Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Two

I walk into U6, my class and hang my coat up. “Sup people” I shout... Nikki and Tracy, who I work with in U6 look at me and smile. Tracy comes over to me “Kids buses will be here soon... eh, have you seen our special visitors?” She says excitedly

She’s doing that swoony-eye thing Jill was doing before? What the fuck is going on here? Have I missed something?

“What’s going on? Jill had that same fuckin swoony eye thing going on as well... what have I missed?”

Tracy looks at me and laughs “Swoony-eye,” she giggles “Is that even a thing?” She asks

I roll my eyes “Well if it wasn’t, it is now ... what’s got you all giggly?” I ask her

Nikki and Tracy look at me like I’m being crazy…

Nikki says “Eva... you do know Everton are here, like in this school...like the football team—Everton” she clarifies

Is she taking the piss... Everton?

“Are you taking the piss?” I ask her

She laughs “No girl, for real.. they’re here to see the kids. Play football, apparently they’ve started a football camp for kids with special needs... isn’t that fab?” She beams

“No shit! That’s fuckin awesome” I praise

Jill comes over the walkie-talkie “ladies, your kids are ready to collect”

I smile at Nikki and Tracy “let’s go get our kiddywinks”

We’re walking in the hall where all the kids are waiting to be taken to their classes.

I see our holly but I don’t say anything to her, she’d get upset if she saw me as she doesn’t associate me with school only at home. Joys of autism, I think to myself, with a sad sigh

I walk over to where all the U6 kids are sitting “Hey, guys, how you are doing? Come on, let’s go to class!” I smile at them all and we walk them to our classroom

As we get to class Tracy announces to the kids that we’ve got surprise visitors... the kids are so excited, bless them.

We walk to the sports hall I’m holding Abbie and Kieron’s hand, they’re so excited...

“Calm down kids we’ll be there soon,” I say smiling at them

We get inside the sports hall and it is empty beside the classes who are walking in, there are two other classes besides ours U2 and U5... we sit the kids down on the benches as one of the sport hall doors open...

Chelle, the school Headteacher walks in with Duncan-Fuckin-Fergus holy fuckin shit, Everton are really here.

God, dad would shit a brick if he found out Duncan was here! Am totally mesmerised by the legend before me and totally oblivious to the fact that Justin is standing there amongst all the Everton players... am staring dumbfounded

Holy Shit...

Justin waves grinning at me

And there’s me daft arse still staring with my mouth open like the Mersey tunnel, eyes wide waving like a loon...

Then it clicks, I was too busy staring at him, basically eye-fucking him from head to toe earlier when I vaguely remember him, saying that he was scouted by Everton and that he was here for the kids.

If only you could slap yourself right now Eva...

Justin’s looking at me grinning as if he know’s what am thinking...

Annnnd Q the blushing, the fucks wrong with me?... get a grip, Eva...

Nikki comes over to me “Hey... are you ok? You look like you’re going to be sick or something, ” she feels my head with the back of her hand, “You’re not hot girl, You look flushed?” she asks concerned

I look at her “Me...no am fine... all good, yep am good” I babble “We’re good aren’t our kids,” I say nervously...talking to Abbie and Kieron so I can’t see how Nikki is looking at me...

Michelle takes the opportunity to say something “Good morning children, as you can see we have a surprise for you... Everton football club has come to visit us and play football with you and to tell us a little bit about the football camp they’ve opened...isn’t that awesome” she says smiling brightly.

The kids are all screaming happily and excitedly, Michelle laughs “I thought you’s would like that... right well, here is Duncan and the boys” She smiles at the kids then at Duncan and the other players, She then looks at me and the rest of the stuff winking at us “Have fuuuuun” she sings and leaves the hall.

Duncan steps forward “Hey Kids, So who here likes football...” he says excitedly

Loud Me’s are getting shouted round the sports hall... the kids are so excited they’re rocking back and forth and clapping their hands in excitement

Duncan’s smiling “Great, well am going to split you up and I’ve already assigned players to each class... you ready to have some fun?” He smiles at them

Kids are shouting yeah’s happily and clapping

And with that, we’re left to our assigned players...

