Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Six

I hear beeping noises around me and a distraught “I’ll never forgive myself” Dad...

I feel someone kiss my hand, leaving a tear there “Please baby, come back to me, I love you” Justin

I love you too—I want to say but my mouth won’t move...

“I wanna find the bastards that did this to her...” I hear a female growl Amber “I’ll fuckin kick their arses” she sniffs

“The police need to speak to Eva about the attack, they need to know what happened,“Justin says voice breaking

I feel my other hand being squeezed “I am so sorry baby girl, so sorry,” Dad says his voice full of remorse

“She’ll be fine paddy...” I hear my mum comforting him “She’s strong our baby is....” She adds stroking my face

“Look at her Ava,” Dad cries “She was nearly raped, she was beaten, because of ME!” He sobs

“Come on paddy, Eva wouldn’t want you talking like this. She knows how much you love her,”

Dad lifts my hand to his face, I can feel the tears on my hand “I do, I love you so fucking much, baby girl. I was scared, Me and you have always been a duo haven’t we baby girl?” He laughs “Me and you always, and then Justin came. And fuck me baby girl, you’ve only been with him such a short time.

But I can see it though—the love, just like me and your mum. I can see the way Justin looks at you baby girl, like he worships you. Loves you more than anything” he says sniffling

“I do” Justin growls “She’s fucking everything, and I nearly lost her—WE nearly lost her” he adds

“Cos of me” Dad adds “Cos of me and my insecurities, thinking you’re taking her from me—you gotta understand Justin, Eva’s my first born, my baby girl. You won’t understand the bond until you have a kid of your own” he croaks

“Exactly paddy, it’s a bond—a bond between a father and his daughter, that no man can break” Justin growls “I would never take Eva from you—and as if Eva would let me anyway” he adds

I try my best to stay conscious for dad’s reply but sleep takes me again.

I drift in and out of consciousness trying to listen to what’s going on around me “How is she, doc?” Justin asks

“I’m not really allowed to say, unless you’re family” I hear a female say

“She’s my fiancée love, think that implies that I’m her family” he growls

What the fuck? fiancée!?!

“Oh,” The doctor stutters “I apologise, Erm, Miss Murphy has had some tests done, as am sure you know. Erm,” the doctor clears her throat “She has four broken ribs, a broken arm and nose. We were worried about the swelling on the brain at first from tests she had when she was brought in the swelling was really bad. And as you know, she had surgery to ease the swelling. She’s had another MRI and I am happy to say, the swelling has gone down immensely. Other than that there’s cuts and bruising to her body” She adds

“That’s good the swelling’s gone down” Justin croaks “But why hasn’t she woke up yet?”

“The swelling is gone, the mind just takes time to come round after such an attack. Try talking to her... they say that hearing the voices of those you love, can help. I wouldn’t be surprised if she can hear you now” she says softly “I’ll leave you alone, you can get the nurses to page me if she wakes okay?” She adds

“Thank you, doctor” he croaks

“You’re welcome Mr Casey,” she says, I hear a door shut, then I feel the bed move “Baby, if you can hear me, please” he pleads “please open your eyes, let me see my beautiful eyes” I feel him kiss me on the forehead with tears dripping “Fuck...” He says getting up, then I feel a soft tissue wiping my head “I’m crying, dripping all over you” he sniffs laughing

“At least it’s not your snot” I tease groggily opening my eyes

His mouth drops open “Eva? Baby?” he panics looking at me

“Hi” I croak

“Oh, Thankyou god,” He says looking up at the ceiling, he looks back down at me with tears brimming in his eyes “Oh baby, I thought I’d lost you” he croaks

“How long was I out?” I ask him

“Fuck me, baby, it’s Wednesday—you’ve unconscious for two day’s, two of the longest days of my life” he croaks

“I’m sorry” I say

"Don’t, don’t you EVER say sorry,” He growls

“It wasn’t your fault baby, I could kill the bastards that did this to you,”

“Have?—” I stutter

“No, baby, They haven’t found them yet—the police are still looking at the CCTV footage” he says softly

“They won’t find him...” I croak “He hid his face, but I remember, I remember his voice—his cold eyes looking at me, how he smelt,” I say heaving

“Hey, Hey, You’re safe now baby,” He says softly “He can’t get to you” he growls “I need to hold you, but I don’t wanna hurt you!” He pleads “Can I hold you, baby? Would that be okay?” He asks

“Please, I need to feel you Justin” I sob

“Sssh, Am here” he says softly holding me to him “I love you so much baby, god I was so scared when I got that call. I thought I lost you” he croaks rocking me

My ribs hurt from the motion but I say nothing needing to be in his arms “I love you too,” I say softly

He stops rocking me “What?” he gasps

He looks at me in the eyes and I repeat “I love you Justin, so much” I cry “I’m sorry didn’t say it sooner, I was just—scared” I sigh

He beams a happy smile but has tears coming down his face “God, I am so happy you said that to me....” he says hugging me to him rocking me again kissing me on my head repeatedly. I close my eyes, then I hear the door open

“Baby girl?” I hear dads broken voice

I open my eyes and look to dad, he’s got tears in his eyes “Hey daddy” I croak with tears falling down my cheeks

“My baby girl!” He rushes to me, Justin releases me from his hold moving so dad can take his place “Oh my baby, I am so so sorry” he cries grasping my face

“Daddy, this wasn’t your fault” I try to say but

Dad shakes his head “But it is baby girl, You’re in here because of me. You were battered, nearly raped” I wince by his words but he doesn’t stop “Nearly died, because of me Eva. Because I was scared of losing you, I was a fool” Dad hangs his head in shame “I’m meant to protect you, That’s what dad’s do. But instead I fucking threw you to the lions” He growls “I’m sorry baby girl,” he looks at me with so much sorrow. I’m about to tell him it’s okay, that I forgive him—when he gets up kisses me on top of my head and whispers brokenly “I’m sorry” He sobs and leaves the room

I look wide-eyed at where dad has just left, and I look at Justin, putting my hand over my mouth “Justin” I sob, he comes over fast taking me in his arms “Ssh, baby. He’ll be back, don’t you worry” he rocks me “Do you want me to get your mum? I think she’s here too” he asks.

I nod, not being able to talk and he kisses me briefly, giving me a small smile as he goes out to get my mum.

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