throw my head back in ecstasy

He laughs, gliding his tongue up my neck whispering into my ear “Well good, i’m glad am not the only one who’s affected” He purrs

I moan as I grind into him “Tell me, baby? Did you come hard for me?” He purrs “I bet your gorgeous pussy was soaked for me, all warm and wet? Did you wish it was me taking care of you? Wanting me touching you, tasting you, hmmm? Get rid of that naughty ache? Mmmmm I bet you taste so fuckin sweet!!” He growls

God, we’re in a public place and he’s got me against a tree grinding his hard cock into me, but fuck this is all kinds of hot.

I’m a fuckin mess, how the fuck has he got me all like this panting so hard that I’ll end up hyperventilating If I don’t control myself “God, I love your dirty mouth” I groan “your naughty words—that’s what got me in that state in the first place” I moan

“So you love me telling you how much I want to eat your pussy? How much am aching to touch-kiss and fucking lick you’re sexy as sin body? God, I bet even the taste of your skin is sweet, fuck” He moans

Oh, fuck me, see what I mean with these words—his sexy voice, God Eva, you’re such a lucky bitch

“Erm, Do you wanna go somewhere more, private?” He asks

His eyes are still dark with need and desire for me...his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down

“Okay” I squeak

“Come on baby” He lowers me down onto the grass, kissing me on my head and grabs my hand

What does he mean by private though? I hope he doesn’t think am ready yet!! Shit!!

“Eva, I know you’re not ready baby, I’m not either—it’s just, we need to talk still, but I keep getting lost in you” he growls “We need to get out of here baby, now" He fixes himself again with a pained expression on his face

I laugh at his unease and he Growls into my ear “Come on, my naughty girl” and takes my hand, power walking us to his car...

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