Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Nineteen

As we pull up to our house, Justin’s phone rings “Sorry baby, it’s my agent” He smiles apologetically

“It’s okay babe, take it” I nod reassuringly

He smiles, answering the call “Hey Marcus, what’s up?” he asks, I watch as he listens to his agent “What the fuck? Who was the source?” He growls

I watch him have a conversation “Nah, I bet it was the wife? It was her or another member of staff there” he growls

I sit chewing my nails with nerves as to what could of upset Justin so much “Are you shitting me? He backed her up? Nah, I don’t give two fucks Marcus—sort this shit, please. I don’t want them saying fuck all about her” he growls and hangs up his phone “FUCK” he shouts bashing his steering wheel making me jump with fright “What’s wrong?” I ask “Baby Please tell me” I plead

He sighs heavily giving me an apologetic stare “The bitch waitress, from that restaurant took pictures of us whilst we were talking. The press are having a field day with it. Coming up with all sorts of fucking stories” he spits

“Well, we know whatever gets said is lie though don’t we, it’s okay,” I say softly trying to calm him

“But it’s not though Eva, I wanted to keep you away from them. They’re vultures, they taint things, you’re pure baby, but they’ll paint you in ways that’ll say otherwise. God, your dad’ll kill me” he groans

“What’s my dad got to do with this? As long as we trust and are honest one another, there shouldn’t be a problem. I couldn’t give two fucks what they write about me, I’ll go one better and tell my own story” I tell him

“But baby, I promised your dad I’d keep you out the press. He knows what they’re like, he doesn’t want you to be hurt by what they say,” he says as he holds my hand

“My dad should know better, am a fucking adult for fuck sake. Whatever they’ll say about me will be lies, I’ve got nothing to hide, you haven’t either have you?” I query

“No, nothing—that last one in that magazine was a shock like, Marcus shut her down soon as I got on the phone with him. He’s still on my shit list, am still pissed at him for letting it get released before doing anything” he growls

I laugh “Awww, Poor Marcus” I tease “So, what are they saying? And what can we do about it?” I ask

“Nothing to worry about now baby, Marcus is taking care of it, but that bitch told them we were arguing cos I was flirting with her. And her husband backed her up” he growls angrily

“The fuck?!” I growl “He backed her up? He should be divorcing the bitch” I hiss

“No shit, Baby don’t worry about it. I’ll sort this....” he promises

“I know,” I say softly “kiss me Justin” I plead

“I’ll give you anything you want baby, anything for you!” He says softly

“I want you, just you, please” I plead again

He growls as his lips find mine, he kisses me with such passion as our tongues dance with one another God I love kissing this man

I feel his hands go to my arse, squeezing it he groans “God, I love this arse Eva, so fucking perfect—you’re perfect, perfect and mine" he growls

I giggle “caveman much babe!” I tease

“I don’t give a fuck baby, I’ll scream it to the world right now—make every man, woman and child know that you’re mine” he says with a lick of his tongue to my neck.

I shiver in pleasure giggling “Why every child though?” I ask curiously

“Why not? Should I add animals to that list?” He says seriously

“Fucking hell babe... ” I giggle “Me Tarzan—you Jane—MINE" I growl laughing

“That’s it, baby! You’re getting it now,” He winks smiling at me

**a knock on the car window disturbs us**

I look and see that it’s my dad What the fuck dad?

Justin puts my window down “Hey paddy, what’s up?” Justin asks

“Just wanted to see what was taking my baby girl so long getting out of the car” he growls

“The fuck dad? I’m 20yrs old, I am an adult, Justin is my boyfriend—and we were just talking” I say through clenched teeth

What the fuck is his problem?

Dad snorts and laughs “yeah right, talking” He says gestures with his fingers “Whatever,” he snorts rolling his eyes Where’s my mum when I need her

“Where’s mum?” I growl “MUUUUUM!” I shout

Mum comes out “What the fuck are you shouting for Eva? Holly’s sleeping” she whisper growls

“Am sorry mum, but dad is being uncalled for. He’s embarrassing me in front of Justin...” I plead

Mum looks to dad “What the fuck are saying to her now? For Fucksake paddy, She’s an adult, leave her be” she growls

“Nah baby, they were getting up to all sorts of shit in this car of his. Apparently, they were talking" he says gesturing with his fingers again

“I don’t give a fuck babe, you can’t say nothing, given the things we used to do at their age” she snorts

“Ex-fucking-actly my point Baby, I don’t wanna be a grandad yet” He growls

“Sorry to interrupt you paddy, now as much as respect you both, this has nothing to do with you. I care deeply for Eva, and there is nothing.

