Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Thirteen

Justin drives as fast as he legally can, And we end up at the Hilton on the Albert Docks. God, I am so nervous, why am I nervous, he told me himself, that he’s not ready for THAT yet...

Justin comes over to me with our key card smiling “Come on, baby” He says softly taking my hand in his. We take the lift up to the 5th floor, Looking for our number 718...Finding it, Justin inserts the key card into the slot on the door and opens it. He gestures for me to enter the room first, “Ladies, first” He smiles. Smiling shyly, I enter the room looking around, it’s quite big, It has a queen size bed with ceiling to floor windows, Over in the right hand corner of the window is a desk with a lamp and chair. The TV is mounted on the wall facing the bed, and to my left is what I’m assuming is the en-suite. I decide to walk towards the windows and notice that Our room is situated overlooking the docks and the Mersey. So pretty

“I’ve never been here before, It’s nice,” I say nervously

“I’ve never been here before either, It’s got nice views, ” He says as he comes up behind me, His hands find my shoulders, massaging them then kisses my neck “Are you okay, baby?” He whispers in my ear. His voice sends the good kind of shivers through my body “Yeah, I’m just... Nervous, and embarrassed... And turned on, I’m a fuckin mess to be honest, I’ve never done this before.... And I’m a little scared,” I say nervously. The curtain’s start to close, I shut my eyes, wondering what’s going to happen next... As I feel Justin taking my coat off, He takes my face in his hands waiting until I open my eyes to look at him, “We don’t have to do anything, if you don’t want to baby---- We could just chill and talk or watch a film, I don’t want you feeling scared or anything, not with me” He says sincerely “We can wait, I’m in no rush, Am not going anywhere, Okay?” He bends down so His eyes are level with mine, I can see nothing but honesty shining in his eyes.

“I want you, Justin. God, I do... I just... Don’t want you to think badly of me, You know for wanting you so quickly, God these fuckin butterflies” I shut my eyes as I feel them swirl in my stomach

“God Eva, Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are to me? I actually think you’re beautiful inside and out, You’re fuckin breathtaking Eva, You, are,” He says seriously shaking his head in disbelief, “I could never, Ever, Think badly of you, Ever...” He says softly. I feel his hands against my cheeks and I open my eyes, Justin is looking at me smiling, His hands caressing my face “So beautiful” He murmurs “So, fuckin beautiful” He shakes his head, smiling at my shy smile... I can do this with him, can’t I? I don’t have to go all the way, I just want to be able to touch him, And I want him to be able to touch me. I take a deep, calming breath in and out, smiling again “Justin, Will you? Will you kiss me?” I ask.

“I’ll do anything you ask of me, Baby” He murmurs against my lips and then kisses me, Slowly, Lovingly. He wraps his arms around me, I reach up, And twine my arms around his neck moaning into the kiss as he grabs my arse squeezing it... I gasp and he uses that chance to deepen the kiss, Plunging his tongue in my mouth as it caresses against mine.

I don’t know how long we kiss for, Before Justin breaks it... We’re both breathless, He grasps my face in his hands gently, and kisses my lips, Once, Twice, Then kisses my nose pulling back, he smiles at me. Right he’s being a gentleman, So I have to make the next move...

Keeping my eyes on his as I start unbuttoning my shirt, His eyes go wide “Eva, Are you sure? We don’t,” He says “We haven’t talked about—” He goes to say before I put my fingers to his lips “Shh, it’s okay, I don’t give two fucks about what happened. I know the truth now, I believe you. But I want you to touch me, I want you to,” I whisper huskily

He looks at me as I finish unbuttoning the last button, leaving it open, He just stares at me... His Adam’s apple bobs up and down, His eyes are nearly black with need for me, I shiver with pleasure with the look he’s giving me. Holy shit, He’s so sexy

He opens my shirt further, pushing it over my shoulder, kissing up my neck as he pushes the shirt down to the floor, I’m standing in front of him in my bra and jeans... He steps back looking at me, As his eyes roam over my upper body.

His eyes close briefly, As he groans,Then opens them once more “Fuck, You’re so beautiful Eva” He growls licking at his lips “So fucking sexy,” He gulps.

