Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Five

I shake myself out of my shocked state—Erm, hang on a minute,” I say to Justin as he stops at the top of the stairway “What the fuck did you mean by that?” I say panicked

Justin shrugs “Figured that’s what couples do, move in with each other”

I scoff “Er, yeah, After dating each other for like—year. Not Two weeks Justin,”

He shrugs again “Why delay it though? You’re it for me baby,”

My heart melts at his words, I’m about to reply how fast this is moving. That we’ve only been seeing each other for a short time, before we hear “Baby girl, Come on, your tea’s getting cold” Dad shouts

“Comin dad” I shout back, I prod my finger into Justin’s chest “This conversation is far from over Justin....” I warn

“Understood baby,” He says softly, I shake my head in disbelief, before turning to go downstairs to the kitchen. Mum’s made her chicken curry and rice for tea “You wanna stay for tea Justin? Mum asks as she picks up a plate

“No Thankyou, I just wanted to see Eva, give her my new number and stuff. Appreciate the offer though, it looks delicious” He smiles at mum then looks to me “I’m gonna go, baby” I narrow my eyes at him hoping he get’s the message that we still need to talk. He hands me a piece of paper “New number number, We’ll talk later baby, okay? You stay there, I’ll see myself out” He says kissing me on the cheek “See you later Everyone, enjoy” He smiles nodding at the food on our table and turns to leave. Hearing the front door shut, I’m still looking at it, still in shock from what he told me upstairs, and now in wonder why he’s left again.

“Everything okay, baby girl?” Dad asks as he takes a mouth full of food

“What? Oh yeah, am good, we’re good” I smile reassuringly

“I bet you are” Cat mutters under her breath sniggering, I look with wide eyes at her telling her to shut up. Mum starts to giggle then, I blush furiously “It’s okay, Eva....” Mum says still laughing.

“What’s so fuckin funny then?” I growl “Fuck this, am gonna eat this upstairs. I’ll bring it down once am done,” I say getting up with my food

“Language” Mum grinds out

“Sorry” I wince, I walk over to Holly “Hey babe...” kissing her on the head. I engage holly in eye contact, giving her a thumbs up to which she returns her’s. I smile at her again, giving her another kiss on the head and turn to walk out the kitchen.

“Baby girl, you better sit your arse back down now, I wanna talk to you” Dad says sternly

“Paddy, can you at least wait until after tea?” Mum moans rolling her eyes at him “And Language, YOU should know better” She says pointing at him

“Fine, sorry” he concedes and looks to me “Sit baby girl” he adds

“Fucking hell dad, am not a dog” I growl

"LANGUAGE IN FRONT OF HOLLY!!" Mum growls at me

“I’m sorry mum, but why do I feel like am about to get told off like am a little kid? I’m an adult for fu-god sake” I argue

“An adult, would be more respectful of what they do in someone else’s home, baby girl,” Dad says eating another forkful of food

"PADDY—Don’t do it, you promised” Mum pleads

“No, ma, It’s okay, I wanna know what he’s talking about. Go on, finish what you were about to say dad” I say crossing my arms

Dad puts his cutlery down on his plate with a clatter Fine, we heard you, Eva,” Dad says

I look between them all, Mum and Catherine are looking at me apologetically for dad calling me out

“And I know you’re an adult baby girl, but as long as you’re under MY roof, you do that stuff elsewhere, understand???” Dad looks at me, happy with what he’s said, he picks up his cutlery and starts eating again...

I can’t believe my dad is saying this to me.... all because of what I did in MY room...