I look up to Justin and two other players walking over to us...

“Hello, Eva... Again,” Justin says with a grin

“Hey,” I say nervously looking for Nikki and Tracy they’re looking at me smiling, but with the question in their eyes... I inwardly groan oh fuck! Am going to get an earful later

For nearly an hour the kids are having fun playing football with Justin, and who I later find out is Russ Berkley and Tom Davids... dad would kill me if he found out I didn’t recognise these players...the man is a die-hard blue nose, I roll my eyes at the thought...

We’re just about taking the kids back to class before they have their dinner when Justin comes over...

“Hey, I never said Thank you to you properly for helping me this morning did I?” He says with a gorgeous smile

Jesus, he’s gorgeous

“Oh, it’s okay, I was going the same way....” I say nervously

What the fuck am I nervous for?... he’s just talking to you Eva chill your beans for fuck’s sake I mentally roll my eyes

Justin steps even closer, so close I can smell him... oh god, he smells Devine...oh, he’s wearing Issey Miyake...I love that smell...I sigh...shit did I just sigh.. like out loud... I look up to Justin to see he’s grinning at me...shiiiiiiiiit!

“Right well I have to go now... I’ll see you round Justin” I go to walk away to the kids

“Wait, ” I look back to Justin

“Um... how’s the head?” I look at him confused and then I remember how we met and I laugh out loud and I remember I’ve got a short laugh so I cough to hide it

“What? Oh yeah am fine... my brain’s still there so all good” I smile at him pointing at my brain

Fuck sake, Eva could you be any more stupider

Justin steps up to me again, smiles, then kisses me on my forehead...

I gasp stunned, I am stunned an am not breathing... fuck sake Eva breathe, I mentally chastise myself, it’s a kiss on the food not on the lips...

I take a deep breath in... and look at him... god the way he’s looking at me...it’s one of them swoon ones that Jill was doing... so I smile brightly at him...

Justin grabs my hand squeezes it and says “Catch you later, Eva” and walks away... annnd, am staring at his arse again...

That is a nice arse...

I don’t even realise I’m in an arse stare-coma when I hear Justin shout me “Hey, Eva” I look at him and he’s got a Cheshire Cat grin on his face and winks at me “Glad you like my arse—later, ” he laughs as he walks away

I blush feeling my face goin bright red, fuckin hell I said that out loud?! Fuck, me and my fuckin big mouth

I groan at my stupidity

I get back to Class and of course, the kids are at dinner and I’m left with the nosy arse twins!

I sigh again, knowing what’s to come...

Before they ask I jump in “I met him this morning he was lost, I showed him the way... that’s it”

They’re looking at me with their judgy faces... trying to figure out if what am saying is true or not

Whatever... “Have friars tucks dropped the food off yet?” I ask them

We order off friar tucks every day for lunch.... today is chicken pasta salad day...

I get my order from the staff room and my phone vibrates... I look at my phone...

It’s a text from Amber...

Amber: Sup bitch, the fuck you ring me at the arse crack of dawn for? Xx”

Subtle, isn’t she

I decide to ring her instead of texting her back and she answers on the first ring

“What up Daaaaawl” in this horrid whiny voice that she knows I hate, because it gets right on my tits... I shudder

“Urgh, don’ t do that fuckin voice amber... you know I hate it” I groan

She’s laughing, the cow...

“Awwww am sorry boo... you know I loves yo mama” she in a high squeaky voice

What the fuck! She’s been watching Friday Again, I roll my eyes.... the woman must watch that film on the fucking daily or something

“Amber, have you been watching Friday again?”

