Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Mum’s been with me for hours, I haven’t seen my dad since his admission and sudden departure. Catherine and Holly came for a little while, but left before Holly got upset. Even Justin’s mum and dad come to visit me.

The doctor has came in and checked me over explaining what happened after my attack telling me of my injuries, she’s confident that I can go home after another day of observation. It’s Thursday morning and Justin hasn’t left my side since the night it happened, he’s just gone outside to make some calls to his agent and parents to check in. I’m lost in thought until I hear a knock on the door

“Come in” I croak

A familiar looking girl comes in and smiles at me

I frown

“Hi, we haven’t met. Am Justin’s cousin Lia ” she says Aaaah!

“Oh, yeah, hi, does Justin know you’re here?” I ask her “He’s not here” I add

“No, I couldn’t see him outside, but your mum said he was on the phone to someone. She said it was fine to come see you, I’m so happy to have met you, am so sorry it’s like this though” she smiles sadly “When Justin’s mum told me what happened, I wanted to see if you were okay?” She added

“I’m fine, under the circumstances like,” I smile a small smile at her shrugging

The door opens and Justin walks in holding bags

“Hey, baby, I got you some stuff from the shop..” he looks up smiling at me and sees my visitor frowning “Lia? Hey, What are you doing here?” He asks as he puts the bags down on a chair

“Your mum told me what happened, so I thought I’d come see if Eva was okay” she shrugs

“Oh, Okay, well—“Justin looks at me smiling and says “This is my Eva”

Before either, us can say anything we hear “Where’s my girl? Is her lazy arse up yet?” Amber shouts as she walks in the room with Russ behind her holding flowers.

“Dude, you do know flowers aren’t allowed in hospitals anymore don’t you?” Justin says to Russ as Amber comes to me.

"Fuck, for real?” Russ asks

“Girl, you are a fuckin sight for sore eyes,” She croaks with tears brimming in her eyes “I’d never thought I’d be so happy to see your ugly ass” she adds winking at me

I scoff “Bitch, please, you know you love this” I tease gesturing to my face and body

“I know I do” Justin’s mutters growling

Russ snort laughs “Dude,” He laughs fist bumping Justin

“Fucking men” she scoffs “Pathetic” Amber

mutters rolling her eyes “So, how’s my girl doing?” She asks me sitting down next to my bed “And why the fuck wasn’t I told as soon as you woke up?” She growls at Justin

“Babe, it’s okay, am okay” I say holding her hand, She squeezes my hand to my words tears now falling down her face looking at me “Well, I’m gonna be first to mark your cast,” she says looking at Justin triumphantly, pulling tongues at him

There’s my girl I laugh

“Oh, Who’s this?” Amber asks pointing to Lia as she wipes her tears away

“Shit, sorry, this is Lia Justin’s....” I go to explain before Amber cuts me off

“Cousin, nice to finally put a face behind the name, after all that shit with them two I didn’t think we’d ever meet” she laughs shaking her hand

I see Lia look at Justin with a confused frown to which Justin shakes his head and mouths “It’s okay” which she accepts and nods

“Sup” Russ winks with a flirtatious wink

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Amber growls

Oh shit!

“You’re gonna openly flirt with someone when am stand right fucking here,” She fumes

“Baby, I was only saying hi...” he says coming up to her “You know I love you girl...” he growls in her ear and whispers something to her

“So erm, I’ll erm” Amber stutters blushing

Justin and I start laughing at Amber’s unease and she flips us off

“Fuck. You” she jokes “We’re just gonna pop to the shop, Can I get you anything?” She asks me

“We’ve just been the shop,” Russ says looking confused

“Fucking hell,” She says to the ceiling “Well I NEED something else” she adds her eyes wide with meaning

Russ is still looking at her confused, frowning at her, Justin scoffs at his face and whispers in his ears

Russ’s eyes light up “OH! Right the Shop!” he winks twice at her

“God, sometimes I wonder why I love you,” Amber says laughs shaking her head “Fucking dumbass” she adds. She hasn’t realised what she’s just said in front of us, but Russ has, and he has the brightest smile I have ever seen come across his face. He reaches for her kissing her briefly “Come on then baby, let’s go the shop” he says hyphenating the word shop

“Fucking hell, Russ, could you be any more apparent,” she says rolling her eyes at me

“I’ll be back soon girl, you sure you don’t want anything?” She asks again

“Nah girl, You go get yours” I wink at her laughing

“Oh girl, you better believe I will” she winks dragging a more than willing Russ behind her, grinning in triumph as he throws his fist in the air, I shake my head laughing as they leave the room

“Are they going to...?” Lia asks

“Bump uglies” Justin answers first

“Yup,” Me and Justin says in unison

Lia’s flouts drops in shock “Oh my god?!” She laughs and we all laugh our arses off “Them two have no shame” I giggle wiping the tears of laughter from my face.

“I’ve missed that laugh,” Justin says and I smile back to him shyly

Me, Justin and Lia talk for about an hour until Lia leaves promising to visit again once am let home, there’s still no sign of Amber and Russ The dirty fuckers

I stifle a yawn but Justin catches it “Tired baby?” He asks

I nod sheepishly “a little”

“Get some sleep baby, I’ll be here, I won’t leave you” he promises

“I miss my dad!” I say sleepily

“I know baby,I’ll talk to him, I promise” he says kissing me softly

“Mmmmm, I love you Justin” I whisper

“And I love you too baby...” He croaks

Even after all that has happened, I sigh happily and content. I can’t help but think as I drift off, that I hope I can get everything back to the way it was, before it all went to shit.

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