Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Seventeen

We’re driving to Blackpool in Justin’s car and Justin’s holding my hand over the console...

Zayn ‘pillow talk’ comes on the radio

And of course, I start singing along not caring the fact that Justin can hear me... the song is nearly finished when I realise the car has stopped...I look to Justin and he’s looking at me in...Awe, I think

“What’s wrong babe?” I ask him

“Nothing baby! Do you” he shakes his head “Do you have any IDEA of how amazing you sound when you sing?” He croons

I blush

“Seriously Eva...that was fucking amazing! I heard you in the shower before but that was nothing compared to that!” He smiles at me

“You heard me in the shower too? God, that’s so fucking embarrassing” I groan hiding my face behind my hands. He gets hold of my hands taking them away from my face, Reluctantly, I look at him and he’s staring at me with such emotion that it should scare me, but it doesn’t.

“Ain’t nothing to be embarrassed about baby, You can sing, Is there any other hidden talents you wanna tell me about?” He teases I blush shaking my head

“I doubt that baby” He murmurs as he kisses my hand “Right, shall we get going?” He says in excitement

I nod grinning in excitement “You’ll love it here babe! You wanna come on a ride with me?” I ask

“I would LOVE to come on a ride with you” he purrs wiggly his eyebrows

I gasp The dirty fucker

I smack him lightly on the arm and laugh “Get your mind out the gutter, perv” I joke

“But I’m your perv right, baby?” He purrs

God this man

I giggle “Right babe, My perv,”

He winks grinning “Right seriously now, What rides do you wanna go on baby? This is my first time here so be gentle with me” He jokes with his bottom lip jutting out

So fucking cute...“Awwww baby, I’ll be gentle with you, Your safe with me,” I say with a wink

“See now I don’t like what you’ve just did with that wink there!” He says with mock worry

I giggle “Don’t worry baby, I’ll take you on a ride you won’t ever forget” I tease Fucking hell Eva, you’re getting brave aren’t you?

Justin’s eyes darken as he licks his lips “I bet you will, I can’t wait” he growls

We get to Blackpool and Justin pays for our tickets...Justin is wearing a cap to Shield himself from people recognising him, I guess I’ll have to get used to this happening. Justin brings me out of my thoughts by kissing my hand he’s holding “Right baby, what ride first?” He smiles

“Hmm,” I say as I put a finger to my lip in thought “Well, Everyone who comes to Blackpool, must experience the Pepsi max, Otherwise known as The Big One, Come on,” I grin dragging him along with me to where The Big One is.

“Holy...FUCK!!” Justin whispers as he looks up

“Ready babe!” I ask grinning excitedly as I grab his hand again to queue up, he pulls on my hand to stop me

“Wait, baby, I got queue jumpers, come on” He says with a grin

I grin back at him excited as fuck, We get to the ride operator and show him our wristbands

“Right kids, you are are up next, I need you to place all loose belongs to the side....” He asks as he points to where we need to leave our stuff. I lash my bag on the floor next to the control room.

The man looks back to Justin “Sorry son, that hat too, Otherwise it’ll just fly off,” he asks impatiently

Shit.... we look at each other, our eyes wide “Fuck it,” Justin says as he takes his hat off tossing it with our things, The ride operator mustn’t recognise Justin cos he doesn’t say anything”Right, Come on you two lovebirds, you next...just choose where you wanna sit” he gestures up and down the carriage.

I wanna sit up front, The views would be amazing “We can sit up front if you want, I don’t mind baby” he says

Shit, I must have said that out loud again. I blush, laughing as Justin stares at me with a knowing grin. We walk up to the front of the carriage, stepping into and put our seat belts on

Justin’s fiddling with the seatbelts, looking around the carriage “Shit, Why the fuck have we only got seat belts on this thing?” Justin asks worryingly

I bit my lip from giggling at him “It’s okay babe, you’re safe, it’s the force of the wind as you go down that keeps you in, the seatbelt is just for added security” I tell him as i watch him tighten his belt as tight as it’ll go “Security, my arse” He murmurs under his breath

I laugh as the ride operator comes through on the speakers “Right everyone, you know the rules. Keep your hands inside the carriage, keep your seatbelt on and hold on tight, Enjoy,” He says.

The ride starts to move, I reach over to Justin’s hand, giving him a reassuring squeeze and a quick kiss on the lips. We’re going higher and higher “Fucking hell Eva, How far up does this fucker go? He asks nervously

“Nearly there babe, we’re nearly there,” I say reassuring him

As we reach the top I hear Justin “Wow, It’s beautiful up here....” His voice in awe, followed by an intake of his breath “FUCK ME!! WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK HAVE I LET YOU BRING ME ON!!” He shouts panicked

We’re both screaming, as we go down the biggest dipper in the UK, I don’t tell him that though. Two minutes later, We’re laughing our arses off with jelly legs. “Oh, that was awesome!” I say wiping the tears from my eyes

“Yeah it was” Justin laughs

“You were funny as fuck up there, Squealing like a girl,” I joke laughing at him

“You think that’s funny do you eh?” He starts tickling me

“No don’t,” I squeal laughing

“Say you’re sorry then,” he says still tickling me

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!” I say still laughing

We’re both still laughing, When Justin slowly stops laughing, Looking at me, He takes my face in his hands, stroking my hair and face tenderly “God, You’re so fucking beautiful, Eva....and your laugh” He murmurs closing his eyes

I snort laugh “Sorry babe, But I think you may need your ears syringing...My laugh is the worst,” I say in mock horror

“Nah babe, I told you it’s one of my favourite sounds, So there” He states pulling his tongue at me

I smile blushing at him God, he says the sweetest things

I give him a peck on the lips “Come on, let’s see what else we can go on,” I say excitedly as I get my map out

We decide to go on one more ride before we get something to eat...“How about Valhalla?” I ask him “We’ll need raincoats though,” I add

“Sure baby” He agrees “I don’t mind getting a bit wet” He tells me as we walk over to Valhalla and buy our raincoats. I take a picture of us both in them, I snort laugh looking at the picture as i realise who we look like. “We look fucking ridiculous, Eh babe, Have you ever seen Dude where’s my car’?” I ask him

“Can’t say I have baby, Why?” He asks curiously

“Oh babe, We’ll have to watch that, it’s funny as fuck. It’s got Ashton Kutcher in and that dude that plays Stiffler from American Pie,” I say “Hang on, I’ll google what I mean,” I laugh as I google the bit am talking about

“Look babe, Isn’t this funny?” I laugh

“That’s what I look like right now? Fuck me,” He groans laughing, then gets me In a big bear hug and murmurs in my ear “You’re lucky I love you” I gasp as his lips meet mine, kissing me softly.

We get on the ride which is a boat that goes inside a dark wet cave, Three minutes later we’re soaking wet laughing “My arse is soaked” I moan

“It’s not that bad baby, I got the worst of it” He laughs, I look to Justin and the both sides of his pants, hair and face are soaking wet.

I laugh, kissing him “True, Thank you for protecting me babe” I murmur against his lips

He smiles wide “Always” He murmurs back

. And Q the butterflies.....

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