Feeling brave, I reach around to my back and undo my bra clasp, Leaving my boobs covered for Justin to finish. He reaches for my bra strap... Looking at me for permission, I nod and he slowly pushes the straps of my bra down, trailing his lips around my neck and collarbone, I close my eyes revelling in his touch. The cool air hits my nipples as he unveils my girls to him...

I feel nothing, so I open my eyes to see Justin looking at me in awe and appreciation

“Fuck Eva, You’re fuckin perfection, you have the most gorgeous pair of tits I’ve ever seen and you’re mine!! all MINE" he growls, I shiver at his words

“I’m going to touch you now baby, is that okay? Would you feel better lying down?” He says softly

Blushing, I nod and he lifts me up carrying me like a groom would a bride over the threshold and carries me to the bed gently laying me down, Kissing me gently.

“Are you sure you want this Eva? Me touching you? Cos we can stop...” He assures me

“I want you Justin” I whisper “Touch me, Please” I plead placing his hand on my Breast

“Fucking Christ,” He hisses “How can I say no to you?” He groans

I look up to him taking his t-shirt and his jeans off...

God, the man is just—what’s the word Amber would use? ‘Fit As Fuck’ He’s gorgeous! Muscled arms, Pecs, an eight pack abs, and holy hell! The -V- I am literally drooling, dying to lick that fucking delicious V.

“Like what you see, Baby?” He croons putting my hands on his chest, I nod as my hands explore his glorious body. “Good, cos I sure as fuck love what i’m seeing” He growls God, he’s fucking hard everywhere...I moan exploring his upper body.

He grins at me kissing me briefly and gets up leaving me pouting, he shakes his head at me smiling as he moves to the foot of the bed. He slowly crawls up the bed, until he’s hovering over me. I start to shift nervously, Justin notices my unease “Eva, Baby, we won’t do anything past touching here okay? We’re not ready for that move yet, Okay?” He says as he strokes my hair looking into my eyes.

I finally find my voice “Okay,” I whisper

He smiles kissing me again as his hands start to roam over my body, I’m not ashamed to do the same to his again. “Mmmm, Baby, you can touch me all you want—it only makes me want you more” He growls as he takes my breast in his hand caressing it and slips my nipple into his mouth.

“Oh fuck” I moan

“That feel good baby?” He purrs looking up at me

“Mmhmm” I moan

He grins at me, doing the same to my other breast

God, who knew I was so sensitive on my boobs...God, I can feel it all go to my clit!

I moan out loud again, He keeps licking, sucking, caressing and biting as he grinds into me, his hard cock rubbing against me until I feel something building. Justin’s still caressing me licking and sucking at my nipples, I’m panting and moaning “Justin” I cry as I feel myself about to come

“Come for me baby, give it to me” He growls and I detonate at his words “Oh yes, Fuuuuuuuuck" I hear him say. We’re both panting, me coming down from my intense orgasm, Him I’m not so sure why...

“Are you oka—” We both say at the same time, We laugh

I sigh, as Justin pushes my hair out my face “Now am not altogether sure” he starts blushing

I look at him confused “But I think I had an accident,” he says sheepishly

My frown depends, until he gestures to his cock where there is a wet patch on his boxers

“Oh” I stutter “But how? I, I didn’t even touch you” I blush

“Fuck Eva....you got no clue...no fuckin clue have you?” He sighs with a laugh, Am I missing something here?

“Fuck me, I feel like a little teenager here...I was grinding myself on you sucking on your beautiful tits and your pretty nipples and I guess I got carried away. I got caught up in it all, watching you come for me was the hottest fucking thing ever,” He growls

I smile and start to get up to clean myself up.... fuckin hell he came off touching me?

“Baby, where you going?” He smiles at me

“To get myself cleaned up,” I say

“Nope, come here, I’ll clean you up....you’re mine, and I want to do this for you”

I must look at him confused, but I walk to him anyway and he starts undoing my jeans, pulling them down with my underwear “Justin, what are you doing?” I ask confused, but getting turned on again.

