Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Three

Amber leaves our house promising a girls night out, I still haven’t heard anything from Justin all day so am starting to worry, biting my lip I decide to text him...

Me: Hey babe, How’s your day been? You okay? X”

I press on my iBooks app, clicking on Bronaugh’s book, I swear no matter how many times I read this series by LA Casey I still love it.

I’m about halfway through the book, when I start to feel tired...

I check my phone, incase I missed anything, still no reply from Justin. I look to the time which is 11.30pm, and I decide to get my head down as I don’t wanna be tired for work. I close my eyes with Justin still on my mind.

I stir to a knock on my door “Baby girl,” Dad shouts from the other side of the door. I moan

He knocks again, louder this time “Baby girl, you’re best waking up, you’re gonna be late,” Dad shouts again.

I gasp ”Fuck, am up—am up, what time is it?” I ask rubbing my eyes

“It’s ten past seven babes, did you not set your Alarm?” Dad asks

I yawn, frowning confused “I thought I did,” I say wiping my eyes as I get up out of bed. I look at my phone, still no reply from Justin. I have no time to call or text him, besides I should let him stew like he did me, the fucker.

I’m dressed and ready for work and as I leave the house, I look over to Justin’s house and find his car, not in the driveway...

“Huh? Must have already gone to training?” I shrug to myself and start the walk to work by myself, I text amber

Me: “Hey bitch face, you up? X”

I’m suddenly alerted with Z-Cars playing out from my phone, announcing a call. It’s amber, I answer her call “Well at least you get back to me” I huff

“Why what’s going on? Who hasn’t got back to you? Justin??” She asks

“Yeah...” I sigh “We walked to work yesterday, as am doing fucking now— on my own, he said he needed to sort a few things with Marcus his agent before training. But I’ve heard nothing from him since yesterday, his car wasn’t even on his driveway this morning when I left ours” I add

“Do you want me to ask Russ if he’s seen him, babe? I can add a call while i’m still on the phone to you, Just stay quiet on your end yeah?” Amber says

“Okay, yeah do that!” I say

“Calm down babe, he’ll be okay, Okay, Sshh now, Yeah?” Amber whispers

I hear the phone ring out twice before I hear Russ’s voice ”Good morning, my sexy woman, I missed you in my bed last night” Russ growls down the phone

“Oh, and how I missed being in that bed baby....” Amber purrs “But baby, I need to ask you something real quick about Justin for Eva. She hasn’t seen or heard from him since yesterday, and his car wasn’t on the driveway when she left for work this morning—so she’s a little worried, have you seen him, baby?” She purrs

I have never heard Amber like this with anyone, she really is in love with Russ...

“Fucking hell, Eva” Amber growls “What the fuck happened to being quiet?” She hisses Oh shit...

I hear Russ chuckling “Morning Eva, Tell ya, It’s nice to know my girl hasn’t been like this with anyone but me. But I’d rather hear the I love you’s from her though” He says and everyone goes quiet.

Shit, she hasn’t told him? why hasn’t she told him?...

“I swear to all fucking heaven, Eva, you say another word am coming for ya ass, fuck sake!” She growls “You and that fucking no filter brain” She huffs as I hear Russ chuckling down the phone.

“Let’s get back to where the fuck Justin is please!” She huffs

“Ohhh, Thanks for that Eva” Russ chuckles

“And to answer your question, Justin is here, at training...” He says

“WHAT?!” I shout—Oh, hell to the no, he goes all day and night not calling and texting me, and then leaves without saying anything? What the actual fuck?!?

"EH, JUSTIN, Thought you should know your girl is pissed at you” I hear Russ shouting to Justin, chuckling his arse off.

“How did you get my girl’s number? I hear Justin growl

“Tell him to go fuck himself, fucking worrying me like that” I growl

“She’s with Amber, you dumbass. You know MY WOMAN!” Russ growls to Justin, ignoring what I said.

“Actually, Amber added Russ to her call, as I am on my way to work on my own!!! And was worried about him, stupid me!” I growl sarcastically “Amber I’ll talk to you later babe, later Russ!” I say putting the phone down without hearing their response.

Tears start brimming in my eyes, I’m not overreacting here, am I? I’m meant to be his girlfriend for fuck sake. As I get to work, I wipe the tears from my eyes before I enter...

“Morning Eva, no indecent exposure today” Jill teases but her teasing grin drops when she sees my eyes, red from crying “Oh, Eva, What’s wrong? Come here” She asks motioning me to come inside the office. Jill takes me in her arms hugging me and I start to cry again as I and explain why am upset.

“Oh Eva, he’s a footballer babe, a professional footballer. Hasn’t he got a game on Saturday?” She asks rubbing my back

“Yeah, he has, I know he’s going to be busy all the time, but Jill—He lives next door to me, he could have called, texted—you know?” I say sniffing

“You were worried about him?” She asks me

“Yeah, stupid me” I scoff “He’s at the training grounds now” I tell her

“Aaaah, He left without saying anything?

“Yeah,” I sniff again “Listen Jill, am best getting to class, I’ll talk to you later,” I say sadly

“Okay darlin, keep ya chin up babe...” she says hugging me again before letting me go. I smile muttering “Thanks” to her as I leave, I pass a mirror on the way to class and decide to make a stop at the ladies toilets first to freshen up...

My phone rings out with Z-Cars playing announcing a call, I look at my phone ‘unknown’ is on the screen, I frown but answer the call...

“Hello?” I sniff

“Hey baby, don’t hang up please,”Justin pleads The fucking nerve of him...

I snort “And why the fuck shouldn’t I?” I snarl ending the call, I turn off my phone, before he can call me back

“The cheeky bastard, thinking he can call me when it suits him....” I fume out loud to myself, checking my face over I leave the bathroom and make my way to class.

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