Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty One

On our way to Blue Saint’s, My work, we listen to my Spotify playlist. Our hands still entwined, Swinging. Justin’s quiet, too quiet.

“Are you okay? You’re so quiet, did my dad say something to upset you?” I ask

“No, nothing like that—” He says hesitates

“Well, What is it then?” I laugh nervously “You’ve obviously got something on your mind”

“Okay, So this may sound....” Justin hesitates

“What’s wrong babe? Come on, You can Tell me—ask me anything” I say with a smile

He’s rubbing the back of his neck, I’ve noticed quite a few of his body language movements and this is the one he does when he’s nervous... “Okay, Now don’t get mad. It’s just I need to ask you for your size, so I can order you your top—and da always says you don’t mention anything about sizes or anything in that area with the ladies, cos they’ll be pissed” He smiles uneasy once he sees my scowling face “But I wanna get my name and number printed on it, and apparently they’re made to order” he says sheepishly

Fucking hell is that it? I don’t know whether to crack this lad upside the head or kiss him...

“So, what? You thought I’d be pissed if you asked me my size? Why?” I ask folding my arms

“Well, da said women are always sensitive about their bodies” He starts to look worried “Fuck, am in the shit now aren’t I? I knew I shouldn’t of listened to me da” He groans

I start to laugh at his unease Oh babe...

“I’m a 12 babe, now you know for future reference too” I say patting his cheek lightly “Are you gonna ask my dad too, or you worried about upsetting him as well” I tease

“Shit!” He starts rubbing his neck again “I didn’t think of your dad” He says nervously

Maybe I should put him out of his misery and tell him my dad’s size?!

We get to the school but Justin’s in a world of his own.

“Are you okay babe?” I ask him “You’re not still worried about my dad’s T-Shirt size are you?” I tease “Cos if you are, I know his size,” I say as I try to hide my smile

And he comes over to me nuzzles my neck and I wrap my arms around his neck

“You do eh? My sneaky little minx...” he growls as he licks up my neck

I shiver in pleasure, and I feel myself being walked backwards until I hit a wall and I gasp as Justin goes back to nuzzling and kissing my neck

“I was going to tell you... ” I whisper moan

And he grinds himself into my belly and so fucking hard... fuck me...

“Now baby....” he purrs “we’ve established that we’re not ready for that.... and as much as the words ‘fuck me’ coming out of that sweet sweet fucking mouth of yours” he moans grinding into me again “were not ready baby, plus...we’re outside the school too...best keeping this PG eh?” And he winks

God, he’s so fucking sexy....and mine!

“Baby..... I love how you get all possessive over me....turns me the fuck on....and yeah!Am all yours baby, and you can bet that sweet sexy as all fuck arse of yours that your all mine too” he growls and kisses me

I hear the bell ring inside the school

“Shit! I better go... I’ll see you later?” I ask

Justin as am power walking to the entrance

“I’ll be back late but text or call me anytime okay baby?....I’ll miss you” he croons

“Okay....miss you too” and I blow him a kiss which he returns and walks away and am staring at the sexy as fuck arse again!

“Oh, little miss Murphy.....hello...Eva!” Jill shouts breaking me out of my arse stare

“Shit sorry Jill, sorry am late...had issues at home and stuff,” I say as I sign myself in

Jill is grinning like the cat got the cream...

“Oh, I know all about the stuff ” she says pointing to the screen.

Fucking hell, the cameras “Shit” I blush

“It’s okay Eva, I was 20 once too, now go on, Hurry” Jill says with a wink

“Thanks, Jill,” I say waving at her

I run to my class and rush in...“Sorry am late everyone....” I shout. The kids are sat in a circle holding there pecs registration cards, Tracey is calling out the kids names.

“Where is Abbie?” Tracey calls out

“I’m here Tracey” Abbie calls out happily holding her pecs card up and she adds her name to the board

“How come you’re late?” Nikki asks as she comes over to me

“Family stuff...” I say rolling my eyes

“Aaaah, well, I hope everything’s okay?” She says patting my leg and before I even answer her...she’s bouncing in excitement “Soooo, how’s everything with you and Justin?” She asks in excitement

I laugh and shake my head “We’re great Hun, am actually going to his game on Saturday with my dad, Dad can’t wait” I tell her as my phone goes off


Shit I forgot to turn my phone off, I look at the message before I switch my phone off

“It’s Justin,” I say to Nikki

Justin: “It’s just occurred to me you didn’t tell me your da’s shirt size. My sexy woman distracting me, text me when you get the chance baby, and I’ll order them. Miss you Xxx”

I giggle and reply, Me: “Erm, I think it was you who started the distraction in the first place, Mr Casey!! **wink face** My Dad is a medium BTW, am about to switch my phone off, so I’ll call you when I have a chance, Miss you too Xxx

I send it and then turn my phone off

“Right then kids, let’s look on our boards and see what we’re doing first today,” I say clapping my hands together

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