She laughs “Girl, you know I love watching ice cube and Chris Tucker.... they funny as” I roll my eyes

“Yes, I know they are babe... but leave the funny quotes to them yeah?” I tease

Am snickering and I know she can hear me

“Bitch, please... am just as funny as them too! Now tell me why the fuck was you ringing me at the arse crack-a dawn for Hmmm, cause I know you haven’t adopted a cockerel or something”

I roll my eyes

“Well, for one... it wasn’t the arse crack-a dawn as you put it...it was nearly 8 o’clock lazy arse, anyway...remember when I told you the school was having special visitors today? And that I had to be in from 8 o’clock to set up and shit?” I say

“Oh yeah, so who was it?...was it that petting zoo place with the snakes an shit,” she asks with a shudder

I laugh at her “You’re such a girl... nope, it was" goading her

“Woman if you test me... I’ll come down there an bitch slap you” she growls

“Ok...ok... fuckin hell girl calm your farm... It was Everton" I say

Amber’s all quiet.... In five, four, three, two... get ready. I pull the phone from my ear

“ARE YOU SHITTING ME!! You had Everton in your school and you didn’t tell me?” She screams

“Erm... I did ring you! You didn’t answer!” I fire back

“Don’t bullshit me, you didn’t even know it was them before you got into school” she argues

Justin’s gorgeous face pops into my mind, and I realise I’ve not said anything back to her…

“Why’ve you gone quiet on me? Did you know? I swear to fuckin Christ Eva, if you knew...am telling your dad, I swear” she promises

I gasp “You wouldn’t dare”

She laughs evilly-gleefully “Try me bitch”

“I honestly didn’t know, but I did bump into someone on the way,” I tell her

So I tell her everything about meeting Justin on the way to work,I finish talking and I realise she’s quiet on the other end

What the fuck is wrong with her? I’ve told her everything... I look at my phone to see if we’re still connected, we are...

“Amber... heeeello, you still there?” I ask

“Yes, I’m still here you daft cow, as if I’d put the phone down on ya when you tell me you had your fod kissed by an Everton player” she mocks

I laugh...“Exactly, it was just me fod...listen, I’ll ring you later” as I look to see Nikki tapping her watch, I give her a thumbs up to let her know am coming for the kids...

“Nuh-uh bitch face, I’ll be at yours by the time you get home from work... I’ve got one client in today, so I’ll be at yours by the time you get back...I want a more in-depth discussion about this Justin lad” she teases in a singsong

I roll my eyes over what’s to come when am home...“Whatever bitch catch ya later” I laugh

I get home at 5.30pm and I just step in the door...“Hey, Am home” I shout as I shut the door

I get a mix of hello’s from everyone and I smile

Dad comes into the hallways and he’s got a scowl on... uh-oh!

“Hey baby girl, how was work?” He asks

“Yeah, it was good... kids had a great day”I smile

Dad looks at me and folds his arms “Uh-huh! doesn’t have anything to do with the fact Everton came to blue Saint today did it?” He asks arching an eyebrow at me

Fuckin Amber, can’t hold her own shit... I curse my best friend... “Amber told you then?” I sigh

Dad’s scowl gets deeper “Amber knew?”

Shit! “Erm... no.. no I told her at dinner time because she phoned me asking if it was the petting zoo”

Dad’s eyes narrow at me “It was Holly who told us” smiling proudly

I gasp... this is major “Shut. UP, What did she say?”

“She was shouting Duncan... Duncan Fergus...and Everton...I thought it was random like so I looked in her link book and there it was Everton comes to visit”

“Aw, that’s great dad! Did mum see too?” I ask him

“Yeah, she’s with our holly and Catherine now in the living room... so... I know we’ve got new players, was any there?”

“Don’t know dad... Russ Berkeley and Tom Davids were in our group”I tell him

Dad looks stunned “Shut the fuck up...” He whispers

I nod “yup” I don’t mention Justin’s name though...

That is until the door opens Amber dramatic voice carries all through our house “Fear not, my precious family, for I am here”

I look at Dad rolling my eyes at my girl’s theatrics, whilst he’s grinning shaking his head...

Mum, Catherine and Holly say their share of hello’s to Amber...

Amber fist bumps my dad “What up pops” he laughs and shakes his head again and looks at me again “Tea be ready soon baby girl, I’ll shut you down once it’s ready” he says “How about you, Amber? You in?” He asks her

“That’s a stupid question pop’s, you know I love Ma Ava’s food” she chuckles

“True!” He chuckles

I give him a grateful smile and kiss him on the cheek “Thanks dad”

Once dad is in the living room, Amber’s all in my face “Right come on tell me about this Justin, I want to know EVERYTHING!” I sigh and take her up to my room.

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