I look to mum and Catherine again, this time with tears brimming in my eyes

I sniff wiping at my eyes “Understood dad, my bad. I’ll start looking for another place soon as” My voice catches as I get up to leave “I’m not hungry anymore, sorry mum, I’ve lost my appetite” I look to dad as my tears come more freely shaking my head at him. Dad’s looking at me in shock from my words to him, without saying anything else. I run from the kitchen grab my coat and leave the house slamming the front door. I wince at the sound “Shit, holly” I shake my head, looking to Justin’s house but I decide to not go there. I need some time by myself

I walk until I see a black cab coming towards me, I hold my hands out for, and it pulls over. Getting in I sit down “Sefton park please,” I tell the driver without thinking

“Are you okay love?” The driver asks me looking through the rear view mirror

“Yeah, just got bad allergies,” I say to him with a smile

I ignore the calls on my phone, I put my phone on silent “You’re a blue then?” The driver asks

He must have heard my ringtone

“Yeah...” I sniff “I’m not as bad as my dad,

like” I laugh as another tear comes down my face, thinking of my dad.

“Am a blue too, Eh, How about that new lad we’ve just signed? Justin Casey, he’s good isn’t he?” He asks looking at me again in the rearview mirror.

“Yeah, seems like he’ll be a great addition to the team” I smile trying to not look too happy over Justin’s name

Twenty minutes later the taxi drops me off at the entrance gate to Sefton park “Be careful love, don’t be walking round in there on your own,” He says as I pay him

“Oh, am meeting my boyfriend here, he should be here already” I lie smiling at him, I get out and it’s already pitch black here. I just wanted somewhere to go by myself where I was happy, this is my happy place.

It’s empty, I walk towards the cafe on the lake which I know is open until late. Until I hear male laughter “Eh, get on her...” A male voice whispers

I start to walk faster “Hey, baby, where you going?” He asks walking next to me, I look at him, he has a scarf over his nose and mouth

Come on Eva, think of something...

“Hey, I’m erm...” I stutter “I’m going the cafe to meet my boyfriend,” I say trying to stay calm

“Nah, if I had a gorgeous woman like you. I wouldn’t let her walk the streets in the night, you never know who or what’s out there do ya? he taunts stroking my cheek.

I flinch away from his touch “Don’t touch me” I spit slapping his hand away

“You bitch” he snarls punching me in the face,

Lights flash before my eyes from the impact. He grabs my coat pulling me to him, am disoriented.

“Think you’re too good for me do you, Eh, bitch? I bet that boyfriend of yours can’t make you feel good,” He growls in my face as I smell alcohol strong on his breath even through the scarf.

“We’ll make you feel good, won’t we lads” he laughs evilly. I hear a few “Fuck yeah’s” around me

“No” I cry out “Please, don’t...” I plead closing my eyes. He ignores my pleas, licking up my cheek

“Mmmmm, your skin tastes so sweet, bet you taste sweet everywhere” he growls grinding himself into me No...Come on Eva, do something—My Mace!!!

I reach into my bag slowly, trying not to alert the man of what I’m doing. Suddenly, the man holding me grabs my boob, hard. I whimper in pain “Fuck, are these real?” He groans “She’s got nice tits lads” he shouts at the lads, they laugh in response “I’m gonna fuck these tits of yours” he growls rubbing his erection in my backside

“Please stop” I cry “I have money” I try to say

“You can take it all, I won’t say anything, I swear” I plead

“Oh, the bitch is trying to bribe me?” He taunts to his friends, which they laugh “What makes you think am not gonna take your money anyway, huh?” He growls grabbing my other boob forcefully.

I find my mace and spray him in the face “Arrrrgh,” he screams “You BITCH" he growls hitting me so hard I fall to the ground.

I feel hard kicks in my stomach, back and head, They’re all kicking me, am gonna die. “You stupid bastard, you’re gonna pay for that” My attacker who I maced says to me evilly. He starts to undo his belt “I’m gonna fuck you in every hole, and then my friends here” He looks up smiling evilly at his friends then back down to me “It’ll be their turn once am done, we’re gonna fuck you up real good, baby” he growls in my face picking my head up by my hair “Please don’t” I wheeze my last attempt to get through to my attackers

I hear someone then “Hey, Hey, Get away from her” I hear someone shout

My attacker gets in my face again “You got lucky, bitch” he growls in my face before smacking my face to the ground so hard, I blackout

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