NOTHING that would stop that, and I would never force her to do anything she didn’t want to do” Justin says to my parents

“You shouldn’t have to say anything to him Justin, he should respect me as an adult and trust I won’t do anything stupid” I growl at my dad

God, I can’t believe he’s acting like an arsehole right now ”Dad just cos you couldn’t keep it in your pants doesn’t mean I’ll follow in your footsteps.... am still a fucking virgin” I snarl

"La la la, I don’t wanna know that shit” He says with his fingers in his ears, Mum snorts out a laugh “Could of fucking fooled me, love. What’s this all in aid of then?” She asks as she puts her fists on her hips

“Fuck this, am going in... ” Dad growls “I’m sorry baby girl, I— am sorry” he says sadly and walks into the house

I’m crying now, Mum looks at me smiling sadly “I’ll talk to him babe, I’m sorry about this Justin” she adds looking at Justin

“It’s okay Mrs M, I understand,” Justin says softly

“Now what did I tell you? Call me AVA!....” She growls teasingly

Justin laughs “Sorry, Ava" he amends

“See you in a bit babe,” Mum says squeezing my arm gently as she walks into the house after dad

I wipe my tears “God, that was so embarrassing. I am so sorry Justin—I” I stutter

“Don’t you ever apologise for that baby. Your dads just overprotective, you’re still his baby in his eyes...” He says softly holding my face in his hands and kisses me softly “I’ll be here in the morning baby, walk you to work, okay?” He asks softly

“Okay” I whisper “Have you got training?” I ask

“Yeah, I’ve gotta sort some stuff out with Marcus too... Oh, and I was wondering if you’d like to come to the match on Saturday? We’re at home, I can get you a box. Maybe get me off your dad’s shit list and invite him along” he says with a smile

I giggle “I’d like that,” I say shyly

“And you’re wearing my shirt... I want my number on you baby” he growls

“You’re a bloody caveman” I giggle

“You love it” he teases

“You right, I do” I say kissing him, I give him one more kiss and he goes round to my door to open it for me. “I’ll talk to dad, ask him about Saturday,” I tell him

“Okay baby.... ” He says placing his forehead against mine. He kisses me again “Goodnight baby, sweet dreams” and kisses my forehead “Night” As Justin walks away

“Dream of me,” We say in unison

“Jinx,” We say and start laughing

Grinning Justin walks backwards “Night baby....” he says blowing a kiss to me. I blow one back,

as I walk in— I shut the door, pressing my back to it and sigh happily, closing my eyes.

“Baby girl, can I—can I talk to you please?” Dad says from the kitchen. Sighing, I walk to the kitchen where dad is sat at the table

Fucking hell....he better not say anything bad again I swear

“I won’t baby girl, I promise” He promises

I snort-laughing at myself that I’ve said something out loud again as I lean against our kitchen wall listening to dad

“And am sorry I did that to you, It’s just your my baby girl, and I know you’re an adult now—but I’ve always been the man in your life, you know? And it feels like you’re being taken away from me” he says sadly

“Daddy, I am and always will be your girl—you’ll just have to share now, that’s all...” I say softly hugging him around the waist

“I know that’s the cunty part, the sharing” he moans

I laugh “You’re a crank, You know that?” Looking up at him “I’ve got a surprise for you anyway, From Justin...” I say excitedly

Dad’s eyes narrow in suspicion “What?..” He asks warily

“You busy on Saturday? Or dya wanna come hang in the VIP box with me?” I ask

“Really?” He says excitedly and quickly corrects himself “I mean sure, yeah, why not?...” he shrugs

"Daaaaaad!” I growl

“Okay, fine—yes I’d love to go” he sighs

“Great I’ll let Justin know....” I say happily walking to the stairs

Dad shouts after me “Tell him he’s still on my shit list though” He winks with a smile

“Fuck off dad” rolling my eyes “Night dad,love you” I say to him

“Love You too baby girl, more than you know, goodnight” he whispers

I blow him a kiss “See you in the morning, daddy” I say as I walk up the stairs

I get my phone out to text Justin, and see there’s a text from Amber...

Amber: “Hey bitch, hope all is okay? I’ll check in with your ass tomorrow. We’ll catch up, Miss your face Xxx”

I text back...

Me: “Hey bitch face, got a shit ton to tell you! Miss your face too! Love you Xxx”

Amber: “Love You too Xxx”

I text Justin

Me: “All’s good with dad, he’s up for the game on Saturday too—see you tomorrow. Good night Xx”

I get a reply instantly

Justin: “Good, glad all is okay. See you tomorrow baby, Sweet dreams Xxx ”

I text back

“Sweet dreams Xx”

He replies instantly

Justin: “I’ll be dreaming of your sexy arse, so they’ll definitely be sweet **wink face** Xx”

I snort laugh

Me: “Perv **wink face** Xx ”

He replies

Justin: “Your perv though, right? Xx”

I sigh happily and reply

Me: “My perv Xx”

I put my phone down to change into my pj’s and get into bed for some sweet dreams of my own.

I sigh happily and close my eyes

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