Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Fifteen

I hear my phone ding, and I hear it ding twice more. I groan out loud at the noise of my fucking phone...

“I was having a nice dream then...” I moan to myself, I look at my clock to see it’s 10 am nearly “So much for a fucking decent sleep in,” I moan picking up my phone, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I look at the screen and see three texts from Justin

“Fucking hell that man must be up before the birds” I laugh

Justin: “Good Morning Baby x”

Justin: “Shit, are you awake?x”

Justin: “Sorry if you’re asleep x”

I laugh to myself and reply

Me: “Morning babe, I am awake now, x”

His reply is instant

Justin: “Sorry baby, I figured you’d be up already...you still tired? You can go back to sleep if you want x”

Me: “No, am awake now, was a bit pissed you woke me from a nice dream **wink face** x”

Justin: “A nice dream eh? Hope it was about me? I had a ‘nice’ dream about you! Maybe we can compare notes **wink face** x”

Me: “Of course it was about you! It was a replay of our outing yesterday... only.... x”

Justin: “Fuck, That was hot as fuck baby, I can still feel you, Taste you...smell you—fuck me, you’ve got me hard now baby x”

Justin: “And what’s this ‘only’ bit? x”

Fuck me, this man and his hot as fuck words I moan quietly

My phone vibrates to Justin wanting to FaceTime with me...

Shit! I get my brush and my hair and look myself over before I accept... I look okay, I accept his call and there he is, gorgeous as ever. “There she is, Hey beautiful” He croons

“Hey” I blush

“So, as I was saying, what’s this ‘only’ mean, Baby? Did something else happen in your dream?” He asks grinning

I blush red in embarrassment, cos something else did happen

“Why are you blushing baby? Don’t be embarrassed, tell me!” He asks eagerly

“We had sex” I blurt

He looks at me wide-eyed and grins wickedly “Oh, Reeeeeally? Was I any good?” He asks, I blush again, nodding “Oh, baby you gotta give me more than that, Tell me what I did?” he asks huskily

“Well, First, You caressed me all over, kissing and licking my body. It felt so real, your touch made me feel all tingly, sensitive and warm. You kissed me, almost like your mouth was making love with mine. Then you put your fingers inside my pussy, whilst you were kissing me. I felt so full, so loved. Almost like you were worshipping me” I whisper.

“I do” he interrupts me

“You do, what?” I ask confused

“I already worship you, baby,” He says earnestly

“Oh” I blush

“What else did I do baby, come on,” He urges

“You um, you went down on me, made me come twice. Made sure I was soaked and ready for your cock” I whisper

He groans “Jesus Christ, I love it when you talk dirty” He growls “Carry on baby, What else did I do to you?” He purrs

“You um, kept kissing me and then you told me to look at you as I had my eyes closed, I opened my eyes and it was that you told me.....” I hesitate

“What? What did I tell you?” He asks eagerly

“You told me you loved me, then you took me, Pushed your cock in fast. Taking my virginity, whilst keeping your eyes on me. Showing me in your eyes, and in your movements how much you loved me,” I whisper nervously

He stares at me for a beat “Wow!” He says grinning

“Yeah, it was” I sigh smiling

“But then I interrupted you, did you get to come baby?” He asks as his eyes darken with desire

“No” I whispers

He groans “Oh, I’m sorry baby, lie down I’ll make it up to you” He purrs

“What?” I gasp

“Lie down, baby. Trust me” he croons

I hesitate at first but lie down still holding my phone “Now what?” I ask breathlessly

“Have you ever touched yourself, Eva?” He asks softly

“Yesterday was my first time, in the public toilets,” I blush

“Fuck, how can I forget. That was So fucking hot!! Now, Baby, I want you to touch yourself, pretend it’s me touching your pretty little clit” he growls

“Justin...” I say embarrassed

“Please baby” he whispers pouting at me “There’s nobody but you and me baby,” He adds

“Okay....” I whisper

I put my hands down my pj’s and knickers, reaching for my clit. Fuck, I am soaked, I moan.

“Fuck, I love that sound, That’s my favourite sound.... That and your laugh” He grunts “Are you wet for me, baby?” He purrs

“Soaked” I moan

“Fuck, rub that pretty pussy baby, make her purr for me....” He growls

I want him to touch himself too “Will you stroke your cock for me?” I pant

“Already am, baby. Go faster, Eva ...am close, so fucking close, baby” He groans. Doing as he asks, I increase my speed on my clit and I can hear my wetness.

Justin groans “Fuck me, Eva, that sounds so fucking hot” He growls

He must have heard how soaked I am...

“I’m close baby....” I pant

“Fuck, am about to blow....you’ve got me acting like some fucking teenager here baby, I want us to come together” he growls and I see him slow his movements “Tell me you’re there baby....Tell me, please.” he pleads

“Fuck, Justin, Yes. Am gonna come,” I squeal, He increases his movements God he looks so fucking hot

“Fuck yes, now baby...NOW. Come for me,” he growls, which sets me off and I explode convulsing saying his name like a prayer. And I see jets of come squirt from Justin’s cock landing all over his stomach as he groans my name “Eva, FUCK!” He pants breathlessly

“Wow!” I say gasping for my breath

He laughs “Good morning baby,” he says cleaning himself up with tissues.

I blush smiling shyly “Good morning indeed,” I say reaching for my baby wipes so I can clean myself up.

“So beautiful, get your sexy arse ready, Am taking you out on a date” He announces blowing me a kiss and ends our FaceTime before I can even reply.

“Wow,” I say out loud

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