Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fourteen

We hardly speak on the way home, Justin keeps hold of my hand— That’s the only thing that’s keeping me calm. We drive into Justin’s driveway, he switches the engine off—then looks at me.

“Justin, what did dad say to you?” I ask biting my lip

He pulls on my lip, to stop me from biting on it “Nothing Eva, just what any dad would say if someone was dating their daughter” He laughs

Oh no, what the fuck has he said?

“It’s okay, Eva—your dad is just protective of you, I get it” he assures me

“Come on, I’ll walk you to your door” He gets out his car and opens my door, helping me out the car I look up at him, he smiles at me before he kisses me briefly on the lips, and grabs my hand bringing it to his lips placing a kiss there. We walk down my path and our security light comes on.

Dad, for fuck’s sake, I shake my head

I hear Justin laugh, I look at him, He comes closer and tucks a piece of my hair behind my ear, kissing me “Goodnight baby” He whispers softly

“Goodnight,” I sigh smiling

He kisses me once more on my lips, then my nose—then lastly, on my forehead, then walks away. I open my front door to see mum and dad sitting at the table in the kitchen. Uh oh!!

“Baby girl, can you come in here for a Sec,” Dad asks

Fuckin hell, you’d think I was sixteen again, or something here...

“I know you’re not sixteen, Eva but it doesn’t mean am not allowed to worry about you,” Dad says sternly

Shit, I must have said that out loud

Him and mum laugh “Babe, me and your dad are just worried about you. Justin’s not your average lad, He’s a footballer— A professional footballer at that” Mum says

“I know what he is mum,” I roll my eyes

“Do you though?” Dad asks “Do you know what comes with being with a professional footballer Eva? Training, Away games, the newspapers—the women” He says seriously

I get up after hearing the last one

“What the fuck, Dad? What are you trying to say? That he’ll cheat on me?” I shout

“Shhh, Eva, please” Mum pleads “Holly’s sleeping” She adds

“He’s not fucking like them other ones that did cheat on their wives, Dad” I snarl

“I know he’s not baby girl, but look how upset you got after seeing that girl in that magazine” He argues

“But she—” I go to argue

“I know it was false, Eva. I know it was a revenge tactic— But baby girl, you’ve gotta see it from our point of view, We just don’t want to see you getting hurt— Don’t get us wrong, We like Justin, We do— But he’s not our child, you are”Dad says

“I know, I get what you mean—But I like him, Dad. I really like him...” I admit maybe even love him.

“Oh shit,” Mum says looking at me

“What?” I ask

“Oh paddy, It’s too late, she’s already fallen for him—look at her eyes, you can see it,” Mum sighs

I have? You can... ?? I frown

“Fuck me, Eva—baby girl, just be careful, that’s all we ask okay? Learn from that girl in the magazine, cos there will be more, I promise you” Dad says “And make sure he wraps it up,” He adds

Mum gasps shocked “PADDY!!” Slapping him on the arm

“The fuck dad, really? Is that what you were talking to him about? Making sure he wraps it up? Fuckin hell dad, did you really think I’d give it up that fast? Nice to know you think so highly of me,” My voice breaks a little at the end.

How can my dad think so little of me

I hear my parents do a sharp intake “What the fuck, baby girl? Did I say that? What I meant was when you were ready. Fuck, am not ready for this Ava— I’m losing my baby girl,” he moans

“Paddy babe, she’s Twenty years old—she’s growing up,” she says as she puts her fingers through his hair.

“And you’re not losing me, daft arse,” I roll my eyes “As much as this embarrasses me to say, am still a virgin, I only had my first kiss last week for fuck sake”I tell them.

“La la la” Dad says as puts his fingers in his ears

“Good talk dad, good talk” I kiss his and my mums cheek as I leave the kitchen.

“I’m going to bed, am knackered—night guys this talk wasn’t awkward at all,” I laugh as I walk up the stairs.

“You’re fuckin telling me baby girl, let’s not make a habit of this awkward talking shit, eh?” He says laughing

“Got it dad” I shout, laughing at the top of the stairs

I get to my room, I sigh out loud “What a fuckin day,” as I drop myself to the bed.

I get my phone out to call Amber and it rings out—she must still be with Russ, so I text her Instead...

Me: Hey, bitch face! Call me when you can—you got some explaining to do, plus I need me hair doin Xx

I get a text—it’s from Justin

Justin: Best day ever!! Xx

I reply...

Me: “Best day ever, Eh? What about when you got signed for Everton? X

Justin: “I admit that’s up there, and if I didn’t get signed, I wouldn’t of met you, so I’d say that’s about 3rd x”

What’s first and second then?

Me: “What’s first and second then? X”

Justin: Well, it’s really close, first is today, for obvious reasons—god, am just thinking about it now. You’re so beautiful when you come, Eva. So fuckin sexy, I can’t believe your mine! X

Fuck he gets me all hot just by his words

Me: I still can’t believe we did that!I mean am not regretting it or anything, I’m happy—I can’t believe you’re mine either, and second? X

Justin: Second, is the day I met you, You’re so beautiful. Do you know how mesmerising your eyes are? I love your eyes, so beautiful, wide and trusting and your smile, fuck me, Eva—Your eyes and your smile!! That’s what got me, when we bumped into each other and your eyes met mine, BOOM, That was it, I was gone X

Me: really?

Justin: I swear baby, I won’t lie to you... I won’t ever lie to you. I meant what I said, you are it for me X

Me: Wow x

Justin: My Eva’s speechless X

Me: Sort of, my mum and dad talked to me when I got in, gave me an earful x

Justin: Thought they would, Are you okay? X

Me: Yeah, they’re just worried about me, that’s all x

Justin: About you, being with me, you mean x

Me: Not with you Per-Se, but in the world your in...you know...like with that girl in that magazine, how she lied about you two...they just want me to be careful not to believe everything they read....I’m gonna go to bed now babe....so I’ll see you tomorrow? X

Justin: “Sure baby, Good night sweet dreams— I’m gonna read some more **wink face** x

Me: Babe, you do realise you’ re probably the only male to read romance novels?!? X”

Justin:**shrugs** am one of a kind **wink face** x

Me: I’m starting to get that, Goodnight babe Xxx

Justin: Dream of me? x

Me: Always x

I drift off to sleep with the biggest smile on my face.....

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