Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty

I wake up to my alarm going off, I groan reaching for my phone to turn my alarm off, It’s 6.00am, and the annoyingly loud birds are tweeting outside. The sun is shining through my curtains...

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and sit up with a yawn...

My phone sings with a text notification, a knowing smile comes across my face as I reach for my phone again...

Justin: “Good morning baby, I hope you slept well? Xx”

I reply smiling

Me: “Good morning, I have literally just woke up. and I slept very well indeed,

Thankyou. Ever notice the more sleep you have the more tired you feel? I’m yawning past myself here, I hope you slept well? Xx”

I get up putting my phone on my dressing table and go to the bathroom, for once it’s free...“Fucking hell, Free reign of the bathroom. Nice start to the day Eva” I murmur to myself as I get in the shower to get ready for work, Ten minutes later I’m in my room blow drying my hair when Amber storms in...

“Hey baaaaabe....” She smiles brightly, but it’s not her smile

Frowning, I turn my hairdryer off and go to her. She breaks down, Immediately I pull her into my arms, hugging her. “Hey now, Amber? What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you sick? Tell me what’s wrong babe?” I panic trying to calm her

“I think Russ is cheating on me” She cries as tears cascade down her face

What the ever loving fuck? I’ll kill him!!

“What? Fuck, babe are you sure? What makes you say that?“I ask “I’ll fucking kill him if he has” I growl

“Because he’s been getting calls and texts, being very secretive with them. Going out the room whilst he’s on the phone and stuff...” She sniffles

“Oh, babe, that doesn’t mean he’s cheating...” I go to say...

“From other women Eva, other women" she snarls

Oh shit!! Russ is fucked!!

“Oh!...” I mutter

She snorts “Yeah, Oh! God, Eva, how could I have been so stupid? It’s fucking Russ Berkeley, you know?” She groans

“But how do you know it’s not family or his agent or anything to do with Everton Amber? You can’t just jump to conclusions” I try to defend Russ

Amber narrows her eyes at me

Oh shit! ”What? you mean like you did with Justin, you mean?” She snorts

I bite my tongue to not snarl at her—but then again, she’s right

I sigh “Yeah, and I admit I was wrong, don’t do what I did amber, just ask him,” I say softly

“Ask who?” Justin says as he appears in my bedroom doorway

Me and Amber look at Justin and look at each other with wide eyes... “Hey babe, you okay? I’m nearly ready” I say smiling at him giving him a chaste kiss on the lips

“Hey baby, no rush, we got time!” He smiles “Now what’s going on?” He presses looking between us, Amber sighs loudly

“Promise me you won’t say anything to Russ about this Justin” Amber pleads

Justin looks nervous “Oh, I don’t know Amber, Russ is my friend—if it’s anything bad I’d rather not promise anything,” he says warily

“Amber babe, just tell him—He may know if anything is wrong” I say to amber

Amber huffs “Fine, I think Russ is cheating on me...” She says sadly

Justin looks at her, then at me for what I don’t know then starts laughing his arse off...“What the fuck are you laughing at? This isn’t funny, You think me crying all night is funny, Justin?” She snarls at Justin

Justin abruptly stops laughing “You’re right, am sorry Amber. It’s just that Russ isn’t cheating on you. He’s so fucking gone for you, as much as I am for Eva” he admits to her, I smile brightly at Justin and I catch amber looking at me confused.

“What do you mean, gone for Eva?” She looks at us curiously

“I love her, Amber” Justin admits as he smiles at me

Amber’s looking at me wide-eyed and I give her a smile ”H-O-L-Y shit, Are you for real right now?” She says excitedly

“I do, and Russ feels the same for you, you can see it when he talks about you,” Justin says with grin

Amber smiles brightly, but then it dims “It still doesn’t explain who the women are calling and texting him though” she accuses

“Have you even asked him who they are, Amber?” Justin asks

“No,” she says with her head down

“Why,” Me and Justin say in unison

She sighs “Cos he doesn’t know that I know he’s been getting calls and texts from women, Okay?” she says guiltily

She’s been going through his phone...shit!