“Lie down baby,” he says as he lifts me up, like I weigh nothing and puts me on the bed again. I look at him in shock God, the man is so sexy

He finishes taking my jeans and underwear off and throws them over his head smiling wickedly at me, licking his lips. Fuck that’s so sexy

Before I can say anything, he pushes my legs apart and dives into my pussy

“Oh my god, Justin, what are you doing?” I gasp moaning Jesus, that feels so good

He sucks and licks at my clit with his tongue in a circular motion, coming up for air, he grins seductively “I’m cleaning you up, baby” he growls and dives back in

“Oh, my fuck—God Justin....Yes" I cry

He puts a finger inside me. “Oh fuck yes, like that...more baby moooore” I shout not giving two fucks if anyone can hear me...

He adds another finger and starts moving his tongue and fingers in sync, I can feel another orgasm coming

“Oh yeah, I can feel it...you’re about to come aren’t you? my naughty girl, give it to me Eva—come all over my face, let me taste what’s mine! Give it to me” he growls

His words do it to me and my back arches off the bed


“Oh yes, fuck yes, that’s what am talking about...” he pants growling. I come down from my intense orgasm and I open my eyes to see him holding his hard cock, stroking it fast...

Fuck, what should I do? I’ve never done this before...shit...just pretend it’s a lollipop Eva....just don’t bite him

I reach for him and he looks at me with wild eyes “Eva” he growls

Grabbing his cock I look at it, god it’s massive gotta be about 8inches...it’s so long an thick...

I must be looking at it wide-eyed when Justin Places his hand on mine

“Eva baby, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to...this was about you, okay,” he says, voice full of desire

“I want to, but this is a first for me so...” I say nervously

“Eva...I haven’t done what I’ve just done to you to anyone else...just you” he assures me

“Really?” I question

“Yeah, baby...Your naughty books helped me out quite a bit actually” he winks at me with a smile

I smile shyly

My hand still on his cock, I lean forward and I lick him on the head of his cock...the taste of his come still on his cock...

He groans

That’s a good sign Eva...keep going

I start to kiss and lick up and down his length his moans and groans giving me the confidence to carry on....and I guide him in my mouth

“Oh fuck Eva....your mouth feel’s so good around my cock” he moans

As I move lower, I caress his length with my tongue as I go down...and I reach the back of my throat no problem...

hmmm, I mustn’t have a gag reflex....go me!!

I make my way back up and start sucking him in and out of my mouth and I move my hand up and down his length at the same time...going faster and faster...

“Oh FUCK ...OH FUCK...OH FUCK ME...Eva...Eva...Eva...baby I’m gonna coooooooome” he groans

Salty liquid hits the back of my mouth I swallow fast taking it all like he did me....and I clean him up with my tongue

Satisfied with how I “cleaned” him I look up at him... His is head arched back mouth wide and eyes shut...

Shit! What have I done...is he okay?

“Erm...Justin...babe, are you okay?” I ask

I rub his legs trying to encourage him to answer me

All of a sudden I’m on my back on the bed with a now naked Justin over me...

Before I can say anything he kisses me, I get lost in his kiss again....tasting ourselves on each other...

He stops and looks at me in awe and there’s that something else again...I can’t put my finger on it.... he’s looking at me like.....

No, Nah he can’t be...

And then he puts his head on mine...

“Fuck...Eva, don’t think this is from the buzz of that amazing head you just gave me but...I just...I need to...IIIII think...I think I’m falling for you! Is it too soon to fall? God I sound like such a girl....” he stutters

I freeze at his words, shit he is!!

Justin sighs “I know we’ve only been together for a short time but...god Eva, you’re all I think about! This past week I’ve been shitting myself In case you didn’t want this with me anymore...

I just want you to know that your IT for me...I... Shit! I don’t wanna scare you off but that’s how I feel...fuck...am fucking up what am trying to say”

I put my fingers to his lips again and smile at him and I kiss his nose and rub it with mine to ease his nerves...

