Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Four

After a long and tiring day in work, I decide to call a cab from the office. As I get home, I spot Justin’s car is in his driveway, I scoff Oh NOW he comes home shaking my head I walk straight into our house. “I’m home” I shout as I walk through the door.

“Hey, baby girl, How was work?” Dad asks from the living room

“Tiring, am gonna go get my head down for a bit, Is that okay?” I ask

“Sure baby girl, do you want me to wake you once tea is ready?” He asks as I walk up the stairs. I realise, I haven’t eaten at all today. No wonder am dead on my feet. “Please dad, Thanks,” I say as I carry on up the stairs sluggishly.

Getting to my room, I open the door and my eyes meet the inside of my room, I gasp What the—

My room is covered with flowers, God, there must be hundreds... and I realise who must of sent them “Fucking Justin” I growl as I shut my door behind me, falling flat on my bed, letting sleep consume me.

I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep, but it doesn’t feel that long, I stir slightly as I feel a hand stroke my cheek. “Not yet dad, am still knackered,” I say groggily

“It’s not your dad, baby” Justin whispers

My eyes open wide, I sit up so fast that I knock Justin to the floor “I guess I deserved that,” he says from the floor Yeah, you did...

Ignoring his comment “What are you doing here? How did you get in?” I growl

“Cat let me in, baby, let me explain, I—” He says softly

“No NO! You had your chance to explain yesterday, all fucking day yesterday. And this morning” I growl

“Well actually, I did try to explain this morning but you cut me off remember?” He explains lifting his eyebrows at me

I scowl at his perfect face “Don’t be a fucking smart arse, Irish, I’m in no mood for that shit” I snarl

Justin’s eyebrows lift again “Irish? That’s new!”

I shrug my shoulders not looking at him, cos I’m a stubborn cow

He sighs heavily “Are you gonna let me explain baby? You can decide whether or not to keep me in the dog house then” he smiles

I shrug my shoulders again see, stubborn

“Right, well. Did you like your flowers?” He asks as he gets up to sit back on my bed, I shrug my shoulders again.

He sighs sadly “Baby, Am sorry I didn’t contact you sooner. I lost my phone and I’d been busy all day yesterday like I said I would, and I didn’t come to you this morning cos I know how much you love your sleep” he says

“You lost your phone?” I scoff “That’s convenient isn’t it? And why didn’t you just wake me up anyway? You normally walk me to work.” I ask

“It’s the truth baby, I had Marcus set me up with a new phone, hence the new number and I had to meet up with Marcus to sign a contract before training” He explains

“You should have come this morning, I wouldn’t of minded you waking me. I was up to till late last night, worrying about you and ended up getting up late” I whine

“Am sorry baby, I didn’t think!” He says softly

“You didn’t think I’d worry about you? Are you messing?” I ask incredulously

“I’m sorry baby, Truly, Forgive me?” He pleads with them gorgeous eyes “I missed you, Did you miss me?” He asks nuzzling my neck

“What a stupid fucking question seen as though I was the one worrying about you. Yes, I missed you!” I whisper as I get goosebumps from his touch, the good kind that is.

He grins placing sweet little kisses on my neck “Am sorry baby, Let me make it up to you” he growls as he pushes me back on my bed

“What are you?—” I whisper

“Sssh baby, Let me take care of you” he purrs kissing me softly shit, my door

“Did you lock my door?” I whisper

He grins nodding slowly, taking my t-shirt off he starts kissing me, lower and lower, he’s kissing, licking and nipping at my skin as he goes lower “God, I love your body Eva, so fucking sexy” he groans rising back up, he kisses my boobs, licking and sucking at them as he takes my bra off “Hey, my beauties, did you miss me?” He asks my boobs

My nipples harden instantly “Oh yeah, they did” he groans taking one nipple in his mouth twirling his tongue around it, I moan “Sssh baby!” He grins wickedly The bastard.

He continues his assault on my boobs, and proceeds to go lower again, kissing, licking as he goes. His hands go to my leggings, and starts to pull them down with my underwear

“Jesus Eva, you smell so good” he growls

I blush hiding behind my hands “Don’t you hide your gorgeous face from me, I want your eyes on me when I take you with my mouth” he growls

Fuck me that’s so hot

He finishes taking my leggings off and throws them over his head “Open for me baby, let me see my pussy” he growls

I open my legs

“Jesus fuck, look at that pretty little pussy all swollen and wet for me” he groans as he adjusts himself. He leans in between my legs, inhaling my scent “Mmmmmmm you smell so good baby, so fucking sweet...” he growls, I moan closing my eyes, the heat of his mouth right by my pussy sends shivers of pleasure down my spine. “Eyes. On. Me.Eva” he growls kissing me there.

Opening my eyes, I look at him “Such a good girl—my good girl” he purrs as he puts a finger in my pussy

I moan “My girl likes that? It’s so fucking tight, baby” he groans “So hot, wet and tight, fuck me. I Can’t wait to have my cock in here, baby. You’re gonna squeeze me aren’t you baby? You’re gonna make me come in this sweet pussy? Hmmm?” he growls as he pushes a finger in and out of me. His tongue licking at my clit. I moan of the feel of his finger inside me, his tongue on my pussy, his dirty as fuck words—

“God, you’re so fucking hot, squeeze that finger baby...” He licks at my clit bringing me to the brink of ecstasy, then he adds another finger oh shit

“Fuck, Look at that,” He growls licking at my clit “Come for me, baby” sending one more lick to my clit and I explode, I moan out his name as he covers my mouth with his as he rides out my orgasm with his fingers. Next thing I know, he’s undoing the string on his shorts reaching for his cock. Pulling it out it’s hard and swollen with a bead of pre-cum on the head. He starts stroking, and he gently takes his fingers out of me, swapping hands so he’s using the hand that has my juices on. “Oh fuck, that feels so good” he growls stroking his cock “Fuck, Eva” he moans. I place my hand over his whilst he still has hold of his cock “Am not gonna last baby, you’ve got me all wound up” he pants. Smiling, I start to kiss him, his movements, our movements going faster and faster “Eva, Baby—fuck fuck fuck, Oh, fuck YES!” He groans in my mouth and I feel something hot and wet land on my hand. I look down to see my hand over his, covered in his come. Leaning over him, I get him some baby wipes from my drawer to clean him and myself up.

He takes a few from me once I hand them to him and cleans himself up, then fixes himself. He pulls me into his arms sighing as he holds me “So, am sorry,” He says with a smile in his voice.

I lift my head to see him grinning, I snort laugh shaking my head “You’re forgiven” I smile kissing him, then I press my head to his chest again and his arms come around me, holding me tightly. I let out a content sigh as someone knocks on my door.

I lift my head to look at Justin with wide eyes shit—

“Who is it?” I shout calmly as I struggle getting dressed

“It’s me baby girl, Your tea’s ready....” He says

“Okay, be down in a minute” I shout back

“Tell” he harrumphs “Justin, to come down with you....” He adds

I look to Justin with wide eyes again, he’s just lying there smirking at me

”Will do dad, ” I say hitting Justin

“What?” He says innocently

“Don’t what me, you know what!” I panic “Do you think they heard us?” I ask as I bite my thumbnail nervously

He shrugs his shoulders “Don’t know baby, but he knows how I feel about you, and you’re an adult now, so it’s really none of his concern what you get up to with your boyfriend” he says

“It is if it’s in his house,” I say sternly

He shrugs again “That can easily be rectified,” he says happily as he gets up, unlocks my door “Come on baby,” He says as he leaves my room, leaving me there in a state of shock.


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