Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Sixteen

Once I’m feeling myself again, after mine and Justin’s morning antics...I jump in the shower to get ready for our date... I start washing my hair, humming and singing along to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t stop the feeling

Then I realise “Shit, What am I meant to wear?”

I get out, wrapping a towel around me and walk to my room still humming Justin’s song... Closing my door, I take my towel off... Then I hear a male appreciative groan “Fuck Me...”

I yelp picking my towel up fast to cover up what I can, Justin’s lying on my bed with his hand over his eyes covering them “I’m sorry, baby, your mum let me up...are you decent?” He asks

I laugh “What are you arsed about seeing my body for? When you’ve already seen it?” I tease

“I’m being a gentleman, I’ll have you know, I can be a gentleman, Eva Murphy,” He says

Walking up to him, I take his hands from his face, Then feeling brave I let my towel fall to the floor “Hi” I whisper combing my fingers through his hair, “Hi yourself,” he groans

His eyes roam over my body, slowly, seductively, appreciatively

“God baby, you’re so fucking beautiful and sexy, You’re a fucking goddess, And you’re all MINE” He growls “I fucking love that!” He groans pulling me to him, so I’m straddling him

“You love what?” I whisper confused

He smiles brightly at me “Saying that you’re mine,” he says softly

I smile shyly “I am yours” He grins at my response, then he kisses me slowly, lovingly, grasping the back of my wet hair with one hand, whilst the other grabs my arse cheek. I shiver in pleasure at his touch and he breaks the kiss “Sorry baby, I kinda got lost in you for a second there” He grins unapologetically “Get dressed, before you catch a cold and we’ll get going,” He says spanking my arse lightly

“Where are we going? I need to know, so I know what to wear,” I ask curiously

“Where is your favourite place to go? I want to get to know you, Eva, I want you to get to know me,” He says stroking my face

“Ummm,” I think out loud

“Okay, where haven’t you been for ages and keep meaning to go back?” He asks

I haven’t been to Blackpool in fucking years...last time I went our Holly was a baby

“Blackpool, I haven’t been in years, you’d love it,” I said excitedly

“Oh really? Well as long as my baby is with me, I’d love anywhere we’d go” He says with a smile

**swoon** god this man and his words

“Okay, so Blackpool? I better wrap up warm, especially if we’re going on rides” I say excitedly “I should warn you babe, am an adrenaline junkie” I joke

“A girl after my own heart,” He says clutching his chest dramatically

I snort laugh, blushing “You tit” I joke swatting him playfully on the arm

He laughs, dragging me to him, kissing me sweetly “Get dressed Baby, before we don’t go anywhere” He growls

I smile blushing again as I start getting ready for our date, Dressed in my skinny jeans, converse pumps and an off-the-shoulder jumper, I put my hair up in a scruffy bun, a little makeup on and some perfume

“Mmmm that’s smell lovely, I love that smell, what is that?” Justin asks me

“Funnily enough, it’s the female version of what you wear!” I say grinning

“Issey Miyake? You’re wearing the same perfume as me?” He smiles

“Yeah” I whisper “It’s my favourite perfume,” I tell him

“Wow,” he says happily

“Anno, strange isn’t it?” I joke

“Nah baby, It’s never strange when it’s you and me,” he says earnestly

God the man just makes me melt when he says such sweet words

“Don’t melt on me baby, I love you just as you are,” he says interrupting my thoughts

Before I can be embarrassed about the fact I said that out loud, I realise...Has he just said he loves me?

I look at him, he’s looking at me wide-eyed realising what he’s just admitted to me and he smiles at me sheepishly, shrugging

“Sorry, not sorry baby, I know you’re probably not ready to say it back but.....” He smiles shyly at me

“I, I, I ” I stutter, lost for words

“Come on baby, let’s get going we don’t wanna hit traffic,” He says taking my hand in his pulling me with him before I can say anything back. “Hang on baby, I need my things,” I say letting go of his hand, still trying to grasp his declaration to me.

I grab my bag, phone and purse and turn back to him grabbing his hand again, I squeeze it and smile at him.

He kisses me once, looking at me “Come on baby, you got everything?” He queries

“Yep, my coat’s downstairs” I sigh God, I hope I haven’t spoilt anything here?

Justin must know where my train of thought is, Sighing “Eva baby, It’s fine, Don’t worry...am fine,” He says smiling, but it’s not his usual smile. Shit

“Okay” I smile sadly

“Let’s go” He whispers

“Mum, Dad, Am going out with Justin, I’ll see ya’s later” I shout

“Have fun, you two” mum shouts as we’re going out the door

“We will,” Me and Justin shout at the same time

“Jinx,” We say at the same time again, we stare wide-eyed at each other and start laughing our arses off as we walk to Justin’s car hand in hand.

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