Justin rolls off me to lie next to me hugging me into his body.... shit he’s naked...am naked...god he feels so good against me

“How are you feeling baby?“Justin asks stroking my stomach

“Numb...Tingly...Mmmm....good” I purr

“Just so you know baby, watching you go off like that....tasting you...feeling you come all over my face and fingers...mmmm” he growls licking his lips like he can still taste me

“It was an experience I will never forget...and what you did for me... blew me away literally...god your just so goddamn beautiful... so perfect...” he says getting on top of me again and kisses me “perfect for me” he smiles

I smile widely as he kisses me passionately devouring my mouth...he starts to kiss lower to my neck, my breasts ...sucking and licking as he goes lower.....he gets to we’re am still tingling opens my legs wider and grins at me...

He looks at between my legs and groans appreciatively “you got such a pretty pussy baby...all pink and glistening just for me.... making my mouth water wanting to taste you again.... so fucking deliciously sweet...Eva... I can’t wait to make you mine, feel you come around my cock” he closes his eyes in ecstasy

To which he then starts eating my pussy like he’s starving...I grab his hair and start grinding into his face...


He looks up at me desire still very much present on his face lips wet with my juices... I shiver

“I want to taste you again....can I? I ask

He gulps and starts to lie down

“Come here baby, bring that sexy arse up here and sit on my face” he growls

I gasp “really” I frown unease written all over my face

“Baby....get your fine arse up here” Justin points to his face “and feed me my pussy” he growls arching an eyebrow

I grin at him then I straddle his face lowering

myself onto his mouth

I hear him growl muttering “Mmmmm! I am a lucky bastard...so fucking gorgeous, sweet and MINE” and he latches himself onto my lady bits

Fucking hell he really is like Dominic in the books, God that’s so hot!

"Ohhhh" I moan

I reach down leaning over his body to his hard cock and put him in my mouth...I’m sucking him stroking him trying to keep myself up for him also

“Fuck Eva, you suck so good baby” He moans as he puts two fingers in me, still licking and sucking me and starts to curl his fingers...I feel something strong... I gasp with my mouth around his cock and go faster mimicking his movements he’s making with my pussy.

Faster and faster the strokes are getting... And I explode, just as he does “YES, YES, FUCK YES., THAT’S IT BABY....OH FUCKIN GOD YES! GIVE IT TO ME” Justin growls

Holy shit, What the fuck was that? Fuck me am dizzy

I drop exhausted but so thoroughly content, I get up and see Justin’s face with the widest smile I’ve seen on him

There’s something on his face, I reach out to it, what the hell?

“What’s that on your face,” I ask in confusion

He reaches for me, putting me so I’m straddling him “Baby, I found your G-Spot that’s what that is” He says proudly whilst getting some tissues to wipe his face.

“Oh my god,” I say hiding my face, fuck, I came on his face like the fucking Niagara Falls...fuckin hell Eva, You probably nearly drowned him.

“Baby,” He laughs “Stop it now, So what if you came on my face, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about... I am your man, it’s my fuckin pleasure to make you come as hard as you did...don’t ever be embarrassed, Okay?” he growls I guess I said that out loud then

“Okay” I whisper

“So fuckin sexy” he growls kissing me

We’re interrupted by my phone Dad “Shit, what time is it?” I ask Justin

“It’s only 9.30pm, calm down baby” he soothes

I answer “Hey, Dad, what’s up?” I ask sounding as normal as I can

“Well, baby girl, I haven’t seen my daughter all day...so am just checking to see if you’re okay,” He asks

“I’m fine dad, I’m with Justin, We just stopped for a bite to eat after going for a walk...I’ll be home soon” I lie

Dad’s silent for a bit “Put Justin on the phone baby girl,” He says calmly

Shit! I look at Justin my eyes wide “You, You wanna speak with Justin?” I stutter

“Now baby girl, please” he growls, I hand my phone over to Justin

“Hey, Paddy....” Justin says happily, I can hear dad’s voice but I can’t make out if he’s angry or not

Justin’s face looks calm though “Okay, Paddy, I’ll bear that in mind,” He says with a smile and puts my phone down “Come on baby, let’s get you home,” He smiles.

We dress and leave the hotel, I don’t ask Justin what dad said he’d tell me if it was anything to worry about...

Wouldn’t he??

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