Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Eighteen

After drying out in the BIGGEST human dryer ever, Which was funny as fuck, As we ended up with our hair sticking up everywhere. For lunch, we went to a place on the theme park called The Paradise Room where Justin had words with the manager to have a private booth. We sit down in our booth opposite each other. Just then a pretty brunette in what’s meant to be a waitressing uniform, which is disgusting, The skirt is up her arse and her top is so low cut, you can blatantly see her tits. She comes over holding a pen and pad, she has flirtatious smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes once she sees Justin.

Oh Fucking hell, looks like I’ll have to stop this shit too before she starts, I roll my eyes

“Good afternoon, Welcome to the paradise room. Can I interest you in a drink or anything?” She purrs

Fucking hell, Really? Anything?

Justin, of course is oblivious again as he looks at me “Baby? You want a coke or anything?” He asks softly

“I’ll have a coke please baby, Thanks,” I purr

He smiles at me sweetly, Poor thing hasn’t got a fuck all clue of the attention he’s getting. Which is a good thing cos this will be easier to do. “We’ll have two cokes please, And two menu’s when you can cheers,” Justin says as he turns to me smiling grabbing hold of my hands over the table. I smile back shyly, As we get lost in each other. That’s until we hear a rude cough and see it’s the flirtatious waitress. “Your menu’s And your cokes,” She says snootily as she passes us our menu’s.

“Thanks love,” I say cheerfully with a triumphant grin to which she tuts and looks back to justin “Call me when you’re ready to order,SIR” she purrs winking at Justin as she sashays away.

Oh no she fucking didn’t I get up to chase after her

“The cheeky bitch” I mutter

Justin stands with me grabbing my hand to stop me and pulls me to him, He then proceeds to kiss me senseless. I don’t know how long we kiss, but I hear an overly sweet voice belonging to our waitress “Are you ready to ord— oh" then a snooty ”Excuse Me for interrupting— Are you ready to order yet?” She asks Justin.

Justin kisses me once more, murmuring against my lips “How about a steak, baby?” He croons

"Mmmmm, yummy, yes please” I murmur licking my lips, grazing his lips with my tongue. Justin groans, but then turns his attention to our snotty arse waitress “Hi, yes, myself and my girlfriend would like the 10oz rump steak, well done please, cheers” He tells her handing her out menu’s back.

I love how he’s just called me his girlfriend, making it known to twat face that he’s in fact mine and I’m his...

We sit there grinning at each other until we hear a low frustrated growl from the waitress “It’ll be out as soon as we can” She says with a false smile, I smile back with a false smile of my own. “Oh, don’t rush— We’ll be here, won’t we baby?” I purr kissing Justin on the lips.

“Mmhmm” He replies smiling and gives me a chaste kiss. We hear the waitresses Urrgh! As she walks away, but we’re lost in each other again, till we hear a baby cry breaking our connection.

“You having fun baby? We’ve only been on two rides, so we can go back out there once we’ve eaten okay?” He says smiling at me

“Yeah I love it here, last time I came her our holly was a baby, so it’s changed a lot” I say taking a sip of my drink “There are a few rides I wanna have a go at, if you’re up for it?” I tease

“Of course am up for it” he snorts in mock offence

I laugh shaking my head and he smiles back at me, then grabs my hand... “Eva, I actually wanted to talk to you, to tell you about the girl you seen getting out my car. I know you said you didn’t care but I wanna explain who she is, she’s my cousin Lia, her and my auntie and uncle and my three other cousins have been living in Liverpool for about 5yrs now and Lia wanted to come see our new house that’s all, am sorry I didn’t tell you about them sooner” He says apologetically

“No, It’s okay, I’m the one who should be sorry, I jumped to conclusions again, and I know I said I didn’t care but, it’s just, well honestly I don’t know what you see in me. You could have anyone you wanted, You’ve already had a fair share of gorgeous women after you already, I’m a nobody really. And you’re, well you’re —you, I just don’t think I’m good enough for you Justin” I say sadly not looking at him.