“Before you judge me, I was just trying to take a photo of myself to put as his wallpaper” she admits “And then he was getting calls and texts from two different women” she says holding two fingers up “I put his phone back before he spotted me with it, Then he comes and takes the phone and goes outside, instead of talking to them in front of me, like he usually does” she adds sadly

“I really think you should talk to Russ amber, I don’t think it’s what your thinking— Trust me, My boy is crazy for you” he grins at her

“Really?” She says unsure

“Trust me, go to him amber,” he says encouragingly

“Okay, I will, Thanks Justin, I hope your right cos if you’re not am gonna come back and kick your arse” she threatens

He snort laughs “You won’t need to, now go”He tells her shooing her out my room

“Eva babe, Am sorry I haven’t been around as much or anything but I swear babe, girls night soon as yeah?” She says coming to give me a hug

I hug her back “It’s okay babe, we’ve both been caught up in our men” I laugh

“And we’ll talk about that too, soon” she winks playfully and I roll my eyes

“Right I better go and confess my sins, plus you’ll be late for work if you don’t hurry...” Amber says running out my room “LOVE YA BABE” She shouts

“LOVE YA TOO” I shout back, I turn to Justin and smile “The woman is fucking crazy I swear....” I walk right up to him

“Hi,” I say softly looking up at him

He gathers me in his arms and kisses me “Hi” he croons

“Ahem,” Dad says at my door

“Morning dad” I groan

“Morning baby girl, where’s amber running off to? Didn’t even get a chance to say hi to her then” he says with his thumb over his shoulder

“She’s off to see Russ over something, she’ll be back later, I think she said” I tell him

“Oh okay,” Dad looks to Justin “Morning, Justin” Dad harrumphs

“Morning, paddy” Justin replies with a warm smile

God, this is fucking awkward

“Baby”Justin laughs shaking his head

Shit I said it out loud?

“Yeah, you did baby girl” Dad says as he tries to keep a straight face

Fucking hell ”This brain of mine is dangerous,” I moan hiding my face

Dad stands in my doorway shuffling his feet nervously “I actually wanted to have a word with Justin— If you don’t mind Justin?” Dad adds

“Not at all paddy, I won’t be a minute baby,” Justin says kissing my forehead and walks out my room, shutting the door behind them. I look at the clock and it’s already 8.15am

“Shit,” I say and I leave drying my hair, I decide to put it up in a messy bun, then I finish getting dressed.

I’m now Dressed, and Justin’s still not back from his talk with dad...I open my door and no one is there until Catherine opens her bedroom door with her school uniform on “Morning sis, was that amber here before? What happened did she shit the bed?” She teases

I snort laugh “Yeah, something like babe” I grin “Eh, Have you seen dad and Justin by any chance?” I ask her

“Last time I saw them they were in the kitchen talking,” she says as she goes in the bathroom checking herself

“Okay cheers sis, have a good day in school—be good,” I say

“Yeah, yeah—You too” She says with a wink

I jog down the stairs just as Justin and dad comes out the kitchen, they shake hands “She’s my world, remember that son” Dad says patting Justin on the back “You’ll understand once you have kids of your own” he adds suddenly his eyes widen realising what he’s just said looking at Justin then me “Now Don’t be getting any ideas just yet, am not ready to a grandad yet” he groans

"Dad" I moan embarrassed

Justin chuckles “I understand paddy—Eva, she’s everything to me” he tells him honestly

“Right, okay, Well—umm” Dad babbles, I walk right over to him and give a hug “I love you, daddy,” I say into his chest and I feel him kiss the top of my head as he sighs heavily “I love you too baby girl, always,” he says gruffly

I let go of him and kiss him on the cheek “I’ll see you later dad, tell mum to text me what we’re having for tea...” I say as me and Justin walk out the door hand in hand.

“Will do, baby girl” he sighs

I turn to him once more, smiling and blow him a kiss then shut the door behind me. Me and Justin walk to my workplace hand in hand, happy...

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