“Eva” He says softly “Eva, look at me baby,” He pleads. I shake my head, I can’t, if I do I’ll end up bawling like a fucking baby, I already have tears brimming in my eyes. I feel a warm finger under my chin as it tilts my head up to look at him, I have my eyes closed “Eva please, baby—open your eyes, open your beautiful eyes” he coaxes softly, Slowly I open my eyes and he’s looking at me with so much adoration and love. The way he’s looking at me causes the dam to break and the tears to flow.

Oh, baby, don’t cry. Please don’t cry, I love you so fucking much, You’re so beautiful, so fucking sexy that I see no one, but you” He says softly and earnestly.

I Shake my head in disbelief “But—” Justin cuts me off by kissing me hard, relentlessly squeezing me to him. We break apart breathless and he grasps my face in his hands “Eva, I see no one but you" he says forcefully

“Justin, we’ve only known each other for less than a month...” I say as he goes to interrupt me, but I look at him with a look that says ‘let me finish’ so I carry on. “We’ve known each for less than a month, Two weeks really, and as much as I care for you, And I do, so fucking much, I am scared to say the three words yet. You’re an Everton player, a new Everton player, I mean we’ve already had our band of Sluts ‘N’ Slags R’ Us already trying to get a grip whilst am with you, imagine when you’re properly known. It’ll only get worse, you’ll have the press coming up with stories of all sorts of shit, I just want you to be sure that you want me, Justin. I know you have said you love me, but it’s still new, your feelings, you could be confused...” I stutter as his face grows angrier

“Are you fucking finished Eva? Are you done belittling yourself? Am not confused, I know how I feel, I know what I want—Who I want, fuck my life. Eva, I knew as soon as I saw your beautiful eyes—your smile, my heart stopped and I knew, I fucking knew—I LOVE YOU!!! I WANT YOU!! YOU. EVA!” He growls

“Okay, okay—am sorry, it’s just I— I say as that fucking annoying over sweet voice comes back and interrupts us “Two steaks, well done” We look up to her and she’s smiling evilly at me, And then she goes to Justin, bending over, so her huge fake tits are in his fucking face. What the fuck?

“Here you go sir, your steak,

enjooooy” She purrs as she places his plate on the table, Justin’s eyes though are on me. Me? I’m three seconds from snapping the bitch in half, Consequences be damned.

“And here is your’s miss” She says in her horrid voice Right, that’s it! She’s taking the piss now.

“Fuck this” Justin murmurs as he gets up “Where’s your boss? Can you call him over here please” he growls

“Justin” I say getting up with him

“It’s okay baby, let me sort this” he winks

“I’ll, I’ll go get him” the waitress stutters and runs away to find her boss

Not even a fucking minute later the boss comes “Mr Casey—Miss? Is there a problem? Is it the food? I can take it back, make sure the chef fixes the issue” he says adjusting his tie nervously

“That won’t be necessary sir, my problem is your waitress. She can see that I am here with my girlfriend, she’s disrespecting my girlfriend and me by openly trying to flirt with me. I am really pissed, to be honest mate that your staff can’t take no for an answer. Can you change our waitress or something, please? Someone who is less up themselves preferably” He growls

“Of—Of — Of course sir, I can only apologise for her behaviour, My wife” He stutters shaking his head

Me and Justin look at each mouthing What the fuck?

His wife? I’d be fucking divorcing her arse....

“I’ll send someone else over now, my apologies again. Your bill will be taken care to show how—” The manager says apologetically

Justin interrupts him “That’s not necessary mate, me and my girl just want to eat our food and enjoy the rest of our day,” he says

“Of course, My sincere apologies again” The manager stutters and turns away

Me and Justin look at each other, both of us stunned “Fuckin hell,” We both say and burst out laughing lightening up the mood from our earlier conversation.

We don’t bring up what we were talking about again, I’m just scared of telling him that I love him too, as he’s near enough a celebrity. I focus on his touches, his sweet words and how he looks at me instead. I should just tell him, he loves me, I love him, it feels right...

Doesn’t it?.....

We enjoy the rest of the day going on different rides...and he wins me three big toys in them claw machines

“Am knackered...” I yawn

“Come on sleeping beauty” He kisses my forehead “let’s get you home” and we walk hand in hand to his car

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